A Thundering Five Questions With Jason Mals

The Drive
Friday, April 13th

Wichita Thunder Director Of Communications Jason Mals is in the “Hot Seat” for this weeks 5 Questions segment.


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All right it's done. He's. Welcome back the driver spotted their final hole segment. Friday filed false segment of the week this of course. Alan Jackson and his version. Tequila sunrise came out on the common thread album back in about 1993. This album and me in particular the song by Travis strip take it easy spurred the Eagles. Reunion in 1994 hell freezes over. And by god they're still together to this very day five questions it's time to play. Think. I guess that was go to introducing five questions that dogged Jason miles of voice. Of the Wichita thunder EC HL playoff bound Wichita thunder is our guest mauled they have a go what do what do you Dylan. I'm not appropriate that this really actually loves more probably great rush hour. Well spread by getting buried tomorrow I expect it to be yet. To handle Spain 208 tonight. Ethics that's a solid effort you're gonna be late. Well I mean who currently didn't give a real player or art here a place that he just got out of the shower. No don't know what you're not listening to say rush hour. Rush hour. Have faith that that's our OK I guess. We're already off to a halting start to know before getting into five questions specifically. Tell tell what the people out there about the thunder. In the playoffs when does that series start knocking you get tickets how can you be there. Who they playing give us that the rundown quickly on the Wichita thunder in the post season for the first time in the EC itself. Yeah first time in the future because there at the series on not doing well aren't. This will be open Carl Levin the economy interest anchoring the box up there. Economic and of course we. Also had a 102 points and rehearsing exported almost went. And they don't want a goal scorers in that you did so don't go in Ottawa I want to thank you should come out. There and what sort of couldn't. Each one of the game the upper honest I really don't. If you got that part of every job you want you know that the ownership and don't want to Eagles which is we want knocked it. All right that's series starts Sunday in Wichita a rare. Lower seed getting the first game at home selected give Wichita an advantage it is time to play Jason five questions regarding played the music. You do know how this works I assume. Work out and ask you for which seems wildly unbalanced and you're gonna ask me a single question I hope it's good you only get one. So better be awesome all right number one on. What is outside of the job you currently have of course because who wouldn't love to be broadcasting which adopt under games. What is your dream job. Might two green shot would be to be in the NHL. Yeah I brought down in the Indy so what I wanted to do all my life. And that's why I'm in Wichita and there at the BO broadcast currently NHL they purist Ari you don't. Eat I'm not necessarily what. OK but that would be mine but I doubt you're Europe based. All this isn't this is an officially counted toward the questions that. Have you ever called baseball be ever wanted to call baseball is it seems like that the pace of that game. Sort of would send you a little bit you're kind of a laid back guy thank you could call baseball well. There's baseball worker on the radio station and what's not be covered BNP you. And they're the very hotly aren't aren't what they want or don't want uncovering all the real brought us back. There go our question to from me. You were you. Graduated from Penn State bureau noted Chicago sports fan I'll ask you about Penn State who's your favorite Penn State athlete of all time. You brought it to the old linebacker elite yeah aren't. Those. You. Don't artillery their early. Early stick to our program at least we go. The bears don't have an early first round pick they do it they have like what what what pick do they have. There eight though take on Barkley not gonna fall to the bears. They won't knock all the so where'd you like to see him go to great. You wanna see him go number 13 one of those picks to the browsing the matter where egos since you won't be playing for your team. Barbara an opponent. Who is hurting you more particular the early on but it. Put those. Is there an athlete not doing it clearly not because you're not rooting for Jacksonville and Paul Posluszny biz they've do you think there could be an athlete. For Penn Stater elsewhere they can make you change allegiances like. I love that guy so much that I'm gonna follow him instead of be a bears are Kerr are cubs fans. Sorry my boat but opener at this question nevermind let's move on. But a tired how do you harm how do you feel this is question there how do you feel about athletes. Who have recently come out of talked about their struggles with mental health this is something that I I struggle with. So what do you think about these athletes doing