Top Ten Wednesday: Favorite Outdoor Activities

The Drive
Wednesday, August 15th
Bob & Jeff reveal to the world their top ten favorite Outdoor Activities in this week’s top ten segment.

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This is good for. Welcome back time for just out here on the drive with Bob and Jeff. Finally the mariners and Oakland RNA. 00. Battle. Into the top of the eleventh. Wow who do a pitch Mike Leake started for the Mariners Brad Anderson for the gays wouldn't think. Only four hits four Oakland. And 64. Seattle. I'd be found on the lot to a bit too big too bad we can't see that here atomic can you look into that fourth I favorite outdoor act I can't wait for the onto does. Is this look at our skin although I got I got a pretty good tan but if you look at your skin you won the last time you are outdoors three or four weeks ago you just pull rolled up your arms Cleveland blinded me I think. But not that that's packed Latin Alva and then everything in the sun. No all no I don't hand when in my book slowly outdoor activities. But I Wear shirts that have sleeves. Edited K okay. If you wanna intend to do just that people women. Guys pick Japan. By your top ten outdoor activities we welcome your participation. At 8691240. It's CI got the cavs locker room hotline you know how top ten wins they work it's brought you by the heat labs at 338 north Iraq wrote. Bailout but they shall there we go when you have in my in my first of always number ten on your list miniature golf. 41 last time you played mended through out on the go really everything you went and played miniature golf go all star sports quite a bit. Actually. I can't tell you the only its third video games we play minutes ago sometimes you have gala go over there. Now think asteroids. Now that place downtown would you go over it made sometime sooner youngster. I need to introduce her to Gallagher. I could care less about those games thought she'd love home. She'd fallen loved all of them are sports is the man. It think I like go on their bread let's chill on the we want all of your money aspect of the the thing the problem with us so expensive all don't go well Olerud are gonna go that often now it's crazy eyes fly it's fine that is Ohio hello stoop. I. All our. Did. This salt bully your quick look. Guys split I don't know why is there. Think he ought. Yeah and play golf the Yankees do I appreciate it no golf for me but miniature golf here's what here's what I do don't give away at Knology. Today it's in today's technology is the greatest ever right here yet the Sony phone calls there. Not good and not not that the content was a good bit bad sound. Crowd had come up basically we like have. But certainly no Joaquin talkies here's Gerri hi Gerri. Tried to sound okay you sound wonderful thank you. My favorite outdoor sport or activity is too. Standout and loose so and shaped whatever videos and watch sports car racing game that I am a real. A real road race course. Like we used to have a captain Pam pocket city. America. The oh don't oh. Go to Atlanta. They wanted to do and it's a little more. Partnering Watkins Glen. Have a better matter but I know are you avail outdoor road race course right now there. On an airplane go over well okay thank you want the ally and I hit I've billion. Thanks to Derek and that's the guy who loves is outdoor road race is that it calls Nolan said fishing yet. Tony is next hi Tony favorite things to do outdoors. Honestly right. Jake Mikey did the board there there're there are deputy I don't really well Mike you. I don't really like to do that the park Tony do they like the swings that divide the monkey bars at that time. They're caught all over. It the more danger better want it go that they are they're our eye ear there. Current he they go far. Well I like I like that aspect of them Tony thank you for the call. Taekwondo made yesterday gotten into that they fund the new IVI a little tougher. They'll if I'd gotten into that. But I'd whip beyond question things. Maybe if you don't Taekwondo. And a wrist locked on the union be finished up a funny. Next is Derek favorite things to do outdoors. Kabul water. Like get up early in order but. No idea what I hope you miss. What I. Okay. As saudis. Listen I guess I'd give it I know a lot of people love to hunt and I and I respect that of course we need that. Where would we be but. I just don't think I have the the boo booed. Big stomach for Derrek Lee intestinal fortitude I didn't take Taekwondo. Thank you. How things obviously going to be up high on the list I a lot of people hello we don't have to hear about all of it. I don't mind nor did I do an athletic friends who love to hunt. And and the couple times I've done it I can see