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Friday, May 19th

What does he mean to the team? Bruce Haertl and Paul Savage discuss some of the best players in the league and the impact they have on each others teams, comparing athletes as they give a rundown on stats, is Westbrook ahead of Steph Curry? is Lebron in the lead overall? Bruce is overwhelmed with Pauls man crush on Step Curry 


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They hear that. I don't what it's that easy BC sports daily news. Yeah you very much. Yeah everybody dad. Friday weekend edition of sports daily hurdles set which with you to get you through the next two hours it's never a smooth ride. But sometimes the bumpy this makes it fun that's what we count on an 8691240. On the identity that's locker room hotline and we also have Richard we show. That savage Wichita at Peru's Sorrell. Here's my body ball savage how are heated game Armageddon that is the that is one heck of a way to entered deuce our show for them today it's a bumpy ride but that it never smooth in well it's rarely smooth it's rarely smooth. There are some speed bumps along the way. There are some debates along the way and there's some outrageousness. Sometimes along the way new measures there Zain you know lots of different blood lots of different things that we. Count his twisted turns over the next two hours at. Well you're I don't would you put it that why you're exactly right now and I think about it you know but that you know. Felt so good that are out ready get rolled in there is so much to talk about it's unbelievable. Well what what jumps out at you what what do you think what do you think is the most interesting thing going on this morning you don't the thing that grabs my attention as they just announced the all NBA team. And I saw that I'm not sure I get it I'm not sure I mean I'm not sure they got it right. Now I'm not saying and I I don't want to I don't want to say somebody doesn't deserve. You know what they are getting and I don't wanna burn what you're going to say is that someone deserves what they're getting a super it doesn't deserve what they're getting it that's ridiculous that's what you're gonna say the thunder is that I did you know that I guess that's kind of what I've met now LeBron James. He's not even the top you know point getter I mean it's it's James Harden listen. Did you see the game you get eighty mile what was the game six or game set whatever game it was that he. Didn't show up scored ten points now listen here in this guy actually be considered her. Sherry tan. Of course he can't. Ball how many games they play in the NBA while they play they play sixty Sutter seventy to 8880 some games in the early eighties do in the regular season that's there and Houston was about. Let's see maybe another. Eight or nine or so. Into the so you're over ninety games so you're going to penalize. James Harden. For one game that you saw him in the playoffs. Not show up at an and we talked about it ad nauseam that day. And if you're right but you know he didn't give a professional effort in my in your opinion and and I think I would agree. So you're gonna penalize them for the rest of the. I pretty Goodyear I'd I I'd take that back but it's obvious to me that he's certainly. The white tailed off at the in particularly inept play on net gain in magnet in one game it was brutal series it was and when you but here's there are okay I'll give it to you but he here's the one thing that that these the top or Jeremy. Every single ballot that was counted. Had him as a first gamer getting through that about LeBron army LeBron had won a second team I mean Q that's hotel that's finally although would that be I want to know. Who thought it looked rob was the second team here NBA guys that I want to I wanted to question because I'd I question obviously doesn't know a lot about the game of basketball if you ask me or ask anybody else. But depth you know one of the things that I look at is is is a step curry. What a step curry mean to the Golden State Warriors and what they want when you step curry be second team that might have right in front on staff occur you don't feel that it's okay I'm proud that minute arm in round out yes you're you're finally there I'm trying to cart is not revoke for having a little crush. On stepped Currie did anything wrong with that I had it I like cam. On the court and I like him off the court he seemed to have been humbled us about a BC have that. That sets a Huber a big guys. In the in the in the wake of where you are in society currents inside your sport have that little sense of humor. You know that's one of the things that we blue Jay was heartened does that he he may get you beat up in only view beat you put something on FaceBook mostly item. I don't mean to my gut it. Let's step occurring is that one guy that if if I was going to say who are the two guys that are absolutely positively without doubt will be named to the first team all NBA it would be it would be a barn and it would be stepped cradles the two guys those are my two go to guys those are the two guys powering. For all practical purposes the NBA they're the guys that you tune in to see highlights on those that do guys you check. Bill the box scores see how many points they got what airline was on the box courts those are two guys that have brought the NBA to get to the amount of tension that we now give it and let's face it. It's only been in the last few years that bet that most of the shows that I've ever