The Shockers’ next game will be in Maui

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Tuesday, November 14th

Starting next Monday, the Shockers play 3 days in a row in Maui, starting Monday at 4 pm vs Cal. The Shocks defeated College of Charleston last night 81-63.


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They hear that. How to tell what is that easy BC sports daily news. Yeah you very much. Hey good morning everybody good to have you put this sunny Tuesday edition of the Dennison hurdle with you rolling out at 8691240. VI guided its sad to watch her hotlines that you could react. You amongst other things which it does states. Relatively easy to 81 and 64 win. Over. Charleston 8163. Excuse me. So over Charleston last night at the scope arena Jack Morris Ron owners are. Darryl Willis all having big nights combining for fifty points and 22 rebounds four of nine from three and Jane I don't know I mean there are awfully good for the first what's. 60%. Of that game there may be the first what 25 minutes or so and then after that really took their foot off I would imagine that. And the Gregg Marshall probably would Bhutto will address that a little bit that really sloppy down the stretch but. What tell you what for the first 45 minutes or so they looked every bit the part. Of the team their forecast to be. And over the last 21 games in at Charles Coker not all wins. Comparatively speaking this was a close game. Because the previous panelists that they'd run. The average margin Vick truce thirty point six points I mean teams that come in here don't get destroyed. And it was heading down that road after the first twenty minutes where they just played such an incredibly high level. And hold the other guys to an incredibly low level of output it. That. They just take you completely out. Everything you wanted to do even gonna happen again last night. And yap for about the first ten minutes the second half. They were fine and got that lead up to 33. And then Charleston got a backed is seventeen I think at some point they started. Basically put their head down getting to the rim. Got the free throw line fair amount the second half. But you know but when it mattered Wichita State killed. You know when when it with the jacket when it mattered the shoppers were far superior. So. Well they're not even worth splitting hairs over right now and really not even worth splitting hairs over I mean OK they didn't defend probably the way that. They would have been a game that was a meaningful at that particular point they knew that they were done after about 2324. Minutes of the game was finished. That 25 minutes whatever the case may be. And then all of a sudden you get guys they're trying to make passes and doing things that you did did did you just don't need to do. I mean so it it it kind of reverted back to little. A little playground late in the game which she wasn't satisfying but other than that. Com. Is. There were moments last night where they've they really really. Really looked solid fluid. Defending well on the floor. Creating offense from their defense. Being true to who they are defensively with great rebounding Charleston was coming down. One shot one shot only. How big guys. Creating space on the floor on the other hand knocking down shots. On just. Just a really good combination. Up things and now it's ready to you kick it up to ease think another notch. Against the cal team over in in now leave but Dick cal team that's been a little suspect you know they're gonna have good athletes and then of course beyond that. Much better teams that they are going to be playing and I think that that's probably the legitimate next program. Here are I don't see cal given Wichita State much I don't mean to compare them. Karen to LSU he say yeah they're probably gonna ask map fleets now probably can do agreements and they'll issue the last couple years. And Wichita State made him sure Philly I think even Callas has lost the game already early to either cal poly or ignored. Somebody else out there are probably an average kid but. We're talking about the number 67. Ranked team in the country. So. It's. Is this is more about. What are you gonna do about it cal as opposed to you know in the past in the kind of the distant past Wichita State would look at this. Opportunity as a all right we were in place may from the pac twelve influence grew up our lawns and get ready for that. Battle let's see if we can take one from it's not that way anymore. But one thing that can't among other things that Greg talked about post game. That is gonna work on or have the guys work on their conditioning because they're out. You have to play three games in three days over there and a couple players that he didn't necessarily identify or maybe it was a group thing I don't know but. Thought that their conditioning could stander improve a little bit when you you know and playing these tournaments he'll get. Many if any days off in this particular case Adele so they got to play. Cow on the no play anywhere Marquette VCU. Assuming shocker when and then a team to be determined but. Back to back to back you know get these guys. Feet underneath them a little bit hat and they haven't had too many to the first two games. Really play any minutes. Nobody played more than 24 minutes against you in case C and Connor Fran camp was all right on the played more than 48 minutes. Last night so that while that's a good thing. That they're deep and they can spread out the minutes. I guess that would be my comeback that. OK so Matt maybe they're all it was they're not all out of stars but they haven't had a. Right and it's been stress free. And and that's another thing they've they've had. Virtually no stress. At all over eighty minutes of basketball men in their. And gotten after early blowing teams out and then basically just kind of you know taken at home. And maybe they get pushed him and bit the stress level lobbyists Lee