Toronto Raptors and former Shocker Fred Van Vleet catches up

The Drive
Tuesday, July 17th
Bob and Jeff catch up with Fred Van Vleet, weeks after he re-signed with the Raptors for two years worth $18m. Fred will be coming back to Wichita this weekend to put on a basketball camp.

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Is that true. Welcome back it's just out here on the driver to Bob and Jeff we are attempting to reach Fred Bentley. Of course you know him. Current Toronto Raptors former shocker. And he will join us shortly. In fact is this him here and there. Outstanding work read our you. They don't. Did you talk with you you're gonna be in Wichita this weekend though the couple camps you're doing at the south why in an island. In Andover is not correct. Yeah asserted that it deterrence curriculum theaters this weekend and on for a few days. Mom obviously and then optic which so for a party here exactly so Oden couldn't be better. Half Saturday head down on the south far off sports center. So it's the 22. At the the end over far off sports senator couple of love basketball camps prices only a hundred dollars. And you can now register now by contacting Katherine fields. At 7197702. Catherine dot seals at YMCA would you tie dot dot org. So Fred you've had you had a heck of a couple of months here with the Toronto Raptors in the playoffs and then the vote two year contract he signed. It do you have do you sometimes pinch yourself Fred. Yeah it was sort of meeting over who would do such a collection. Get caught up. It is in Indian worker there period in China get better and no dispute salutes at terrorist slips into it and paralyzed itself art conference. And you know what's been a cup is this far and it also existed to think you know. I'm much more room we still have to grow so does it destitute Transocean tests. That an injury on. For sure. Fred what was your goal entering you're you're kind of freeagent situation was. You you signed back with throttle pretty quickly so did you wanna kind of you know you know just being that. Familiar situation or was your goal from the beginning to explore it as much as he could. Well army I wanted to be back and they want to guard there was no doubt about. But it does it sound businessman's northern and it's somewhat so short. Just to make you work so listen to a few offers an in treatise he would interest and reduced short became an. And you know we kind of met. Met on even grounded in what I wanted to do wanted to do just worked out her. Eventually lift the former shocker. Current Toronto raptor bulletin LeBron goes west. Now what does that do the Eastern Conference Fred. Are they over look a little bit up so late is pretty open question and change test that. To elevate it to respond so that alone possibly make its distance surely was really good we were good. And indulgence you know kind of blew a tire there it and put in not to take commodities now resist you know opens it up a little bit more services to user. And not known to have to go after each other to a secure took arms. I'm served Fred you felt like even though it didn't happen this year that you could beat. Cleveland with with LeBron James is there any part of view that is disappointed that now that the east doesn't go through him he don't necessarily get that opportunity. You have to assure me Guernsey and there does not mean Ari are. Especially along the path to our. Would have liked to taken that makes this story that much remaining car has been what eight parents aren't in the Arctic. At some point you know Russia and sonar could be detained at an industry where you know it is it is in. Not now is our focus on get a visitors aren't so. Uncle Fred manned lead you've you've basically major living off for proving people wrong. That the people who are maybe doubting you have diminished I I get to keep that are gonna keep proving people wrong when everybody now seems to be believing union. The so this system are out there is somewhere out aren't. Well since. You know it was to each step towards success and nobody slowed to an innocent who. There's there's very little bit more more if you insist on bringing down so wrong. Aren't those number of my mom being. Term sports anyways so I don't I don't net. On an arc and it's going to be part about it and chart. True but so right through to but I believe America you know what social and non com haters her daughter UConn. You've been given you know your cracks that Iran now with the knicks and now Landry also I believe joining that division so. Just how cool is that for you to take kind of just have that. That reunion time with those guys. Just as there's so cooler processor or so and then go from. You know in Tyler's teammate you know of people bond matters. So Gordon Brothers over those two years in college and and to be planned. No against each other on the biggest stage in a world resist. Really surreal and I'll wait surrounding give better go to some glided in and being nice to two beautiful letters on this year. Are badly with those played in 76. Game that the raptors last year eight point six points per game. Who would that franchise that is there's probably a couple of obvious answers with the rose on the Lowrie but. How much did you take away from. Being with those guys and how much have they taken you under your wing at least initially when you first arrived in the NB. You know a lot views on those let