that have given the kind of attention. Okay now let me tell remand are please please NN haven't used an avenue use our I'm not even need to use your all use our logic. Okay 22 to shoot that down. Who did you wind died during the regular season. Towards the end of the regular season declares the NDP. Russell was a little Roy bring it right that's right a lot and that's by the way who I thought lateral water right that's not takes Carol law that's one right there that's right because you're not gonna have because you've got LeBron and you've got. I've coli Leonard you know those guys are going to be. Those guys are gonna be first team owners in a different position. And Anthony Davis who I don't think it I don't I don't I don't have any argument with Anthony Davis you might. But those are three different kind of players are right so now so we agree by our own proclamation. That Russell Westbrook. Would be at least ahead. If all things were equal to step curry your argument is with James Harden. And step. Corey brown James Harden you've made the point I get in and my frustration in that last game game seven. A particularly on your home court the way that that played out. That really that you know that really had an effect on me and you could probably tell the day after you and I did that that next day we did that show that you could tell I think he probably really understood. Just how put out I was with how bad game went down when you are. Only one ball you're the only island there are a lot of national people that took that took some really hard shots. That James Harden and and look if the if the last impression. Is the biggest impression. Instead of the first impression which is I think impressions that you got all during the course of the season. And Angela and I know that a lot of people don't pay attention to the NBA during the during the regular c.'s James Harden was. On another level I mean James Harden is gonna finish second in the NDP voting. And what now whether he should or not but you know we we can probably argue all day long. For them but based on a regular season. I'm a regular season award which I think by the way is ridiculous and I've stated that unequivocally on this show I think it's ridiculous. There is no other NDP than LeBron James LeBron James is the NDP. Yeah you know some period I can make your case for that even with the a disastrous second half of the season after the all star break this was certainly a team that appeared to be a disarray it was a team that did not play well was a team that didn't even play 500 basketball if through stretches but of the second half of the season and I get that but there's no question in my mind abroad makes this game go not only on the blue which doesn't he politely for the whole league I'm not talking just -- hill Ali Christiane talk on talk right you don't really have interest in LeBron James. Whether that are that are not even planned that night. NBA but I just ask one question when you look at at at -- curry. And man crashed set aside for the moment. We just point this out do you realize the staff curry only have 11. Vote for first team. Imagine that one vote well imagine wanting to only one of these so called guys you know what here. And here is why he and here's why I because he is 104. On a team that is generally a claim to be the best so you've got dream on green. You've got Thompson. You've got Currie in you've got Durant. Kevin Durant was second team. So you've got curry and Durant both as second dealers. Although you know in any sitting on a bar avenue of you know couple bureau argument. You know you would make you could make an argument that there are two of the five best players in the NBA I don't think a lot of people would push back. But I it the fact that they play for the warriors probably splits some of their vote and all the fact that they must have for guys like that so I mean I wouldn't. I mean I hear where you're coming from but I appreciate. The indignation that you have in defense of staff Currie medio. You know I have no problem and stepped curry is one of my favorite players in the NBA to watch. I love to watch stepped dirty play. I like to watch Golden State. But I get it I mean I'd I don't know how you could possibly have on the head of Russell Westbrook this year even though I would rather have staff curry did Russell Westbrook. And and James Harden. Last game notwithstanding. Had an unbelievable season had a better year. Individually didn't step Corey. Did that that's it that's just my opinion. So anyway I need it and really when you get down to any move would push comes to shove. What really is the difference between I mean I can I did take the second five of Plame again. The first violent pitching we'd have a pretty good -- any idea probably wouldn't you know it yeah yeah as a matter of fact it is a matter of fact I can almost see problems with the first team with you know of this distribution of the basketball because you've got a exact layoffs -- to say I know I hear got three guys that are gonna want the ball in her hands an awful lot I mean I'm just say that that that would be the nature of these that's probably wider first team owners ball ball really when you get right down to which is because this year statistical. Impacted that they had in the game. Non Indian and Westbrook is a great example. Mean a guy averages a triple double and that's the end of the conversation in the conversation he did it of any discussion at that you really yes that's right Ed and so