is going to change a little bit. Some at some point. Whether over in the islands right McCain at some point they're going to feel stress for the first time. This season so that that will be different different kind of challenge by the way UC Riverside. Who. I think it is I think is coached by a Jim wooldridge. I'll have to do little quick research on that former K state coach I think he's still there maybe he's not. I know that Jim less former coach at Bradley is no matter I see Davis go there in that he had in that league. I know that he's there I I'm not sure about that but anyway Riverside beat cal. 74 to 66. Not last Friday. Cal bounced back and beat cal poly like Dick is OK. On. On Sunday and they face. Wolf for Wofford coming up here before they had over two O'Malley to take on. Wichita State early next week so. There you go with with cal who obviously lost tons of Barton. To the University of Missouri and they are in the midst of trying to get that. Now every figured so I yeah I mean eight it'll be fun to watch Wichita State going to that next level. Another sting you know another step up the US stairs another level to be played. And then really on the when they come back I think it gets even. I think to need gets even more interesting because you've got some regional. Matchups that I think will be a lot of fun with Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. And Baylor who looked pretty good again last night and that's a nationally ranked opponent. That your gonna have to negotiate as well so there's a lot of things that will be a very interesting. Indeed and it's another game where Landry sham that was able to kind of just kind of gather himself and and and not play a lot of but not stressful moments and on that on that flattened seems to be in pretty good shape but. And they're developing. Good debt and and though yeah and I mean I'm all in all shape and I'm I'm not so sure what there is to really. To dissect about Wichita State that we didn't already know I mean the big men in the flow of the offense on the perimeter right I guess that's been. I I guess that's been the the kind of theme of the first two games the way to their shooting the ball from outside whether or not that continues. Yet that's a ridiculous guard if it does continue and I'm series wire yes it is. Darryl Willis Shaquille more this run around nurse her four for nine. From three point range and shacks the smallest guy at six state. So if you can step out and do that without getting. Three happy which they did say they managed to between three or no shot nine. And let Fran can't shoot his five in and she dammit she hits the read and customizing Joan chart up. That's that's just the right amount you know in the opener they were thirteen of 23. And we talked about it it was an incredible Lee high percentage of threes. But the volume wasn't there they can think they had 47 points in the paint they had 36 more points in the paint last night so wasn't like they just fell over the and stayed out there. From what I saw there were no real forces. From three where they you know Hutton their shot but they know if it leave and looks like Tom hunt my shot. I'll be right next to the Gregg Marshall. And you know if it's not win again that the framework of the offense and and there's even a an appearance that that you're looking for your own yourself there very long. Speaking of Fran camp and champ but they both hit a three pointer and so now she Hammett has hit one and 27 consecutive games that ties they. A program record. Along with Ron baker so she Emma and baker both hit. At least 13 and 27 consecutive games and frank camps not too far behind he has 124. Points I want him. So if you look at that individually that couple things to watch for when there. In Mallory and murmur back in 2011 the and I keep the College of Charleston was the Andrew Goudelock team member elect. He had yeah 31 during Internet absolutely seven series point eight yeah I went on to get drafted by the lakers in the second round of the game. The shocker 18275. Is it possible that the shoppers. Have played as many. If not more memorable in ninety games the may have been TA games and notes that the stakes are much higher. But anybody was in that building and saw Andrew Goudelock do what he did against Wichita State. It was a jaw dropping in the shocker survive that they want 8275. Bit. His 31 points his 73 pointers. And is 153 point field goal attempts are all Marshall era highs. Firm opponent. And he we shoot them from whom sharks face by the end. The difference in the and I T is that you have deems it to do with the the scenario you just brought up. You have games are not gotten so. Did the Florida State what double overtime game or whatever other Indian IT tech game was that game was under. Believable. Unbelievable. Tremendous game unbelievable atmosphere. That game against Charleston. Now was a very memorable no question at all NCAA is you've got him on neutral floors. Pretty hard to beat the Indiana can pick Kansas on her on. Double. A few years ago in Omaha. And obviously we know how OC there's a lot was okay. You had that one was pretty good you know I mean it. That was the game that I was there that I sat there dumbfounded route. At the realization that Wichita State was go and really get the realization fairly early on even though it got a little tighter at the end. That which the realization was early on here we're talking he was. It was the better team up and that unless they blew it Dave we're going to the final four. And Cheney didn't take more than it was maybe. Ten but by about a five minute mark eight minute mark but still got my notes from that game but the eight minute mark or so. Of the first half. I mean I'm sitting there think in. What would star State's 1015 points better than this team and that's how it held up. And that they won the game. Was. By the time that it ended was not a surprise even though there were some