Steve Dennis From 103 3 ESPN radio Talks Dallas Mavericks

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Friday, February 23rd

Bruce Haertl and Shane Dennis talk With Steve has he shares his intake and observations on the Dallas Mavericks, and update on where Dallas is as of now, his thoughts on Mark Cuban admitting that he purposely tanks 


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We'll get back. The NCAA's probe of that segment probably second hour to soak wanna talk about that hang in there 8691240. The I got cats locker room hotline right now gonna go to Dallas and talk to a friend of the show and my fictitious brother Steve Dennis who it is all 1033. ESPN radio in Dallas tennis in Kalish off from three to six may not be it may not be fictitious of their needs to be probably some sort of DNA confirmation maybe an FBI now estimate likely to go to the Dallas Mavericks were out for that kind of stuff navy while now. When you hit it well we keep it already FBI got a yes or the FBI I'm not sure. I. So you Steve what are you and Tim and talk about lately. Prior. Mayor rangers' spring training. You know now now. No although they're going next week got a golfer with a boy who'd been Palm Desert next week so there's battle lines get through it gets. Get path I don't. It's like a Snickers commercial you ought to get all oh yeah noted. But it. What a week. But the Dallas Mavericks and then now today Denis Reggie your name in the grow it in 93000. Dollars which obviously. I have no hand in both Justin and another embarrassment for the organization not. In other around LA and it led lakers tonight Dirk Nowitzki you know Rick Carlisle. Of course to react when they touched down in LA after the all star break cameras road Cameron's. You never give wrote cameras in the NBA. And especially true mavericks when you won eighteen games. You know just swap by cameras out there. And forced to answer for this franchise and bears and in both of them grew. Carlyle bringing up there's thirteen year old daughter have B. Then Nowitzki used devastated by the embarrassment and now the bad you change that. The organization has to carry it just. Was ignored doubts we'll see where it goes but horrible week Mark Cuban at a door. Go out and it did not even the worst part of his week had to do with tanking. You know you thought you thought that would be they. The one that be toughest to get out from under but. As it turned out the team president and CEO. To redeem three who was on that on the staff before Cuban got there will be clear about that. But sexual misconduct. A basically an animal house. Atmosphere. When it came to the workplace plus the mavs dot com beat reporter. Had a history of violence against women. And I guess the big question Steve is maybe there's two of them but. But there's more than that what did Mark Cuban know and when did he know what he admitted to making quote horrible mistake. I'm quote keep girls need used to beat reporter but how much you know when did you know it and what should happen to the mavericks I guess the two big ones. Have Internet will be determined by the investigation that you been man. Independent. Investigation. Let's hope that it is truly that the NBA and also mobile will be. Couple buying I do world pays me no moral base negro well. Always liked the guy. Had no idea about this I mean he was arrested in 2012. There and you know when I was a reporter CBS eleven I hung out this time of year in particular just about every day mavericks. And I talked her all the time. Had no idea he was arrested never myrtle whisper burgeoning art goes out of your hands I would probably remember you know stuff. But at night and nobody ever mentioned to me they're okay or I didn't read it anywhere. You know I didn't know that he had that in his repertoire. Which is unfortunate I've always liked him I like him less now. But I didn't separated. From the culture. To me that the person role playing involved in a guy in his personal relationships. Then and I Ted on the show yesterday I don't blame Mark Cuban. After the first arrest of rural cities need for supporting him try to help if they got him into counseling. He spent four years and counseling now when he when there was a recurrence. In 2814. The wit. It is live in girlfriend who has faced fellow maverick forty. That we Cuban should've fired him running and we. We tried to help you we do we could you we gotta let go. But I separate match from the abusive power. You know culture. In the man's business saw this I've known Turkey about a reaper a decade NetApp. It professionally. Lot of conversation. None of them personal. You know for Cuban Cuban pork and and they would let me just CEO course bring him not to know. That he's a bit of creeks. It is not to be believed he had to be known. Some spend about Turkey has a ways. Which. And now bidding though. You know the level to creep Venus in the business off his bat is what will be determined. And you know Cuban. Eight talk all the time about the require you greater older are good he says transparencies. Which is very ironic because the taking tanking. To doctor. I wanna be transparent what my players so I told them at launch a few of them. You know that losing their best option. Well so much for transparency. On what's going on been as big as well. If they find out through this investigation. And they've got two very very very reputable investigators. On the scene and there in Dallas already got here yesterday. It could find out they Cuban news that. The business office was some of those was in Albany new thirteen analysts. The creek that he apparently it is. Then you've been needs to be very worried about his quiet around our shark tank. Owner of the mavericks. Presidential talked all of that. And he's Smart not know that he needs to be worried. What what's your take on on Cuban gay give me your general pulse check. On Cuban from the outside looking in he appears to be the type of owner of the players. Would love to play for and and be around. I'm just because of his quirky nose and his boyish ness in the way that he. Runs a business on he's pretty. I'm pretty Smart risen businessman that goes without saying but what should just general sense of the duties he's the kind of guy you can go out and have a beer with and enjoyed communal. At the banter. It's changed over the years you know back back in 2000. Rick what I was doing. My purse and doing talk radio would be as the end. You know that I don't know if you guys remember the play our Internet. Where Jason Terry rabbit punch Michael Finley right majority he has ever played. Since her rodeo in the playoffs and Cuban came out. Dispute it in support of Jett when he was suspended in our budget you know and I went on the radio to call you gonna spoiled brat. And you know made a big deal about it got in trouble that would mark bought them. We operation of the mavericks. And the Cuban and I in the old days I thought he would based oil for. And a body could get away with whatever he wanted. Cuban and I have always not that I've matter Britain US street you know we've always. Kind