There are only 29 players under par today at the Open Championship

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Friday, July 20th
The leader is Kevin Kisner at 5-under 66, with three-way ties at 67 and 68, a 10-way tie at 69 with Rory McIlroy, Justin Thomas and Johnson in it, a 14-way tie at 70 with Rickie Fowler in there and at 71 sits Tiger Woods at even par.

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Cool. It's. You think you. One of the greatest ever. Still out there making music and making it happen. He's had continued his strong play of yesterday. Where he finished five under par with a two under effort to date through thirteen holes and is one stroke clear of Zach Johnson who was crazy today went out and and shot what 66674. Under par today. And now is just one stroke off the lead so. Things are getting interesting over there you also have rack or Rory McIlroy. Two under on his round today at four under par Rickie Fowler. Those or all players in the top five as is. Former Wichita open staple Pat Perez. This time yet and Gary Woodland and twentieth proceeds IR IRL here it would release hang in its. Now he's only 39 a chance to kind of move up a little bit capping get to three under he'd be essentially be in the top ten as it currently stands. Right in fact he and Jordan speeds. Share them the minus one line. SP two under on his round today. Had it going fairly well at a point yesterday and then had a really rough stretch of the few holes. But is back in playing now of course the defending champion. In the top wanting. 29 players right now playing in red figures Tiger Woods occasionally wondering. Another even par I think he's just I think he's yet he's in even bar. So even par on his round today. So he's going to make the cut. Phil Mickelson is pulled to even par now a two under through thirteen. Holes today so he's gonna be around. But you get into some guy is the mood in the little bit. Further down the road where the projected cut is. Not to over. Doesn't look like kinder extends soon Bryson to sham bow as some. And doesn't look like he's gonna make it Jason partner. Probably be on the other side of the cut line. Are looking for some other. Tom layman course at first ever which to open winner by the way in two time major champion. Anyway Ernie Els is in going to be around. For the weekend. Bubble Watson will not be around for the weekend Dustin Johnson. Very disappointing open. Shot one over today so couldn't make a move on his final round of yesterday he will not be around for the weekend. As well so you've got some fairly big names that didn't make the cut. But there will be plenty of pretty good names for the weekend how much of it did did you actually watch yesterday do you think you watch. Over the weekend. The open. Dip zero. I want any of yesterday. And I won't I won't watch any of it today I will I will watch a little this weekend for sure. But. I it's hard for me to watch Thursday and try to call any bright idea I mean it's it's it's tricky but it's a major. I think there's enough going on at the top with some guys that we wanna pay attention to visit the all well for sure to tune in this weekend it's easier to watch two this weekend one. At the Golf Channel and do all that at least it moves over sort of the networks and and make it make it easier on you this weekend so you all off looked around for sure this weekend because we maybe five made of following Gary Woodland first four months. Yet which would be great of course former KU golfer. Now right now in the top twenty so there you go. From the openness so many of my. Compatriots yesterday were complaining about it I just it's hard for me to watch. Is it just looks so bad that's a quote but what about the golf I mean you're watching the golf you're not watching the golf course. Now I can't separate. Sometimes surprised how many people told me that yesterday that looks weird don't like it don't like the way it looks. Listen really. It's the golf that we watch. Not that they're hitting on off of hard pan. I mean are roku granted someone probably ought to think about giving Carnoustie a drink of water. Yeah but you know the irrigation air comes from mother nature. Doesn't come from. Then come from from lines under the ground in sprinklers. Out think there's a sprinkler on the golf course. But they just haven't had any rain there. That's not a deterrent for me but I judge granted it. Look there's a reality I mean it is what it is it's. And I candlelight that cited ahtisaari I think the course and get him in good shape matter of scale and now I see it. So anyway. GE O was that the it was at the SB awards. And he continues to make news I don't know that this is just the the last throes of someone who is such an attentions. Seeker. None that he's creating ways to continue to be news. Even while he should be enjoying his finest moment. Really ever. Going into the hall of fame he's figured out awaited to throw monkey wrench into that. Can now says that you know he would minded to try to come back through the CN FL with the idea of getting back. To the NFL to even take this guy seriously. Or is it just kind of overall the guys in the shaking of that. I guess it's neither for me. It's just. I just don't have just care ethic I don't pay accountants and do and I. Take whatever thanks you entertained us for a long time. The year one of the greatest that ever played the game. But the key there is played. The game. I rattle it's just not if he plays the CFL yet its interest in I guess the hall of fame thing. I don't know it's just kind of annoying. Com who cares like if he doesn't wanna be their book and don't be there doesn't mean you urged not one of the best receivers of all time. And didn't always give us interest in sound bites but that's back when he was playing him I'm just not that interest now. I guess so yeah those shenanigans that I guess it just. Yeah I just yeah I don't