Sports Daily: Could Russell Westbrook Be The Next MVP

Sports Daily
Thursday, April 20th

Bruce Haertl and Paul Savage discuss Russell Westbrooks stats and how he's shooting twice as many shots as his teammates. They also talk about how he could be a shoe-in for MVP.


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Then you hear that. I don't what is easy BC sports daily news only carry you very much. All right and our number two yeah. That on the ground breaking Thursday edition sports daily good to have you with this at 8691240. That's the number you need to know because it'll get you on the air on the identity attach a locked room hotline 8691240. And you can also check this out via Twitter. At savage Wichita at Bruce colonel whichever is more convenient for you we know we should equity. San Diego tweets of day Eric who always weighs in. And we're thankful for it. Westbrook gives great effort but he's a ball on eighteen shots in the fourth quarter last night. Who's gonna wanna play with a I think there are plenty of people Eric it wanna play with on the I don't think that that's the issue. I teased night I think that you need the ultimate question. On and Russell Westbrook is very simple Paul. If we truly define greatness as those that make. People around you better and rise the boat to the point two of of a championship. That that that to me is greatness and I'm not saying the Russell Westbrook can't be great. He is great in the most basic of terms. As an individual player performer and producer. He is not elevated eighteen. To that level now. But some could take the perspective on a Russell Westbrook and say well. Well that's part of that's that's the GM in the coach's fault for not putting the pieces around such an unbelievable player or. You could make the argument that I think Eric is to a degree on. Does he have the capability. Of really bringing that out in others regardless of who the pieces are around him I think he's a really in Christine. Case study in that regard because his individual ability. Is historic it's it's undeniable. But he is ability to make. Championships. I think is very much in question I think will be having the same questions 33 years from now that we're having right now. Well I'm a little stunned at that that particular comment about two he's a law because. Russell Westbrook as we speak right now is averaging in double digits with us this. And debt is number three in an assist and he's not that far behind the other two out better ahead of him. John Wall on Chris Paul I'm gonna right now. That when you look at Russell Westbrook I can say a lot of things about him but I don't know that ball hog as one of them. How old are you number three in the NBA in assist if you're a ball off. Where I takes a lot of shot well but no question any take CME he takes a time of shot that's what an end and I while you are right I mean assists in and of themselves. I don't think totally. Define under selfishness. Okay I mean well I mean yes I mean but but I I look at Russell Westbrook it's his game. And it's who who had been really and truly. So goes Russell Westbrook so go the Oklahoma thunder. I think we can all agree on bat for goodness sake soap you know you're going to would you expect anything less then then then Russell Westbrook. Taking these shots because if you're thunder fan I think you understand. That you need him to produce in a big way. If you want you right accessible saw I am I you don't usually I would agree with many of those tweets that we get from oh who wasn't just waited in Eric Barry. I mean I would agree with him either really salt on this sort of maybe it's just I've taken offense a little bit to the word ball hog because yeah debut I might say acted. That might be a word that I would substitute. Active with with his teammates. But that's probably not what Eric may insult. But anyway it anyway number three and assess I don't know what I can say other than that. And. Yeah I don't know com. I'd have to think about that one now for just a bit. Russell Westbrook averaged 36 and now points. From. Eleven and a half what eleven and a half rebounds. He shot. Do. I only see here on trying to get this saw Warrick can read this. Herm. We shot. And use of thirty it's 36%. Shooter right 38% shooter is that right I do not have thirty over there on the IR percent shooter thirty buddy that's not he's not a great shooter. He's just he's not a great shooter. By any stretch of the imagination. Com. So. Yes. If you're getting 35% of your shots but still averaging 36 and a half points. How many shots are you taking. To average those 36 and a half points. What Justin is on Justin is up that I just asked the question generally I mean I mean I don't expect you to have an answer on. The but I you know what I'll break that depth having Andrew rich who get Andrew on that Barbara search team on that how many shots per game. Is Russell Westbrook taking and how many more shots per game is he taking Dan. That anyone else on his team. I do what that broke out for three point efforts and now I'd do just what I just ask don't I don't need to make it confuse our eyes I was just. Video just go all right let's let's let's go. We go back to the phones 869. 1240 on the I got to detach locker room hotline and Justin is up next what's up Justin. They should interest being bigger during last gamer that I gave one Russell Westbrook. Have the body is and percent why it. Like they settle a lot more than in all though they he had absolutely. There near the entire game boat yet your ball and your ball. But the long and the entire game obviously. The entire crop they're gonna work there USS. Point. All of that but I bickering makes sense that you're gonna have a lot of that this might be all but it I think. There are other caller that there are. Beta a good point good luck desperate he you don't Ottawa time. Ball hardware that need to be in the fourth quarter. When you met at a U verse twelve shot that hurt sign you probably need it yeah. Now you know what Matt. He can't know he kept it and you're right and last night he said to hell that he just kept shooting. But I mean you know he just kept shooting the ball. And and you know wind and part of you says. Paul. Any