The state of the MLB in Canada

The Drive
Tuesday, August 7th
When the Montreal Expos were moved into the US to be the Washington Nationals in Washington DC, which left only one team in Canada, the Toronto Blue Jays.

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Oh Lucy yeah. You liked him before. So he's. Back to him. I welcome back number 73. On the list bobbled stop 100. It everything is different now from Don Henley. The song was played at my wedding. It was fired my most recent west. Com thanks for clarifying that. The obvious Smart I'm staying at my wife deserves much more respect than that and she gets it for me all the time. That's a good sound. Don Henley everything is different now. Played as as we were. Walking down the after our ceremony. Well lots of signify that everything is different now while that's true and here we are. We will celebrate our. New ones the there are leveled the wedding anniversary in December. The number one. December 18. Making sure you knew. About that I'm impressed. I I am impressed you should be emperor I'm impressed. You settled. Well in a minute essay. That. No joke that you dial 2000 thin and it would be eight yes. Well that's outstanding that's spent I know a lot of people my age are getting ready to celebrate there. 4040. Or whatever. What I did find that in my life but what happens when I've found it. It was good. You know on slam you're good now that's all that matters she puts up with me she got mad and I've met her she's an absolute Angel. She is an Angel I'm I'm not kidding I'm not being sort gallery not everybody is that she heavy know exactly. Exactly he you all you'll punish your coverage national absolutely. And maybe more than anybody's ever uploaded any thing. That's what you got to know that I get it. And is always get it that's that's the most important thing is I don't I don't understand your like you know what I'm good bye I don't sit around dawn. A lot of I can it done now this is. According five times better than any thing I could've even dreamed up while not fly that's solid play and our wedding happy days. I knew that the time. Will slow splitting your wedding I don't remember let's awful. And that's a good question you don't even did you have a thing to do that. I think I was there. I'll love Cuban merit and they did that LB fifteen years next month. That's a pretty good run as a good run and continuing. I'm proud of you for that well thanks thanks to and I appreciate I'm not good that I mean your favorite son don't you don't this. If you you know deep down my. If five ahead other kids you wonder or Allah what would have happened how what I've handled I don't know hours that I have to a third kids. You've got to I got to any chance for the third on no no no two's enough two's enough it done Mac summoning. You have couple comments. That'll lay down I came keep track I was busy it was busy he's got a he's got to. Assign a dollar. Though congratulations everybody has kids. Happy days all get everybody anyway that's all remind me in my wedding now that's great. I'm proud of that church down on. Lincoln's story near George Washington boulevard at work but Methodist church. And then went on our. Well he called things. Reception yeah at the vote counts. Did it up right. You did do it operate. You're good player appears Smart man and scenery or that you know you're doing. Haven't let me just say this. After as many failed relationships you don't just automatically say okay. We're gonna try this again I mean. My bank account there. I asked them if that's you know and me in. Yeah they are expensive. It is expensive they are expensive. But it is what it is what else you gonna do. OK we talked about. Stay in the keyed early in the show passing away at the age of 78. That's a phenomenal hockey guy. But I remember the name's Sam McKee the idea and the Chicago black soccer's. Blackhawks are one of the storied. Franchises in the and it NHL no question. No Montreal Canadians would qualify as I have. Sir I mean you go back tiered. You know yours yours. Originals there I guess in the got Austin Rangers under. Montreal. Who's in Boston Detroit. New York rise. Toronto the Maple Leafs they Kenya trotting travels the one of them. Story Fran I mean back home I mean you go to game and Edmonton Calgary and half the app the stadium filled with trying to meet Lee enters. How about I noticed this too that Toronto the blue jays baseball went in to play a series in Seattle. Anna's cause all these Canadians who come down from the western part of Canada the only guy who are big time Toronto Blue Jays fans and they fill up that stadium. It's still mostly mariners fans obviously but there's several thousand. Blue jays fans. Come on down from Vancouver an awfully great mad area their man in southern vote Ronald the national team the blue did you all by far but it's the only baseball team we have obvious so that's part of it but the blue jays have always been. A big deal my dad won't miss the blue jays game. And he doesn't live anywhere well doesn't know I lives and why he went I was not burning in this at all hours the items couple hours away or 3000 miles whichever comes first rate so I mean guy I mean he'd he'd. He watches every blue jays game every single one Philly the blue jays again he's a blue bell island the only time ever went to Seattle watching game most like to blue jays were planned a ball tournament. And now Surrey British Columbia which is just outside of Vancouver. And there was probably. Of everybody at that tournament there are probably over a hundred of us that went down the watcher mayors in that make as the jays. And it's only about 45 minutes to an hour. From from there to get the CI you would think that a bunch of blue jays fans would come down to Detroit when they play there wouldn't it. You would think I would think they I would think that there's this if it's more. Pro announced in Seattle for some guide I don't that I don't understand who they must have a big fan club out in western Canada. Well like I said it's the only team so I mean if you're a ball fan. You know Montreal Expos fan growing as a kid I was I'm tell swallow tail