Stanton Loves New York

Just Sayin' with Jeff and Jamin
Saturday, December 9th
A discourse on the Yankees aquisition of Giancarlo Stanton and GM Brian Cashman's over all body of work this off season.

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She sees she does say in how we can band Jamison. On Sports Radio or it may have changed from. What could does not always good morning welcome bit thin. Jeff in Xiamen Saturday December that I have rolled right along with Florida 2018. Julia. Three weeks from today will not be 48 team. It'll be darn close. Yes that's correct code would be. The thirtieth thirtieth two more days that would make it 23 days left of Tony seventeen or do some quick. Mental arithmetic will play we need to do some kind of a year and show things how we do that on the thirtieth. Some kind of a recap. Some kind of not a best Alaska's evident early could do inevitably that basically every shows the best that's true. This is true word word we're basically supplying historical archives. Literally as we speak very true picture. One of these days they're gonna dig this out and you know you think they will predict how and how how wrong predictions I went on and the Internet this week inserts for. Our show that we did. On January 18 Tony sixteen. Just as we found out. That the eagles' front man Glen Frye had passed because I wanted to hear. How. That bullet in my voice how devastated that I was but I can find that shows well that's. That's a mistake in the archiving process we've got to put out to be up those things should not be got lost to history I. I used unit under it is often anymore go back and just randomly listen to an old show for just a little bit too to hear if how bad one of the best known right now. To hear one of us said something that was either really spot on. Or really whale had he come up with anything there were a few yeah. If back a while back there was one where we were list we're talking about the NBA finals which at that time was spurs heat. Today I guess 2013 or twelve or thirteen when you with us held probably six months ago and basically. Whichever one of us that I don't remember if it was you or me I think it might have been me was predicting something regarding LeBron. And Miami's. Another GO it was you because retirement Cleveland and he and you predicted the Cleveland move I didn't like way ahead of course like the two years ahead you're like well you know they it was when the spurs were getting more pounding the heat in right in the sec and you said something to the effect of you know look bronze gonna get tired this Miami DL and he's gonna poll to go to Cleveland any wow team up with. With they're gonna they're gonna get guys in there and they're gonna make a new super team enclave I hope that. Yeah you're Ed needs argue about Brooke I got ahead yet you got well it wasn't that far a stretch to think of him going back to cleave how well I was the guys that that you did any of the first got to say Wichita State might go undefeated but that claims that it's him I know you. I remembered this distinct Leo okay yeah and I will backe on this because I don't they were I think seven our eight know they were playing Saint Louis. I remember distinctly are playing Saint Louis that Sunday afternoon game and Saint Louis was decent. In the us is not a bad teacher that point and they were at Saint Louis and they were struggling. And they went on a second half run that eyebrow as Ira call it anyway they went on a second half run that was just big blitz them it was like sixteen to two or something on the road. Put the game away and you text to be during that run and you said I think they can go undefeated. And of course there eight now you know and and the valley was not just I didn't think that we didn't think it was going to be that bad. And so or they were gonna be that good so I was like. I'd dad you're a little bit crazier is like a 5% chance that app and a half and and and you got to twelve and now at fourteen you know an eighteen you know and also known. This is more and then they came back he is Missouri State US has no business calling an attendance for that ballgame. When that comeback happened that took from the like. Nineteen now or whatever was and I said OK this is happening because they lose tonight as bad as they are the they're not going to live Margolis and so. I still I still wonder about that Kentucky game I still wonder had that gone a little differently and the seeding been different in the I Mac tip in different. I wonder how far that team Oregon I still that's still wonder if that wasn't the team but then again. Well it was just it was the team does this team. Currently beat that team I know we're gonna get into the weeds at that discussion but as though they'll need to is still are there really is thinking about it this is the best ones so. You wanna disputed wanna start the soccer's you had a different. Never had a different topic. Tuchman talked oh start in earnest here in just a second but believe it or not. And Jamie doesn't believe because he's over there knocking stuff over right we have a telephone call. 8691240. The number it was originally Sebastien for some reason and he's changed his name to lead over the last two seconds hey Lee. There's an intimate and I think we'll get Leach of collective right in. I'll let you know if they don't that eight in particular blogger guy next to me you know Google well. Anyone who loses his car I don't know eight at your eighteen it hurt for a little that you are a and then of course that they'll let it happen and I think anyone talked political. You pretty friendly when your teams went in by a lot to me now but it you start talking to him after