Taking Care Of Business With Carrie Rengers

The Drive
Tuesday, September 12th

Carrie Rengers of the Wichita Eagle joins Bob & Jeff to talk what's happening in Wichita's business sector.


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Bo loses. And you liked him before. So he's. Time. Plus 45 we. This is get it on my chase this week at number one record 1971. How about that. Carrie Rangers from the Wichita eagle. Speaking to us from the newsroom at the Wichita eagle. Today and aimed at. App like standing Beth and I am GM and your team. That's good stuff on the back do you have that song I'm 45 back in the seventies. There was little lying no good grief. You know I want I don't agree respect it much rather him. That's kind of throw you something that carried me like I did appreciate that outlook in the end. Two to tell us what the atmosphere is like at the eagle newsroom right now is that what what's going on up there. What I hole at I don't look across the newsroom. They're blocked people concentrating very intently as they stare at their monitors because it is crunch time baby that I. This is one that has to happen. This is when it. It really public should of happened by now because their deadlines are so early and you know ideally all through out every day we're posting on line all day so. But there is still that's strapped. Carrie when is deadline because I have to write a wing that story and I need to get on that. I'd get off the radio right now and you know there there waiting. They're teach everybody yet I see fill in sports editor right now saying what steps do Intel indicated an Ethier. I have feel I feel like that our city we get. We keep it we get noticed sometimes for the wrong reasons. Are we a city that. Is in shape. And if we're not why aren't we because there's a fitness center on every corner including now the opt to fly fitness senator. That's opening at Tony personal web. That is term cracked and you know this wouldn't it be a little bit different and everything else in town. The founders I went to lunch went Matt lovely today he's one of the founders. You have the IDF or and as you've been lying on his back at an actual ram and India. And it started off like I'm really you know he would like I really wanna have people worried senator kind of like. I'm holistic approach to live being you know it's not just about. Hi connector I just about which are state of mind on our block. And he said and then neck and it started growing it he talked to people specifically and very importantly his wife. Who would like well hey how about have a how about him that have a and that ilk. This tenor etiquette by 35000 square feet it's gonna have a little bit every thing it really. He's calling it if it's a banners opt for life fitness center. There went my pants that wants. I know the problem with anything on your map. Anyway so it is huge and have a little bit of everything. It will definitely be competing with the other fitness center and pound. Matt feels like he's going to be operating. A little bit more than just cheer run them out Aikman work out and here's the tribe called. You know like they're going to look for the more intelligent folks like month myself. What do you have for. Kerry you wrote a few days ago about the pop corner opening. Out and east Wichita Telus day about the pop corner. And be about the market for popcorn. Outside of movie theaters in that the microwave. I had popcorn it's Ike. It have to be just about the number one thing people and mentoring the holidays I mean is the new term always as at least sport different and the popcorn. In one hand that somebody spent that extra time I think every company says. You know they get have a variety of popcorn. Somebody else started the business. Many years ago. But and you couple that had at first few years and actually break and they opened on the west side earlier this year they had up pop up store there late last year and it. It's a wealth that opens. A permanent one and and now they're gonna make this big fight ship's store they're gonna have like a little observation window for people watch are being made I mean does not like popcorn. Favorite pop corn carry. Oh man I don't think we take it one sees. Kettle corn Levitt and then that favorite flavor of corn. That it's cattle farm minus karma all hands down. You really. It's evil I can't stop beating. Well you don't even know what cattle corn is in your mind no look panel are born and let's tell you that don't embarrass me on radio please. K now I have a little bit other news that I specifically. Thank you Warren listeners are gonna wanna know love you know our listeners they are eager for lose. Well I know your listeners and I think at least one topic that they like. So just a little bit ago I put this quote why it. You know have the look quote of the day feature at the end of my column and a unquote it's usually on our honey well. Is he prayed there at this wonderful spokeswoman from the chamber of commerce. She was giving me a little teeth about who this year's annual girl be for the annual chamber meeting. Now this is the meeting that they Catholic former president can Tuesday had. Doris Kearns did when he had to operate a really cool people so. She says regarding this year speaker in this this again just a little piece. It's going to be which attract them maybe worried they're being a front row seat for Jimmy channel Campbell it if you want to check captain. Dealing with a hole which atop a thing. I do vaguely Jeff what was I I don't I don't remember which it. Oh yeah it's. At eight a year ago Jimmy Kimmel and it's been about Heyward should you spend spring break. And he joked that which it outlets which attacked them many had all these funny and in turn of embarrassing things battered city. It gently poking fun. And so of course when they told me hey this year because Kathy which tot mom my color or you can't go into thinking of Jimmy Kimmel on their like now. We're not bringing in Jimmy Kimmel. I've. But Jimmy Kimmel Live on a good seat would be I would have a vested interest is do you know who it is scary. I am okay Sally and I got to break that news here though. I know but here I am telling you this and I'm not telling her name I online traders bet. Again why can't you do is pop with jet he oral listeners in particular. Are. And got to be sports sort of way so it's an athlete of some sort. That's. That's good stuff one athletes go on Jimmy Kimmel. I don't think an inland not even saying that it that it just to eighty per cent. Almighty god he said but she's not even Seau and it's just a person and a though is that I don't know does that mean bandleader and baker I don't know I don't know what that mean if you know. And I and I can't even get any more his because as we get into a crater as people hunt me down and it will hurt me. I think anything else. Great stuff rule will try to read the tea. One yeah well don't don't Don well known well I think I. Jeff thanks I know view colleague it's in which. It's Wichita awesome baby that's sounds and Tommy gets the assist here I get Dick I tell thing. I hate to be stupid. I probably should know who that name up. And I never and never forget thanks Tommy could not overcome. Outlawed you know what little we pay you to press those buttons. Both the good dot com ai and I like it a couple minutes left with Kerry Rangers I wanted to ask you about. Build a gander mountain building. Natco sounds like something's fallen through there. What could fall into that building at some point. You know attacked or or who is the owner water watch you open that anything and right now he. As I think basically have. I wanna thank tired but. He has a contract that with George really him and why and you figure out what is the best piece of that building and I think he's open to anything from. Maybe knock you down maybe reconfiguring and maybe making out at as maybe making it entertainment related to retail related I mean there's no could be. Could be anything so he really expect to have some kind of cancer within the next month force. Oh we got some of things happening soon oh there by the river which is about far away sold as could be interesting to see what they decide to do there. Karen we appreciate it. How we can thank you and other scary Rangers from. Which Stein eagle Kansas dot com next up Malcolm Cameron head coach of the Wichita thunder joins us. You are listening to drive KF fake trivia.