Talking KU Basketball & More With Jessie Newell

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Friday, January 12th

Kansas City Star Sports Columnist Jessie Newell Joins Bob & Jeff to talk Jayhawks basketball and Billy Preston’s status.  


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All right let's go home. Take your coach. Glad to have you. The Whitney Houston them. The musical famously. Disciplined Tom every woman. Sure are and what awaited produced just you know from the Kansas City Star I apologize for that Jesse. I said OK we're good to go okay how are you. Do a great. I. Other than that whether it be bad being crippled by it yesterday. You know I you know like I MA I'm dumber got so readily admit that. You join the club I think I think most people are ballots let's get the University of Kansas and the basketball team and before we start to delve into what this team's done. On the floor of the season. I got to ask you there were some rumblings earlier today that maybe there was going to be an announcement about Billy Preston. Maybe it was going to be today. I've got Billy Preston fatigue and I've I'm gonna guess you do too and a lot of lot of others as well. You see any resolution. To this ordeal. Well eventually but. You know it felt at that point where. You've heard it in so many time that there nearly doesn't mean much anymore. Describe what you were talking about look about where her. Basically built up that about most Soviet. Billick Brittany and walking back in Little Rock rim can't eat it kind of yeah it was kind depending very jovial at all about Friday it but I mean I don't. Really know what make an add any candidate and that what didn't Tino joke around and really good on you don't know what taker many things like Marino that bill. That self last week but those guys in there then took them out in Potomac of course it you don't. Anticipated hearing news last Friday on net and crap look at it and beard then. I'm eager remained optimistic that week so I mean I don't think it didn't come and do whatever that. Whatever still need any more but. I don't think it worked day were anything more than and they need to know what that but it took era at any little indication any bit dead or not. Deemed to be you know reported it. Maybe back and day you know is gonna getting it done whatever the decision is it I think it better. Rather than later call our ball again play. Is enjoying it adding people like them up on Twitter or Channel 8 reporter in doing about every day out adult belt and going. In neat note legally or not a guy or a spirit was. So on and on Billy Preston what questions are they specifically trying answer I guy understand. Ownership of the vehicle but that seems like it to take like twenty minutes and I'm admittedly ignorant about the situations so how complicated is it beyond OK either owns or does he didn't know on the car. Well it it stopped opera on because again that was an internal investigation that you add and edit the bulk. Through it complaint department and then it submitted its information beatable late threat or break their. And then then you know again they would vote for Christmas break and build a new year and made them last week. Perhaps putting more information that you perhaps wanting to know a bit more about tuition by. I get them out and looking at a difficult prep to really know much more about it. I can only say that. You know can look back in time which got spelled B. And Arnold Jack and belt but those guys were out of dollars from boosters or whether it be a regular audit. The book look at Mitt double at nine deep bench. That fact that this is now if team gained been for Billy didn't inspect our what now been and although it happened. Basically think that it ablaze thought it was more of a minor issues bumping that he kicked it back or I think that what. Really that bad and at what to tailgate even if he had guilt eat the crime and punishment for the crime to let the kicking game. Out there date we're not exactly what happened but we're sure not they're not been more what do you get mentioned he's probably a bit of money back. PW it well. But the point the fact that it's bad kicking game and it still looking into it basically believe the company may be Mort it's your ball. I'm not yet at this situation Purcell in jackpot are thousand dollars people he's riding around it would. Mean it that the Dodge Charger would be well more than you know that are out what belt are a point but you know it's been like even if guilty. But it's likely to spend a much longer than what he'd been held out what they're more historic doubt at that point. Wait a wait and see what input I'd I'd. Pat when I'm due out Billy Brett the particular WO acre little bit different date and accurate. To keep an amateur status but he looked like a pro game to what professional athletes so Kirstie. You know a couple years ago but would like that in particular makes you think that might be what technical let spent evil we know about. Just you know with those from the Kansas City sorry covers the Kansas Jayhawks. Now a lot of the thought a lot of talk especially early in the season is sincere is K you susceptible. Will Lou will have long string of big twelve championships and in my estimation it's. You never count out Bill Self and his teams they always get better they always find a way it seemed like they figure out a way to to make it happen. But there are some good teams in this conference this year especially West Virginia Oklahoma. Texas tack. What's what's the likelihood of this string extending to fourteen. Straight testing. At. The million dollar question that. And why don't I guess I'm guilty of trying to figure this out way too soon and it's only January 12. Well. They are on their right mind candidate that you beat Spain at. You know I've been talking about it not I bet you are a little never. I mean nobody will ever even at a lower level to win that many in a row. People that will not be all time record yelled happy kill it in the book and a bit on it it would it got built up an alt thing I mean post Greek it will repay and that is known that ultra are so there's a lot riding on the year. I think or K Il keep staying at about water but I mean they call rate which is. You combine or game and the point differential that tissue and outscored. Opponents combined in a ordained eat it a lot. Yeah the three and so I don't think form unlike say. It cannot keep winning the boat gain power they do that it outfield out break OT but player or a week and now we're equity. They continued to look but even having you don't really resembles what. However I don't darted out but it gap that that which it. Look at what project sport out exit Beckett Brit won with a win at outfield