that. But they've man I really liked likely end the nearly half a. A lot of people were really very similar top in our arena but the game over an hour or hour. Unlike I ET what have you open it. I'm tech has finally thanks for the phone call we appreciate it I'm out. How are probably Eleanor was her name was originally Sebastien I like Sebastien better defensively. I I'm glad that I remembered it so well I said sixteen until I was very close I was I was New York clubs oppressed good memory on lead out by LA but the eighteen but it probably was there it was. It was probably and it wasn't just that it wasn't just the not either reason I remember the run so much is because it wasn't just the nature of the run because sixteen to two runs happen. Right eighteen to two or whatever AT&T but it was such a it was a blitz it happens so fast they scored those eighteen points in a matter of a couple of minutes they were just raining. And raining shots down and I just remember thinking at this at their peak. You could be right you could be right at deputy mayor lahood go undefeated. 35 and now. Just they've bee last year's first round haven't I've I meant to look that up and haven't Herman last year in the first yes. Gosh why am I not gonna remember this. A sudden I was two years ago and they play in Dayton date they were the five Davis twelve and it was the five. Now they are I mean that there are depth into tart statement seventieth outside David attend date with a higher seeded played in the and they played two seed. Kentucky yes there were ten Dayton was the seven. All right two years ago was. Baby Vanderbilt and arrow down and Arizona correct on the way to lose I don't remember that Dayton game hardly at all. It was ever an arm like a Friday night and then it was incredibly ugly and it was it was not a fun game to watch it was it was very low scoring and sort of PG herky jerky in not a whole lot of just a kind of sloppy honestly for a talk about the shocker is next. Segment but we got to start today. With baseball. And Jamie news this and ambles. To pick you up today right who ambles into the in into my car this Mario out in zone and the government away I don't know. Ed Ed until they got John as though they did they get Jon Karl said he had no excitement and it's not even worth. John Carlos then go into the Yankees because he's way to ease. It's spoiled by the Yankees themselves downloaded we get dizzy at John Carlo that's Kuo underwear play over and over about Milan stop but that's why you acted. I know it's how I ended because it's the Yankees are no we'll get the best player in the baseball and Fabio Alter a it will make us feel it was. That we were gonna sign Bryce Harper but now I don't have to do so a probably still little but here's the here's the thing with with the Yankees though here's why. Okay I I ate I knew there was a possibility. I didn't think it was gonna happen I thought he's gonna go to LA I thought they were just using the Yankees to up their leverage with the Dodgers. We clearly want to go to the Yankees I thought well wouldn't you. I'm not saying unless I now think that sarcastically pissed at you there are teams out wanna go located at Virginia coast and what better lineup protection do you have even playing with the Marlins for the last eight years or whatever it is you've got nobody around you at all. Now your gonna hit behind air and judge and in front of Gary Sanchez. What better park place could you be if you're like yeah that you can put them all star team together and there's gotta be line of protection. This isn't a novel concept but here's the thing with the Yankees and I and I and I I half to go back to this every time. The Yankees get bashed for are at historically have been bashed for their you know big money in all they buy their to whatever. Errant judges drafted Gary Sanchez was drafted. John Carlson was traded the main trade chip going into that idealist Stalin Castro. Who was also traded for. You know you look at Brett Gardner was a gut. Developed Greg bird is a draft that they never give up anybody for these guys well that's not their fault I get that takes to trade partners and it's they are gonna fleece people. Yeah they deserve credit and not script war. They'll get the White Sox third year of the three or four of Boston's best prospects including. Who was the best prospect in the game right but the Yankees trade for Sonny gray. And Tommy came Lee and David rather I Robert that I Todd Fraser and then ought to give up anything except Blake Rutherford new just shredded up as they see can. They traded Andrew Miller enrolled us Chapman and managed to get. The labor Torres and Clyde Frazier and so yes they have come out on the better end of both. If ends of their trading spectrum date two years ago they punted. And traded guys in got prospects and now they're yet to lose. Obvious that by I was saying. I think I was saying Tony eighteen the year after next. Last year right. After the Indians got done losing the World Series that's so well about a year to two years away in the end and the Yankees will have this sewn up I didn't know would be because. They trade for John Carlos stand now disfigured young players would get better on I didn't and then 2019 they get Bryce Harper or whoever. Here's my here's Mike OK here's my question do you know and I need you to try to answer this in is the most unbiased objective fashion that you can't. Isn't what Cashman has done. Extremely impressive. I mean yeah I wish you and god says I've will only play there. I have to play no stopping it I'm not talking about Stanton talk about everything else because everything else leaves Stanton to wanna play there if they're terrible. Or