Top Ten Wednesday: Eagles Songs

The Drive
Wednesday, June 27th
Jeff & Matthew unveil their all time top ten songs by The Eagles.

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This is good for. Welcome back Howard Albert Taylor jive talk of the driest. Spot out today sitting. He knew I believe some league 42 matters. Which you might it's in my make for an interesting story tomorrow if he wants to tell it. But I do I will not let him tell I got that that I got that text warning helping commit 145 this afternoon yeah that's the some very urgent than it did. To get to sound alike it exciting new threats are all I'm Brandon Phillips who await you telling visiting Saudi or Britain adults know that's not accept heavily for it do well. What do what do you say oh about it except it's an exciting indelibly 42 it sounds like it and we'll see how it goes we'll see if he has any news to share tomorrow which we want their last ten cents and tried over you because I think you misunderstood wrested the very first time but you say I said is that the 42 I thought you very UBS sarcastic about Brennan felt under the red oaks yes sarcasm. OK let's let's Lockett here so focused. OK all I'm reading about the Sinorice Jenkins situation. And I hear I'm focused. We're we're doing our top ten favorite Eagles songs and out out of put these in order quite frankly. I have like a six way tie for number one though you're gonna gophers. Why fairway anyway since yet all things Eagles are viewed your dad all right the Eagles songs 8691240. They didn't make a ton of albums they made seven studio albums they've got about. Eighty songs I would imagine 85. Somewhere anatomy says this I'm guessing you have more of the that album thrillers but not non singles I guess you can say where's my our strictly. Demonstrative of those and I hit both hit our go ahead I'll get. Well it. So my number ten how long. How long the good side yes because I was there to lead single off what ready and we have you know but but ten years ago or so 1007. I remember it well should I waste my FaceBook post when I get to how long because of a writing about everything early now don't waste that. The memory of hearing it for the first time I will share. On FaceBook probably and a few months because that's way down the road that's their last album and I'm going in order I heard it first on sports daily when I was so work in the morning show you bride in it and and hello Tommy put the system murder are hammer credit there but we heard on the on the on the morning show the great song I heard it for the first time on MySpace and that's the old that's all share it broke I believe it was a top forty single on country radio I believe it performed it done the country music and mayor yes yes lots to two were not too long after it's good times was the very gets on my number nine in this city. Wryly yes surprised by that buys that I love that song in concert because Joseph lawless does an unbelievable. Solo at the end of it so I live for that song and consummate the studio version and it doesn't do oft are some reasons Iraq hurting concert. They were here. When he sings some more on the horizon just it gets me man I don't know I don't know what they're song live then why even on the studio album it's a diverted to see gets me and the guitar now I'd I love that song at the nozzle to be a surprise it's in your top ten now. To be quite frank that's fine. This is the next lobbying you. Was on thought he might give you a bit of trash for I don't give anybody threads of the eagles' number eight. Love will keep us along yeah don't get that and yet told him I know I like that song at that I liked him at these locals and not song. That's a sets it's. It's an okay song. I like it I'm surprised I'm very surprised to my top that to my first three or surprise surprise guess I I've I encourage it. By all means like whatever songs you want especially by the Eagles but those would have not been. Through that I had thought he'd select. I do any other way at 691240. More than welcome. I do eight would not registered you very much I I do wouldn't aren't prepared when the royals because they played it in concert forever because they have to give Timothy song to sing. Live and he doesn't have any from the Eagles catalog except. I think he did. Three. Maybe four. But they give it that's a song they've done in concert forever and it's just out of its need to okay. On the okay from a top ten it's there it's it'd Lowell in the concert usually. But those double 01 time those who don't understand what I hear it in concert like Ellis is really good unfairly give 86 times and so now they get told you I guess it never seven for me though long run. Not like it. Whenever you're the long run but my file is goes a list. That's to be the last on the planet putts on the Y just like that the delay in its and it's a good in dean yeah song first show. I can see that the most recent concert they did that that was paired next to last song was last or they were in Dallas they played us. What's the name of the song deep in the heart of Texas OK not an eagle son did did did that would that Don and Donna invents. Yes they did walking to New Orleans and New Orleans they played Tulsa time in Tulsa so they're starting to it to would be a little bit more spontaneous another. More there's plenty Eagles talk on the show by guys have death is. And even Vince guilty of any song yes I'll cut cards or make sure that's. I don't read much of literature on the Eagles