Talking MLB post season with former Royal Brian McRae

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Thursday, October 12th

Former Royal Brian McRae talks MLB post season and he was also a Cubs player so he was rooting for the Cubs, but more importantly, he was rooting for good baseball and we got that yesterday.


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OKM stage. I don't do sports there he came that's referred all one down one ago quite a bit of baseball talking first hour as you'd imagine we've kind of covered beat Stephen Strasburg. Saga as it were with the Yankees and Cleveland the Cleveland lost three straight mayor bounced out of the playoffs. And we gonna continue to baseball talking about it cavs locker room hotline with. Former tenure big leaguer former royal. Among other teams Brian McRae joining us Brian good to catch up with the how are you sir. Order your order number Norwood you're not you know I wanna do is pick your brain about third when playoff time comes around in Major League Baseball. I know you're still close to the game in the course. Spend. The first few years your career in Kansas City how closely are you monitoring the good Major League Baseball playoffs and what your reactions to them. I look at your quarterback electoral due to preempt Austin for the oil wouldn't induce some vodka work. Dirt during these students are all pay attention and I like to see what call them. There's some compelling story through their chamber equivalent. After their great run. What you're boosting it got knocked out British are used. The pro resume as a different animal than the regular season. And regular season success doesn't. You know. More clever not a bit and tell the story of what opinion gonna do in the post season. We've had a great year great arm but all are gonna be remembered for. More. Oh lead in not being able to events. Brian McRae joining us of course not much of an introduction needed pleased to have him spent some time with us this morning. Brian give me your sense of the Stephen Strasburg thing in how it played out. That needed did the best description that I've heard. A lot of national guys talk about this in is simply with the word. Bizarre. You've been behind those closed doors in a situation may be like this where things play out. I give me a sense for how you view this whole thing in what do you think really happened. I wouldn't go over here at the true description of what happened. But. Knowing what goes on a mountain cider. I had been there and they'd keep information especially in the playoff type situation and are they were. To me it might have been a planned all along the Strasburg was gonna pitch. And they just Nader you know boost the national. Academy of a story other. And that we need to stop burger button Muslim community knew that he was well that. He made maybe. I'll call base there there. Just the way things play themselves out yesterday. It's not like he woke up yesterday morning and said yes but I've I can go I think some things work. In the works already and I think gives them they're not issues he went out through well. He won the ball right but that it might have been report by the nationals starter. They're just they're terribly off guard and no divert attention. You think he played dup party your party your career with the cubs was there any part of yesterday that kind of pull for Chicago where you pass that. I want bigger series and the prime ministers you bring a lot of excitement. And I had kicked yesterday gave her her tears in his game that got canceled so yesterday. So I've I didn't get to go up there because of the cancellation. Their battle to go to another post season game with the Walters workers are enroute Politico but also walked. You must baseball's all borrowers most exciting baseball possible. Game five is the was pretty good last night would Cleveland in the yankees' owner of the game but tonight is going to be pretty compelling baseball. Brian McRae joining us this morning let's talk a little Kansas City Royals this obviously is a huge. Offseason maybe more than any team in baseball free agency. He's going to affect. The Kansas City Royals let me just go with a broad based question to start this whereas. How confident are you that the royals will retain competitive relevance. Next season with the challenges that they have right now keeping. This team in some form of cohesion. Through the off season. Are they liberal. Figure step back maybe to step back. But the division that earned. Just submit it to be competitive overs match. I think we were gonna continue to be triggered. There's so what we saw what they're young players. Like stock look look decent Detroit took a step back so I think the governor revision that period and they're gonna give them an opportunity. There will be a 500 team or around that range next next year. Very rapid do some major work in their own system. And stockpile it get better they lost a lot of voters. Over the last three or four years. That help them get to the World Series were due to two and win a World Series title. And now. There are murder Scott is playing basketball Vargas. I figured. For those are probably going to be gone on. So it is it going to be a different complexion. Of different look. The royal ballclub but I think that. They're good vision and allow them to be a little