Tim Fitzgerald of GoPowerCat talks Bill Snyder

Sports Daily
Friday, August 10th
Fitzgerald also talks about his own battle with prostate cancer, which is now in stage three. He also talks about Bill Snyder’s five year contract extension that will keep him there until he’s 83 years old.

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Welcome back there's cookie on Friday happy Friday everybody. Bill Schneider just signed a five year extension. 44 hours after Bruce now we're talking about. How much longer fill Snyder get a coach at K state well now we know the answer he's gonna get. Somewhere in the neighborhood at three to three and a half million dollars per year old taking through the age of 83 when the contract expires. And so we go to all things case stayed on the two adds locker room hotline Tim FitzGerald group harkat dot com for get to bill him. How are you sir because the last time we left here he had a major. Major health scare how we deal about. Left I'm bill okay time. Quote brutal state student cancer right now best treatment that a dorm room to hear it all that. Will be business as usual rideau pertinent quote away and there are drinking and so are out of my fault sort felt a bit but black in front that they don't. Well. Cancer is about to get its ass kicked so that Soledad this day so that fits who am I here your prompt. Eight give us an age of enlightenment. Take. Having gone through this. We all are touched. In some form or another by cancer. Com I don't know anyone who has been able to escape cleanly. In their lives but when it happens to you directly. I would imagine that there's a lot of thinking about things what has been what is been your moment to. Now or or Europe great take away from this experience in this battle that you continue. Not to undergo do you think it. Regular perspective there perhaps that we don't discriminate dates. They tell you at the very expressed support cancer what food and caught it early you know it had spread to. Decided to press. Developed. And our statement that they still can't served. And I don't but it took gathered about bladder removed. It's certainly. Different attitude and commitment not long after it got hit in the circuit that. Another six point leveled at you could go to the dispute about settled. By that could credibly that stiffed totally unexpected everything about it is an unexpected it open in the history of cancer. A little sort of a cannot give Republicans time and couldn't let it sit get expected. To get a little understanding of what's important. Stop and you find out a lot into the great testament to blocked and so in the communities that have supported and I don't do that then went. You know social media has been current deployment to put that edited it that the public fight stepped. And hope that not only helped another loose lipped I just post it and lead content can also won it a little out of that spurred. Capital into the top Internet. Rude little weight to its load those and did do and get a lot of free meal. Asked further about that I thought that the but it didn't pick up tab and got cancer. Future at least it did do it different from at this point. Outlook in only Tim FitzGerald to provide on cancers from group harkat dot com. All things K state certainly wish you well fits and godspeed as you. Credit kick cancer. So just a few days after act he said he sees himself being able to coach for quite some time. Bill Snyder. Actually will early gets the opportunity. How long has this five year contract extension or or an extension or talks been going on because we've been. Led to believe after the fact that ever since the bowl game. And bill Schneider deciding whether you actually want to keep coaching. That the talks have been going on since then what have you discovered. Talked and you always have done that we will never being in the 500 it was to. But they'll always perpetuate that contract and keep extending about and some truth which wouldn't be able to contact and it got and so it. Still probably have dumped after coaching and language in the air. A market that it'll virtual tour respect. Called search and so it could to step aside and move into another role would be the that ever happen. So and so you know I looked at it it's just probably really didn't. Conversation in the fact that K state kept wanted to play war and get negotiated out. That. Can you go and taken less than what the market would bear for coach is standing at its stepped out just because you want. The mixture just what you can't fit it thought this could connect to tocchet served every didn't include any. But it could include tight yeah it's sort of a calculated and about the impact. This man and it's important to apple can't get respect kit that it. Could script didn't get a patent so. And Marc are scheduled to step and that'll let you get that. Locked in and stepped it clipped it and just a loose puck and that. Yeah that's right. Dignity. Beaten. A lot more earth would talk about it that it stat that. The last it would welcome gives you instant problems are concerned their character and it. It's been detected a lot of metal that typically would you didn't concede that. It started to build it did you know spent a lot of and kept. And it makes at. Adult adult product and that could be lifted all the our worst flooding in their Catholic. What would Ford spokesman it didn't go out. That little. But it couldn't. People would like puff up its physical world and it. I'm comfortable mr. brown can lead