care. They have guidance there as the best way to but today I just don't care. And so then he can do whatever he pleases. Is he gonna regret not being a well we don't know he threw who knows I mean he's the kind of guy that might show up on game day. In ten easy get a regret that. Or is that just geologist in the torpedoes full but not now I will say this. Explain to me Jacob how he's standing up for the people who have been wrong. And by wrong he means. In the process of voting for the hall of fame then of taking too long to be led in does he know that he's going in with Jerry Kramer. Grew we has waited. What forty years. To get into the NFL hall of fame one of the greatest. Offensive lineman or at least a guide was they're providing one of the most iconic blocks in. In NFL championship history. I don't know I just don't get I think he's misguided and I think it I think it tends to be and I think that this is something that you'll look back on and regret. I don't know that he ever has any regret regrets about anything I I. No I think it's it he's not. Been wronged I do think it silly on how a team policies of the guys now hall of Famer one year he's not the next her free is one he should be the next like the first ballot I'd add that that stuff. It it's weird demean it and I get it a guess it just spurs the conversation but how are you good enough one year to go to the hall of fame but not the other. Write your career numbers didn't change you either are or you are right wing guys are done. You decide. Are they I'll favor are they not OK let's move on their lives I I don't like that and race point yeah I mean what is seen. Yet really what changes in the view of the player. That only time provides. A means. It nothing should change. If he did he got to change their numbers of the signal their their qualifications or the exact same. Did the exact same so. We used to it to be what the bid to be a hall of Famer one year but not the next and have to wait does that it never has made any sense to me so that way yeah I guess he was. Yeah that's silly but he is so why thank. Man I don't know high road sometimes and then some guys just don't have that their DNA in the know your right he didn't really didn't have it that's probably. That's probably what helped him be so successful that chip on the shoulder mentality so whatever whatever yeah it probably. Shouldn't surprise people too much bill. Has taken them out of Zeta join the city's 691240 and the agonies test locker room hotline still how are you man. All great not have to agree you are pushed and only. On the golf course. I think you're recognized the golf and not the court just calls. Word complete forward here we'll. You're totally our sprinkler heads every two in street you know this course brings up whole new mobile array of shots. That they don't have that yet all year they have to run a ball with fifty your solve the green what triple undulating greens. Went high in Cairo on that side would create a lot of different outlets and I absolutely love. I think it's on the line I agree. It just you know and and I think that's the reason number. But the good players that. You know production dropped another you don't they're not able to play in this court as well as I could just because. Our top stories. Air till I'm gonna make this statement here that. Will rankles some folks I'm sure. I prefer watching the open. To the US open. I've really deal and I think it's for the reason that you just touched upon. Com. I eight II I have never been a great fan of set ups at the US open the courses are magnificent and their wonderful. In an of their own right I think the masters is probably year in and year out. The most. Interesting and maybe just because it's the first one and there's so much anticipation and and the history that goes with it and it's always on one golf course. And it's such an exquisite golf course in such a great test of the game of golf so the masters is probably my favorite but I think it really it really when it comes down to watching golf. And guys being challenged. Even though the US open is the supreme challenge on this continent. I think the open is actually more fun to watch for that for the exact reasons that you're talking about a lot of times they're playing in. The wind and rain cold temperatures in the summer. But how many of these guys ever play a bump and run in the states. Don't mean something as simple as it. In that competitive culture I mean totally. Yeah it's easiest and I don't see it much. No end in court you a year ago build a pot bunker and and everything a template you know older court in the world we're all we have good good and I just I absolutely love it but you know I'm playing golf trip a year or stroke. Yeah no different aspect from them in the millennial they're folk what are you endorse and endorse Albert. Well thank you very much we we certainly appreciate it that absolutely I ya and I'm in your camp bill and I am blaming you can't buy it. I enjoy it and I like the way it looks I think the the and it's not quirky because that's the that's the birthplace of golf for goodness sakes so guess what it looked like that. Hello a lot longer before that it looks like it does now in the United States. And yes we love our green cathedrals and there's very end up pleasing to the guy part of it. I get and I understand. I really do but I think for four days a year you can hand what I really dale. So anyway. All right we'll take a break come back Klestil segment of the show at 1040 Indy AM Jacob ball Rodney thanks for him being here for these three days this week. Smarting up the show I don't I can tell you is that someone. On the receiving end of that I appreciate it could back here in just a moment seeing what this couple of other things get isn't keeping up to speed on the British Open as well and get ready for. The weekend with the resumption Curtis Cup the second half of the baseball season.