True Or False

Sports Daily
Tuesday, May 22nd
Keeping the fun alive with a little game of true or false, Shane and Bruce go down a series of events and contemplate whether they are true or completely false, callers weigh in and share thoughts on KU Football 

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Or don't have got to Obama. Home Barry Parker this is we should talk sports then. Bruce hurdle and shame Denis school Sports Radio he update 12:40 AM 975 FM. As we would expect with the KU football. Plenty of reaction coming in via Twitter will get to some of that part of the Twitter question who was the person most responsible for. Setting back. KU football. Setting it back from what. It is a legitimate question. But will talk about that more as we continue first though let's get to what's on tap coming up here for. Our number two in what is beneath fast paced. Edition of sports daily for Tuesday. What's on tap outside pockets it's stalker Tuesday seated for our chilled beef tacos loaded to the -- just 595 today out corp Kellogg in Tyler at side pockets. When will true false here oh what's on tap here shortly. Well true false as we scanned the headlines around. The world of sports. Also tend warning about eighteen minutes now talked Luke Ridder. He was see all. American conference first team utility player had quite a season so we'll visit with Lucas Wichita State. It's set take on USF. Tomorrow morning and a home run heavy. On this day in sports history. Coming up in about. Forty minutes from now. Or so speaker of the American because of expected weather tonight. Game one has already under way they moved up the UC FE CU game. And there are in the bottom of the fourth inning with ECU leading a shoot out five to four. Overeat UCF so. That game as well as the Houston Tulane game both been moved up a couple of hours do you expect weather. Down there in Clearwater so we'll keep you posted on what happens. Down there in game one of the American. Conference tournament. And now we're expected Sheen to get about what about a half an hour of the show in. Tomorrow depending on whether. Night down there who as of right now our pregame with the the voice of the shock is Mike Kennedy. Would come on the air had to. 93 at what 930 right at 930 got oh that's good. Point a programming reminder shocker baseball you mentally I'm here tomorrow 124 hours from now weather permitting them through the first pitch between. There the issue and USF right here on cape epic self good so keep that involved. All right. The headlines say and a little true or false spruce. Currently. And this one has do with Major League Baseball. 8691240. The number by the way you can call it at your convenience. Major League Baseball at this moment. In the National League. The Braves. Lead the east at 28 and eighteen and the Phillies are half game behind them. Unreal the Mets are two and halfback the Braves in the nationals just three. Tour false Atlanta or Philly will win the National League east this year both windows scheduled but both on top of the east at the moment. And a and no I'm saying false and you know the odds would tell you that you've got a pretty good chance for it and 40% and sixty the year I won 62. Is going to tell me that. Prom at the end of the day I have more faith in the Washington Nationals probably. But I don't know. Pretty interesting start in pretty compelling stories in both places. I think I would even at this point those still what forty some games and I die I think. Think I'll stick with the national state. Telling number. And how many wins you should have news. Run differential nowadays. Yes and both the Braves and Phillies have better run differentials than the nationals do. Sure that mets' run differential will tell you they're 24 and nineteen record is fool's gold because they're minus seven. So that doesn't figure to be sustainable but the Braves. Plus 62. The Phillies plus 38. And the nationals and only three back at you know so. After 46 games yeah that's probably a little quick to let me get your butt and whatever they're plus 34 the national car as far as run differential so there. You want something weird chain I'm I'm following a team every day in the Colorado Rockies that now leads the National League west. With a minus 23 run differential. And are four games over 500 please explain to me how that's possible. Well I won't last. They won't last. It won't last. But I mean it's some of the some numbers and baseball just you find your love you know. Yet you can't you it's hard to explain it now you know mean to beat Arizona playing incredibly poorly right now. He is the biggest factors there are someone's got to lead to division. Dodgers had just started to gain some traction after what their worst start since sometime in the in the twenties. And at 14 in a row but the Rockies found a way to win it last night toot one's an ad that's staggering stat to me. Leading the division four games over 500. Minus 23 year run differential makes no sense 8691240. Earl as well this early on dot KU. Well yeah I yeah I welcome back your last segment I've looked on all know who do general. And and brutal remember when Beatty was tired and these stock and his gratitude spread offense and everything else. At that time I said the problem is. Everyone else in the big twelve has better happily Pincay you'd does running Mets being the ideal would be. First someone to come in there and run like Air Force's wishbone or appear or something that is different that it keeps. KU a little bit above the fray. So now we seeing Beatty go to his time trying to do the same thing trying to make square pegs into round holes. And has not been. Been successful. When they don't look for a football coach you can't just do what Oklahoma and Texas does because you don't have the app. Happily eat you him he may not be you have got to look everyone who prepared for airport that the pain in the butt at KU football program was just. I used eight different offensive ought to be a different approach than anybody else in the big twelve. That would give them an opportunity being more successful because they're not gonna be. Doing what everyone else does that they don't have access to those at. So do you run what the service academies do into perpetuity. Or is there an end game. You well and and what you do and you see this even in the service academy. By establishing. That Stallworth have an offensive and defense to blind by running that philosophy. Sooner or later a quarterback walked in the Arabic and throw the football do BIA and makes them play so you expand from that they have. But many peaks I mean you know