Bridgeport Oklahoma and walk you can't he'd probably rather have. Eight eat lunch you'll knock somebody off four or Taylor he called on it but for anyone really haven't been up at a bar. Though you're happy to reach out under where it not out of the rubble are billion wanted to run dock when Terrelle dispute that eat menu ecstatic. Now I believe break though. I think you're right now at the net because of the chin out and they're a great position about internal. It is an idiot they are to do we be having completed the belt. Probably they opted baked in to beat in every out of anarchy at everything that happened every single victory with the depth out. Not that the people mean much here at 837 that been any pellet police about a minute he played in big twelve play I don't know you can need to get the effort. The strength. The shooting he'd beat beat and be everything out and continue to get in the minute that they do it and Carol that. What they're doing out in unsustainable or beat up scheduled but but they've got a balance due out grind it out of the Reid want out. Got in a number mean. Probably built around 50% fresh air but I don't think you need it did at some point belly prepped and bogeyed the boat. We're gonna run it got into the ground he buried gold up strict but went eight. And there and next two road games Smith put quickly before just gets a question then their next two road games. Are out West Virginia about Oklahoma so we're gonna we're all are a lot here in the Nextel eleven days or so Jeff. So I know Yuri you up present the advanced metrics he advanced stats you put them in the and a great context I think so. What what in those numbers suggested KU is or still could be among the nation's elite. Well yeah right you know from like people like it would set a record and Dan Parker beget a diet that break or that. At seven the week but you know educate your arena either and it's it's got to cop direct an early in Eden Jadox. Speaking of light or great metal all wanted to get at you right you want action is that it is an okay you're alone out. Oakland and Toledo and you'll even into that you know you eat Turkey or neutral or ED occurred at a neutral or twenty water you know Kirk. Burger convict breed in any Q8 a lot of respect and made it even more prep it. And you're getting when you get that the call it though. If you look at although one that matter no one night. Respect Hartley and pocket and everything on the anchor even though. A lot and open and I'd be the worst but it worked even built a err I mean let's go out I out he's entered are out here but. You know at bat and looking at cute doctrine which. We know and you'll secure three point shooting by. But beyond that you don't really really good kid thinking that it should we had a problem and it op at the killing at it I need even need delayed though. You're going into that scenario late either have been critically term gain and choose not to win an app. So I mean at the what I think that we looked out the game is that the op at the the only open air with a weighted in the weight issue green and at least but definitely when they were wrecked early and even out in cricket deal the team could eat at a rebound better than it is. It top to take them right now because. I wrote that in my lat story for the dark. In about eight it looked. Eat that apply at eight who has been work that can happen every big call and played in the war. I'm getting tired an app and not able to at bell. This particular team Kirstie at being a bit later in the year it to eight continue to have to continue to rely am I predict many net but. At least in stretches at least in Latin elite even at certain Internet eat in at benched at shown to be dominant. Possession quiet at elm and are currently in ninth in the nation and expecting go along way to instigate a little bit spread it beat it back app. The world bar final moments Jesse Newell Kansas City Star forward left to go. How ought to to address a couple things I mean we need to talk about the game tomorrow it's a sunflower showdown although. We will expect Kansas at home where they never lose the case say. The one that won the that I wanna ask you about KU football some. Changes on David Beatty staff. And your interpretation and and thoughts on the app. Yet real quickly. I think it spread to about 88 it'll have an app is pretty tight Burke. What if you can depend proven adept at they've showed lately. But the quick got a double. You know on our web site out on the eagle putt side but Hideki quite evident that it might become that he thought that. Take state lately though our total he's got a lot of lot reported and state date cattle and adapt lately. Though it is that something that they can run jog up a lot that'll be a really depend a lot. Report these little had a lot three bad app to get back to jail she'll I'd like ul. You're acting at a U back yet but yeah I go to work. Out well let out a I think. We're rabbit program topic go to those were the two big earned this year the big skewed. The culpable oak covered actually like he got an idol live there and go to it but. I'd thought it would detonate in the up and deported I think that was the biggest thing in mind speaking artwork you can run the ball. And that it might want to protect law and double go to new weight there. Then go to port it BP did not work out yeah they're specialty not debated a perspective I've just been. Putrid the lack. For years double try to third respect in that Darren outlook. If you can get better and better because we know bought up debt to be made it to the world yet be better in that area. Will burden that it had been miserable breed. Viable we we always enjoyed talking with the alt golf take effect Kansas. And the seven you then. You give can't you give me Kansas and settled on a half outside Canada. Nike that you pick the game to be a seven point game right. OK good point I read what Letterman but again law I've got I've got a car I'd like to bet to. I think I think Kansas Waltz even though OK you killer dean way it will have a good game tomorrow. Well and numbers are impressive but the it's like the stable orbit in each unique being you're really really get that off what are you getting well. Exactly the Jesse thanks for your time. And just in new from the Kansas police are also would start eagle eye catching up on a little K you will talk with Paul solemn trop. But later in the show at 525 today to get his thoughts on the shocker is coming out and 9560. Win last night. At east Carolina Wichita State and action Saturday evening. 630 downed pole for McLellan who's saying it. Not necessarily really got him on Friday thing we can. I'm not good at any other stuff I'm done. We'll be back here mostly for the drive on campaign.