why. I just don't look the the actual. You know killing. Is what bothered I don't like to step on bugged man Procter and the price so obese I want to go go take it I'm never do it then so upload drop you right at Taekwondo ahead. Outlined lack of a hostility and and not our aggressive off color itself defense you don't you don't makes it tough they don't flaunt it. Things you like to do outdoors numbered nine. Concerts. Bob huge outdoor concerts but first Eagles confidant solid out doors I seen a few others Rolling Stones for example so. While it's not my first choice I'd rather see indoor concerts. Under constant why would you rather be indoors for Allah look at that is rather be indoors I saw the Eagles outdoors in Dublin. Ninety K he'll never be every thing that so many times you see it. But I got I've got more than you I got you know there I thought they might have thought the Eagles outdoors in Dublin Ireland good. I have no desire you know address that thought I'd have a desire to do that I could have done it many times saw the Eagles. In Madison school our guard that's cool that's Greek ship Allen but I've never even been in New York. Number eight. This goes on hearkens back to my earlier days pick up basketball or football. We can't be both especially with the Griffiths. Moon. So well. Course pick up but basketball flat out it'll give me with this flare out unstoppable. There you go this toward the curve and he can't can't stop it thanks to the heat lamps for sponsoring our top ten Wednesday 338 north Iraq wrote it's whiskey Wednesday four dollar Jamison. And Irish breakfast shots that they he'd wound number seven on your list. Favorite outdoor activities playing catch. You do that a lot and sometimes. With the young starting out the other hazards like cats one last he's OK so this isn't what is that like that it may when I get out on the farm. You should be doing that aloud now you'll be milking cow of them so now be milking goats that'll be your favorite activity you know wanna Cal's. Now you only cattle know why. To go on animals that I can interact with on a personal level. And I feel like go to lama's do that we'll count certainly do that now they want in any kindness that documentary. There's a great cowed document area on Netflix. Go watch it that maybe Iraq. I'm sure they do they have personalities. Philly but eventually we're gonna have to solemn there wouldn't you know and that I would never. Julia Phillips cow's diet your past year yes and we'll look all that cal coroner the towers say that Howard there. No Jeff get number six. At a way to recover from that number six is that going to the zoo. Look at Alley and ideas did you go to those lose. As many as you walk and Mona what do you see different week. We're home animals might be out they might bureau and around buying and as soon. I put it on my we'd better I know one of the times we went over. Either this summer like I've well violence. Here's why everything runs together but look Juan. About I guess our good. My favorite outdoor activities. Like. Soccer but all cook out fishing and outdoor market. Those are all good except soccer. Ought like that motto not out of wanna get into would you wanna like he much. I thank you thank you food com now gonna argue with a guy like like long. One of the good kid. Yes I enjoy that calls Tonya you're next. Yes Jeff. Ain't even go into what you age I do what now great. Beauty and eighteen go okay sick banking go to C. No. Fainting. They have that not all this order and they get excited and they get a nap at all. That would make me so that. But they don't lay out okay this cutie never nineteen injured right I'll call eight. What does it mean when I get excited I've fallen over. We should call Ian. They thank you Tanya thank you ain't doing no it's I've never heard of I haven't either but it made me think also one of a brutal world. I I have cola Roma are go ahead and talk for a minute left to look up some video of a fainting miniature donkey that's all I want you think we can get one. Let's see here I don't acquire animals. This is a minute nineteen these goats are excited. A Google fainting goats I know I'm out of video this guys around and after the they looked excited. He's feeding one now I haven't seen one thing yet here we go. Make up for it. It's gonna happen but I just follow may have. That would trust me inside do you give it another avenue that you had dogs that do that when you get them when you get them excited no reached down they kind of just fall back Nader's runs in the walls and it makes me set. Jeremy hello. Hey. The public. I of their Jeremy. Yet cracked trying to hang up on the Mac got analogy is that. What do you have in my power on your area any kind of