Top 10 Oklahoma Athletes

The Drive
Tuesday, June 12th
Bob and Jeff go over their top 10 athletes from Oklahoma. Bob and Jeff are united in their #1 athlete in Adrian Peterson.

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Okay. Okay. Yeah. And I. Welcome back Brad barber with the music today he's. She's called reserves from Allison chain this little Guns 'N Roses Metallica Alice in Chains. And then out of lower Hank Williams you. Well. Diversity never been good stuff Ron is up next fellow Ron your on the drive. Hey Bob what art beat Hank junior anyway I haven't heard only discussion about top ten athletes. Baseball without a doubt. Not only top two and that top 12 or three of all time in my opinion would be Roberto Clement today. Well he'd certainly be in the top ten. A man of all time baseball players that you know I wouldn't certainly that's not certainty but anyway I get is. I've I think it is a certainty now OK all about about the name ten better. And basketball ought ID ego and outdoor. No question thanks from both of those are good. Oh we're doing on top ten Oklahoma athletes. Now it will get local at university of their home base. University of Oklahoma athletes. Today we're going through all the par five conferences. Trying to get to everybody during this the summer months. Let's start off with your list start at number ten Stacy Dale's. Them didn't you lead them to a national title may be but I think she did and Vega. Okay. National titles on both on. Lets them you know analysts. Ten for me is Brian Baltimore. Who was so much fun as a college football is an OK account player. And okay college and okay college player and any in any right into the you don't have any clue any random or not. And then in both Jackson and got steamrolled Alvin Adams. You're really gone down hard on some of the obscurity fear they have scared at Oklahoma didn't have a lot of like legendary. Performers. Nets they guy didn't not really follow their football program and it has surprisingly thin in NFL stars while number nine Tony could see this would be on my list not. Not then is an NFL star. One of the greats number and right Bobby Mercer. Well you do little baseball. And a have passed my first baseball Bobby Mercer yes. You sure you want though Cologne I played well from Oklahoma a long time at the University of Oklahoma and number up to four years number eight on my list is Tommy McDonald. Hoop looking mount some time he's one of the great football players to ever strap them on again NFL star's light. Who is it. Tommy McDonald. Are you kidding you don't know him now. Apple. Itself Slattery didn't play with a face mask. I. They MacDonald played in the NFL for many years. I think twelve. From 1957. The 1968. It was a very good receiver all over 8400. Yards receiving. And was like was an Oklahoma. And from 54 to 56. C'mon. UNICEF again receiver that in 1959. His position was listed as our age. Number us seven what is that. Running half back if you do pay about football LeRoy Salman. There we finally he finally have somebody of some my list but that's way too low number seven on my list is buddy healed. Based on what did you not watch imply. Yeah I had a really good nice one year at Oklahoma I had two good two extremely very good year he had one good year and one great year. It was all big twelve lives. I don't know what you want. Want somebody who is better than out and Adams and no. Number six on your list Wayman Tisdale wait too low number six on my list. Blake Griffin. Way too low number five on your list of outstanding sooners. Gerald McCoy. Better then why let better than near little leather helmet guys who stumbled through the initial years variously boom. Gerald McCoy always something about it I don't need to tell you a whole lot about it because he's a six time pro bowler. What you Goodell you. He did he was so good that they drafted him in the first round third overall number five on my list Steve Owens you may have heard of him highs on winner. Let's get the brat quickly hey Brett. I am boycotting their skill and depth of the look what happened now. Bread decline. Coming out coming now that that is what I say grant well what didn't use that we're here. Roberta. B one great ballplayers. Yeah absolutely is but he's not even close to top ten big continued I. I work. That were all. Let me at all. There's what revert. So comment they have that Jeff Reese fuses to acknowledged. He was a great hitter. He was a power hitter when he needs to be he was probably the greatest defensive outfielder never reply. He was a fantastic base stealer. He had a rocket for on arm. You talk when Nate when they talk about five tool players. They're talking about Roberto