bit better sooner than people might think. Thirty long years in between World Series championships and just about that long between. The time that they were relevant and teller relevant again certainly not insinuating we'll take that long again but. You think royals fans will have a little patience knowing that. Hate to get a World Series we had to mortgage your future and now we're gonna have to be patient once again and trust the process again you think that royals fans are ready for that. The new well royals players probably are not going to be frustration. Bert. If I go below thirty years before they get the proceeds not oak. I think you see the competitive mr. baseball. There and they're here it is central division. Nobody is head and shoulders to vote. The other teams. Where they're gonna run away with the booted out topic community any of your beard but I don't think they're runways. I think they come back to a pact next here a little bit. So old. If they were in the west and east I would say they'd be in deep trouble. Bert. I still have hope. That they can get this turned around and do it quickly. Were you most curious about what the teams that remain now. In the post season who who should we watch and lying. Who is Brian McRae most curious about as we move forward now headed towards me. Are you. All right the good they had her serve DRM some things. That mirror the royals. Right there and I thank you do your royals spared him. You look to how they built up better organization after losing a hundred plus games a few years. And now they've stockpiled it what are they look like they're going to be good. For the better part of the next 57 years. And I think that's weird you hoped to war rules go. Where they're able to her. Replace players draft well make some big tree. And then when they get good news who has been here. They're all. About the same age. They're all the same contract status. And you could have a good buy this every year run with the. All. Talk to former oil former cup format to Brian McRae. Basically grew up in baseball Bryant's first you with your dad how being a great player for the royals and later a manager. And had a bad dream come true for you get drafted by the royals and play there for five seasons but. How do you handle getting traded yeah the royals traded to the cubs in April of 1995. Knowing how the game works did that make it any easier to get traded from the royals to the cubs. No it was still. Shocked your system when you get traded because. I've been in the royals' organization and been around and basically your night and certainly agree. And that was created on the wrist the royals so. In 1994. Out of order reorganization so rude shock. And you know it could be a possibility there of being around her vision and norm as much ado about. Everything here at this you know I didn't. It expected that it happened and I've moved on Chicago and I adored. Played with a code that organization and play and they've been ordered leader. So a lot of returns in Chicago and I enjoy it. And George play in that city. And very the first traders call other speakers. Are cruel reality of the sport. Camera shows itself from. Permit song you look at things a little bit different perspective. But she did it play for your dad. And I had to be are really unique opportunity for your in Kansas City Iraq. Yes there will go on and now looking back ever to have that opportunity to play well not bother. Playing. Where you waited near where I grew up from what I school. That was special or something that there who always our memories about that mr. together. Brian McRae spinning a little time with us here on sports daily error reflecting talking playoffs we certainly appreciate the time great job Bryan and thanks again hopefully can do it against in our act. Are they drama and you are very and a good we can't thank you Brian McRae former royal former cub. Former met and then actually at the very end played low with Colorado and Toronto tenure big leaguer. Former. Royal center fielder got a chance play for his father like we mentioned talk about a fiery. Yep. Go all out. Old school type of player that was that was Brian's dad how and Brian had a lot of the same characteristic when he put. Give me the five most strongest connections. To the royals names. Did you have in franchise history starts with Brett right yeah I mean Brett would be number one. Just been named. Word. Sabre Reagan. Maybe being number two and say francoeur. Frank quite would probably number two maybe Brett Saber Hagan but in that top five to name my praying room. Probably pops up there doesn't it I would think when you stop to consider the that the really listen to timed announcement and Willie Wilson probably. But would be ending in that group and maybe you talk about. And I know. My desk when you. Of those young guard Mike Sweeney he had brought new white played their entire career in Kansas city's I think that's where it fast start. For sure yet it it it does start there how McCray I'm exhilarated the early 1980s teams. Sabre Hagan got a World Series so I think he's certainly and won a Cy Young man deserves consideration but. A guy who toiled and kind of anonymity because they stunt. Was Mike Sweeney. He raped you don't you really really good player for them and he was the face of their franchise when their regularly lose and a