that. You know all sport I will be the proclaimed that on burial. A about it. Obama he beat airy open minded people older. It should be at my pocket Carter let people know that they are going to tell it is the Joker health. They guy I completely agree and I'm glad that people. In the public guy have begun to discuss this is what we talked into. It. I told you exactly the time I was gonna call you didn't need to be doing anything else. Bill. And I my goodness we gotta we had a we were getting somewhere we were out in some kind of a deep conversation. Something that meant something and they'll have a good one what does that mean. It. Barry are at my fourth question. A minute I'm gonna turn it to around to me what was your first impression of me. The you'd probably aroused when I began to cover the thunder we've we've built some sort of a relationship I don't know if they got off to a great start maybe it did. What it what did you think about me at first when I began to cover the thunder. I think a little bit caught that part that really what you're audit. I. Figure it right thank you I think your friend also there. There. No that was a good answer that's all you I am quiet around the around people the first I don't know how people take that and that's just that's just my personality. Europe came of it. I couldn't at both political card at an earmark for a. All right thank you I really appreciate that now you get to ask me a question I hope you've put some thought into this. Don't ask you about don't ask about what's your relationship with your dad really liked its author of don't ask that. I thought OK again I'm at bat but Jack thank you or equal split up. If there doesn't want it and you know in the world the there will let you that they never do that what venue that. Why does my backyard count. That does not count that would be cool or not I'm IS I've always said if I won the lottery I would. First of all give a lot of money the Cleveland Indians so they could. And by free agents and also a private Eagles cops about now they might not do that once they've really doesn't matter that. The Eagles it doesn't matter the venue doesn't matter at the the companion and their want the court stir up big event. Man. The Roman coliseum. But at the the roaming how it doesn't matter also and Eagles anywhere. Who's your favorite band wrote. Who's your favorite band. Where are. You wouldn't put what does that mean right now. Art doesn't want thought it was your favorite band before you like Breaking Benjamin. In the current market bar. And I don't know that the hard questions answered there like a lot of music all right let. Or what did you would you like to see Breaking Benjamin play. I would like to beat them in England. At. Wembley Stadium Larry Larry there's science that's a good are they ever play there before. I have no idea how. Our pick up baseball stadium I'd like to see the Eagles play. At it let's say. PNC park. In Pittsburgh there are so my favorite baseball stadium. I've actually seen Eagles and Pittsburgh twice but it was at the hockey arena both times. First firstly do you as the best hockey venue where's the best. NHL arena. But I I happen there aren't quite answer or Ebola traditionally do which arena is broken most highly enough. Our corporate staff written outstanding I watched it a look at the brits down. All right that's where the Nashville Predators play I only know that because the Eagles recently played at the Bridgestone arena and national tele and give us a quick. Go ahead. I'm a Democrat or not they're there. I like it now give us a quick synopsis on the NHL playoffs yeah I'm dragging this segment out as long as I possibly can't and the listeners get it. But we've wrapped up our five questions so we get to talk about anything who bit who's going to go far in the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. You know it's funny at the that I haven't paid at all but that's the best years ever have a past the natural. I think it could be well actual Boston could be current Noah Emmerich final. Are there you go man enjoy Kansas City travel safe. Tell your lovely daughter and I said hello I'm sure she'll be thrilled to hear from me and I'll see you again soon hopefully. Our girl I'll do my best. The amount they think you. Are there goes Jason malls from the Wichita thunder he's their radio broadcasts you can hear him on on line. As with stuff under begin their playoff series. Sunday afternoon against caller ID you also get out the interest make arena for that game what's on tap today was brought you by the heat lounge. It is crews in from day cruise and rum punch three dollars and four dollars for those lovely drinks out of that he'd lounge. And the music was brought you by Bob in the weeds located at 45 north and what lot of Bel Air Bob in the week he's welcome. To your new. Addictions also get a my pillow because they're off of hope but. Maybe I can have an endorsement. Par will come back we'll rapid men. All good serenity now the driver above and Jeff on KF six.