shooter believes that the next shots going in. But I would am I but I would say in Russell Westbrook case is he truly what we would call and define. They shooter today. In the conventional sense are Russell Westbrook is not a it is not a jump shooter he's not really a section I mean he's not a great. Shooter he's a tremendous. He he goes to the basket. Unlike any player in the NBA. And he scores a fairly high percentage of shots in transition. And things of that nature. And see it sounds say I I I know I'm having the sound of the nit picking his gain here crap and I don't mean to be because the guys because the guy is unbelievable. They're big you think he you paid money. To go watch this guy play. He's that. Good that different. That unique even there's no player in the in the game like it there's only been one on the player like him in the what in the seven years of the NBA. For goodness sakes. So I mean I get all of that. But no all I you know I hate it he's not totally they're forming and I'm not. In the Mark Cuban school. Where you know you dismiss him out of hand for the MVP because I think he's going to win it. And I stated on this show numerous times why I think he will win. But I think that this is the one that he'll win. Because I think after this. The the fact that he I think that this will clearly defined here nannies career unless things change dramatically. In Oklahoma City with the roster. I think that this will be what it and it'll be a darn good thing to look forward to every winner but it won't be a championship thing that it reports deal. That's right course would Billy Donovan I look at at his roster and if you wanna go up and down on the roster. Of the thunder. Who would Jews are an alternative to the ball and somebody else's hand or a larger amount of time succeed and that's okay no no there isn't a. Are there isn't all the other absolutely isn't and and and this was is still a team that that finished sixth in the west. Bomb. So yeah absolutely I mean I mean I get it believe me. Com. I don't know. It did it's just interesting to me I mean you're still talking about a team that won twelve games more than a lost. And take a pretty good now. Pretty good I don't regret not bet on what you are better to play a third teams that are in the playoffs and so you're right there. I mean would you of liked to been higher seed sheer would you like to have had a little more success up to this point in the first two games. Well sure but there's still plenty of basketball be able to be played you now have a chance to try to get this thing back to even on your home court. That's going to give you an advantage about much about what 181000. Fired up Oklahoma City Thunder fans so do do do I account. Russell Westbrook and the thunder out no I mean now they lose one of these two games at home then I think it's pretty much a fait accompli at there's no question about that. But you're gonna hold prouder court this is where you makers. They're not winning this series hot romance that. All they're not winning this series. You and I don't crying in baseball you what I know I that there are not winning this series they may they may get a game. But it they may get too but they're not winning the Syria ice. I doubt it though I am way if you but I can tell you right now that that's not necessarily the mindset of this basketball team right now other gonna go on the gonna get this thing tied up they're gonna go back. In that three game was from now the governor told acted it. At two until a bully you think. Now I can mono let's go let's let's go and one for the get well you know kind of you know I mean you're so old school when it comes to this -- absolutely but I think that the you know. But he hit if you like I don't think that the under think they're out of it by any stretch. Now now saying you know how they are I mean. Mean if I was to say they're out I mean I really and truly to win this series. I really and truly thought that that probably. The thunder would have to pick up on pick up one on it became an gunshot to got to pick a game and used to pick up one level. Not don't care which one which got you want out of the that would certainly help the cause because let's face the burden avoiding the next two games. You'll pick up the next one of them if you don't pick up two out of out of the next two at that Oklahoma City you have problems you're up. Okay according to our crack research staff Andrew handling. Russell Westbrook shoots over 24 fuel goal attempts a game. Eleven more than being his nearest. Teammate. In the role depot. In a scanner and Adams and eight never a case of their ego. So he essentially shoots. Twice as many shots they're next as as the next two players on the team shoot. The ball collectively known. Okay right so he is so he's taking 24 shots. A game to average 36 points. That would be averaged 36 points out that that's right there. So Nam. And you know that it it it's over it it's okay. It's not it it's not it's not highly efficient. Offensively. That's the god I mean that if you're if you're really not right this is an injured out I don't know what that the better pretty good hand. Hey they won twelve games more than a lot and had to succeed in the last night and you have the MVP. That's right. And of course arguably arguably but you have the indeed well in my opinion yes they do have the MVP of ice I came to that solution about two and a half three weeks you did you know. Yes you're you're viewer early on that a real and it. Just because of the historic nature of it that was a lot of but you know I'm influenced by historical things you know why am an innocent are absolutely I looked through no a lot of events that are currently going on. Right in front of us and I look at him and think to myself how all this be judged you don't wanna years map Assad to that's what that's that is a it's always served me well to be able to do that I think but they yen but but there was a day I remember exactly the date. I remember talking about the chanting of MVP on so I don't remember what corps was as it was an away game for the founder. And that chance from the opposition crowd in the last few minutes MVP. And and I remember coming on as Jonas is did