State Farm Insurance Picks Of The week

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Friday, January 12th

Bruce Haertl and Shane Dennis talk all things NFL as the guys are joined by Todd Benway to make State Farm picks


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Ten point five on Friday that means our state farm picks of the week. Have Todd Fenway on line conceding for Jim addicts today as we appreciate his flexibility will also have Casey on the line for the callers. At the moment. I am six over 500 the collar right on my heels at four over. And then state farm and Bruce kind of battling out for third. Will revisit that. At a later date. Third door last it just depends on which we can open and that he stroked it and I've. You're the game to give you quick preview a Wichita State and Tulsa Saturday KU and K state Saturday. Both of those. Debbie issue NKU. Mar eleven and a half point favorites. Be prop bets for Wichita State. Will their leading score whomever it may be go over under sixteen and a half point. We'll K used leading scorer go over and under 424. And a half points. In the NFL. The Atlanta Falcons a two and a half point favorite on the road against Philadelphia. The patriots a thirteen and a half point favorite. Now at home against the titans Steelers minus seven and a half against the jags. And the vikings minus four and a half against the things so very gone I'll make the first pick we'll start with Wichita State minus eleven and a half against Tulsa. Give me Wichita State all day I think they covered that pretty easily. Casey Europe first for the callers what do you think. It would stop the heaviest U covers eleven and a half. Todd for state farm what do you think sir. You ever got Barack virtually a clean sweep. Dad thing so I hit it good they're playing well. That's also rivalry game all that blah blah blah which dusty it's just that much better they were in the scheme known audience to see if they higher than that it. Hi were Vegas and this was yesterday. How to put that at fourteen and a half maybe more of a gamble if you will find out maybe maybe a little too low there's nobody had to think about much. Guy case you're gonna go first on it's sunflower showdown debut. Minus eleven and a half against K state can the cats keep it close. I think that's up for the goofy because it's hidden threat. Not the case say there is good Booker. K state to. Getting eleven happened K he'll think those points Todd. Yes can you not doing a whole lot of blown out of anybody so what will people within the number go to Bob debt. There's two for the underdog bridge connects. The tricky eleven and a half at home against K state sunflowers. 800 C Kansas in this one I think they hit. Who's three point shots that they haven't been coming go ahead and take Kansas maybe it's a late cover. But I don't and I like the quality of the eleven and now I've just got to feel that this is gonna be days. Knock down drag out so. That's a lot of possessions if he's gonna take care of star uptick case they'd also subversion by yourself on the front that's all right and I Todd Ben way for state farm. Wichita State and pulse the shocker leading scorer whoever it may be. We'll have over or under sixteen and a half points. Defender. Under sixteen and a half Bruce hurdle. Under. Under sixteen and a half. Thank you guys are making it easy to be contrarian and that's frankly aren't goes sometimes so I'll go over I think somebody gets its seventeen Casey. Well Landry she and it averages over sixteen points to gained I mean you know but he only eleven the other night there to you know through our case we got. Over it just. Just in case you missed it last night they got 95 and nobody got more than fourteen. Yeah so that's what Todd in state farm and game and Bruce is hanging on there and went not the chargers have played many minutes either. I appreciate you go first on this one. The right K use leading score will get more or less than 24 and a half. But one question. I'll go ahead I'll I'll take you. I think a very confident over I think somebody goes over NATO point five for the grand can do it and Jerrold that can do it I don't I'm OK then. No need to sway anybody else case here the state farm people but I Casey what do you think 24 and a half more laughs. I want a good recruiters were Bloomberg I like your style. Hi Todd for state farm leading score that well you. You go under it will all right so we have both split on the prop bets. We've done chain not to choose one that's what we're looking at. Okay NFL here we go these are gonna be interesting. Atlanta is 82 and a half point favorite on the road they're actually three point favorite real push here in the state farm fix. Atlanta's two and a half. Give me the Eagles I don't know why I'm gonna give me bogus reasons why. So but I will take the Eagles with those points Casey. Atlanta. Thank Atlanta. To cover that two and a half. Todd Ben away for state formally think the road favorite here. Yeah I think built and opened it cold and get it done but apparently I have a feeling among moan here Bruce if you want to you are I'm going with Atlanta no question. Okay Atlantic cover on the road. Casey you'll be first on this what is the giant spread. The patriots are thirteen and a half point favorites at home against the titans he got. That is very hopeful and I think they're potent. They're better or more we definitely got baker had K so they come crashing back there's this week. I've been away for state farm and the pats cover at thirteen and a half. Yes they'll cover that all right Bruce. Too much for a playoff game you I don't I don't even care who's playing thirteen and has too much titans did take Tennessee. I with some reluctance we'll take the patriots cover that have a feeling it might come down the a garbage time possession perhaps but. I will take the patriots as well that's a big number but if anybody and covered Bill Belichick can't. Let's see Todd I think your first here for state farm the Pittsburgh at home against Jacksonville. Pittsburgh minus seven and a half. Peter Bergen game yes they've got their butts kicked in the regular season thirty