Strolling Down Shocker Memory Lane With Mike Kennedy

The Drive
Wednesday, December 6th

Shocker play by play voice Mike Kennedy drops by for his weekly trip down Shocker basketball memory lane.


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Bo loses. Looks like him before. So he's. That's what. And this is the drive problem. JetBlue would view that. So gloves from the field greens. Another one other great did so you know very remarkable career. My candidate joins us from tiger used supremes man. Very much earlier nice I like the air and all oh Motown. Sound as are my favorites it's well. The the shocker before we get into this. The the gist of what we're gonna talk about in terms of the stout. Let's talk a little bit about the game last night we were of the opinion that it looked like it was going to be. Perhaps a one sided Wichita State when that we didn't foresee. Even though South Dakota say it's a very good shooting team. We didn't necessarily foresee them shooting not well. Especially in the first half against the soccer's. Yeah side. I mean certainly Wichita State didn't play it changed being sent in the first captain Greg Marshall in his post game interview attached to it. Similar responsibility present that saying that their game plan was probably. A little too complicated or got to be confusing. For the players and how they wanted to guard ball screens. And that's what led to do some of those open shot that they had big guys or guys playing Ford five spots that certainly could pop about it. And shoot threes. And they change some things and make some adjustments at halftime that it certainly worked but I also felt like. That yeah. They did that make some difficult shots especially more explore some of their two point shut centric culture. But I thought they've really shot like trot did it was defense on him or not. You've called obviously Mike does the last. Many all of the exciting road games the NCAA tournament games. It's been awhile since there's been a game like that it that coach curry now cool was the atmosphere last high relative to the past two years or so. I'd looked at and I think that that's study's start to. He start to get some of the fans. Utter outlining the right word being a little dissatisfied because some of the games or treat call. So they'll think they should be their clothes were data ponder whatever Brett. It's got to be used to it now you know. Most of them complained that too many 25 and thirty point oh Latin of this certainly the other decided they're playing a good schedule. Even some names like South Dakota State Florida Gulf Coast so or that are better than their name suggest. Mike Kennedy also we'll get to some massaging parent a moment that I totally agree I mean you look at the big twelve and even though Kansas is 113. Conference titles in a row which is unheard. They always have difficult times and act conference simply because it's a very good conference and I think. We're gonna see a lot of this season especially. In the top path 678 teams deep. In the American athletic conference. Yeah I was just thinking today. In a world where. Where could this shocker certainly especially on the road statesman trouble and I am taken you know love it Beecher or mental side and six and maybe even sat there. There are a lot of good programs in the conference there are. Certainly in the top ninety years so of the Ken Pomeroy it now that I've in the top fifty shout. It's just a whole different deal and I think that also makes your team when your plane that kind of schedule better at the end of the year. Not so much more enjoyable for fans and you tell those fans that are upset about close games. You the asked him if they wanna see direct back here OK. I'd like Kennedy what does we talk every Wednesday with him about nostalgia. As it relates to the shocker as the segment brought to you by McKay is heating and cooling. Mike a year you're going way back to a time. In which believe it or not you wore you were just a young child I'm not sure I'd even been born yet so we're all back to 195455. Sees them. Actually 53 just before a lot of guys Iowa I definitely want to bet that there. It was February 24 Wichita State was having its first really great season under Ralph Miller. But they were. Seven and two in the Serb teleconference Oklahoma State was ranked tenth in the nation they were seven and a little. In the conference and had beaten soccer's earlier in Wichita. Which devastated her to number fourteen in the rankings and the two teams played in Stillwater. There were twelve. And thirteen lead changes in the game. Thirteen seconds left pretty bad but Oklahoma State which now made two creature rose betting about 6665. The shocker rushed down the court. Got in there ought steps they got the ball all cheer it's time was expiring and he was well beyond the top the cheek Condit turned and let it slide the newspapers discredited that thirty foot desperation shot. Nothing but net checkered flag 6760. Scheck and chuck fans like crazy well Miller called the the most important shot up his error at Wichita State because they had never beaten Oklahoma State. In Stillwater that won twice in which their record in this series at that point it was too in nineteen. And that was the one that really caught national attention there's interest in reading the newspaper articles that. Get presented don't live up for the Nike because Wichita State can't admitted to play in the right key. But that put them within one game looked first in the conference but you're actually done that finished their schedule Oklahoma State still had a game to finish. And there was a possibility of the trying to play up to Wichita State might have been going to the NCAA. Vocal on the stated that uploading conference and going to be an NCAA and the shot Christiane I see but that's the one. Seeing that shot really put them on the national map for the urged. Absolute remember. Being around. Members of that team I believe that. That was they were still playing home games at that time that the forum. Into downtown Wichita I remember being around members of that team. They had gotten together for some reason. And I I remember how and this was years ago so my memory is not great. But I remember how they just they love being around Paul sheer and and I'm certain of a lot of that had to do with the making of that shot it should set such a huge win at that time for this Packers. I also had a chance to live. You know appear on some of those players Jim McNerney was my high school coach Cha he's stood. Khalil little tone of course and another sandwich. They also called share was one of the trying to shoot that ever played Wichita stated while it was out there are ways and what kind of the desperation shot. He was a great shooter has got a guy you can't take that sure. And they got