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Friday, April 20th

Shane and Jacob discuss the Twitter question of the day that relates to the Royals 


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Figured out. We got a couple Twitter questions for you Shane and Jacob with the here on sports daily wrap up. Week and hopefully Kenny Lofton the weekend in grand style. Couple of Twitter questions rocky vice Indio HR Wichita ice. Human resource experts that he be the first 11 Jacob and let you know kind of Stew on this a little bit. I tried do of course lead. The followers and voters and it worked. That worked. What total will be hired this year. Red Sox wins or royals losses. You back in that in the second and a bonus. It's Indio Twitter question. Which person is ESPN's best pro sports insider. Adams show after when it comes to football Barry Melrose hockey. Buster only in baseball. And Bryan win horse in basketball. And I was quickly. Reminded that it probably blew one of them. Because. Carl and one other person on Twitter said coach over wind course. Adrian notre Murkowski came from. Yahoo! Sports had minute he has been quite as long as windy had. Will endorse reflecting on that particular. Mistake perhaps only getting 2% of the vote Adam chapters getting 51% of that vote let's start with the royals question first. Because the Red Sox got off to the such a red hot start thinking. That other people would think they might threaten 100 wins. And of course with royals fans being the way they are with the royals start. The way they did it. Wood which that would. Which would get to a hundred quicker royals losses a Red Sox win now your rights and I think at some way to. Desolate look at it as 100 from right there what that was kind of my magic number had in mind but so far. The royals losses winning the day so to speak 64%. Over the Red Sox 36% wins. What what part of a what are they now how would you define I'm Jacob and what are they going to be come August because I think any of their chips as they say it will probably be dealt. For whatever they get form so what are they right now. So that's what makes that question hard is because you don't know what they're gonna look like but there were what they are is worse than I thought they'd be more about that I. I I didn't I didn't invasion. But the thing is it's it's still such a small sample size that this team who's been historically streaky and could still be so. Could rattle off five in a row and then all of a sudden you're eight and thirteen you don't feel nearly as bad you know I mean put up. I don't I don't think that we can say it yet I any guy said yesterday gives me. Probably three more weeks. And I'll and I'll have a better feel for it I don't I just dole being. And this is still to be determined. But I don't think they're starting pitching is bad enough. To lose a hundred games as it currently stands. And that the Red Sox could win it I hate the Red Sox to win a hundred so. But you know if you look up how I don't think there were I still don't think the royals are a hundred wins bad I mean sorry a hundred losses back. Hard to envision it. Yeah hundred losses and danger are really pretty bad team. Speaking of starting pitching. OK I assume you're talking about Duffy and Kennedy and Kennedy's off to a decent start but. Who's to say they're gonna spend the whole year there. That will ask and now I say this it's a pretty hard exercise because you could if you can get you know what you want you'd you'd willingly trade everybody away anyway. Yeah but let let's just I'm just a pull up last year standings. I'll tell you that no team in Major League Baseball lost a hundred games. And it's three teams 100 games it's O. And I'll bet you that looks like that in most years and I just pulled up last year as an example. Even I mean the royals are not to me as bad as say. You know the reds were last year or the Phillies were last year I I don't think that they're gonna lose a hundred games even if say even if they traded all the way it's just hard to do in baseball it's it's harder probably to do any more than it is to win a hundred I I would guess. So I don't think they're a hundred losses bad. I think though if you're royals fan and you know you're going to be bad. Point pray that you're a hundred loss is bad hope that you're the worst team in big and get. The top pick I know I they'll pause I know bring yours look the or because because last year. Change you took your shot. And it's gonna cost yet. You took a shot last year and it costs you getting some guys back at trade deadline. And and I you know the warning is always from me you everyone says you know you do put it all on the line for the World Series. And and while I'm OK with that to some degree. When your team like the royals in a market like therein you better be ready to be bad for five or six years while you have to rebuild because that's the way it works now. Delegates are at such a great way some guys last year you may not be in such a bad situation this year or next year. Do you think that. In trying to or wanting to be rebuild that. Dayton or stop himself from a 100% because he didn't want to fan base. Either took goal way like it did in that drought or to kind of that's stray animal on the kind of reward him and say AM I got this thing a 100% because. I appreciate you fans coming out and watching and and all that stuff because there has been a resurgence in royals interest. But he stopped short of going a 100% rebuild. I don't think that's why I think that they were legitimately in the race and he'd seen that group but guys do amazing things before. I think it was probably more about them getting their shot and they respect factor to them. Dance in reality. You know a team like that with this at the time Duffy going like that body keep going Kennedy going you know you'd you had a shot at they getting in if they can make their way in there you you have a shot. Because I always said at the beginning of last year the worst thing that ever would happen. Would be the Kansas City to contender at the deadlock and what that's what happens now and it was the worst and long term he's it'd make it in eighty negating back for those guys. So the worst played itself out but it but I can justify the shot that date morning it was willing to give those guys. But that's why say this year just hope it goes portly because you can't do it again you you lucked yourself in in the stock SE it. So you hope you can get something pride no it won't be much beaten get something. Pereira can maybe bring you some things. There's guys on the roster that you can you know that you can maybe get something for you probably going to be built around Salvi would merit field now. And then you could just sort of move forward maybe you get maybe out of this easing UT up guy that's it everyday contributor to the next ten years. Is better than it not than. You know and and if you're really bad you get that high pick. Asked my Texas Rangers about the difference between picket like six and five they missed out on the shortstop class a few years ago took. Bill and pay. Instead of one of the three hotshot shortstop that ran that track. Still that's right that's arm that guy for Santa Barbara that yes ya got a picture added to the Yankees CA Carlos Beltran. That the problem was they were they were they were historically bad and that is brutal as a fan trust me but at the same time. A September. Run that meant absolutely nothing within interim manager cost them a shot. At a cornerstone. Position player for the next fifteen years. So you know. EE you always want to have pick of the litter if you're going to be bad look at Houston. Look at the nationals who were Houston before Houston look at the cubs who are Houston before Houston if you're gonna be bad. B really bad for a few years so you can get those top guys. And then you know and then you set yourself up for another window royals aren't in any window there's no question about that. So. In the worst thing that can happen again is it is a situation where they don't self they won't be in that situation this year and again two wild card position but. You know what the well purely bad be bad when Seth when Sally comes back and I guess he's supposedly pretty close I think he's. Omaha I think. I didn't Gordon and all want to do with Sally comes back and give them a little bit of shot in the arm gives royals fans reason come out. You know maybe win a few here there get some good weather days. I still went about seven games three and thirteen at bat and right now so yeah up public view and I'm hoping that they can rattle off about five her own. Get out of obscurity because based. Tonight we come back well recap what's on tap for the second power play a little deal no deal. Brian Price is out as manager of the reds after eighteen games it's fair. Pension Ned Yost you worry we'll play big deal no deal when we come back Shane and Jacobs on sports daily.