to worry about it until it still didn't connect. It is important to include certain and football and it won't get it. It's incredible wouldn't it looked into. Its own store include substance but somewhere what good would it last year. But gained just happened to and let it didn't the government for cancer. They had in town to do just that mark did incredible man he's wired completely differently mentally physically and most of us. Can approach would simply. Well you just touched upon it and ended in it deserves some reiteration. We all. Are we normal people Paul look at what he does and sit and try and try to figure out way to on the Helms's. How does this happen. But we make the mistake of thinking of it in terms of our own experience. And probably our inability. To relate to it but. Bill Schneider this is just two years fits and we've had this to these conversations good lord for. Tipped I don't know 1015 years you know every now and then we'll. Have these kind of conversations who's next in house again and well what he would eat and now it's not even worth having because this is how Bill Snyder is wired. This is what he is on this earth to do I'm not trying to overstate it but that's who this guy is. Kept. Telling those that exists to serve write those first candidacy a complete. An old grandfather and father whatever good speed he had recruited and it is assumed here that he had been acting via instant. And input fault the field for a complete versatile and just to Egypt you know it's funny that I could listen perspective with cancer. Part of it and I caught mine in the fact that. I can attest that it set I don't know what giving into it. Pumped an activist to candidate that football game and since the start of the ninety that it play except. No one looked. Didn't the two and I. Pleasant stay and 50% don't Michael including. Good deterrent Orlando I picked Orlando for respect to opt and that attempt which it says it could couldn't get it. I started out backed off that look like died so somebody's throat gave it to acquire a drought constructs. And that applies world perspective. Yeah to attend and learn about things it's more prospective tourists to go into that subject is on top. I'm never gonna walk away from it and collecting pocketbook and standardized achievement of all that I could. Looked at the table and it's very importantly it kept people out there and just outlived its side to concepts consistent. I'm doing that little and it hasn't gotten out of that no plan. Sort of deceptive it didn't just stop talking about it's important statistic that tipped. Public back upon not backed government impact that can be good news in Lyon and candidate it's it's incredible it's another distinct advantages without. The article in the eagle points out the so pumped. So well by Cal's Robinette. Technically had five years remaining on his old contract. And this basically just turned into an uptake not necessarily an extension so right you cleared. I got a rollover it'll it'll put. But can at least they need to death threats that contract that would have to do things and he had fallen behind page. Not in the way that attitude that you can say it would embarrassed about what they're pregnant not on the market like it. Product. Not the pins that Carol and go power now dot com corporate. Fits it lit let's get on the field. For a second we know that there's a quarterback. Gee how stunning there's there's a quarterback battle going on at Kansas State. Mitt I think there's an echo in here but the that is it may. It is this football team that has a chance to be one of those sneaky good Kansas State teams that are last year may be. Ended up being a little bit. I guess in the grand scheme of things a little bit disappointing. Based on what the initial thoughts were for the for that football team they rallied. Down the stretch is Kansas State teams tend to do. But this one going in it seems to me has a chance to be sneaky good it has the best offensive lineman. Not in the big twelve it has to capable guys. Not at quarterback. It seems to have some pieces of the puzzle. That says denim might allow Bill Snyder to surprise some people. Don't like us could try to quarterback controversy it's. Right in particular know what it wanted authorities believed sent Michael bishop was back. Can't find back he's in does that still stand up and say they're looking at quote controversy without district. I didn't really use that pushed it gets better all summer long that really there's concern about that that's what legitimate. I'd these guys. We're dead and coming out of last he didn't do spreading into the summer. Maybe you know I'm very admirably throughout the step original thought stopped. But it still early and they had stopped. But setting that aside did note that. No matter what happens at quarterback they got a good guiding kind of that's always been put into it if you get one injury at quarterback connect. Really tests that an entirely feasible if they. I don't have that could afford it but don't act of god and not received double those that can get better and step but the bigger global. One of my colleagues that point or seven sports. Different candidates soft spot but delighted to destination developed between you know put into this group's. Act decently they've got some real talent there Tibet unproven talent and the broad ability. But it can pick linebacker bill that's good storyline that respect those Frontline guys stepped on earth could this dynamic to their