from. Cathedral high school there and what's atop policy year air the team that you said like he said went on played in the NIT against Bowling Green. Just getting to the and I T was it was a big deal for that team at the time to. Yeah and people may not but you know that part of the certain age may not remember that the and I key at that time was just. If it couldn't think slightly less prestigious than the NCA AM and it was not uncommon to have. Or five top twenty teams in the and I treat because all the way. The conference champions went to the NCAA and they had a certain number of options so. They're all similar strong eastern independent teams that they didn't have a spot or in the NCAA or chose to go to the and I cheeks. Because. That they render would play at Madison square garden and by the NCAA ethics and tribal. Sixty maybe. I'm Lisa you know you're invited to the NCAA kept there can't birdie Archie didn't there was little. A very big deal to go play in the guard play in the and actually a huge. Mike Kennedy was so slow. This is on the stodgy pin necessarily because only happen a year ago but. One of the most mystifying games Messina shoppers play under Gregg Marshall happened it'd trust bank arena. Last December against Oklahoma State. Moved to the cowboys just portal what went on Wichita State. That the the likes of we have not seen especially in Wichita was just bizarre a lot sag game. A couple of things from that game blunt saying Oklahoma State just absolutely. Shut like that out so certainly may be could. All some of the shocker defense that some of that was just. Really true teaching and chew on Evans was absolutely magnificent that day. And and other guys were getting shut kind of like up because the state was last night the other thing was. They very aggressively expanded their defense. Wichita State out on the floor. And that was the war went sham it moved to the point guard position. And what it really needed was made. They court that had the confidence to put the ball on the board drive but it may place dribble break through that defense and nobody would really. Do it. So that was that was. A big part of that. And an Illinois State try to get the same thing to them a couple of weeks later in conference play an actor that a lot that's when Gregg Marshall before the next game that still decided to make the switch and put sham and a court guard. Mark Wahlberg a whole season came together so. So really that lost in the Oklahoma State at least planted the seed for what chuck pierce needed to do that then they're paying them good 130 more entries. How dangerous is this cowboys team obviously not as dangerous maybe not dangerous at all the plan at home. You have to do give them quite a bit of credit don't sit. And he got to be honest Jeff I haven't had a chance to really look closely enough at their personnel and who's doing what he had died of these kind of got started on that. I don't think they'll lose that there is in the last year and I don't think they played. A lot of the schedule yet to really get a great feel for her how good they are they. They lost to Texas Tech which is obviously. Not not just Texas and it. Texas and I am which obviously they've very very good team and side in it's hard to say but I I think certainly they are they have big twelve athletes in the plane and calm so certainly achieved so it was a difficult game. And a team upon mean it's it's out there for everybody and another picked to finish last in the big twelve they lost most of their firepower. Although long loop returning players they do have back is Jeffrey Carroll who's one of the cope with flashier played extremely well. But it's always tough to go on the road I was really impressed by how a shocker is played at Baylor I thought that was. In my opinion their best performance of the year all around do you agree with that. I do absolutely and I I think the thing it came true in that game. And to Libya lesser degree in the come from behind win against cal and the way that impact. Well let against South Dakota State. Is that this is a group of guys who you know or talk about it being a better team but a group of guys that has come to the understanding out. How you handle yourself on those nights when he nurtured the persevered there seems to be yet. Collective deal that they just expect to win any them when they're not playing as well and even when they're down by double digits there's just kind of dot com about their feeling that we're gonna find a way to figure that's yeah. Completely agree I'm Mike and Jeffrey Carroll guy talked about had a 22 in the game last month and last season against Wichita State. Made eight of ten shots so I'm sure. Coach Marshall and his staff will have some kind of a plan that we give him slowed down a little bit you'll be on the well at all what's out. Does say one quick story at play and they about her I bet you board gave brown told me that. They're on the way back celebrating on the bus there and and a bunch shocker and Chad Durbin then on to the game. And certainly they resolve this honking go and not the people calling the somebody pulled out the side by most boring so they pulled us over. And someone presumably a bunch of Oklahoma State band. Ted Scott debenture brags in the tail pipe. A shocker blush and it was about it on fire him he'd lost money in. The ranks up there hadn't been shocker stand. Following the team back they might have had a brush fire before they get. My goodness one that talked about or sportsmanship. And Mike we percentage you'll be on the call. Go ahead I'm sorry I keep interrupting that. Little thing that they're not only get limited to they collect interest QB on the call us Saturday from Stillwater pregame starts at two tip that three. But listen Mike Kennedy and in Bob holes Dave dog or make that short jaunt down on yeah I don't think so I wound through will be a lot of soccer fans that the dollar drive Marino we're. Will be listening my thanks for your time again thanks guys look forward to it. My candidate with those the voice of the shoppers as we talked some shocker missed out to about a bus fire on the way back from blowing your biggest wins on the history of the program that that deal has that deal out of it about things that happened. Sixty years four years ago sometimes. Afoot when that would make up low life like that nature 64 years ago man. Man. Let's take a break Tom we are gonna do some top ten to Wednesday's stuff. I don't know full startup next segment or not. But the category is top ten sports do well. Fuels are put your list together we'd love to hear from you thanks again to Mike Kennedy left the good old boy from the days heating and cooling. Take care of you remember it's hard to stop a friend. The case heating and cooling bringing you the Mike Kennedy segment. Every Wednesday we'll be back.