sport playing outdoors. And then. Do you are hurt they don't. They generally are young and after that horrible experience of soft on Saturday. You still will return to play softball there may have a question whether now want to jam it and he's my best there's yes obviously the lavandera and I'm actually client directly here about the trigger but the Audrey Jeremy reiterate to our listeners. And to Jeff. Who proudly as short memory why do you elicited this show Jeremy. Bob so that Jeremy thanks kid we used up in the dugout man. Now you got. I look the camaraderie guys abbey at the back to order a great though he heard a lot better than your old well. While not political but let me try to okay. I guess that's a compliment. Didn't. Show better but it does. That backcourt the other report you have the network to glared at. What necessarily producing for all but thank you and I and I make this one better so I think that's where he was gone thank senator and they don't get it ever go back god yeah. Our our depth Dana College called dare the but it. Got a Larry's got some potential I think he does he can bring it. Jerry's got good potential no idea how to take guys have a lot of listeners who have potential in fact. If Tony do thing listens to our show I know he does. There's some talent out here. He might be able to slip something off other show kid he very well about it Jim and Jeremy now I think I'd like to be a part of the show. No on Saturday. Forget that now that you're not drive and then from from that of Kingman. To do Saturday show here when yeah when you got chores. Travis you move out of this new place. Saturday morning's going to be chores. Now. I live understand I don't do chores clearly have a a bunch animals and you're not gonna do it anyway the death threat. Up all hang with the animals but the upkeep. Leave it to others Travis on Twitter says he's a zoo keeper at the center caddies they're glad to hear made your list of course that made violence Travis. Zoos Greg yeah it goes without saying that this zoo would be on my top ten solar activity that is where are we on your level five where the second half number five. Bike rides. What. I had never senior ran out of buying I don't buy and the only time I remember you right yeah I nearly died I don't go to the emergency room with you. That was and then and I could see the most. Good to be 180. Degree opposite of Taekwondo guy. That is the guy in total fear that I was that afraid I'd just didn't wanna be put to sleep. And I never will want that I would if I had if fighting brain surgery I'm staying awake for. I will say that it hasn't happened to me off them war I get put to sleep. It's a weird feeling. That and I had no one's it's not that bad. But is it weird not that bad unless you don't wake up but you don't if you don't you'll never know. Soon I'm sand right that's my fear not knowing. If I don't I don't know it doesn't hurt you I don't wake up I'd like to know. Number four on your list. Sitting around the fire. So now. And the fire that is the funniest thing you can now a lot of I have not you have used more as we we set out there by the fire then. In the backyard but no way that they've done it several times I don't I don't I don't give you every event in my life and say we we did this today. Dad. Set it back but yeah I enjoy it look do we do foil dinners on the grill. I will say this you should come over some general life has changed your lives by and I applaud her for that now with every change anything. Number no there is walks with a youngster. Numbers numbered sue. I can't talk about. He'll walk up there where the so I share some knowledge and wisdom. I'm by far do you walk I used lead down to the end of the block and then down to the other end of the block and then home. Number two on your list best things you enjoy outdoors. Skipping rocks. How wanna be what do you Andy Griffith wanna be and he's competent solid science so good at skipping rocks you wouldn't believe it. We are in Colorado I got a fourteen hopper. I'm not making that up. Fourteen hops the crowd it was New Mexico fourteen knots across flew the lake in New Mexico for a team that's I don't even understand it. Jarrod Bartlett text that says Jeff and about that seriously if if Tony dissing dozen. Biggest selling at that potentially about that. Let's let's see you on oral Clarence Earl I'm no lawyer gone bass fishing. No Heidi is you know that would be typical but you know if you get there early Jeff show you have a position involvement I could answer questions like. You've Bob saying when you get excited when you called out. You need to adjust your dose of Viagra. But look you can how have backed kid did cows do you know every year more people die from