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Friday, September 14th

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This these sports daily young JFH. If they're not just today. India Twitter line which of course you can use that crews are Laurent savage of which you tell us. Andrew I. And now we are arrived as we get ready to look forward to our arrested this week we got royals baseball coming up and of course all kinds of things going on. With that nice with a nice so weak of Major League Baseball. Let's see what are we wanted to call what they did we didn't wanna get too was. The breaking up a record that I think is one of those iconic records with regards to NBA basketball and that is that. The up the triple doubles of of one Russell Westbrook breaking and icons record. In Oscar Robertson on the amount of triple doubles that can be had in one particular basketball season and that is an amazing. Feet I that's one of those feats of what I I look at that I think to myself. My gosh can that ever be data we know we're those of us. And many people who have studied the history of basketball said that is one of those records that can't ever Beebe now when you look at the number of points scored. That record is a record that is meant to BB particularly with kids coming out of college sorely you know you get caught you got guys who could shoot threes you know you could you could break those kind of records. But I'll tell you what triple doubles is just an amazing fact feet you know he scored double points scored double rebounds and he scored double assist. That is one of the amazing things and it in all of of the NBA. And I just have to take my hat off to Russell Westbrook who has done it with I think grace. And the fact is named Michael Westbrook I'm sorry Russia is so I think I said Russell Westbrook I don't. All right they are you at a football flash back to Colorado and Michigan AB idea I think you might have Danny yeah Russell Westbrook the NDP is doing well I'd be for goodness sakes we had another that I had a that we had an answer I believe last night. Again. The fans and and harsh style arena chanting MVP MVP I mean stop and think about when it went do you ever seen frank like fat. And then of course I think there's some other good candidates. But to be there is no one that is achieved anything like this breaking up a record and that sort of sad to see our. A record like this go by the waist Oscar Robertson doesn't care. Oscar Robertson it's new he's finally there he is my own. You know he is probably just tell quick story if you don't mind about our good friend. That that that we have one of the greats of of all time privacy is who's the great shocker of all time by number of points how many guys have 2000. How haven't how we got we'll wield little real little things we Lucic scored I'd try dusty history what time you're only one with 2000 that's right one time I was doing a radio interview this is probably fifteen years ago with with Cleo wants to Cleo. What's it mean to have that record unit said after all these years I wanna broke. I can't wait for to be broke. I don't wanna hold that record anymore but there are there are certain time length that we should have records pro nobody is entitled to have a record for a but I still holds that record. Which is right about if I'm not mistaken he's the only shocker in the history of the of the basketball program to score 2000 points thread their way you know Oscar Robertson is. Is one of those guys that that you know how good he was I know how you goody was. But there are generations of basketball fans that just have no clue who he was. How good he narrowly what you don't gain that despite getting seeing your name in Iran Iraq. And usually I mean AA you don't Oscar Robertson I mean. He. His career and his legacy is is complete non. And they Caminiti it it'll eventually be read about and understood in the history books. Nom because we won't have a living model of matter reminder of that anymore but. You know that's OK he broke someone's record the mean analysts saw it that that's that it's the nature of the beast the only people that aren't very gracious it seems to me. About records being broken. Are the Miami Dolphins in their nose and they're perfect. Policies you know that's a good that is a heck of a tank had a lot of bad for sure there is a a it's almost like it's lying as that you would be now. You know records like that don't necessarily define one's humanity right I don't think that patient record edit it but it does with these guys that it to the point of champagne. Popping corks away and once wants everybody now has all loss army adds. It's almost comical. In the way that it is see your probably exactly right but I was very glad I wasn't aware of that Oscar Robertson was OK with this steady incursion he's ready for this record be broken and so I think that's gracious of him to do that I'm very glad to see that but Depp but the NBA we're getting down the point where we're really gonna start paid not paid a lot more attention this year than the normal and I gotta gotta confessed that a lot of it has to do with the cavs a lot of half of it has to do with up. The the thunder a lot has to do with the warriors are watching those three teams in particular watching Westbrook in particular watching courier and those guys a rest up has also caused me to watch these guys. But I paid the fascinating it Pena in the NBA right now for me at this point. Is just the down slide of the cavaliers what is going on with that basketball team well. I know I think I know there's what do you think you know we're not Woodbridge and do what do you think you mean can you shed some light on it because I think. All of capital cavaliers. Nation wants to know well. I think part of it is it's it's a mental thing obviously it's early in the physical fact but it's one of those things where you can't handle. Defeat you can't the Amir's one of those things work. Blame is being passed around you see guys you don't point each other. You see guys yelling at each other when the game's going up there's a thing called camaraderie when it comes to sports. And sports teams and this is a team that doesn't have and I think part of that stems. From from their head coach I think he might be a part of the problem. Things are going Lugar dilute coach Lou is one of those guys that that I have a lot of respect for. And this is a team that I thought he was going to be perfect to coach and as long as things are going good I think he is probably the right guy. But but he doesn't he seems powerless in being able to stop. The end fighting stop the finger pointing stop those kind of things and part of it how does how is it that you tell a guy. Like up a lot barn where LeBron James stop that. Don't do that gold so Katie how the. How do you know he doesn't mean that's you know injured or out walking by Rhonda I mean he had LeBron to do is that's not the lunatics running the asylum that's just LeBron being