watermelon sorry guy in the hot. All I love the Montreal have their uniform. I love the Olympic stadium where they play even though wasn't a great baseball the flaw in all wasn't they played in Jerry park when they first came along. And I remember listening in my bedroom as a young kid to cardinals broadcast. When the cardinals were in Montreal playing it Jerry part. Against the Expos. Analyst frigid this is early in the season. And that the the place was not extravagant at all. And the descriptions of those games I'll always remember. There's something romantic. About the Montreal Expos and I guy and I don't I don't RC you know and I think they wrote I think they would of won the World Series if they wouldn't went on straight strike here they had to manually load it beam. They were unbelievable cowboy Randy Johnson Gary Carter I mean they had an add on very docile on that they had a hawk was on that team and I think Grissom was on that team he was there reloading it was. Larry Walker was on that team there were. They added they'd probably they're probably the favorites to win at that year I hope they go they went on strike they didn't want the Canadians to win. Now watched saint those play last night in Miami. That crowd of eight doubt. What is going on Gaza air terror that to others not a good a team that nobody cares about that franchise. I don't know if they're wired world wide they paid billions of dollars or outside Tampa bed than they have. They they they can't get a stadium bill. So I would think that one of those franchises at some point would say. We're gonna go to Montreal because I think Montreal will get a second bite of the apple someday. And have Major League Baseball back. This just. It's a 'cause I've never been the Montreal. But everything I hear about it is this just an unbelievable. That he. Well I'd I cannot I cannot say I haven't been a month trial that's a that's an awful thing on not really. It's not but I hear that they Canadian who hasn't been the Montreal deaths even Toronto Alia. I'll closer Toronto amongst all. Such good questions eight hours I think it's a might be less than. But I am not I am not sure opt out my hand how far it is Montreal's slip up by you know of them. New England. If feel it's laying a New York here you go you go out there and your your fairly close to Montreal all right. Yet if you're in Cooperstown New York it's probably your morals were a little four or five hours from Montreal. Would that be an act I think that's a pretty good guess and that's a good gas but I'd on the bottom non volatile looking up at six hours. Anderson thinks that the four by the end of the plus is that Lander being helpful is that it Anders saying. You don't have a clue. I think it's available spewing it's a little bit I got a little bootable before being on us. What I say three or four or 545 and a special threat there are drive faster. A good player. I'll get there and five you probably could specially 'cause it'll say you can go 110. And can do go that but it's claw not resident yeah. A replay yet which is like 65. We go it's funny because we go home and a drive in this in the cities or the town join our Google fifty kilometers an hour which is like 36. 35. So if it feels like you're going at a snail's pace. When your hope they're right in a wide open spaces the western Canada holiday on the highways it's only about one tan. Which is 66 on five like in 630. Null. Hello Chris here on the show. Thought you. Yet and four guys the art. Adjacent where it's not that the guys realized that when her and it's out of the Detroit Michigan. Yeah. Now that's why I said it was unusual look Toronto fans didn't slowing down and did Detroit. Pride I think. Three bank and a Canadian being so out but didn't already desire to bring it. Yeah out I got like. Thanks. It's right there what's what's the dividing line with the river. One what's one of the Great Lakes and feeling like if you're gonna know about Canada here on. Now on late here on this is honest I don't think that lives into today it out why I don't know it's crazy. Knots. And I've always been like that. One I was asked about two questions. And I get a Canadian and here I think you can answer why you think Roger about 5050 on Canada oddities. I've been back while I really don't look at the map. It's a dispute perfectly honest with you on it if I ever move to Switzerland. Oh give me now we I don't United States come on now. My old soul. What we did hear a call you've been hampered over sixty years I would hope you know a little bit more about it. And you are we really only in Canada for warning yeah. That's it and a lot of energy embedded in the US longer than you were in Canada yes. Welcome that's cool. In Paris or goes and it's worked so. I got rid of me yet. No I haven't and don't get on the computer sent an email to somebody just don't do that knows that and and you know every. You you you need to get you yeah. Deported try to get me deported already I would never do that until at least at the end of the weeks later you're far too valuable to this show. Movie might purchase will be on the show tomorrow I don't that all of my no I haven't been on with the no. He's a tree. And I got some thing a lot of talk to them about. Movie was and TV want. I started watching aid Netflix there is called blow. The glamorous. Ladies of wrestling. Oh how was it. I'm only Mitt among almond like episode six of the first season but I'm enjoying it immensely have you finished watch the first originals are. Yes and it come back on where later this month is out it does is and I heard you as a dog Netflix. August 31 level I heard you guys talk about a so I watched it. And and I are watching it I couldn't stop the great show just binge did like in three nights to better model all started last night I recorded it. I have a guy Nancy. I'm a TV guy. Obvious say that up front. TV music pop culture. Movies all that stuff is right in my wheel and a window we find no win what series are going to be picked up. I can tell you you can tell me name one is timeless coming back. Now it's not. Access. There was this lower output this would drive on campaign.