take outs and sharks. There is they're very vicious animal in the field fact. Just last week a woman was captured by verdict also with the ballot. But an ally activity. I don't know if that is true that's true what we have and we cal police this is now know this woman who did these felons. Crashed her car ran across the field and as herd of cows chase as well have been down. They had helicopter over with dame program at logic runners these Al Gore murder so they won't remember that. Eight. Go onto a our show outdoors. Surely you can do something I know you guys aren't guy guy you don't do argue don't do. Trish you know one girl I I don't I think I'm offended at that but I'm not really I'm I'm glad I think I'm a guy guy. All it would did did you go to our cars showed jet a. Think car shows are necessity. Firm verb male hormones. Now you're very concerned about your masculinity Euro. What about the magnets on these cars. You know what do you know. Think there. They're a part of being male psyche and finishing c'mon fishing and take Bobby you're not a guy guy if you were back in the primitive times. And you could provide food. I would assume that I was slim my. I mean Perry Ellis a mile wide. You pick that the little guy guy you don't send their wide array of they go up there and did they get it done their problem solvers in that way. Thanks Earl. And I appreciate it and my guy guy the it's an open ended Blair it's number one on your list. Watching baseball that's easy. My Major League Baseball in particular. Anti climactic but do at number one Joseph you're on the drive before I get the my top ten list of things to do outdoors. I like this golf it's the fastest growing sport in America only their out for like fifty years. My uncle they world class disk golf player and I don't and I don't use that term loosely use one of the best in the United States growing yes one of the best in the united stay yeah he was he was they who is up there. If not V best. What anyone and I don't know dog heard of David Miliband. You know I haven't. You know any distant golfers in the world wide. Oh yeah I truly am certainly were some big names. I thank you that was the big app if we had the buzzer sound what do you I've done. Both Sarah Tommy he's been a member of the professional this golf association since 1987. He's got a eight career wins in 59 that saw them. And I played I played out money for all stop this weird thing my family. And he's got a career earnings of 9008 and 34 dollars nine. And how many since 1980 some young guys only played 59 event. He also owned a spot. Caught war broke claps. This dog or waves made 9000 dollars in 31 years eight wins. That. But laughable eight when I love the kid bit even it. It'd be had a month to tell him that he'd laugh bad lately should get him on the show number ten for me well I like to do outdoors. Like guys can I sale on the air now this can Tommy's nervous. And I just say that there's no polite sweet romance in the outdoors. What's it back pretty talking about. What's wrong with that. That doesn't even mean anything. It may in some I hope. Why why do you not that. Sweet romance than they out you have please give police romantic person I think I've ever met. No offense really pay your up there thanks a lot. What a terrible thing to flatly are my dad if the idea that way be with a little weird number nine. Number nine for me. Walking my dog. Number nine I thought that would be number one per share well I don't really have a an order arrived I just got after sweet romance one else's where. And walking my dog defiance LeRoy. There's a picture of that under the stars. I'm a blanket maybe. It. The blanket with little note don't I don't wanna say anymore number eight. Number eight for me is and I kind of enjoy this my wife vote enjoys it. Immensely. And I kind of enjoy it when I get the opportunity but she was doesn't. Watering our plants. K it's relaxing I suppose it's relaxing you know you're you know the plants like Sam thank Keith thank you. I needed this water but I hellish hot day you know as they are. Number seven. And Wear the collar with third. Maybe that's sweet romance thing. Had a bad effect I don't know. Number silent on what real quick in the pro masters sixty plus my local finished fifth. That's because there's four other client 200 dollars gift for him. You just letting the world clan is he's one of the five best you how many flyers play this golf. Yeah and he's one of the five best editor at his age. And what terrible was this these Santa Cruz masters cup pro presented by in nova. He's got a pair John PGA and I felt so many more PD GA dot com he's there look about David the my god. We are only eight made. Nice day I don't think so I'm gonna have