me use rocker. Wrong. You know on the court off scores given their hardest worker now meet. You know talk and talk of return Canadians and just in you know good examples for her in a professional aren't. The work that goes into the talk about force RC tomahawk starts. On this news and in the backcourt. That cigar positions so to have them blue garter Carlin and it and you don't want the best course definitely. And to bar is just been used lessons to learn from them. Pro what's your relationship like with with must say you Jerry. I saw your video when you have when you put depend of the paper and re sign he seems like pretty relatable. A guy as there is that. Pretty much the cases he's someone that he can't idea door open policy with him. Give social work. So he's he's he's secret that your two already lost two attendants and by any means necessary. Yeah. It is zero tolerance start off. So do wrong disparities. He's been you know obviously a picture of mine since and entertainment. And I continued and it has Cherokee continued to grow give better. And you know as you know super hard stick to it certainly has has not do so much so so. Now you know. Dust spilled guys embark Webster tenth so. We have and are extremely great heart problems. Raptors of course eliminated. By the cavaliers in the playoffs and then. The coach joined Casey was like oh he's landed in Detroit nick nurse a new coach. How much is that transition gonna. Affect things in your opinion Fred. You know will there be some chains have been some. Well as far turnover order but not much troops where ordinary she's gonna do you know to schemes and and a closer working. Our state pretty similar you know within two weeks it's not my opponent in all different. Amman. Coach with different. You know belief system our units instinct it is liking to. Nothing has a Florentine. Or do some things that are different. I'll bet that sent term there's an error changed just let them into a mayor with a lot of schemes and into security. I don't see as you can imagine under assistance pictured left to go to. So Wichita State Fred I mean it's it obviously happens with time you've been gone now for a few years but I think. Markets now the only player remaining who played with Ron and you. And turnover on the coaching staff to over this offseason lot of guys have left do you bad even following now what of what have been your impressions. Of you know just what's happened in Wichita State the turnover. Yeah arbor apartment parliament. A little bit much Turkey broke with two parent and I'll pick on pretty much anywhere on her team are considerate of Marcus cents. On numbers and booze those who aren't students. Harlow of hello. It was such as we wish to us tilting isn't changing times and honesty there's great as we work and our warriors. It's going to be some are austere. I don't know what you can sustain that level of success. For a long time so tend to be up and down and educational experience in North America and your reasonable but again and in politics it is another couple lows. Become players in director we're going to be. Thought with Fred badly word word is your game go from here you're in your entering your third season in the NBA and he took off he had. Really nice sophomore season. Where do you go from here what kind of things have you been focusing on. In the offseason you thank him and propel you even higher thread. Just to do mean to wouldn't do it on to a better turn out that's one didn't need to playing games and now it's about chapels or not high level every night. At those two are possibly do their job or what those are mostly tired and didn't. You know addition these such as created out of our Lola consistency. You continue to shoot the ball. Taunted her two great. No particular I don't know. Do that don't do so well you know get better at total in ski grown as a player and a lot of growing a lot more still to show. I mean we obviously know Fred did at Toronto the the coaching staff the personnel. Front office has a lot of confidence in you would just as the guy coming off the bench. You're gonna play alive we know that you're gonna finish a lot of games you're gonna be on the floor when it matters but. Strictly as just the coming off the bench part is a guy who's obviously been starting your entire life. Is that did you prepare any differently how's that how is that an adjustment for you if at all. You're takes a little bit. Just aren't so it is so a little bit more confident slocum or preparation just to be ready to go on and on it should not start but look I have a rotation announcement on on it but it does not sound warm out there aren't you boosters don't want charts. Are you going to be very goats and checked into the answer to some detrimental welcomes that and be Olympic Curry's. It is stupid parent you're too. Eventually when this is a guy like Landry channel reach out to you at all to just talk to you about what to expect her or does he kind of just do his own thing. Two years so he says that we talk more since he left school and now we overdo audiences that are. I'm mainland mr. excellent club near here and they're just no questions are shocked and a lot of note is indicating that he needed appears to have a mean leave school early in his you know. As you know home. Gotta that's what transitory periods in 900 redemption and you know clips from anymore and I don't know what speaks so. In all the