but what I have read that appears to be be growing opinion by some. It's it's just there's up there's those who again though lol in the sponsor where it's like new kid into. Around. And lie and I I love lionized the bit I don't necessarily love Vince Gill thing aren't you. I would point d.s like stop going to shows I'm just about done OK there's probably going to be one more. In Cleveland in October and I will probably what it appeal why it why go to another one that because this summer wedding anniversary it's in Cleveland. It's on the anniversary of the last show I saw with my mother also was important I understand you did you get contact they're not. Number 631 of these nights Leavitt yes. I've heard that's Glenn Fries they reveals phone I knew that actually yes that is also a song is that. Artists like. Play that song not cover it they do I've heard covers of yes well it can't be near bill is not bid that's that's often that's what is covered. Fair enough number five hotel California hotel California number five number five yes so the F how I like more. However let's say this win today it will be solved and here in town. That was the best song in concert and people love it. Yes we'll get into it it's like I five Democrat that there was a slight. Delay. And then they guitar rifts start to replace this went nuts that that's how I remembered my made up just making up hours and on course on most likely when did you see him. It was the first time they're here well let me go to three. No music his. The ghosts that have no way I got to get 2008 June 30 two that Tony did say was generous enough to have given me at the ticket to that. Really yes I had to check to my dad and I went. He gave you tickets he did I will be forever indebted because of would have to reducing doing that form and I begat figures from the promoter for that show a lot that we wrote we are way up high there ever attended that at this point in any year in the building your two needles so Esther and as the only time only time. And now those guys that goes over and over right now but I that's part of my personality of I like it muse musical act. I need to support it lie I'd just I just don't. Now may be well that's the short number four minutes that ascended at the deals are so good guys filled out way. But I feel like myself Paul McCartney last summer that did it for me any saw the there carpool karaoke. Tremendous now. That whether you're gonna fail why it was tremendous because my dad said it was tremendous and I want it to disagree but you can't just finding a certain degree you can dance it was so good and I did I did tear up a little eyes that guy yet it's hard not to it is good did it for me the first time I don't know fight. Teared up a gambit. When the wind McCartney had come out of his old house or apartment. A flatter whatever was and he was getting mobbed by the people and the guy goes up to him and says they played years songs in my dad's funeral. That's that is how you are not as critics are right explain that. Good for me of like that's the one thing you wanna say that bond with Paul McCartney is so tight that you literally lost a loved one. For you know what I'm saying if I don't I get that yes. The ID gets cut but that's what music is supposed to dinner Harry and you know it. Got to get start our top ten list but at the part of that also I liked was the did the pause and the that conversation would let it be was on. And it James scored got emotional himself talk about what that song meant to him and ill. Now. You'll really doesn't deny me do though they my dad's final game as a coach he coached for a long time. My Brothers to sack sister did this sub. Never book I guess you'd say I don't know last. Well the last pages was. What does it lyrics from that'd be the so that's a college visits admitted that that that's just. Betting that brought back emotions brought for people that the security is so bright and that's a music should do to people that's why I'm in the building 35 times to see the Eagles because I feel that way. Every time. And I don't know if that makes sense a lot of people every time you hear one of these nights it feels like the first I just hope no debt. Oh yeah you don't go more time that that you. That that doesn't lose it because it's not going and it sounds lost a little bit. It's different it's not as good to Glenn. Provided the energy at these live shows who is my favorite ballet clip I was mine was mine and I Don Hewitt is an Eagles there's no. There's no arguing that he'd even wasn't great as a solo performer had a couple hits. Don Henley was of bigger solo star Joseph Walsh is the virtuoso. You come to CME's an entertainer but Glen Frye was the Eagles. Hours no there's no disputing at that concert in 08. I mean I remember him danced on the stage as did after in their bills was more reserved and call mug of Joseph lost little bit more than that it. He what you're used a performer there and deacon is awesome his son deacon Frye is great. But he just doesn't quite have the president's obviously. Vince Gill's really get and this is different it's it's OK I like it it's just not as good that's OK to say right number four for me. And we is a discussion that throng of what the song take it to limit. Now the statement that I made and I think you and I thought surprise that this is only number for us to explain this more. I had my comment mail was that ticket to limit terms of the Eagles hits. Is underrated that's the comment that I made it