Silvio De Sousa and Billy Preston named in federal subpoena at KU

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Wednesday, July 11th
The University of Kansas has “tacitly acknowledged” it has been subpoenaed by federal officials as part of a broad investigation into college basketball. In response to a Kansas Open Records Act request asking about federal subpoenas, KU stated it “has public records that are responsive to your request.”

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When he scored the game to. It's. 869 authorities. On the I guided it tests locker room hotline she do you feel the need to wait and you have. So that it's avenue at George disposal. Not today you in the news. Not of their choosing. But their tacit acknowledgment to at least according to Yahoo! Sports. Don. I don't know where this goes Shane I know that KU doesn't want to be in the middle of it. There seems to be a lot of question about money. Exchanging hands. With the agents shoe companies and players not necessarily connecting that to. To Kansas. But that but you hate the I'm talking to say guilt by association you hate the book besmirching and by association. This is something that. That Kansas doesn't want and certainly doesn't need to. Although the flagship program of a fetus. There and so this is so the big reason why that they've been subpoenaed. And it was a pretty good people sometimes forget it was a foregone conclusion that Sylvia to Sosa was going to Maryland. Yes and Yahoo! Sports reported Friday that Maryland received multiple subpoenas. Including one last month. Which feds wanted information about the Sosa. One of them asking for quote communications regarding or relating to the recruitment eligibility and war amateur status. A prospective student athletes Sylvia to Sosa. Deed and it enrolled at Kansas for the second semester of 1718. Cleared to play as we know finally. But. His name was associated with Adidas officials speaking about making it 20000 dollar payment. To getting out from under a deal with a rival and company well. The rabble they rival company is under armour and Maryland has under armour. They're gonna connect the dots. You hand talk about guilt by association that's kind of the definition of it right there. I'm honest and in its. You know and AN nine and its bid at this particular point. Nam. The subpoena doesn't that mean it just basically. Means that they're going to have to do what turn over materials and or. Not answer questions tell the truth of the hookers and I'll look after that but all I have yet basically is what it was what it boils down to. So. And yeah so from that standpoint and comparable. This certainly. No indications of any sort of guilt. From him from K use part at this particular point just the association of this ongoing investigation into. Into it is this part of college basketball man known Billy crash. Students name as near as surfaced again in this. Investigation. Of course he left school in January never played for Kansas. But an indictment. Details. And hey you coach giving separate payments of amounts totaling 50000 dollars to apparent oppressed and and hotel rooms in new York and Las Vegas. And you know what it really does she mean it really underscores and lean and mean and unfortunately king use. They're connected to this story. On but it underscores what coaches have been saying about. The underside of college basketball and that's hey you. For a long long time handed there's a lot of coaches. That I've chatted with over the years that just cringe. When a youth comes up them and and it's it's part of the world I mean it's part of the world that we live in today. And doesn't appear to be going anywhere. Soon if it obviously has very. Useful. Recruiting. Ramifications. It's. But it's there's a seamy side to it this is really distasteful yeah. There's hand and so. Four for every bit as good pity you has done for college basketball. It certainly has cast a shadow on the game as well. Not to the point where a lot of college coaches recognize it and think that something should be done to limit it. So mother new athletic director Jeff Long Will be on this air thirty minutes from now or thereabouts right after we're done here with his inner directory press conference and as an aside. He's protected himself from potential fallout from this investigation. The agreement that he signed asserts that if the university has restrictions or probation in football. Men's basketball women's basketball or volleyball. Pertaining to issues that arose before he got here. He is one point five million dollar per year contract will be extended equal to the length of the penalties. Yeah shrewd move by him. Very 58 year old Jeff Long Will address the media coming up thirty minutes from now. And you can hear right here on K well. Not only shrewd chain but preemptive move. Ending. He he he obviously he's been around the block a NAFTA no that that's a warning sign. Ended he was Smart enough to read. The warning sign no we're not saying anything's gonna happen or that. Any of those programs are going to be put on probation but. No win in you know when your name is connected to these types of investigations. It's certainly better to be cautious than anything Yeltsin Jeff Long. The kind of fired a preemptive shot. Across the bow on crystal covered himself say look I don't have so you really have anything to do with what's going on yeah now and so if I'm gonna get a fair shake it turn things around specifically football. Then I need I need time. Panacea for what ever happened. Wherever else it sets us back and put us on probation. And totally hamstring just switch that good. Of course it would deny any gap then I need a fair shake and I need time to. To sort things out and fix it because once you go on probation at the long long road back. So it can be you know quote good question about it who have moved by him again who knows whether he'll talk about that in his press conference but roller find out about thirty minutes from now. Well mayor may not but either way it's going to be interesting Brit especially with the questions. That surround the football program the and the deeds of fundraising efforts that are going on right now to move facilities into a more not advantageous situation. In the big twelve. More competitive situation. And what ideas he has a moving forward. Mean obviously he's not gonna throw an existing coach under the bus. And those in David dating I mean that's it that's not a prudent thing to do in and he won't do that. But I would imagine that that and that taking questions that there would be. There are some form of questions about moving forward with the football program and his experience and having done that but obviously comes from the SEC and comes from Arkansas and com you can make. The you can. You can say that he probably came away may be with one of 5050 split. On the on the hires that he made for football and the success that he had