to seven that would be revenge birds. Yeah. I like Pittsburgh in this game news tonight guide I think the playoff experience does count in the game like this. Antonio Brown being back in the line that helps too so. Give me the Steelers here. I would hold. Up Jacksonville to keep it inside that number. Casey. Dealer Pat Day now mom again all right so Bruce you got to pick first in our final game of the week tonight. The vikings at home minus four and a half against the saint. They take the saints. Stake kicking this thing within three at least it's interesting job to go ahead. Take the points to give me New Orleans I trust Drew Brees an awful lot I wouldn't be surprised if they win the game. I know the vikings defense is tough for those things and things got Drew Brees saw take those points in New Orleans Casey. I'll go with my name is doing my favorite college quarterback Robert gates' keynote. Wow this Bill Clinton marriage vice president gonna take another step closer to going home games Super Bowl. It's not that way get the last word for state farm bikes mice born happy yes. I likely I think. Okay. So. Casey you're on your own with Minnesota how I'm on my own with Jacksonville. Bruce you're on your own with Tennessee. I'm on my own with the Eagles. We are split with the leading scorers. For a Bruce you're the only one that thinks that K you can cover eleven and a half a fine metal strain secondly known Elena took KU. And we all think that issue's gonna blow away hard Tulsa. Tomorrow night at 630. Casey thanks so much for weigh in and good luck to that collar only one behind me so that may the force be with you. Until next week. Indeed at the end Todd Dan way appreciate you buddy and state farm and thanks to inflexible and sitting in for Jim manic week. We certainly appreciate our partnership and you guys have been up and down but up lately. Mom Terri Johnson had a nice week last week so please can followed up. Honor but we want our right appreciate exactly action we appreciate it OK so. And meet with 75 the college was 74 state farm with 66 bruise she was 55. And we are looking we're. Coming down the stretch we have three more of these. The schedule was stabbed him Macs make the picks today B could not make Indiana. A prior obligation he couldn't get out of been so Ben way and shields were gonna pick next week and Todd stepped in for jam this week. So we figure well at least hear from Kevin Shields next week. And then. Bob Jones Terry Johnson and Jim addicts at GM's office on the 26. So we will get quadruple teamed and then everybody. And Jim's office on February the second as we can't anyone state farm picks yet we won we certainly is we are joined now on the. Well all right. Good week good week interesting week I like the prop bets. The problem that is a good one. So we are in there. Have blood on him. I just would Micah I just would like to win more than I lose a one week are you sure it never happened but I know you dial and Ford four is the best that I've done. Here it is been a a pulley pathetic. Year I'm ashamed of my performance or lack thereof. I have no one to blame but my own stupid sensors. And of of knowledge so speaking of stupid guy. No matter what sporting event here at there'll always some are real hard core fans and apparently a lot of them. Participated in this poll that I'm about to reveal because the results will blow your mind Ticketmaster. Conducted a survey on fan behavior at sporting events and they asked a thousand fans were pretty big sample size. Thousand fans and how they thought their behaviors impact of the games. More than 90% of NFL fans say the crowd in the stadium canned quote sometimes or always influenced the outcome of the game on quote me wrong. And that's just the courts lunacy hole well home field advantage has some fans a little delusional but this territory gets even worse. More than 50%. Of that thousand interviewed by ticketmaster's say quote cheers and chanting and quote influence the outcome of the game. And nearly 40%. And you say a combination of quote cheers. Face paint costumes. And dancing. Most likely influence the outcome of the game on quote. Wow yes. And you can't blame that on on the women either because four times more men say that women. More four times more men and women say dancing in costumes. Confluence influence the outcome of the game. So what's the guys that are sand that's mostly not not the girls that let that Jane is there alcohol involved. There is but I don't know if they had that alcohol before they took this service that's the wireline voice goodness I mean at least folks 40% of the NHL fans say they're superstitious. And 30% believe their game day rituals and superstitions can influence the outcome of the game. A that's beautiful isn't that beautiful. I I love that I I love that. At the NFL level. It end and the numbers would be it would would bear this out for eight I order. Argument here. That you know why do teams win at home well I mean if you know when he walked why teams win at home well because of the fans at all. Well okay. And mean you do there are lots of things that create a quote on quote a home field advantage. And noise level I think can have a lot to do with it in certain situations not a lot to do that. Saw something to do is something to do with that. But I wouldn't give yourself too much credit right. That just wouldn't. Wearing a piece of lucky clothing that no no that's 20%. Of the rituals tailgating is 18% although down much of the I mean that's a kind of a given more than ritual. There here final thought before move on on this day 30%. Of fans would give up a free trip to Tahiti. To see their team play in the Super Bowl. It's unclear why TP was chosen although it sort of makes you feel like the survey was conducted in 1990. That's very Attica and there's a real live fans are all the fans and short of fanatic yes. Alone. My goodness kind of what gets you on this dating history. Yeah see if we can follow that up somehow. Coming up better in that. It is December 4 she's meet January the twelfth. What happens on this day in history it's coming up next sports sailing down the stretch on Friday.