fair enough and I don't think you necessarily agree with that there's a number one song. Number one singles but this was the number one on the charts Pearson sand like it I I think. When he did some of the hits you don't FL the first ones to come to mind on to new ways. And what the general public would would would feel they get the great reaction in concert even though. Randomized and hasn't been what the band since 197778. And I enjoy his voice Glen Frye did really well Vince Gill does that amazing he's awesome that's one of the songs of his that. I do look forward to in concert. That he sings now so you have to really get song. Number three life in the fast line life in the fast line. Where would that guitar and show. Fit into an all time. Guitar intro Duce sits up and it has to be up there got that heavy sea in the gold little bit on the Joseph Walsh talked about in the history of the Eagles documentary I've not I just Denny seen the documentary. The doors on showtime yes I have seen it on service yes. They outrageous that it zinni is planning a one day and then Glenn says we need to say that. And Joes like all right it's you're here it is. It's another in the lunar comes and that's what and the fast for any have the word life in the fast lane already the title though. They go grated. The song that they closed their main set with pre on course since 1994. Interest and yes. To lionized. Love it and then the number one for me it's also us that top five all time song for me. Peaceful easy feeling there ego on anybody to put mine in order. This is extremely difficult. I know how you're gonna do this very view my list of you know good you did do one. All type Beatles songs from me number ten how long number nine in the city. Number eight level keep us alive number seven the long run number 61 of these nights the her five hotel California. Number four take it to the limit. Number three life in the fast lane number two blind eyes and my number one all time Beatles song peaceful easy feeling very avid. Anyway top 10-Q that's the fun. Anyway at number ten is a witchy woman. That was the last song to make the cut it was between witchy woman and wasted time. And we with witchy woman. Not a good eyes then say this I am that's paid he's. Big for Mannelly care that I believe is may be done Italy's finest vocal performance that's false. Template false. What is. I'll if as David my doubts knights probably yeah I'll saluted the hotel California on them my number eleven songs. But almost as desperado that would be in the mix yeah it on the album that's always not that good. And even he had any strong opinions about how how else to listen to me. Really I really yeah like I can't desperado on the album is nothing compared to live performance of it. Even definitely doesn't like desperado on the album but it's now signature song and I'm not what's that Hamas was none of these things I hope. I don't know. You don't you know what Paul McCartney since opinion of I am the walrus was with those crazies with Ottawa city. So you read that I read this thoughts of OK fine I know the Eagles you know The Beatles everything's great. Life goes on. Right this is Daytona Lazio or what Barack couples are digital enough the the phone's screen here do we have a collar maybe. You might go on the and number nine Eagles song after the thrill is gone. Two songs I don't care for feel like after the thrill is god really. No I don't your ma apparently as speaking of dogs at least finest vocal performances. That's right up there and it's a duet with Glenn. My goodness let's go to the phones 8691240. BI got that have. Locker room how line. Miller a multitude of people I would have rather heard from the in the real date back hey you can call so we'll play what's up. Media Jennifer negative gonna get out you done. Are better than you become a partner Brit that at that point that's really me and I'll take you there. In you know. It meant to the top two Eagles orange. You know we unibody try to do this over the years and and I can't Whittle down that yet I did this to. I didn't waste a day is art baker border but mostly time. Was Qatar at the Arctic resort the most vocal so it's a it's amazing Eagles. Are there. We're clearly a great drummer lyrical current dire wanna listen to there were in the meaning of the song. Desperados were like like you could actually took our world took so. Because so many people under. That saw her water was out. But regardless I will ever on the outward are or you're it would explain and I think that's what people ever to torture abortion. Yeah I had is they've brought a lot of universal songs I think that's why they remain popular because. As much as I mean you know I don't believe. I don't watch movies before I was Barbara music to me is timeless and there are a lot of timeless songs. There are a lot of air unit YouTube or do you can say rep talk yes. If if you wanna do your own private shows sort of date you can do that would be British senior political rap. I'll come on the real data that is hurtful. Thanks for the call. We appreciate it see you later. I do they really wants me to call rap crap like that that's what he's indicating yes and number eight I had a combined to. Why McCain Dylan Dalton and do a Don slats desperado reprise. Nothing alone give a silent over there well so far three songs I would never give consideration do you what do adult then. Thus it. Now it up here's a question since hotel Palo Alto, California is not on my list. Well no no