Shockers Taking Care Of Business

Sports Daily
Friday, January 12th

Bruce Haertl and Shane Dennis talk College Basketball as they recap WSU's win against ECU 95-60, Shockers continue to look the part, What we know about WSU as of now, Landry Shamet 2018 Wooden Award finalist, more College Basketball recap as Houston takes down Tulsa 104-71, inside the numbers 


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Follow Toyota got to Obama. Current partner for this is we should talk sports then. Bruce hurdle and shame Denis school Sports Radio yeah yeah K12. 40 AM 975 FM. Everybody good to have you witnessed on a Friday edition the sports daily. Rile us those running the show today 8691240. That is your avenue. CD's. I got to the jets' locker room hotline give us call at your convenience. Verlander honest with you this morning on a Friday edition and the shocker is take care of business in. Much the way that we expected do a little slow getting out of the gates but ended up with the 32 assists on what 38 baskets which is just unbelievable. And selfishness. Ball movement to etc. Adjustment to fill in the blanks with all the platitudes that you want shot the ball it just over 59%. And Shane eight needs to be noted also played a really bad basketball team that's truce not a good team. Not by any measure that's a team in the high two hundreds low three hundreds if not in college basketball in his amongst the worst. That says the American has some opera the shocker of seeing the two dogs of the league. In each of the last two outings having said that though good teams take care of their business in the shocker there clearly good basket. It was almost like it was a contest inside the game to see if they could make an assist on every basket. I. You know that was a martial air high in assists for the second consecutive game. They have sixty assess. Against USF and east Carolina combine. As you mentioned they were a little slow out of the blocks at the under twelve time I was 149. Yes ECU. And it was 36 to nine Wichita State the rest of the half yeah shot. After a slow start well in the first half op otherworldly in the second half. Mike in Bob course on KEY and on the radio broadcast pointed out at halftime. All of the remaining 24 rebounds in the first half of the issue got 21 of them. You know and so that kind of illustrate your point to that ECUs and a bad place right now after Jeff leave though defected. This is a very. Three and team. Oh they only played basically seven guys the whole game. And one around was a walk on any actually had a good game I'd justice and wasn't bad bots are all right yeah I end up nine points. But they only played two other guys besides the two off the bench met at the very ending garbage time. Rom they got a couple of nice players but they really have no inside presence. Control Barkley had fourteen points most in garbage time but that's a little above his average. BJ Tyson had 1612. Of those were in the second half when it could begin to ice ROK Tyson decisive play OK but he's OK but they'd day you know they have I Serb. In the middle who's just a freshman. And you know how the euros are most of them tend to float around a little bit and he did in up ten points. But when you have no inside presence. No real toughness identity. Nine and our laughs. I'm prime dead last in the nation in three point shooting percentage. And he's got a big big uphill climb. Yes well I did you take it is picked up issue out of the equation altogether that's that's hardware at the division one level so they've been they've got some work to do no question can get. Well then throw in the five rate keeps that they use in lieu of defense. Because it's overlay all the way they just they don't defense. Or they get gift fired because of their lack of the numbers in defending and then they try to defend even worse. That's just not a very good basketball team intact. Well you we talked about The Who gave B yesterday to be close to five I think the two games under 500 numbered. Community had beaten absolutely anyone and there's just not a very good basketball team having said that which are state takes care of their business moves on to two holes. Who just absolutely. Worth flopped last night I saw the second half of their game in Houston. Houston looked so much better. Not sure because Houston looked better or because also made them look so but also looked awful last night that will play that way. Now this weekend Saturday night at home in the Reynolds senator though they'll be tougher. They'll be a tougher out for Wichita State. On wolf frankly not very good last candidate frank Kate can't be thrilled about either that no. That output or coming back home and yeah it did the arena will be your rock and much like care. EC's place was they had. 5539. Which is and there are no that's no world beating pop attendance number but it's their what they usually are which is a thousand more than 30000 more than usually get that's the road show that is Wichita State so to also hope it will show up and and similar numbers. But 10471. Yet and Houston was planning Matt obviously after what Wichita State did come but. Meant also demanding form last night none at any point it was what they had eighteen threes which I think is an American record. Houston knocked down eighteen threes. And you know I talked about for Houston came dark place that you know Houston if they configure win they don't make threes while they didn't yet and which does state throttled them. And write more they would they open up a camp on tolls and it didn't stop until the final buzzer. Much like Wichita State. The way they handled ECUs so and we talked about this yesterday too if this game goes according to. Script. Nobody would play more than 22 minutes while only one player did and I was Landry he played 29. So a lot of got off their feet. And then tolls I assume that they didn't. Played they're dudes. A whole lot of minutes down there because they saw the writing on the wall but they didn't they certainly didn't react very well at all which does state held up their end of the bargain. They got a lot of players rested I think they stayed