hundred games. Well there are the face of the franchise when when the face wasn't the time I don't know opening and I don't disparage and Mike Sweeney's. Unbelievable player. And great hitter just an absolutely great hitter and may go down. As one of the more underrated royals in history just because of the types of teams. He played on right if I'm not Canadian I'm not mistaken I think he's in the royals' hall of fame so mean that he goes along way. He played. From the time he used one in line and toll was 33 in Kansas City and then bounced around a little bit after that but. Overall. He was a lifetime to 97 hitter. Hit 3.2 one year for the royals. Twice drove in a 101 your drove in a 144. That's the five time all star. Yeah Dan quiz in Berry would probably be on that list do now that I think amount. But I mean I'm thinking about guy names that come to me isn't sitting down having a beer and think about the Kansas City Royals it starts with Breton Frank White. I think you're right may be McRae gets in there just because you got out and Brian both. Hal McRae. Pretty important player before he was even manager yes with the royals again I'm Italian restaurant in about I mean he's. And he was he was right there. In when you stop to think about the legacy of that name of provides. In Kansas City. That's that's one of the big ones and you know big blue. Know what the shame of it all it is is. And managers know this players know this. Managers are hired to be fired. Total and that's why I'm so glad that frank why was never the royals manager. And that's what it's too bad about the fact that Hal McRae. Was a former royals manager because they hired to be fired and it's all well and good to get a a legend. Former player. To skipper your team. Because you have all these feelings of nostalgia and back in the late seventies and early eighties and all those battles with the Yankees and now Hal McRae is gonna manager team. Well. In many and well and know that that's the harsh and cruel reality. Mike Bryan was talking about getting traded that's part of it you get traded when your player and if you're a manager coach later on. Most of the time you're gonna end up getting fired and if you are. Like how the manager of the team that you used to play for. It's got to feel really really high when you get hired and when you win but it's got to be a devastating blow when you don't win. And your heads on the chopping block and that's what happened how McCray and and in the next segment we'll talk about that a little bit more in detail as it pertains to the modern day managers but. You saw Bruce your Red Sox guy and John Ferrell get into the playoffs just isn't good enough anymore at least not a mono. No it's not an M one more thing on how McRae. Isn't it unfortunate. That the one memory and maybe yours is different but what what's the one memory that you really have that kind of indelible. About how McRae. It's the blow up. Yes the blow up the role in the fall I mean I and I hate seeing that I really do because he's worth so much more. Just so much more for Kansas City Royals and end at Indy in their history. Com. You know that if you that's what fortunately what you think about. If he played in it if you played an eight time Aaron era where we had YouTube and Twitter and Gypsy and means. He would be most known for a camera was he was it was either Bucky Dent or Willie Randolph. He planted there but in the left field on a slide into second base when it was the royals in the Yankees and everybody else. That's right he absolutely bulldoze somebody slid like ten feet past the base. And basically blocked a middle infielder in the left field. Trying to break up a double play. That he obviously is the second most. Indelible memory I have of him besides picking up the office phone and thrown out because there was a camera in there and and they made that famous but how McRae was the absolute beast when he played and you know play again Brian fortunate to have played for his dad but unfortunately that's that's the business of baseball and him it's even worse now because. There was talk of Joseph Girardi walk away the win. And they're still. Grumbling about yes she's Joseph Girardi come back Dusty Baker he has not made it to the World Series in. Now four consecutive. Trips to the post season with a more than good team. And it's big star power all up and down their team is he on the hot seat John Farrell made the playoff that wouldn't get enough. What are we gonna start talk about Terry Francona. I did see it out of control and I'm not call for people's heads but people get fired. Because the playoffs aren't good enough if you've you've you've got to get over that hump. And it's seemingly nobody's nobody's OK we just make into the post season and I find that. A little disturbing all right let's give a giveaway or register a couple more people. Tomorrow's the big day we're gonna draw for the Forte gets the Kansas Speedway race on the 22 we're gonna draw for the one night stay at the Aladdin Holiday Inn. Dinner for four and much more. You need two more register into an 86. We will. Also have I think through more tomorrow. In the first hour and then in the second hour tomorrow. We're gonna draw a grand prize winner so 8691240. Registered go to Kansas Speedway on the 22 we'll have more Major League Baseball manager talked with come back.