Alabama doesn't spread out wide debate you'll Ron Ron I mean the release he'd teams are based on the run. And the last time I saw out of an Oklahoma a lot of big twelve teams have a problem that these people ball so. I have more of our property based offense recruit that way because nobody in the big twelve or hurting that way there's a player of the wolf oh due to cracked. The offensive lineman nick can't get in space as well but can block. Down very well those guys would abate at be available to K you and give them an opportunity pursue the success out you look. Katy did yeah yeah up the demand geno years grade a little blip on the radar there which was cool but the only way. Too little too. Define idiocy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Thank your our thanks to listen earlier what you're on target and look at look at what what Paula Johnson is done down at Georgia Tech if you need a good model. Georgia Tech has produced. Com. It ended at a very high level and he's been very consistent now I'm I'm not saying you have to model yourself after it. But that's kind of what Earl I think he's talking about and wanted to put. Tick words out of his mouth and then twist on but I think that this is what he's talking about you have a system there. That. Is very difficult to prepare for. It creates a very unique tool for recruiting. Which I think Earl was talking about as well. Non it's difficult for Kansas. To go recruit. Similar athletes that are already. Propping up offenses. In the big twelfth 1988. It's just partners. There's a finite number of those types of skill players there's really only one other offense in the big twelve. Mean K state. Runs a totally different kind of systems and although they have plenty of elements of the spread and I think they can go five wide. On occasion and do lots of different things with the jet sweeps and this is the same stuff that everyone else does but look at George second and by the way Georgia Tech also produced not Calvin Johnson and to Marius Thomas. In a program that ran the football. For instance. So be it yeah I I do think that there's something in that and he came from Texas CNN this was so this was my question right from the get go. And I was a David Beattie guy I thank you know here's a guy that at least understands the culture. At Kansas he was there with men geno he was part of that success he understood. How you were and are you could be successful at that particular point in time with the type of players that they were getting although there again damn good players. Make no mistake about it mean. You don't have the key to leave and Chris parents and some of the guys that that you had in that program at that time that some really nice players can't and then they found. Now they found a quarterback kind out in nowhere that let him for a few years it was kind of magical but. I think his point is good chain hate you you can't. You can't run around and try to be what everyone else is in this league it's already been done. Everybody's way ahead of you in terms of recruiting. Not to mention you get limited areas to recruit any way for those same kinds of athletes. Robert think there's ways to Robert you're up next. Note. Yeah I wanted a comment I was completely agree with Euro per owner or not I don't think you're a great example. At all of what occurred there in Atlanta or. There in the middle order bigger recruiting are there in the country. Baker a year he. I the draw Oakley from actors or from barrier around the state. Not prepared and have great player heard from your order that they're not gonna happen now. Well I think on earth and I'm speaking for Earl since he's gone on and on Bruce behalf and Bruce you can correct me if I'm wrong but if you run. Of beer wishbone or some sort of option. But this emphasis on premier big elite athletes isn't quite as much because it it is now. Blocking in zones and angle her and cuts and this evening that teen that your playing against this not necessarily matching up with him athlete for athlete. No Bart certain beer and is this burden our records are very during the past Bert Bert wildly bitter car. And artistic figure that was very you know he couldn't get yeah we break being called Baylor we couldn't get the Arab League and see. With the big Britain very very well great work that Brett offered or either they're where. Right right well not me personally am not talking about the spread I'm talking not run the option that that's you know. I think it's the same principle though for the Brad as they appear the option. We year. You know you're gonna happen here we are used as there are some great you can. And they give you something else and there are and don't worry you'll get albeit beer company called on the beer. I heard her. Third 49 I heard there's someone there to their resilient and they're someone based options and some zone read. They're still thanks a little airport that navy army Georgia Tech those are the ones that are coming tomorrow. Is that what you what you're dealing could be that your theory pure record or until they play. A good scene. And then they may be a little competitive but dirt Eric never win another national. The third party. There aren't aware well. Known of course but it didn't mean when I'm just as he can't Boris would like to dig out mean under the rubble of this obscurity to exactly so. They'll take tickled that they don't yet. Yeah Utley base I believe it Beatty are. Now on RD you get fired there now. No the they need you out. Yeah on your back I caught your nerves are caught Earl in the middle that are real art though he is still gainfully employed. Brad I believe is the way to go bury their Barack way to go to will break to get there. And maybe I don't know baited Barack are either have there are so very. Barack they are still think certain people running the beer the fire at them. Could do it. All right thank you Robert appreciate your we're up against it we're gonna get ready for a loop critter. Well again I mean I don't know I look at K state is a pretty good model would we case you like to do with KUT with K state ads right now. Not salon that's going to be big bodies I think that kind of reclamation project he's got to almost find the next Bill Snyder at this point. Now I mean and mean you know K state is a totally different kind of model different kind of offensive lineman. Different kind of blocking principal old rules different kind of philosophy. On the basic tenants of the spread guys get you. It's a shocker baseball. Now when we come back all ABC eighteen is south shock it's good reference stations. More in a moment.