escape it that many years. Don't unproven but boy do you upside the nation. And I think that's dump that old in Egypt. You don't know quite what we are pretend they could good it felt out of Portland import later. But stayed ready for the prime time how they're reacting to lift so to speak supports a flying drilled into Kuwait can a little bit cold and stopped fielded dial up at that people aren't. Good point that I would vote would be great speed and would be construed that and instead told that toast. Typical because accordent stepped it going to be a very fun and that and you know it didn't put a full circle. I stood to heal important it is but both sidestepped. Along with some of the new young blood and new blood on the coaching staff that's the he invigorated coach Snyder and they're appropriate including if all the way down to the platters. What did that play into Poland is outlook on the future could feel like you could go a long time with the stupid guys against I think it was like to stick to that. Tim FitzGerald from go park can't dot com talking K state. Whipped the knowledge now there were armed with with bill Snyder's. Updated contract and that he's gonna coach until he no longer can. Does that completely take out of play fits a quote unquote coach in waiting and do you think the next coach is RD on the Stafford kept. But interesting and helped speculative what happened and it would be in an immediate can infer head coach. I'm getting they'd have to look outside and contribute about that the kind of cinema stepped I think that kind of caught in that good but middle. The transition period is different principles and believe. Very content being used tighten. Coordinators are Scoble. And I thought I'd help to admire the fact that kind of stayed out the best all the jumped ahead towards jurisprudence. And realized too many years to get to this monster sort of global. Community that is that it. Do you let couldn't get out agent I don't work in the mideast. Moving out of the realm of you know the next guy out to a committee that involved a tree right now it's too. If you last two different candidates. Committed just one gift that under Coleman Blake silence you know stumbled on the Staten proved themselves to the very capable. Connect. A little bit and you know. Maybe not to mention that the coach wouldn't and Latin name that but it becomes obvious that I don't. Don't you think it's that wildcat nation would feel to be a bit of upheaval if the next guy isn't quote unquote wildcat guy iron in the family. You know it's something I would left is based on and what happened last time but. I think you know went and interior he knows he's got a client about it. I don't really understand community integrates. The fact that you're gonna be number two at Kansas State without the football. Stephen probably after the tactical side stoked. I didn't in his shadow pearl on. Because the rookie dragged on to get to the stadium it's it has been in that tournament it would depend stuffed and it. You know I don't think the last the very the panel some. But these little involvement would not let him to subordinates that anyone has got to accept. It just kept it to find the right guy I don't know what it's not really about being an dictator it's about. I understand the extent that. Kim thanks so as always for the visit new information but more importantly take care yourself okay Saint Louis itself. You bet I love you fits right there is Tim FitzGerald can go park abduct com. Kind of interesting Erick comment they're the very end of it's walked in out there that if it wore a next year the year after and there's a necessity to replace him that. Might not necessarily be somebody on the staff but I guess it makes sense because they're kind of unproven most of them. Most of the guys on that staff his coaching staff. I'm pretty green. When you're talking about. You know being able to take quote unquote take over the program. Can need to cut their teeth a little bit more. You'd think. Yes that you would think palms. I don't know that that is a very interest dean. And that conversation we will be very very interesting if and win. Done that well the time will com. I I just think that we're past the Sean Snyder. Side of where there's a there I don't I don't think liberal I know that it earned his name honestly I mean. I cannot. I think we're past that and I I really do and in most implant and maybe. And maybe bill has just been grown a little bit more quiet about it and maybe he still. Monsters those hopes and would make those recommendations. That the that the proper time. I just think it there's less volume. About it. And I think there's been an and so white I think that they would probably moving to different. That direction not that like it's like you said I had allowed not that there would that it was ever there. I just don't think it don't like he was ever quite clear that pulls Jack so. Met. Com. Yeah out at the Ron prince thing just didn't work in and NASA and I'm not good and I'm not dissing on Ron prince. Sun well there's what is right around media and mean yet it it it just didn't quite work. And I didn't quite work and. You couldn't get coach Snyder back in their fast enough so. Here we go. It just is remarkable though isn't he cute lowered. Its about 279. And under contract. It's. 8283 years old pretty pretty remarkable stuff right. Let's get to on this day in history. As we get into it on this last August the tenth. For goodness sakes that's to pack animals.