club. And then Babe Ruth better than I have a vertical not gonna go there. No he said I was crazy Mercedes not the top down so let's do this is Babe Ruth better than her broke lamenting. You say yes are now yes. I'm done I'm done it yet to think about that than we can have the commerce and. I'll take nine per hour update want paper. OK. But I don't know what that means rabbit. And I hear. You're not be edit. Like war. And and he's got eight Daley had no bearing down on legends on his Lewis let me night owl and now haven't known not even close. I mean. This got a from a guy's got Italy and is not on top ten pitchers. While we gotta get back to list Brett thanks for the L Brent. Brent whatever his name is I know who that is number four on your list. Number four Danny Haj. A rough out what are the all time great rest we got a football factory. I don't have home surprisingly then again on NFL number are all my list is Wayman Tisdale. Number three. Blake Griffin. Finally I could finally out of it 71. Number three on violence is LeRoy Salman. Number two on your list all time great food or athlete really sends number two on violence is Billy's them. And number one Adrian Peterson Adrian Peterson that finally agree finally we finally agree. I can't believe you left out Steve Owens Brian Bosworth buddy Gil and do my time in their Donald and Tony conceal it. Gambling again I'll say this. Surprisingly thin on NFL stars at Oklahoma I can I just start many. I I can't believe it. And and for you just say that Tony the cius. Doesn't belong on a list. I mean that you won't ever Bruce said Tony who's said the words Tony can see is out loud since he stopped playing football. On my nobody. He's 54 years old. Both let's look at that Tony conceals their from a he helped them when the net and 1985 NCAA championship won the a lot Lombardi award that year the lineman of the year. Never fellow cowboy back to back Super Bowl ever pro bowler inducted into the college football hall of fame in 2004. I mean let's let's get real. Ramon never a pro bowler looks clock. Let's hash is well liked whose career would you rather have his or Alvin Adams three time to time all American. We're talking about what an Oklahoma now we're talking about a half agent came out of a very much considered perhaps the greatest college lineman ever. We'll know the guys they name the award after is that. Whoever added I wished I was broke Lou all the linemen drove me I can't even think the album throw yet I have. Bad day on the show for you know I've got about one guy nobody Ngo and I sent him over. We got to scholars who settler verb Roberta lament days one of the top ten baseball players ever. I believe you could make a strong case for the root side Walter Johnson now well I'll talk about the hitters okay route. Bonds may have on our bonds are there and airs run here Wagner music you'll hornsby Collins Williams. And A-Rod Garrick may god and -- -- rotten apple ads where Greg Robinson Mike Schmidt robbed him Roberta compliment they would NASA gave Roddick or an outline both Jimmy fox said he met you just tell Joseph Morgan he's better than -- Oakland I get a better offensive player all right on Wednesday. Far better. There is no one who knows anything about the game of baseball. Oh yeah it was a far better offensive player than Roberto club my own line of thought Kerry. He just was home where we're dealing in facts now. You have to be the worse we're dealing right now baseball Farah I argue game. You don't you disparage baseball more than I doubt that the truth look at now. The weather. When you say that Joseph Morgan. Was a better player than Roberto laissez. You hurt the game now I'm not hurting anything you want the better Joseph Morgan if you called Joseph Morgan right now I'm asking him. He was say I don't belong in the same conversation. With the robot that ultimately. We're broke comment there it was worth 71 wins and dot org -- about it and Joseph Morgan was worth a 105 don't care about any of that well then the you don't care about having the real hurry made out of plane as long as Gil Morgan but Roberto Clement today label I have to get 3000 head of the dynamic. Player. And Joseph Morgan was better. Absolutely not because he's not as exciting doesn't mean he can't be good absolutely not it's the truth. You've you've ended the show. With Lou. With the tape that will be long remembered an extremely proud of my takes today browns play out here at the all New York Oregon and tormenting picking up rye bread. On the unemployment line. Will point to this moment of the time you lost that's just crazy Abbott Abbott night looking at the stats. Back in a minute to rapid you're listening to the drive on cafe.