people who are order form in his corner in the right part choked a little bit differently when he decided to have to pursue. In your career and this on the BP are kind of they're songs to lean on him into trouble moderate outlook two days since I was hitters not to net he. Was gone through that I didn't go to assessor pocono understated and executed are there to kind of helpful you know to communicate innocent and national instrument of foreign. He run and Doug Gottlieb lately. Total dug down to that. Vietnam not or some news that the group required in Austin summoned to muscle or you're trying to horse. Released I don't know this schooling and sent out. True grosans series wrong I don't think it's spoken on the again. Early so it is our current and so I don't expect in this economy. I was that was little levity there want to you know that I and I thought him hard for you Fred. Can I wanted to be aware yet. You what you and other risks to which two other distant although living down. How do you think landry's gonna do at this level do you have any prediction any what. What do you think of his chance with. He finds appropriate response is gonna take some time on. The younger someone in the league in and not having no experience is not take some term unsecured loans. He's console to teams so he may not play as much as you'd like correlates and it is there a final in navigate through that all the parties and do the union and I'll sleep state. Weakened state county and Conchita get better in policy Kirk's their rotation. In. Police aren't growing resentment is one of those guys like Iran where it is hard Q most Korda there it right in particular it is also corked. And just got a record opportunity that's a big artist or. Our arrival we appreciate talking with the as always and looking forward he is being in Wichita this weekend for your camp and will give it's more for promotion here after we left to go thanks Fred. The letter that's Fred van fleet. He'll be running a camp this weekend Saturday at the far us senator at the south why. Sunday at the far us senator and hand over of the YMCA. Both from eight to 4400 dollars you get to. Training lunch T shirt. And a picture with Fred van fleet. Get a hold of the the YMCA. Senior director Catherine seals at 3167197702. Or by email Katherine CA THE RI NE. Period seals SE ALS at YMCA which it. Dot org are idle Fred Bentley. In the thoughts. Always great. I enjoyed talking to one of the funniest guys threw for. They're already making a raptors plan makes me afraid then lead fan and asked that not really. But I really want him to do well. Because these days there's no. Pretension to again with those of the type of people that I gravitate toward like me to straightforward. I am who I am like me deal with it. Now I'm not that kind of guy collapse and I'm not I am who I am guy thanks what I am your it tries to impress people again. All my guy he care what people think my. Nobody but of besides you think that's true. Pastor my. You think that try to impress speed they think she yeah. When police say nah he called on the air and few months ago and talked about it ruling yes. And if you want to reiterate that point I'd well you don't need any back up. If that's your opinion but I'm just saying that nobody has that opinion of a lot of people have that opinion the 8691240. I don't think I don't know I had a trade and I think it's negative I don't try to declare I don't know prank people with my work ethic and by treating people while. He try to eat China's I'd try to or like we do these top ten list that way to people here that. All they've done this present your a lot of the top 100 songs are thrilled that our list you'll believe there react. This BTU. I am being mean RA NI BM me but I don't care of people think about it. Just so astoundingly. Ninety. Years. Here's Tonya hello Tanya. I eat diet hello. How are you doing. I'm doing why app on. Record you couldn't go. I could not go I have prior engagement. And I can't hate to keep saying in this. Because it does seem like I never ago. But someday moment ago. You know I decided to go. Kind of a great eco beat them all they eat because I would be at that point and it. Gap occurred why is that off. They stole the show on your estimate that they did it journey. Out. Wow really that's surprising that's it for journey but Def Leppard is does the bomb. That is right there. They are now die for journey ago. Where there issue that they wouldn't get it right and I eat dairy not there have been bit. I you know he's being not open to an art for you're a bit with our a couple of and it it what they were actually. Gaga. Now are people leaving during the journey shallow and I had my one daughter. Direct that it probably the last. Moon. While so you give it you Def Leppard though you enjoy so maybe just an off night for journey. I'd try to band couldn't help it at an off night that. It was built up record. With Horry. Iowa thanks for early review Tonya. Iowa so that. Now see now I'm being sincere I appreciated that we'll look kind of don't try to be close look. Not trying to be pleasant to be again a big deal bar again Ambien me. It went somebody weighed in on the act continuity you have these final two matches. I worry about the categories. Where I. I don't know I don't like to swan. That really sports category. Back then a minute world there is a faceoff match coming up next on the drive with Bob and.