the night last night in and traveled today to Tulsa but one where the other they've stayed out on the road so it's not a lot of Russian around. And so they get take get a little rest on the road they'll practice at some point today than they have a night game tomorrow. But and of course will have state farm picks coming up a little over an hour from now Wichita State to also would be one of them. But I can't see any thing and anything can happen when you play one another Bruce but Wichita State Tulsa is not trending in the way of the golden hurricane at all at. No and in and you would have hoped just for the sake of the American. That you would have had maybe a little more anticipation. Towards that game. I'll tell you what is trending now and we talked about it a little bit yesterday. Wichita State and Cincinnati root us Dayton Cincinnati are the team are the teams that are trending. He used and it has the potential to be kind of the fly in the ointment. Temple may be on the road and it that's kind of an interesting and developing situation obviously with a win. That there are coming off and the RPI. And the fact that it's a well coached team brand dump these dozen nice job. Though with that ballclub. And there may be a couple of other land mines here or there but over the grand scope of what eighteen games. In conference. I think you're gonna see Cincinnati in Wichita State be lions but at the end of the shoppers have yet to play. No the cream of this little guy right fans are gonna have to wait a little bit right. You're gonna have to wait a little bit but when it comes it's gonna come fast and furious and it's gonna come. Like six games and whatever amount of time it's gonna be there in a short amount of time there's going to be a lot of tests in a short amount of time. I guess there's it what are we calling SMU at home next week. It is that a test. I guess it's it has Harrison didn't agree yeah as a test for SMU on the I don't know what what Wichita State we will get out of it but it remains to be seen. Now let's just see what happens it's also person and you know we go from there doubt not shoppers looking the part the last couple of time today a couple of times out. Their bench last night here's what here's what you can take away from us. In an otherwise. Bloodbath. The bench players Wichita State beyond the minutes that they got to play. Shot 64 point 5% from the floor. I am in the second half now when all Mets players in the second half Wichita State was 21 for thirty. At 70%. From the floor now they ended up 69%. From two. The rebound balance felt like you thought it would be plus fourteen. And from that. 1115 mark of the first half. 21530. Of the second half so basically sixteen minutes and twenty seconds on the game clock Wichita State outscored ECU 52 to fifteen. And about the only scary thing. In May just coliseum last night. Was that dude in the student section that brought headaches face pain like a skeleton and his arm out. That guy with a with a crazy colored overalls in the bucket hat on in the in the skull face. Yeah I hope that he got you know I hope that he it. Yet he was solid he was then a guy there's good three times pregame halftime and then when they went back for the wrap up he stayed there and we stand in their like a statue. Scared to be Jesus out and had dreams about that. Dude last night good well I played it is far better than anything the east Carolina produced as a team will play was feared dead yet nicely done. Guy was solid. I was solid so in the hopes someone gave him a gift certificate or something creepy if he earned it for goodness and some student union free stuff for whatever but yet your favorite if he recognizes that the pirates look good job he can't rep the pirates well any or something. At four a small crowd. Yeah Dave provided some early energy listening now considering that started at 9 o'clock on a weeknight. Yeah you know that. I think MM I'm guilty of this maybe more than anybody because I didn't think Hartford would be that full. I didn't expect great things for this this game last night to start at 9 o'clock in the East Coast and now I'm. But I'm short change in Wichita State's road show here right when you got a number next year name they come out. And you know of a place that hold 7100. There are 5539. In attendance that's pretty full. I mean there's so you know you applaud east Carolina's fans students. They're quite a few of them I Connor frank camp apparently you. Kind of got into some non verbal. Back and forth with him when he was hitting threes so you know at least they were loud enough for them and for the players to hear it. But. I guess. When you look at the Americans. At ten it's their home attendance. You can ignore one which does take comes to town you can bemoan the fact that. It Tulsa at Houston there are a lot of people disguised as empty seats in that one but you did well went out the window in which dusting it comes to town. Well of course enough. It's short changing. Everybody. In the conference went when the shoppers come to town regardless of whether time a year tip time whatever as long as which star state good. They're gonna show open and you know certainly we've we also. We look at our own a sigh of excitement of being in the American but other teams fans are excited when we come count because they wanna be. You know so all that Ito that all in the cauldron in Wichita State it's not. Really unlike the valley and that a they're gonna get their Bay's best shot. And B that's probably the highest attended game that they'll play a home game all year so I but the shocker for east of that. Yes the absolutely and they handled that pretty flawlessly. Last night no question after like you sit the first eight minutes of a ballgame which was it pretty forgettable. And but the you know mean the good Ed Landry she evidence up with eleven points eleven assists one turnover mood. Now I mean how is that line for yeah. Let's just say this guy. The superlatives. You you're really run out of you also forget he's as young as he is. He is now officially on the two no one's surprise made the cut for the wooden award midseason top