these in order. Number eight for me. If it yeah I did just that walking my dog watering the plants and no way to get a mention ten so let's go to seven and this number seven would be out I think this is outdoors. The drive in theater. Well Mina you're in your car but you can also give them. Big give in the bed of the pickup. Give pull out a lawn chair you are gonna talk about three romance anymore aria. Only other road suite what flawless with the appears faster my cat at a hello passed in my. And that woman in this war. It can be adequately cover that's still not change. Change the bat well you're not saying in the subject like column in tell me how they pick you up. I'm not allow it I don't know what are about that they're all odd bit. Jordan Black album into the show it. As just a conglomeration. Of our connector or chartered jet. A little. It is a little all over the place there that it is it is. But I had bought out the NBA but what about all built and reading. And that sort here that's what I like your line down and I'm gonna get the spin great program. I'm gonna get to some of that there's the nature stuff. Dirtier thanks to pass in my honor I appreciate it Chris you're on the drive. We're. Yes sir yes. I'm gonna go out there that got one out declare and I'm a little bit earliest do. It here in New York governor Gary. We are here where it ought to outlaw it by how well it is uncle. Miracle worker Ehrlich who are eager rarity. They're number they're they're. Player rating I don't see that on his page. They don't have enough it's 934. There signs thirty war. I'm thirty or. Weird. Got better then the Mac news he's fit best in his endure this sixty plus. At one out one tournament. Add that led eleven guys went this year in May. Gretzky 934 will that mean he's ranked 934. What. I mean it is they rank every player based on how they want to get the court. And world class player ever ran them out. Pretty quote like that where in the world and bring 1015. Phillies 934 that's pretty good 930 fours pretty good right. Now and act or report back. All the dirty or like. Probably. They're probably a 108 wired and that we can't go. Look at. Thanks RS Debbie 65. Mama thanks Chris. I had feared what bagging Derek twelve people in this event not to go the highest rating with a 973. Ears chopped pay chapter on the drive. They're Bob I've got one activity book before I guess were are totally on your side. He's the point number down to. With all due respect to opt out supply. And Chara. Like it or overrated. If it sound like you're at a point and it's been a year is much better. Com. I bet. What Tommy gets it but I don't but. They're like good morning you're either cooperate at all. Today guy gets yeah. In and saying here is more pay let's Litsch we got kids listening and what else you have eight it will look any worse and sweet Romania and a we'll be at Jack. The last brigade does it promote promote lower than we've got that they shouldn't. House career here but first you should know all. We make our RD and there goes that the launcher sort of know all on us that's a good one I like that chuck it's out of the ordinary. Appreciate your call Lee is an ax Lee what's your favorite drinking activity outdoors. On the red course there are sit around fire it is or got a little putting green now back. Those are all good the out OK I don't know right don't ride a horse and drink okay. Oh okay. Hi is not only that thought that the bar of course. Kweisi acted like he doesn't know I don't talk and get these these drank and drug ridden a horse before. Number six more out or our way. I don't know number six for me when are five or whatever it is. And and you're gonna scoff at this but I used to really enjoy it and I don't do it as much anymore and all the things you'll enjoy about. If you do move you'll enjoy looking at the stars. You will be a may highlight the stars you'll be a may is that what you see in the sky when you get out of the city. No I've seen out that you've ever been out of the city. Number five for me. Would be. I told he would take I have ten here forty Dylan I don't know just put a moan don't put a little five for me would be he used to be ever really like mowing. I don't do that anymore hire somebody saw how much could I really Lyle like moaning I forgot to put riding in a vote. I'm riding in a boat yeah number four for me is riding a boat growing yes. I forgot like being on the water go to our love items too scared to death about falling in the water match but I don't mind being on the why I love votes number four. Would be. Trying to figure out how this is gonna work. Would you buy bird watching. Now. Our word to my top three. Our top ten Wednesday list. Most our favorite things to do