moments down the stretch. Mean to kill cotton had to hit a big shot and an innocent moments down the stretch that made it a little bit. More anxious but that was the most dumbfounded I've ever been. Early on any game and then secure in my knowledge and amazed by at all. And even even going to the final four MB of what you get paired and it's all like. Well you roll out the ball you see what happens in your hope to open. Something good happens and tonight and we don't know what happened against global but for those that were there at Staples Center that day. Do you do the winner. Overall Ohio State. I double it is hard for a I'm trying to think immunize. I was at the ninety final 42 that was cool and it was fun. It was New York City but it was still be in ninety and I'm not degrading the N ninety but there's a difference about. Playing in the elite eight with a chance to go to the final four or winning an NIT championship you know I mean I mean it was great for the program at the time it was so cool. It was an it was absolutely great. But. Then there was nothing like you know like being in no way. Form that for that trip to the final four at that was about his remarkable. I think is it get short of winning a national championship or even winning in the national semifinals to get. Two national championships so. There's been a lot of moments at the fact that we're even talking about this is a testimony. To what Gregg Marshall has done at that program because under his leadership. This is what Wichita State basketball has become. And we have all of these. Two different moments. In great moments in the last. 789. Years. That. That shocker fans will never forget pretty pretty special stuff and. And that's hard to. Hard to separate. Like were were splitting hairs here the Ohio State game is pretty cool in the Goudelock game and Tim Pickett can't. And then when you name meant exactly you're gonna value agreeing at all from where we have our state scored like right. Thirty points on. In thirteen consecutive possessions or something stupid like god I'm never forget that one either because get out pretty magical two year right in baseball knows right out of the gate. That was it. We have people think people to remember. That as the sweet sixteen as the sweet sixteen game which of course it wasn't it was the whole set LaSalle was the sweet sixteen game. If that was the round of 32. After being beaten Pitt and Jamie Dixon city just dispatched to jet that that ball club. And then ended up beating. Hundreds Agha that game was outstanding to an Indian Sagal was the number one team in the country they'll. That week day they were they were they were ranked in at that point they were the number one team in the country. What the number one seed in the tournament but they were in the number one team in the country. And so that that was obviously a pretty special too so right now you know nice little walk down memory lane but it's but but the great thing is it's a short walk. When you know the mean. Am I remember watching oral I was in Britain because Kelly oh Atlantic now is with. And what Orlando I think. I'm watching and that I'm watching in Orlando Magic game the other day sickening and I'm seen Kelly a planet can about playing and I'm thinking well with. You know your immediate it would flashback if you're shocker fan is to Wichita State playing in sag mill and there's a lot of the lot of things like that that that. That make it cool and and who knows maybe maybe more. Maybe more memories like that there will be made in. In this first season in the American as which does it Cincinnati winning again pretty impressively last night Chamberlain or scoring a lot of. Points yeah and as somebody on Twitter made the comment that this shame that we have to wait so long from Wichita State and Cincinnati and it looks more more liked him that thing will be. You know you can't cram many more than 10506 and that Charles Cook arena which was again last night but. I would imagine that the feel of that one when Cincinnati comes to town whenever that is. Will be pretty much off the charts. Take a quick look. It's. The skip I'll my gosh what you like Britain we'll wait till march 4 reports since its total weight at the end. That's that's ridiculous. Candy editor at the the last game right. February 8 basking in the regular season anywhere else there is higher and march 4 is the final game. Of the season when Cincinnati comes down 11 AM. On CBS so. Boy that whoever said that it was right we wait forever before shocker place Cincinnati Jason is joining us on the I got to test locker room hotline adjacent. Money and make a call. But I want you to compare you know you could that product or to payment is eight and two meters a lot more depth. I'm aim to eat it up or. And depth which prostate every bit in the championship. In its Citic Greg Marcia completed has passed me or port connect idea. Legal. Thanks so called the he's already really important no one please ask if he'd never wins a national yet I am Padilla idea that. He didn't need to be adapted to validate his stay in no time. Yeah that legacy is is it has long since. Have been taken care of. And keep in mind too few weeks you know the we continue to we continue to talk about this team. Without maybe they're most talented player. And this is without Marcus Macbeth that 2013. That 2013. Team pad it. Extreme. Nasty. In about four positions. You know what I mean and never touch a close call hall. To never change expression on their face when they were killing him. You never know showboat any vaccine. And added that team went out and just let it heat defensively. They serve and leads us clean Anthony early. And he wasn't the best defender the play to kill cotton Carl hall and you had some moves you had some views that. You can you don't vote down the lane in against that group. That she was cooking with some sick three more oil at the end of the season were back in and.