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Friday, January 12th

Bruce Haertl and Shane Dennis discuss the Twitter question of the day and reviews tweets, also thoughts on the Patriots and Bill Belichick


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At six tonight president John how does he traded. There aren't many carried pretty hefty price change or did. He got to king well the raiders. Got a king's ransom a first and a second and no to a first in those three and a second in 04. None are more really super high but they're draft picks nonetheless for coach. And I guess that's not to say that Bill Belichick has never been. You know the patriots who Bob Kraft government floated an offer for bill bella Jack. But that courses probably are out barn because of his age. The makes you wonder I mean if chirp a franchise is really serious about winning and felt like that they. Couldn't get over the hump or you know that would be a course hindsight being perfect that would be a coup for Cleveland back in the day considering all their crappy luck what what how rapidly and had them and many like bring him back like well okay we had a district knowledge it. Like let's try round two. And will give you don't. Like you said it would be king's ransom but okay consults. You know you wanna turn around the franchise good change culture around here. I ain't that's that he's the pied piper right. I am and I understand all this happened with Tom Brady I do get that but he also seems like. Curriculum what players said it the other day. Trash it kills me but. Bill bella Jack how how we long senate Bill Belichick could be. A position coach all the way across the board any position. I mean he knows so much about every ends up everything their position that he is like. In at least in the ear or in the meetings of all. You know secondary linebackers. Lines quarterbacks receivers. Special teams he can do it all mean nose at all. And you know with Tom Brady notwithstanding. The fact that he could. Have such a commanding presence. Throughout the entire building. And again he's getting too old now to probably move on and do somewhere else. But the fact that it's been kind of NFL common knowledge that he's. A guru on pretty much everything. I can't believe somebody didn't make a real hard play form. Well any no shame the funny thing is that no one really olds who Bolton has the stones. To try to replicate the even the style. That he takes now look he's got. Control over personnel. And that's huge in the NFL. But it's huge only if you can manage both things other people out of control over personnel seniors though as a lot of balls that's a lot of balls in the air so you gotta be able to focus on everything that you're doing coaching. Player personnel all of the things that go with that. But ballot check when you do you ball and look at movements that he's made over time. His willingness to part with seemingly key pieces to a puzzle yes. And (%expletive) and elsewhere liars at the time and even care all. India and you don't see a lot of other GMs or coaches or GM whatever the case may be. That have the stones. To make a player to make a call like that there's hesitation. It's not to say that there are plenty of other. People in the National Football League with gumption. But when you're talking about. Taking potentially like he did a year ago with Collins but early in the season and who I think was bitten virtually looked at as maybe your best defensive player. And cut him Luke's new get Agnew is gonna have to paying employees know. And it didn't work it wasn't working form made it didn't work so for whatever reason. Bill Belichick makes the move. That how many other administrators or coaches. Would have made any NFL now is that part of his genius at night. I don't I guess it probably does to a degree because he makes others work for and they went in the end of and those guys and playing with whatever sort of elixir the patriots way years. It seems to work love number eight and then make any difference it seems to work now. How much smarter did Bill Belichick get. When he got to. New England as opposed to his time in Cleveland. Was he got much smarter a football guy getting New England. Which there's you know I perhaps I yeah perhaps yeah I probably sign carriers. He had no experience. Right experience makes you better no question about that. Where the sum total of our experiences we should get smarter people are paying attention we should all get smarter about it. It if he is a magic is providing the proper chemistry and mix well then it was probably getting the proper chemistry in mixed with his owner. And then of course finding. Tom bring numbers. Of right and in so you get that mix. Non and that's the chicken and Diego argument sure is it to coach or the quarterback which comes first. Well I mean you know you gotta have. Had to check in to make the aid to make the omelet well low heat that's Rivera. He was forced to replace Drew Bledsoe due to injury but he also and moved on from Drew Bledsoe. Once Tom Brady showed what he can do I mean it may have been as hindsight being perfect. And somewhat easy to turn arranged back over Drew Bledsoe who was an excellent quarterback at the time by turner. But he didn't and the rest is history so. I. It's not like Drew Bledsoe was a done. Drew Bledsoe was a guy who was a guy. And he was a guy. And all of a sudden this sixth rounder for Michigan. I mean EEE but union mean Belichick sees enough in this guy is Satan. Okay we're told this way. Mean that's pretty palsy. When you stop to consider the pecking order of players. How they're obtained. Draft where they're taken in the draft how much longer. Other role players that were taken early get now I know Drew Bledsoe wasn't. I'm. He wasn't a was he draft pick of the with the of the patriots knocked. And Cambodia yeah that's right he was he hurt his draft pick of the patriot and so that makes it even more impressive. Because. You seal all the time. Guys get longer. Ropes. Dole hire their draft it. Even if it's pretty obvious that they aren't dies victim play. So. You know I tip my hat to the guy and I really do real and it's it's pretty remarkable. That today he get any continues to do. And that's why they're sitting here looking at what I mean. I don't know Thursday. Our big odds on favorite oh gosh I guess I adapted these it's everything goes through New England in the AFC's other good so they're the favorite at least to show up. Not in play in Minneapolis. I wouldn't bet against him Norwood. So. Now you got back North Korea where we have the Twitter today. I can have a little fun Friday Twitter question go to KFH radio let's be your best way to find everything about this show. And camp page radio listeners say it'll get three trillion dollar good stuff who's your favorite Charles or Charlie of the TV movie screen. Charles Bronson. Charlie Sheen. Charlie Chaplin. Charlie Brown. Moved there have been enough handful writing and of course. Former west came in coyote wide receiver punt blocker Charlie Tweeter. From varsity blues. Basic care how about Charlie's Angels can I give a can I give a vote for either online Charlie's Angels almost made the list. All I know I kid you not he almost made the list. A Dave Chappelle's Charlie Murphy. Got to rise in. Chuck Norris who's neither Charles nor Charlie but thinking outside the box theories that Chuck Norris. Didn't make the list but deserves some credit to so there you go I it'll be up there quite a bit while longer at camping you really winning right now. Charlie Sheen. Believe that are not part well I can believe it pretty funny but Charlie Brown is is eternal Charlie Brown is not far behind so. Ali brown should be right there I mean and mean the guy just keeps getting enough and destiny not his backside every time Lucy pulls the ball from him and Charles Bronson and ten and midnight. If you haven't seen that. Do you feel play around the where you define it but it's called ten to midnight. Charles Bronson he unwritten understanding ourselves a lot of care with child on tonight I can a judge Charles Bronson battle away. Good stuff I. We'll stick to create these packet gets headlines. Coming up physically.