of a strained relationship by used to do create clothes for the mavericks on yet they totally autumn CBS eleven. He didn't alike he's spewing opinions on that is TV station. Actually had a meeting and our TV station about it ever do it with Derek are Bert Miller he. And our position at the station was word newsroom first boots and what we do. But I think Cuban has grown from some of that I think I think he's a much better. Overall. Dude is as you noted. It used to be. But you know. It's players love it up valued at. All of a bit of government gave her many many years. And you know the word on working a Mark Cuban. Not a lawyer if it is offices. Is not very favorable Bennett has been updated to. With this culture. That's been exposed it's more about low pay. Not a lot of respect the you know and sign of a hard place. To be an employee but but he had it in general as a person. I'd probably go like you know I mean we'd better. A bunch of situations become our show from time to time. If he's a family man now and got kids and any news and he's not quite. The in your face Brad he's spoiled type of billionaire that he used to be. Started Steve Dennis 1033. ESPN radio in Dallas Dennison Kalish dollar every year in the Metroplex. From three to six. OK so we've been trying to put a ball on this thing if can't can't mark Mark Cuban turn into the next Donald Sterling bettors. Ousted been forced to sell the team another that's excessive. But. Worst case scenario I guess Steve what what picture would you paint here if if Mark Cuban knew that this kind of stuff. Because you you hit on it. Nobody that's that's successful. Is the sole hands off that they didn't know that this stuff was going on right underneath them. It does actually get him back and eat. And he takes pride in he didn't miss any and Al Jardine had a big discussion argument actually per minute yesterday. He wrote a column. You know wondering if the NBA if Adam silver is gonna take the the mavericks lottery pick away. You know one draft comes along in June which obviously with whatever they're going group rebuild whatever is very vital to them. I called back trivial. See I don't. I don't think that makes sense because that is based sports can only afraid non sports. Yeah you know I it just seems trivial to me it would be like every scrape he got in trouble. In this need to movement. What do you do take an ounce earlier province. Did it to me that just doesn't fit. Could he be Donald sterling and absolutely I think. I think I think he should be worried on all levels. There's no doubt in my mind. A personal. You know humans pretty good fall on the sword and so that it started gunmen hero Dave situation that you pointed out. It if they do this investigation. And they'd find very little incriminating. Cuba. And but he knows he's a responsible. Much like art trials. Was responsible with Baylor. Even Joseph Paterno Penn State neither of them were criminals but they were responsible. For the culture a bit paid over. Saw. As though they committed a bit of a parallel there although I understand that they're totally different. Levels of situations but. I would describe it cubic fell on the sword after the investigation. If there's not much to enter in on him. Even today. You know say and this is my fault I was responsible. It happened under my watch his owner and I'm gonna sell the team. That wouldn't surprise me but he's been talked about so that team anyway. But the other part of that if he's that they implying. That Cuban news and kind of ignored it. Much like our prior to it and just pushed very decide that some audio problem. I think all of its import I think he could be Donald Sterling that think it could be the number one draft pick which I think is silly but. Thought at all on the table we'll see the investigation. Is underway let's see how long it that. Let me just change. It changed sports for just a minute and I'd be remiss if I didn't get a little football and the tag situation with the markets Warren Stephen Jones said I get think earlier this week. That they want to do everything they can to avoid. Slapping the franchise which I think is what Steve seventeen and a half. Million and which of course goes against the cap. So obviously they're gonna try to work something out what are your thoughts they're talking about one of the best pass rushers. In the NFL's. Our thing and M may end up having to tag this guy or that you knew of war about. I don't think there's any doubt that they're gonna tag him his agent in the same agent of Olivier Vernon regret that. Ridiculous deal leaving Miami with the giants. Ridiculous that it does not ridiculously get bearded at Brigham. But mark is sort of party made it clear that he won in the seventeen million a year arranged. So they're you know they're looking at a monster. Somewhere around 4515 million guaranteed. Under a million total. I don't think they wanna do that yet. Steven is talk in light they'd rather give a long term deal failed. They're nagging him. I don't think they're gonna reach an agreement. And I think it is the Smart thing cowboys need to seat the market is bigger or years. And all the sudden and he's been suspended by the way so he's got that hey you know. You know. And I'd get back problems so I think they'd rather see fourteen and aspect bin. 52 birdies and one more year that the but you know for sure we dive into the Christiane real quick guy who's dead now even gave out with the other strong. We're gonna do what's best in the business interest to the cowboys last night. Editor Jason Witten function and I I think speak as they get our line on that thought I wouldn't be surprised. Not only what they tried to give a severe breakdown. Pat says which he will probably refused. I don't think that is going to be cowboys' next year which he which is going to be the big story here I think in the next. Couple of months. Steve great stuff is always good catch up with you have a great show and I are at a. Talk you guys may have brought up there and do done particularly quiet on big or. First. I love big horn what a great way you'll absolutely bring it to its knees. Nineteenth hole I am talking about so have fun and a book about it but it is a big a you're all right sign up for the five hour energy brackets today five hour energy brackets dot com where you can change your picks lying during each tournament game. Switcher pulled a five hour energy practically hear why don't share you don't need to be getting dance with busted brackets you can change your picks during games of all of which you screwed up. Gave you totally blew you'll have to have to worry about those moving on with the loser and being depressed the entire. Month of march there's approximately 7680. Minutes college basketball played march. Don't miss a single second cut five hour energy good back 100%. And get back in the game and if you have a real job you can watch games live don't worry they gets covered play five hour energy brackets on every device. Any location Twitter question we'll NCAA probe talk you want to 8691240. Much more continuing here unfortunately.