low why is now on my ten favorite Eagles. He argues that to happen. I'd pick the hits he picked that I've got to hit some I would you already three and you don't which you woman that's right I. Dylan dog and and do their do you separate songs do dogs number one on the desperado album due in Dalton desperado is last on the album. But Dave they can live there the same OK let's just put them together they're both awesome and again handling things the crap out of for the rap out of what is it that the but he is all done in his song Li sing. I don't really know I was number eight. Number seven is how long. On your list it is number ten I had to bump off busy being fabulous. That was number twelve. Great song. I thought in terms that that matters the terms of their radio appeal. I thought that some of their chance of being a quote it is really good it's just not quite great. But had more of the sound of what peck what what country music was at that time we'll steel guitar yeah. Yeah it's it's I loved the song is just missing. Something and when we were. Glued to show you what you thought they didn't play that. Busy being fabulous no they've dropped it from their set by the end disappoint. Yeah they played it early on that tour and then dropped it went that's what I I you you'll and you Google but that the settlers is on there. And in Africa are pretty ups who have coming up wherever and then that song was not the most I must have gotten earlier Seles I got at the very first cut to they didn't play that in Columbia Missouri believe it or not. Number six. Anything as the memories that I have. That's OK I'll let you you've been a 35 Eagles concert it seems like he should run a mob against it had to tell you something unique about each concert. That's what I'm glad you can't make this window after Bob does the top honors song list yes politics 35 days of the show. That the number six is peaceful easy feeling and asked me tomorrow that very well that in their AM well may be number one. Begins number six there one interchangeable to me he did say Utica atop a tie for first for your fix six yes I write down I had no I cannot differentiate six through one. So basically this is who brought him into that obviously the feeling was on my wife and I made. And goes small albums for small CD four are of course far wedding though the other moves that he put down on your seat yes. For your wedding yet. He had this macabre (%expletive) I've. One of these ninths. Great song. They do it too early in concert now they big play at third. Too early you got to build up to one of these ninth best to be a crescendo. And then you come back down a little bit this is too high up. In the kind of set list Glen Frye was and spells and experts that list. Is on or he's doing OK there's absolute art to it but not really doesn't that doesn't that didn't quite have it. I assume he's the one openness that was together he's good night it's blue it was. Exceptional. But he congress next. That there commerce that no no we don't want it why aren't torn units. We have one cause the real day. Number four is lionized. I'm art taught but tell me your thoughts I'd ever you be mine and it. Glenn singing it a plus plus plus plus Vince Gil singing it B minus. Still heavy snow weird to hear things from it is that I wanna be into and I am into it in the moment but this is the feeling. The euphoria. It's just isn't it's like busy being fabulous it's so there it is not all the way there be hard speedier Vince Gill singing. While he's really good peacefully the fidelity said that I he can things that went in and we he's great I don't mind anything deacons things I wish he sang all the Glenn fry signs. Number three is a train leaves here this morning I don't even know that song actually I don't. Are you only look that up I Rex 61 album Bernie led on the all of that up I've not heard that. I've notes like India following the other. That's too bad part of that number two is that waiting in the weeds you love that. Yeah I've ever USANA definitely now long birdie came on you love it's there it's an unbelievable song. And I encourage everyone if you haven't already to listen to it waiting in the weeks find it all live by the album long road out of Eden for all I care. And number one. Is the long run. I would never guess that being number one song there would have. It's it's vessel that told the told the near and dear place in my how you want to expand and add this is the song when. It was his mom my mother's and my side I was gone and that was the song that we bonded mostly over whenever they played it in concert nine I'll take pictures. I don't record I don't do any of that. But when they played and in constant I call their no Bafana. If she wasn't with me. Well as you know that's to be number one that I got out of our tradition. I like that. They get their tests we might have we might have to play a couple games in the next segment. That's fine until up to finish can't be a classic sports 530s so we have a lot five missile through a segment. In this segment no economic. Now we're gonna go we're gonna take a break right now town. Rim we're gonna make the next segment though it's going to be about me along sec oversight sick. Cooley here right now. There's been a long time coming that this is perfect. It is really good. We're gonna let Don Henley Vegas to break this is the long run you're listening to the drive but Bob and Jeff. Stay with us. That will be. Pat down acquitted mean yeah yeah. And didn't. And.