outdoors. Or seat lounge 338 north Brock wrote our sponsor for this segment number three would be a zoo. We're Suze. I've into a lot of lose across. The country. And and I've enjoyed them and we're very fortunate here that have. One of the very best right here in Wichita on federal accounting no question about it number two of playing golf. I mean absolutely I was second play more. I know I need to find time to play more. Maybe as we get a little cooler in the mornings I'll try to get out more imply. The love playing golf. And my number one favorite thing to do outdoors is watching leak 42 baseball they go do that would be number one right of course watching now. We'll get to kicking it back in and if you'd like to help league 42. You can do so by enrolling entering our. Fourth annual golf tournament coming up Friday October 12 crash few country club right here in Wichita. You can find the link to register. On our website. League 42 dot org. It's a great because we'll have a lot of really. Cool people playing golf that day already have I think fifteen teams and heard. So we're look at enough hurt fifteen or so more. And please get involved. Helping lead 42 we provide the equipment uniforms. Everything that the kid needs to play baseball and as a nonprofit. We asked for the community's help the community has been extremely supportive. In doing so some really cool announcements coming up very soon about. From expansion of facilities that league 42 some things we're gonna do. To continue to reach out to kids. School started today in which it did. Drove by north high. For the freshman. It was just a freshman and don't leave everyone else started uplift those. Sixth grade and freshman today and that was ever if that was the stretch those out on the sixteenth top pacer yeah we're sure. Hi guys when it's as though drove by north I wouldn't but it it was packed the endless they have 5000 freshman. Have they my the big school. So I'll take your word for. It's neat to get school gone again is it is the high school football all right around the corner college football begins we're gonna have picks. Two weeks from tomorrow. We're gonna talk with Joanna Chadwick from byte magazine a week from Friday about. High school football preview stuff who looks good who should we be keeping an eye on. All kinds of other out of you a sudden we get credited. It could jump in the football season. Great baseball races to follow. Shocker volleyball opens oh bloke next weekend not this weekend but the following weekend. Everything gets back. Summer area are at the fall summer's not over though we've got more than a month of summer left Abbott the meteorological world that ends in about two weeks. Seemed like we just put somewhere along. I remember back in my day when we did start school until after Labor Day. That's a different it's a different world. And we don't know why duel until after memorial yeah I hated that those days only went to like June 3 what's the point. I kind of alike that June 3. Better than gone back on August 5 date. Is it I don't wanna be back in school on August 15 now nobody does is still hot. There's no slow if you're all out there doing their candidate I know but I mean it's hot outside of there's there's no feel of the fall and new beginning it's his sense though this summer. I'm an out of the pool today what to make it Jalen Ramsey today call out some of the quarterbacks basically send a Josh Allen. Is that trash out your only know that it for. I don't I don't get it either I'm not gonna and I got pops off and here's. I like Jim Rome. But he uses all Jalen rams via. Why wouldn't you like that give you some the talk about it Jalen Ramsey said I don't really have an opinion on jive Allen does the end doorway those kinds of opinions. Wouldn't you endorse people who. Just to attack. Josh Allen. Why not what's the what's the problem with it. He didn't attack him personally or at least he trashes not terrorists all know it's attacking is of quarterbacking ability and Josh how that's pretty personal idiotic Allen is gonna get paid based on his quarterback ability. Right but not whose personal and now again and nothing Jalen Ramsey said that went out and and it matters you and that is why does that that's not a person if a guy admits it's a professional attack. If I said here terrible on the radio about the personal. It and I'll knock you out a you're nice guy but you're off on their writing a personal attack I don't think it's until Tom Thurber Tom. Your best days of operating that border behind just. Edu you stink but you take that personally now Buick. Well then that I wanted to tell you some after the show. I always thought you take that first why wouldn't they just gave I mean I love sports