you hear about that Bruce and I think you remember that we had discovers there's so yeah he's he's away he's is he your MB PS. Glad you. Oh yes IIAA. You know I I I've Camden auto Lewis is yacht that I think eight years and about three or four days later Harrison well I think those. Those hem and haw go back and I'd I don't mean many more yes. He is definitely the MVP after some unbelievable game in the end of that that's that he's Miami pigs in this is about two and a half three weeks ago. So I remember at Miami or is it just exactly how it happened but I came around to its slow I think quite a lot of people bit. Yeah and and remember Russell Westbrook gets to the line. I think that as much or more than any player in the NBA. When he gets to the line of time and certainly at his position now he gets to the line a ton. There but none of none of which takes away from his greatness. Ought to mean it's all I didn't look how how can you ask any more of the guy. Then what he's given you. Right. Right I mean yeah so there's no question about that by the way in the playoffs Russell Westbrook is average in thirteen free throws a game. That's never that's where he's averaged Dayton. Getting thirteen attempts against Bryant that's a lot that's a lot of chances to score without with the clock stop like a lot of points or and I haven't made I mean that's driving. Young man alive today I am always. And banging on Jake all the time get the ball to the basket. Yet the bullion your 83%. Free throw shooter get the ball to the basket and so anyway. Okay. We can go different direction now apply allowed a lot of space on the India although. I thought last night warriors won in kind of a ho hum fashioned kind of returning to the dominating warriors. I'm did you expected Houston wins a fairly close game so. Nine in you know there's some decent games. Royals go ahead and wounded one yesterday get a really. Well pitched game policy that. Brooke are the royals getting if the royals winning games are they gonna be 221 to to not being 321322. Types of things that mean I think I think we're kind of the back on that track again with the Kansas City Royals and you know what am I to argue with success. All I wanna see them do is he is win games and how about Madison Baumgartner going to Olin three to start the season that now that is probably not something that is. The biggest prize of all starting pitching in all of baseball at least were made but you know here's the one thing that we both know that you know you've got to score some runs somewhere along you just can't expect more starting pitching depth to hold these teams the way they've got to the starting pitching has really been. As good as anybody when you when you look at the Kansas City Royals but your bread but your point is well taken. Somewhere along the line you got a winning game 76 or nine to nine to seven. You're our AM instead BA they'll have those games that but I bet they'll unveil aren't well Syria are I think you have Helio or they'll have on every now and then I mean don't happen every now and then because every night. Over the course of a 162 games you don't play the same kinds of games over and over again. Yet the odd though that you know even in those championship. Runs they you know they had they had some 8910. Run games not a lot. But every now and then you know when you when you get it going and in and one thing leads to another. But but but that's not who they're going to be. That that's not and that's not even even this early in the season we know who they're going to be. Right well we do and that's what gives me pause I mean that's that's part of the problem. Although the royals are seven and seven without great starting pitching were with the royals being what three and three and what. Eleven maybe maybe we have been I mean I'm able yeah but I mean but that's part of the deal ball well I mean these are no it's not every artery. He has start M yes sure as every team has starting pitching every team has a lineup that's got to be going well every team plays defense every team has a bullpen. Now the royals play good defense. There are starting pitching has been pretty good their offense has been not very good at all. And their bullpen has been at least improved here of late. Was pretty bad to start with but in a big part of it going at their 500 with no offense. Would you care again and comedy teams have scored less runs than the Kansas City Royals. At this point of the Major League baseball's I would imagine very few if not how about zero you're exactly right on that second part of your comment that what was pretty amazing when you ought to consider that their 77. I mean think about that that's my I mean an optimistic an optimist which by the way you usually are. And optimist would say. Well just wait till they start swinging the bats to the weather gets a little warmer and all of a sudden they're not having to win two to nothing or 21 games maybe they can win. Remember that static couple years ago when they score four runs or bettered their record was like. They won like 85%. Of our teams well I play that's all we need to get it all you need to do is get to four Pauly that's it well at at an act of war and I'm trusting that your ride that out. Well I don't think that although I'm quite as good while I don't think their bullpen is quite as good as it was then and mean Herrera did give what his fourth save last night. Massive heat finish strong and I think he'll be good at the back end. They got to find a couple of guys to get to him I don't think that they defined clearly defined those guys yet. But. You know seven and seven to win at the challenges that the royals have had right now is not that now. Not that now take it got taken out tonight Aegon as well you're exactly right now take it I'll take it in with that. We'll take a break the back in just a moment sports daily Arlen savage with you and people weighing in on the identity dad's locker room hotline. 869. 1240. Who check these Indio Twitter line coming up next you can always tweet this show that savage Wichita at Bruce Arnold. We always look for your input. Thanks for listening back in just a moment sports daily on these sports station came a great show.