their 500 team. He doesn't wanna go there he wants to go to LA so stop the list Stanton. And talk about everything else that has let up to stand and talk about the Robertson came only Frazier deal or the grossed detonator Miller trades or the sending great deal or the drafting of Byrd and Sanchez and judge and I'm. And Severino and I come on. Look at the free eight international free agent signings but concerts and amid look at. The job he's done is worth. Credit to get them to the place where they can get Stanton to wanna go there they hit. Brian Cashman to have the best three year run of any GM I've ever seen in any sport. He's had an incredible run. Of trading and draft I'm already tired of this congress it's the truth you want you wanna and so are you wanted me to be a little more excited you got it. Well finally an entirely good. Did we get there they NL MVP that's good I'm really OK I voted for Phil pardon me I had had my coffee the problem is a wake up when you the problem is how I'm awake now. The problem is the EU and everybody else who wants to have. Give after the Yankees get out Didier did I get out these people that make trades with them not necessarily even though the Indians made a trade I didn't. Yeah I'm probably not gonna end up liking though the hall that they gave out Clint Fraser injustice Sheffield among others who've already debuted on the land value out of a hundred dollars so I don't think you lost that deal didn't lose that by the odd little like to see what Colin Fraser looked like candidate Indians uniform and you drop the Sheffield as would have been a guy that they turned the rotation over to after this current cry get. I know what it is you're you're Indians fan and you you actually did better trading with the Yankees and anybody else. Essential Florida did enter Miller's the best thing that that has happened it hit eighty innings a year OK but. There eighty dominant innings a year and cook Frasier and just Sheffield haven't made a Major League impact yet so right now you're still winning that deal. But many walks after this year we get nothing for like this. The problem is you're just. I don't wanna say Giles just jealous isn't the right work. You are frustrated. Because you feel like. People are getting. I'd least like the Yankees I feel like man. It Edwin Encarnacion once in a lifetime move. For the team like the Indians to go get a guy whose market isn't necessarily. Blossoming in blooming and thriving and you sign them and that's a great move really at 35 homers and he did. He yankees get do the MVP. It's this frustrated and use their head and not once in a lifetime because they'll probably signed Manny Machado or or somebody else other free agent market next year and just be. Other world will they for the next decade. You can't do it in general they've committed to being under the luxury and they kept that way and made sick and they haven't spent lavishly on free agents the last. When's the last lavish free agent signing they did it's been years. So day and I got to know maybe we signed CC sabathia or love it that Cashman. About four years ago. Cashman said. This isn't getting us anywhere we are not going to win a World Series or be in a World Series. With these old guys that won us the 2009 World Series we stopped to share and A-Rod and all these guys hanging out on the roster. It's time to go it's time managing at a would help if other teams. Kids properly evaluate talent why would do it. Diamondbacks give up on DD eager glorious and makes absolutely no say that even know what you get out of great that was a great after they steady out the next Jeter. Okay illustrated the Yankees the oldest that great scout who are process by the Yankees that was a great scouting job they went and I was are horrible job by Arizona to what do. Yes it well. Who talked him up and then dealt them yes of us that that was have been you're exactly right I am not disagreeing with you that other teams have you dealt poorly with darling Castro a guy who 200 hits a year. At age. Fourteen or whatever it was that the right the cubs and not a great power hitter and the guy doesn't take about a wall little sloppy in the infield that I second baseman you love that yeah I was negative 'cause I didn't evaluate him early could move on the second. And have something this like now he's well I had Addison Russell and hobby biased coming up and they did that I was expendable. The Yankees salute Dan made a great trade. I mean. It's anarchy Ashe against John Carlos Stanton Brian Cashman the hall of fame general manager for good reason. They not just and let's talk about that I'm sorry but I have to come back to this they're drafting record. Is in the last five years has been absolutely incredible. Aaron judges picked. After every other team in baseball had a chance to pet. Correct route. There was Diamondbacks did you get Robby ray junior and birdied category that was some from Detroit you gave up came during which. You do that 3000 times out of fertile for DD regards yes. I you know. They've made Smart trades and they drafted well and that's why they have Jean Carlos and it's not because of their money because they're not gonna. Now they didn't sign him I mean there are absorbing its contract yes. But the several other teams could have done that the giants in the cardinals both had agreed in principle to trade the stand blocked. And again. Don't play Giancarlo Stanton. Because though they are forcing him to take this did did did Jeter led ownership is forcing him to two. To accept a trade somewhere and they're trying to trade him. Would you go to the giants who won 65 games would you go to the cardinals who have an aging roster and didn't make the