LeBron I guess so. But here's what I would say about the cavs in the midst of this incredible phase that they're going through what they haven't been very good you know when they have been good. Ears when it dear facing Boston for instance about what a week ago. Whenever it was and they pounded him. You know Boston the one team in the east that I think you look at maybe Toronto to. A lesser degree but Boston I think is the one team that you would look at and say. Do they have a chance to. Kind of but then. Can they be the team that that gives them a little. News to cast a little run for their money and so when the cavs had to make a statement. But to themselves perhaps more than than anybody else. They made a statement in one game by double digits and there was know. Due date or question about. Where the pecking order was. Now they've gone on to lose have a couple of games since then and they're not playing particularly well but do we really believe do you really believe Paul that when push comes to shove. And the cavs start off in the playoffs that they won't be a different type type of team that they won't be a more focused more energetic more. Non. You know together. Type of basketball team don't answer the bell now they may not win it. But they'll answer the bell Florida to get into it and and Brian Moore and are you get a better against them to make the. Panels in the east while the east is the finals that you wanna be I mean if you're going to have this kind of situation just based on talent the east is where you wanna be what they went and again I don't think they will not at them but no. I and your probably right particularly pleasure coming out of east. But there's something wrong on this team you know I sent both sense and I sense I think anybody who follows the NBA to a certain extent. It it it you know and understands what's going on this is not just a new phenomenon this has been going on for a while now they're a year its been a weird to hear what you have to that question and and yet but it just it makes me wonder. What is going on who the true coaches and and obviously it's LeBron. But then again do you got guys yelling at LeBron when things are going bad and and all your dad and I got to give credit to LeBron there's been instances where. He has taken. The abuse of some of his teammates. And being gracious about it not retaliatory because. You know what's your first urge if somebody yells at you while you're back strike back bay every you're gonna yell back here so I've got to give him a lot of kudos. With regards the way he's handled he's handling it like a true leader. But it's if it's an interesting phenomenon to see a taped by the way last night. As I watch a little sports that are last night as I have a tendency to do on on many occasions. It turns out that playing the hawks last night going into the fourth quarter the cavs were were ahead by 26 over the hawks. And lost that basketball game ballot we just say that again. 26 points in the NBA heading into the final court you in the quarter now you have a lead that you blow that game that's not a pretty thing and that is. How the nuggets were up ten points in the last two minutes or or less than that even against Oklahoma City. And to Westbrook scored eighteen of his final 212. Of the of the team's final 21 points they erased a fourteen quarter. Fourteen point fourth quarter deficit and like I said they were down ten with a with a look I think it was. I think it was like a minute or a minute and a half left or something like that night ride back to beat a mid I mean. It happens for whatever reason but I would I don't think that I would back. Against Cleveland to make the finals in the east well I would on gonna say I'm even as dysfunctional as they are I don't know who you'd take. Well you would do we anybody I won't take anybody that's who want a minor leagues but there are several teams I think at least on the west side of the bracket that are probably capable. Well the west yet did that they are important that's today at all over the past this is all about getting divine right this is all about getting the finals are checking out we're gonna go to the phones here with John and Ryan. In just a moment of very quickly. All you're getting good some some decent support on this Indio a Twitter line. I'm not from Merrick nope savage once again you're way off the rails on this one. It shocks that football AAC says no. Basketball are only there Chris fried. The innovation campus will bring students in it was certainly helped no question. Byron no agrees I think Paul is right on target on this point about football helping enrollment which does state still has fewer students now than they did. In 86 right but I've done. As a Bruce at K state is the exception not the rule K state also have the infrastructure. And gotten our five conference to make it happen. I'm Derek agree with Paul no way to get to twenty or 22000 students. With out football. At Wichita State 8691240. Is the number on the I guided attach a locker room hotline in John's been waiting very patiently John good morning. Pack a morning Aaron likes to rack ask Paul question about football. Video workshops. Sport of trying. What I've been with China new area where by may Mara and tellem who. But turned out to be very have very interesting career ever played. Eight man football Paramount com community Kansas threat that is right. And many plays to try out for took issue has a fresh and before freshman more sociable. Because the plane crashes his record of growing. And went on to a nice broker then he went on to win two reciprocal arrangements the his courage sailors who may have very cute play in super coal mine. When he recovered a kicked off I'm Minnesota. My question is has far and have been considered for the workshop hall of fame more or assuredly be considered. Never been nominated but to be a fascinating nomination negated. And take a look at his career adapt it certainly wasn't stellar high school career certainly wasn't stellar career at Wichita State. And obviously a guy with two Super Bowl rings that's nothing to sneeze that my understanding is he still limited the city of Pittsburgh got a bad area at least a suburb of Pittsburgh. Bad day and is still still works and depth. Raised his family and and yacht to do it well and Pittsburg has been very very good to him which obviously you know you have some advantages when he Qaeda troop around at a Super Bowl ring it's kind of cool in that city in particular we yell that's an interesting guy and a guy that I'm gonna maybe try to list so hunt him down and give him on the radio do an interview I think that could be. A lot of fun to catch up with a guy like him. OK okay John I appreciate the phone call we need to take a break we'll be back in just a minute Ryan is up next debt. Then on and on the identity as a locker room hotline 869. Well forty keeping time and as were rolling on this Monday hurdle and savage wit you were back in a moment.