with football on one hand with Petrino. They had pretty good success on the other hand with the bread deal or they didn't. Well so you know eight and would hope we wanna do is focus on football and it. Fair I mean Charlie Weiss and David Beatty have gone 855. Sister you know so yes that's that's the initial need. But when he was in Arkansas. On talk much Jeff Long. The school had 34 conference championships across all sports did actually make a BCS bowl the bowl appearance. You and he headed up a 160 million dollar renovation to their football state. And that's a similar task that. Okay use. Looking now shamed singer announced his plans for twice that much and renovation. Two memorial stadium. When that happens or not whether they get there or not. Remains to be seen but now that you have a new guy in place I would imagine that there's an. Unnatural amount of how would hope open Lawrence excitement that there's a new direction new leader new blood. I Hillary go and I would hope that my case you nation. And JR fans everywhere would be hanging on his every word here in. 27 ministers showed just want to hear this guy talk. What's harder for. Him to do. Maintain a program of the standing that Arkansas had at a high level. With all of the challenges in the pressures. Winning in the SEC. Compared to. Where Kansas is in football right now and bringing that program back to a point if relevance. Having said that in the big twelve which is different than the SEC. The fall on because what you just set the former big yeah I would think so they don't tolerate. Middling in the SEC not everybody gets fired for making middling in the SEC. Easy if he could I understand that that the question in the comparison because it's not just. Poll we just get to five and six everything will be fine get to five and six is a monumental task for this football program right now. But if he does. He can survive. Five and 66 and five foreign seven compared to what we've seen inventor. Now I don't know how long the B a whole lot lot lot longer that they put up with that Lawrence then they wouldn't any SEC school. And four and seven for K you would probably compared to seven and four for somebody in the SEC you know right ours okay. This is nice but now what. Would she say that would be congress KUS foreign seven for a couple years and he's that. Arkansas are Ole miss or whatever else and a 74 for a couple years but doesn't necessarily. Threaten anybody in the east and the west for a division championship. Where you're on shaky ground and people start to get a little nervous here in Lola okay now stick and make that next step. When that happens in Lawrence if he gets them there I don't know when that would be. Just because they've been down for so long. To win a couple of road games. Beat a couple of big he's at home and just flirt with 500 I think would give him some. The real staying power for a long time and some US tank and some backing that. Hey you rescued us from being a laughing stock of the entire NCA. So that they say he's coming in I think it becomes added at an interesting time. Com. But football is going to be I mean. There's got to be some hope in this program. In the next three years there's got to be. And I don't and I can argue item with certainty that there's been no open listening for how many years now four years. There's been no hope of a program. Not even hope we're not talking about rip that they were talking about being relevant we're not talking about being competitive. We're we're just talking about no hope in this program. Michael hoping to win two games eight exactly. That's see that's been obligations since. Know for sure 2013. I mean I told you what Weis and they have combined to do. 83 and 33. Weiss was. Five and 22. Over his last 27 to eight to five and 22 sounds like you're better in three and 33 that's still son's okay let's and it's still bad with all evidence so. But then this is a baby step. Type of reclamation project if there's ever been won but. The onus right now is on David Beatty. To keep his job. And what that is or how many wins that equates to nobody else would we keep we ask that of everybody we talk to when it comes to KU football or. College football. Writers. People who covered the sport if he comes up it's like all right what's. His or magic number for David Beatty especially with a brand new they become an end because we know what do you brand new ladies are brought in today. So it did did it the answer is no. That there's not I mean a magic number is a incomprehensible. Number. For gated Haiti right now is an end we might be right I mean realistically because if I read your mind but like six and six would probably save him but. But that's twice as many wins he's had in the last three years combined and no rolling when he. You put David played decent people I mean don't they should beat Nichols state to start the season. But then they play at central Michigan. And they play home against Rutgers it's not like Rutgers is a world leader but they're not very you well no. But then you go to Baylor UK I mean how. You're at Baylor a year at West Virginia Euro Texas Tech. You're an Oklahoma. You're at Kansas State cannot win any of those games. You're not gonna win one road game in the in the conference. Well as if that's the case they have pushed him over the fifty consecutive. Lost mark on the road would net aren't they at like 46 or something or something like that yeah. So. I mean I mean I don't know they might win a game at 6 mid central Michigan is their chance to win a road game. Exposed the even on I don't know what to chip allies have I mean you know I'm I don't know date they didn't decent and it's not like the Mac. They put as a 45 on them in Lawrence yes right. Last year so so yes so let's not be too quick to put that one in the win column. That nickel state if they better. Pile up about fifty on. Are you a better right. But they would I think they will. I think that they were open. And I picked Rutgers is the I think Rutgers is beatable at home dad just don't shoot yourself in the foot you give yourself a big good chance to be records. You know so. In the keys you can win those first three games and and I think that there winnable games aren't that they're also lose a ball field the under is ultimately to Michigan. I would think promising that. There. So. Is so I don't I don't see much of a chance of David B surviving. I really don't move. I just so I don't I don't see it com. Yeah I mean Jeff Long can't be tied to that. So get your guy in and start goal and you know he's got a short list. Sure. Absolutely. And I mean you know and especially now. Especially now he's got a short list. It's getting 92 on Wednesday in history. Coming up just a moment. It is Wednesday July. Even Lebanon since July 11. Is on our. Radar today what happened understand history hang with us. Down the stretch we go on Wednesday edition season strikers course daily and the sports station camping.