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Wednesday, August 15th
Shane and Bruce discuss the Twitter question of the day, bonds or roses? 

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Along at 944. Am under fifteen days you know I mean kids are back to school officially. Driving through town today and all of the parking lots are filled up. It just doesn't seem possible. Did you ever start school by August 15 mad no never never I don't know that I started before Labor Day. Trying to think I can remember football practice yes you know preceding school you at least practice for a couple weeks for even had their school because he had two days. Not exactly. Not think it was Labor Day which means if not after. Pakistan and the net. On the West Coast where I grew up. I don't think if we started school I don't think I ever started school I know I'd ever started school on August. Was always September. Com and you're right football. You do you're you're ready for your first game about the in fact sometimes you might have even played your first game before you went to school it seems that way seemed like that but I don't know but maybe I don't know maybe I. Maybe I will miss remember it this remembered eight I I love that to any kind of grown dependent Clemens. Below is Clemens talking about and even had it had missed remembered that. Guys those beautiful she is if you think got the word now I glow it is for me I bet the term now I mean you know I've had gone to the urban dictionary that. I it's got to see and hear about it than their urban dictionary I should do if it's not used it to the to do your Twitter question of the day and they did do we need to do you need a shower. Yeah you felt dirty about rats want to send us this must be kind of a thirteen dish pleasure then for you. I feel like I'm better than this Jack couldn't get off of that well all right so I just went what happens. Simulate Gerald. Are certainly encouraged to do the same and weighing if you want to let those are Royce. Welcome to your own personal. Answers. President of baseball fame who deserves to be in the most Barry Bonds Pete Rose. Very simple. John on Twitter said Pete may have had a hit record but bonds may be the best hitter ever. There or argue Allen. JP friend of the show. Show contributor sometimes have both an ad shoeless Joseph now. Bill on Twitter both should be in. Shocker planet for all its faults rose devoted more of his life to the game. Maybe maybe not. Roger said Pete should be in as a player. 74%. Think Pete Rose deserves to be and the most. Now. Let's be clear here Pete Rose for those that don't know gambled on the game now. Gambled on his team I think you could make the argument that he is transgressions were more egregious. If you're comparing and contrasting. If you matching gray area boy because and for those that wanna argue that Barry Bonds ever tested positive for any thing mail 2011 he admitted. To using steroids. Clear the clear and the cream in the catch is that his personal trainer according to bonds misled him into believing that it was flax seed oil and arthritis cream. So there was an admission before the grand jury back in 2011 so he has admitted always someone else's doping isn't it yeah I mean you know it's always a cousin and Hillary and now aren't and it's someone that's not around it's. Someone else is dope. Now. Some would say Barry Bonds is probably. Come out the other side better than Pete Rose had because he just had his number retired San Francisco did you see the ceremony I thought he was I thought he was good. Then I thought he was good and he seemed. Humbled by it. I appreciated that certainly. And you know the argument on bonds. It's really no argument at all but at least it's there. Barry Bonds. Was a hall of fame player before he ever decided to be but that's the problem netstat yeah that's and that's an issue. I mean do you think for a second. That he saw the attention that S McGuire and Sosa were generally could screw that and get. Pay these anti glare Italy exactly I I think it's that simple. I don't think it and I think and I get. By the way I guess I mean I don't know how much is enough. I've never been in that situation to pursue it where to try to cash again. But I can see where that might have pissed him off whom you know I can see where he might have said look at these guys getting all the attention. Look at these guys saving baseball home look at these guys remember this was coming off the work stoppage in the whole nine yards and to some degree although I argue. The baseball would have probably survive anyway but McGwire and Sosa had that that summer of recovery that changed. Baseball. But really probably still to this day. We're still living up the residuals of that summer well your zone 9899. Ya ya right. Bonds made the bulk of the bulk of his money probably stretch and a little bit but. His peak peak earning years came after the new McGwire Sosa chase. May 22 million dollars forty years old yeah. Bond was still crushing and territorial. Made 188. Million dollars in his baseball career. And retired as the all time leader as we all know in home runs. But also walks. An intentional walks. I don't wanna hear about how steroids does not give you my client I coordinate east or ability to barrel the ball off all those guys have that okay yes. All those guys have that and Barry Bonds was the best that I would give me that. The guy took steroids okay. Don't come mean that pay steroids doesn't help you have hand guy in and have. Plate judgment and vision and I know how more every we that we get we don't know you're right but so what. It helps you in recovery. It helps you in your work out so it helps you to build muscle mass someone actually argued that performance enhancing drugs do help your vision. But now I got an eight I don't know may not be but no that's an argument if they don't have performance enhancing drugs for a reason they prove they enhance your performance in the period. But Dennis is with us on the tab locker room hotline does what say you. So I tell you on this very Sunday thank all the things you say are correct. I'm certain these save here goal are urged it get nice and square and I get decent greens. I hear your body. I don't want to have very little outlines our area. Absolutely. And how many homers you think you could hit it 76. I could care less how to help. I guess if I can just walk around the block would let them. The truth and McCoy isn't that the truth you are so right Dennison if he if he had to pull lawn again. And say that one crime is worse serve. Not as bad as the other who would you go with Pete Rose for gambling or Barry Bonds for PDs. I'll go with Barry Bonds should be in Turks now I think you're right I would agree. I can't loses I think rose. Looked. In truth of the matter I thank him probably. And expire in year we all of her all of those that are quite well right. At taken steroids. Will be up. And thank you Dennis okay bomb don't know if it'll come that fast I do you think it'll come at some point. Don't gamble is plastered all learn every training room wall and door. And every level I want my still want my M every cell almost every single day and see it. It's right there for an end. It's stated it's understood. To make that decision. You know that you're flying in the face of of the rules that govern the game. Com. So from that standpoint I do I agree with Dennis I think that if if you were going to put one in in front of the other would be bonds for responses. But I want as a hall and greatest one of the greatest hitters in every law absolutely that ever walked the earth and then you throw in the fact that he was a gold glove defender that early in his career he CE stole bases he was. I mean my guy to talk about one out in their bonds one of the great players in the game a bit in the history of the game period. Chat is up next you'll talk about Barry Bonds Chet. Yeah so yeah here that they I mean we all give us why you that stirred they're very broad acquire. They better but you gotta admit that. Over time in baseball since the fifties everyone has been getting some help over arming greedy and the big greens were huge. A side effect and help the people playing baseball and even that didn't all look bigger from that and it is is that the performance this interest well that we dull. Give us like today guys. We still need to talk about this era of players and you. Wax poetic on. Barry Bonds those supporters probably do. I don't know I mean he might he mandolin he's all been up before games and I'm not a fan I'm not form I know I'm not I'm not well versed in my pharmaceuticals. Speed. As opposed to. Anabolic steroids or steroid that changed the configuration. Restraints. I I think there's a difference between the two your point is good. That they're yeah I mean I I think athletes and people in general. Have looked for help. All you know and shortcuts. All along what I mean you know I remember my grandmother taking valiant. You know I mean I am I I'm neither am not trying to be flippant I mean I just remember taking value. So many ask who passed me I get this every now and then how rampant was it when you're playing me knows my last year is 99. If you were on the forty man you're subject to test it out if you're under forty and you could refuse a drug test but anyway we better remember it. The rules of engagement were so different than I mean where we are talking about. Technically. The rules of the game didn't forbid. PD's they've done this semi naked if he was eight. Rule of the land that you can argue who wait a minute it's a law of the land it should be a lot based still and I and that's certainly that's correct. But I'm just saying we're back.