you look at the second team in Europe the Fed is an interesting proposition for these two teams are gonna stand that show lineup they're playing all star you know five on five for thirty minutes or whatever it is who'd you got. I got the second team or why because we all know that one of the one of the great things that that I love about the Golden State Warriors. Is there on selfishness. I think there's an on selfishness to this team that is amazing to watch the amount of passes that they make the way they find the Oprah opened got the way there their ball handlers are not afraid to distribute and put that the ball out there it's. And nasty to say the same thing with Isiah Thomas. I mean he is one of those guys that he'll be he'll drive in what is there he'll take it but he's not afraid to dish either he's not afraid to make guys around him better I think that's what Isiah Thomas does whether he carries in palm the ball or not that's what he does. And Kevin Durant it's the same thing you can say about him and stepped curry the same thing so here's the thing that I would say if I had to put money on the first team NBA and the second all star team with that the second team. All NBA team I would take second all NBA team to beat the first aimed partly because of that factor but here's the one thing that bet that I do like about here's the first the first is the first. Email LeBron on it yes it does. Then tonight I think I take the first scene he doesn't get the ball quite as much not alone let LeBron has a way of a commanding the first blow this bizarre fantasy conversation just never going to happen right. An end and secondly. If there ever did happen in other words if these teen that this team was going to the United States who have looked him it'd international okay good and international come okay it. LeBron would demand via the labeling Eddie Williams LeBron right he's the Bryan he would get it absolutely. You don't he would get. I wanna thank you leave Qaeda hope we work through my mind indignation with regards to these up all NBA teams in and usually I don't have this but you don't really and truly were living in a society where you know because of the personalities in the NBA we're all paying more more attention I am I know you go out you always have but I'm paying more attention that and really enjoying it. I guess. You have helped me work through. My problems I guess I've boiled down my only real problem is Anthony Davis. From from the pelicans I guess he's my problem with this. NBA all star now and that's only because you don't watch it. They're everywhere on numerous I don't watch a lot of Buick classic have no idea in an Indian there's no reason to. But this guy's unbelievable that he's a first steamer no there's not even a doubt about it. Not we're not gonna have a conversation. About Anthony Davis guy's incredible. I mean incredible. He's on a team that has virtually no shooters whatsoever. He's on a team that he had a bookie cousins dropped in his lap. Two thirds of the way through the season he's on a team that he still pulls the freight. Without the without complaint. And in India is. Generally the best player on the floor in every game that he plays generally not always but generally. Nice I have a couple of times live this year nine and of course it's seen alive in the now final war. Back in what 2012. And and I'm telling you applaud that it is to disguise this guy's the absolute real deal he is he's outstanding. Just an incredible player and and easily one of the bad five best players. In this league I think he's gonna be one of the five best players in this week for quite some time he's just outstanding and and to our outstanding. Part of the but part of the problem as. Is that when you take the name brand players like Kevin Durant doorstep courier and Isiah Thomas those are probably the story. That and by the way baby god I leave Iran after Durant missed a lot of time this year he was. He had stress stretches where he just didn't play hardly any games I mean for for fairly long stretch or so let's leave him off which got to step Currie and Isiah Thomas. Those two guys means so much to their basketball teams look at Isiah Thomas. Think the Celtics would be where they are right now in the NBA Eastern Conference finals I don't know that I don't think they're gonna win the Eastern Conference finals who wouldn't even be there would be a big play and this late in the year without Isaiah Thomas I think we can Bono thing was not out of court or not that's exactly right so you know I. I look at this team as well and I look at what does a guy named to his team what does this one player bring to his team. And Isiah Thomas if you go up and down the list. They're may not every step Curry's got a lot of teammates to work around it worked with of everybody brings a little something but you look at the Boston Celtics and you think yourself. Of all the guys that we're looking at on the first and second to each other better and Anthony Davis and you've got a good job. Bring in me around a little. It again and imminent and they're not even a playoff and audio going to be key. You gotta be careful about giving him too much credit when they're not reaching the playoff Rocco but I mean but nobody brings what what what went. Isiah Thomas brings Italy and and I know we can make a case where you can make that same case for four Russell Westbrook what is he Bret well he break what it would Oklahoma City even be in the playoffs without Russell Westbrook I think the