playoffs they're older and aging. You wouldn't go to those two teams. You wouldn't go to this to teams yet choice to go to the Dodgers. When really it got literally or every one it looked Dodgers and yankees have very wanted to they could make a deal work with the Dodgers so then add that in that would that the opposing team having. All the leverage if I hit 59 home runs I think I go wherever I wanted to do. I don't blame Jim Carlson have been out the vote they gave them the full no trade which was stupid it was a dollar contract with stupid that was never gonna end any other way but this however it would are never going to endear any other way but this that was the previous ownership group being stood with the Marlins soon. What are the Marlins why do you think they're in debt because they were paying the Marlins are we hope we're good for the next three years. And then for the following ten. We did him good luck they had some hope a couple years ago and that's not their fault. That different that the tragedy happened. Right dragged their fault that they're twenty Jose flannel and talk and yet when it in 21 year old lace you know dies in an accident. It's not their fault that happened they had. You know Stanton and yell at chin ham and I'm in had a core that they thought they could go somewhere on the other side of the coin. How bad is the National League. The American these incredible but tie on he's going to the angels pilot Trout. Stands come and over the Yankees beat the Indians are still gonna be good the Astros are absolutely loaded. The Red Sox aren't going anywhere the American League is disgusting I get in the nationalist. Okay who I'm sorry national here's what all they all teams have gotten better this offseason or in the American League right Seattle. The angels. And yankees you're gonna have. The cubs are going to be there the nationals are going to be there cubs nationals not the Dodgers are going to be aired in whoever's fourth this fourth. And then you'll have. But the Dodgers the Dodgers already today you know the Doctor Who beat the nationals or whatever in that as CS and they'll go the World Series and get killed by whoever the American eye opener. Also get killed while. I'm just theorizing showed male timing bad angels didn't buy it I mean I've moved suddenly is under build. Let an ace now apparently. Apparently are gonna pitch. That's his thing he's going to be a picture well yeah I was always going to be a pitcher but they're also an eleven hit I would love that. I would absolutely love that there's not and he's not gonna end up being ahead here. Yeah but if in the thirty years you'll be a hitter and happy if he DH is a couple times a week why not they need hitting just as much as they need pitching needs somebody with that now line up with Trout. Trout killed a guy in drought and Upton. They're intriguing to me I'm glad they didn't trademark track I'm glad they held on and now I would have never traded Mike truffle season out of my trowel and maybe they're the wild card team and you know maybe day. When nine the air you know 88 games or something and and I don't think they're done Mike whose stock has has been linked to the angels. Do you like the stock this trial. Upton I don't like you're buying like I know if Jose Ramirez that's throughout Ike. But that medical redshirt Francisco Lynn door looking around it Torre for. And fame and I get 94 more years I can go to the Yankees. When then you'll fix that problem no I'll Walt. Well. You have do. You have to accept. Some realities as a fan of a team that's not a huge market team did you also don't and I became a fan this team I was eleven. And there was no although it's not a big markets well and they were good and markets don't matter as much they've been good today. They've been good. In your entire life as an Indian stand. Which is spending about 23. Years now are 24 mayor ten playoff compare dates yeah exactly but a lot of goods together and how it's every 45 years at a run and the nine late ninety's then another run in the mid 2000 stabbing another run now. You should just be thankful you're not you know a twins fan or. Yeah army come you'd get the Indians fan you do not have it that bad. Ten playoff appearances. In 22 years is not that bad you make the playoffs at the time you're doing pretty well in a league that has. How many teams. Thirty and how many make playoffs. Ten so far ten. So a third of the value Ideo lay up beside the point a third of the teams make the play house and if you make it happen this time. You are on the top end. I'm older than the other half. The UN 65 games smelled and drag and I. You know what draft well and you might get yourself a Gary Sanchez or an errant judge is Gary Sanchez drafted or CNN Nash OK united auto none of our agent. I would and that that's that Marino was an international bridge but. Bird I know bird and judge drugs who drafted I think Sanchez. Was drafted out of high school I don't believe he was an international signing. But you to tell me that I'm wrong you're wrong a cat he doubted the Dominican Republic my back how old was. I don't know seventeen probably okay well international signings done and then you can you can talk now. Gary sadness 09 now carrot seed cal. It lays that foundation along time ago in sixteen years old. Oh good good for Gary L good judgment as the leaders can't block the plate can't catch the ball now let's take a break Kerry can hit. I'm Al mayor K now let's we'll talk soccer gold will get you back on track they'll get stock Indians villas. An amateur I hope we're not making any moves they're hopeless for our daily at this stocks and shocks than we come back to say and Devin Davis portray okay FA.