point five and it is a who's who of college and ask cause I'm sure everybody realizes. There will be one final leading candidate list. Held a late season topped morning. And then prior to the selection of the fifteen players on the national ballots all pared down a little bit. But get a load these numbers for landry's chairman. He is averaging sixteen point one points. Leads the American an assist to turnover ratio. Three pointers per game. And ranks fifth nationally in three point percentage 52 point seven. From three but pretty obscene. And the one thing mideast Carolina and does well or did well. Is guard the three there up among nation's best in three point field goal percentage against Landry was three for five against them. So nothing new there for him some of the names on the wooden award midseason top 25. Stop me when you haven't heard of couple of these guys grace and Allen from duke Marvin Bagley the third from duke. Mohamed Obama from Texas Joseph Barry the second from North Carolina. Miles bridges Michigan State. Former shocker opponent Bonn to Colson those Notre Dame markets Foster from Creighton. Dovonte Graham from KEU. Alonso Trier Arizona tray young Oklahoma. Andrea shammond among others on that list so that's heady stuff and I know it's mid season 125 but it wouldn't be a bit surprised the loop that the next paring down he's still there. Melt he's an outstanding player who gives of himself freely and without tension or stress. For the betterment of the team. As that they really. Most of them all do I mean you know there's not a selfish one in the bunch America it was Rashard Kelly last night. And that was another thing and playing somewhat close to home. Yeah like 46. Friends and family there peace. I mean. There was an army behind his soccer match the senior guard Kelli but he did Rashard Kelli thanks six point eight rebounds for more offensive. Two assists. Two steals and a block eighteen minutes does the full night's work at the office. You know Peter tenth floor burns which is you know kind of his calling card so and one of which are always has one of those guys don't they shall always have at least one of those guys one of those turnovers he had was after steely fell on and wasn't able call time out and hit in time rain. And keynote Q. Analysts say to a lesser degree but to a different agrees that brown is like cam gap in net yes he'd take more pride. My Allah speak out of turn here. He's really good at playing defense and seemed to enjoy it more than anything else Rashard Kelly's really get a grabbing offensive rebounds and does it better than anything else. When you've got two guys. That and I'm not breaking new ground here but. Combined for thirteen points fourteen rebounds six some offensive and you'll have to run one play freed one of those guys. To draw any thing form and make instilled from haven't thought gosh. I mean unreal you know you set up shacks big rear end on the blocking you look to feed him EU can play inside outside Landry she amateur you're gonna get points from hand Connors same way he's gonna. Stand there were these hands together waiting for a kick out the shooting hair trigger three same for Austin Reeves. You all do any thing for shard Kelly Zach brown keep them happy. To slow blood and be on the floor. And you know why and that I thought the by the way that the broadcaster last night did a good job of being prepared that they seem like they did their homework. Big dude dude dude I I thought they were solid yeah absolutely and they agree they highlighted one thing that Gregg Marshall so long time ago so on and off they had this hip pocket or just did during the visit with Greg before the game. Rashard Kelly. Among other things prides himself from being the finest conditioned athlete on the floor. So if it comes to it there's no stoppage he awkward taking him out. He's got it like the Energizer bunnies and continue to rebound gonna continue to guard run the floor. CJ Kaiser Simon transition for Duncan early in the second half. Mean when when match you're ultimate goal between those two guys to either be. The most the big guy in best shape or the guy that shuts down there are other guy. And he got a program. Pretty valuable. Pretty valuable and there's Enders. And and they end both of those jobs have great currency in that program there were a whole lot. And you are. You were allotted for that. You have to score points. And you know you just provide that kind of glue and toughness effort night in and night out of who the hell doesn't appreciate. Whatever shark Kelly and Zach brown bring to the equation. Every single night and it makes stars of them. Better to score points. They just go out and do what is in their wheel house every single night they make Wichita State that much better basketball well. And and the fans appreciate it that's probably where the the most satisfaction comes whenever they come out of the game that regardless of how many points they scored. The folks at Charles cookery are gonna him a standing out. And Jane and be crazy about what they did. It there's there are things that I miss about being in Kansas. But I'm gonna tell you that's probably from a sport standpoint. The thing that I miss the most and who is the level of education basketball. Fans have in the state of Kansas whether you're in Coke arena but Graham ledge. Puppets Allen or whether you're in Hillsborough watching. I doesn't make any difference where it is. Basketball fans in the state of Kansas yet. And you add their fans just like you know all the wacky fans from coast to coast and as they're all sorts of things that. They can drive you nuts about fans to reflect from a standpoint of education and understanding big game. Coming I've flagged you folks out there because you understand it and it takes sometimes going and other places. Where maybe they don't. To really appreciate. You've got my appreciation. Let's talk a little college football when we come back to video iron just checking in next from the sporting news. It's time for the east NFL's version of the elite eight coming up this weekend. Talk about it next to them here's Jane and Bruce few unfortunate.