answer is absolutely positively no no they would not be itself. I guess you can make that case but I sure like it rusher like what Isiah Thomas has brought the Celtics he is that. That I even going on the ball every time every time you don't want him griped about well I've still griping about it I still want car I've read every playoff game he's got a ten plumbing of the balls at least more than it probably adds though final 211 drive I mean he's a double elaborate it army vis a multi Palmer at times though they do play. Eight of distraction I hear which are saying. It's LeBron and everyone else as far as I'm concern that's that's just that. That's where I'm Matt right now and that doesn't mean that it Cleveland's gonna win the NBA title just means that LeBron is the best player. In the league in and I think he's the best player in league by by a pretty good shout so that that's my opinion at any rate forever. Well whatever it's worth anyway so. NBA continues in and were heading towards the inevitability of at the warriors in the cabs and I'm great with that that I'm great with the rest of it is all window dressing as a result the west the rest of it is just. It's almost wasted energy and means the way that things are going to end up it wouldn't surprise me to neither of these teams lost a game. Yet at which point you've got a pretty good argument for saying why did we waste our. All of our time going through these playoffs and we could just get these guys together maybe instead of a best of seven we could've done a you know best. 21 or something like that you know and and and made the that do you know done done a month and a half of competition between these two teams maybe that would have. Would have suggests suffice for the playoffs since no one else seems to be of a and other similar ability right that's part of the problem right and he believes gotta figure that out and end you know San Antonio is pretty close as long as coli Leonard can play and play at a yet at a high level but really they're only three teams and I think it right now. And obviously Boston has the first round of pit coming up in the draft. And in Danny Ainge will do something to bad. Some they've got to add some rebounding they're they're rebounding just awful I mean just they just they can't. Match up with the bigger more physical the basketball team by going small they just don't have that capability. I even though it's a team that they've won more than mean the Sturgis there's not that kind of team. And they might win one against Cleveland but I that would be a surprise to me prize because Cleveland is so much so much more. Physically adept. And they're done and they're gonna win they're gonna win the battle of the glass by double digits virtually every game in the series. One more questions or get off that occupies our dollar has toss out your opinion on Graeme on green as a third team all NBA or here's part of the thing that I was thinking. Was that who's gonna vote for him army. The perception. If I say if I say great mongering what do you think of I think do you think of sort of maybe a guy that pushes the edges of the envelope when it comes to. The way he plays on I don't I joy away from the dark all they have dirty that's not what not the only thing it's not the only thing that I think of though OK it's just not. I mean it it in and I get it because those are the headlines for dream on green. Kicking a guy in the jewels and you know and and that kind of stuff I mean I totally get it right I get I get that people would think that but. But if you watched the warriors enough. Over the course of time you see the value that he has he's he's a tremendous rim protector. Very good defender. And yet he's got great offensive skills. He can score the ball we can score off the glass he can take his game away from the glass a little bit. Now he runs the floor extremely well for a for a big guy fits into their pattern extremely well. On dream on green brings a lot to the table. Now those four guys are unbelievable right. Eatery Thompson green and it. The director or just are just unbelievable right those are great great. Players. I think their championship players and I think that though and approving it looks like Jacob and I are saying yesterday. Paula and I'm not. And I'm not putting anything past LeBron in the cavaliers. I'm just not. And and I think it's going to be I think the final series is going to be outstanding. I mean I really do it better be otherwise the NBA season has been an absolute waste. No on any yes I do like I don't evaluate exactly what you may have finals at the finals better live up to the expectation. Cup finals better live up to it because if they don't. Then it's been a really wasted season just from a standpoint of entertainment value. Story lines. People on investments. Of time and energy and all the things ago when that I mean c'mon now let's go who do give give us give us a give us a good. Give us a mood great final. Not to finish up all right we we got to take a break we'll go back we've got. Now we've got some phones. A simple folks on the phones lining up. Sean stay with there's a wanna hear what you have to say coming up out of the break sports daily of these sports station KPH or loan savage started up the little NBA. Lots of where places to go not the least of which is the Majorly it's also little NFL. Dotted in the landscape today. As we get to. Cash can and you can possibly be the nineteenth hope you made it through the night okay we're back in a moment.