their fantastic. You know this I needed up. But after ultimately qualified to judge Allan is getting paid millions to throw the ball to Calvin back until June. You're a terrible instructor at wool or middle school. And now you're terrible employee get cute as your new gave. Yeah that wouldn't be in that wouldn't be personal. That. I'll take that furious campaign but it's not true. I determine whether that's you're not not someone commenting on and what if you're one of your boss told you that well then that's that is a professional criticism. But you would fire you fired at stopping Obama jerk. Edit together I did a poor job and that is the professional the value LA IE I see you've unveiled the a new job yeah inquired about it obviously a lot of people been saying give legged school and you and so. Until I wanna miss lead until you felt comfortable talking about it and you work in a paradigm alliance incorporated. Herein it's an oil and gas pipeline company basically were liaison company out public awareness. Meetings mailings compliance everything. Dogged do you really know it and I know that it is I know the basics we have Bennett noted that everything you've been there two and a half months how comfortable do you feel with an eight NAFTA nine attitude and really yes what's the what's the one math and one that. Fill your ears kind of searching for this they. General uncertainty of myself as a human being. Really yeah I'm never gonna feel like I've got everything. It sure is always room to grow and learn. I'm gonna let the job is wonderful. I'm glad that I did and I can't wait to expand bilateral and continue to learn and do different things those are gonna happen of course it already is in pads. But there's again as one of the artists wanna be useful and dependable invaluable when you know although things. Well take that over lists show that desire doing a fantastic job on this you know may not be knives. And and when you asked me in my favorite outdoor activities don't rip them to me for telling it I didn't rip been do you feel laughter most of mine. I just it's not the guy now all but I mean I'm. I'm happy that you enjoy being outdoors it's not necessarily that it's just when I'm outdoors I liked Pete idle Friday as some denial is which I mean active will we took a bike ride last week in Georgia go. It's part of our family day we just went there around to the park in our neighborhood. These lovable about where we live or ride their motto bloom the trails along the a little. Downtown order our gonna ride try oaks if we move. You can read a lot of dirt road beyond dirt road that's tough to do. Dirt road very narrow dirt road may we'll have a paved driveway and withers ride up and down that what would you do. You're still want to revisit. But that's the question. That's that's something we gather them. Address but a per share there's so many things you you need to not realize that we've addressed we've addressed most of them yes you like to designer of the floor plan of the house and they did propose I've never I don't know I don't know how to read that stuff when he went MIA Bob Vila I mean let's be real not arena floor plan. Knew there's a bedroom. As the mother rooms a basement it looked saw a similar fate. About the same as what we have now I think it's like fifteen to 16100 maybe. Is that a three levels now. To a level that's I think you don't even know MIB thirty a Florida guy. A guy in the world doesn't know. What kind of house he's gonna live in you know look at that stuff I don't care. If I have a couch and magnolia a double garage. Yeah you don't know yeah we do why wouldn't wait. The thing is. You don't know the ID those that is the goal is a white house with colored trim what color that will be. Remain won't go you go on for heavy maybe do a nice little read a deep red. Maybe a deep green. Maybe a royal blue. Sun and a look at immunize slogan. Marble kind of amenities. I don't know. A captain blanket the idea that I don't need much else so basically you're just wanna hurt and again this there's nothing wrong with this. It's edited fact it's it's somewhat. The mom am impressed but. You're just okay with a whatever you get you yeah. Why wouldn't I because you love the house you have I do is finally have a basement. And that's really all I care about. The basement and we will. Interest and then you're an interesting study thanks. I have all it won't be hands on where I live I spent my life that hard hit it. But it's it's. While it's good to have demo I got out of the floor plan. My wife has a wolf wolf but very mellow eleven look at while trying to give you some ideas you know we were far along in the process what I do. Back in a moment to wrap it up to drive on cafe.