Shocker Baseball talk with Brent Kemnitz

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Monday, February 12th

With Gene Stephenson being admitted to the Shocker Hall of Fame, the guys reminisce about past Shocker baseball players.


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I'll order out and got to Obama. Home current Parker this is we should talk sports. Bruce hurdle and shaved down. What you see page 12:40 PM 975 after an open. And we are back sports daily continue in chambers with here. I am extends floral mine Simi Cambridge market when he first and Webb still certainly not too late to. Get your Valentine's Day shopping. Taking care for your significant other combined suit jacket Cheryl. Hi I'm here brick Kim which is now here so combines a high in hook yourself up with some great flowers and candy and stuff like that. Bret first of all welcome we were talking in the previous segment as we always do. Regarding a Twitter question that this is one of the more popular ones that we had that was by design course with. I gene Stephenson recently going into the shocker sports hall of fame. It led me to thinking. It really hadn't popped in my head very often and I'm. Can't believe why. Other than the volume of numbers that you would have to retire once you start retiring numbers were with. Was it ever brought up when you were long time assistant hey when he start returns numbers. Well I think that Terry LA. Answers one that stuck to me when driving in listen indeed guys. Forty stop. Jane Stevenson Stevenson obviously is a no brainer number ten if you were to start return numbers that's no brainer so. That would be number one for sure. The pin forty go from there I mean I think you're listed as good Joseph Carter. He like I can rattle off ten names it's held no brainer yes no brainer a no brainer but then worse to stopping point or neglect and I don't know. I'm really almost like the whole fame thing you just keep Golan. Of people that head is unbelievable. Amazing impact not only that which tough statement on the national scene. I mean you mention it come an end Phil was the player of the decade and I'm not so sure he won the under the century whatever. He's an college Baseball Hall of Fame. Joke corridor is gone I call he's got him and on their all time winningest pitcher to never history. A College Baseball and David Ross's third you mentioned Pelfrey. Mitch and driver driver was like the it is the equivalent of the Heisman. The golden spikes award. Eric Wedge out many times I mean we're given these guys are due as we shed been I've said many times I think Eric Wedge is the face of shark based. Do you think shocker baseball and because he was an all American here he did play a little bit in the big leagues but he stayed there. I mean he's a big league manager. He still professional baseball teams Bernie it's the end for two or three years. Any of legitimizes. What we think shocker baseball. He epitomizes. What we all think up. So I mean I can I can give you horny guys and just paint. Great scenarios for all of them. They have third Jersey they're number whatever hanging on the outfield pick stated. Talking to pretend it's the director of outreach in the staff development which does state route she got a question. When though I'm just did it Brit first of all other snakes in here a godless you. There are snake like our inside jokes to people that's wrong we aren't saying and by the way if if you're if you're out in looking for any sort of Valentine's gift for Brent Kay and it's just. Just Coors Light will work fine don't know what I'm a miracle tree guy now let's carved on my got you you've come up in the world congratulations. Up Brett and he you know I. But I wanna go back to fill first second. Because it's easy to go back to that era and I am glad you brought up on her ankles name my god whatever. One of the great gentleman. In the history of the program and then you talk about a guy that was great as a teammate and and and you were so proud of as he went through his career and reached the major leagues and everything went with it. I don't I've been around what a lot of baseball over the years Bret I have never seen a hitter that could squared the ball up. Better than Phil Stephenson and I think even shocker fans have a tendency to think. Joseph Carter. From that era and there were some great ones to mean Joseph Carter was followed right by Charlie O'Brien GT was around. That during that time there are a lot of really good players in the honeymoon start naming them because would nowhere to stop. But Phil's Stephenson. What's the single best. Play here. And hitter that I ever saw. In College Baseball and I and I and I don't want shocker fans to forget that because. That dude was freakish in his abilities especially with a bat in his hand. Yes and before I get to. You know you mentioned Charlie O'Brien. Probably the best catcher. Ever at any level. In baseball you look at Cy Young catcher caught like fourteen Cy Young award winners they all wanted him. Amazing career. Caught medics to asthmatics insisted on having Charlie. And by the way he went to dinner with this and also when the basketball team was their few weeks ago. And Gregg Marshall is absolutely loved Charlie in his stories that you're not this I mean it was exhausts absent it was fascinating. So he's obviously in any conversation. Phil Stephenson. And very simply in the long history Wichita State baseball since gene resurrected its start in March is 77 the first season was the spring of 78. Best hitter we've ever had and that now that's about a strongest statement as you can have seen a mall I've seen him all week pitch Tillman inner squads in the fall. In your one to get him out. And they need you with them through the right in the spring. His great hitters as we've been in and obviously Joseph Carter imminent or that name to says is says all you need to say right there. Long time big leaguer. We all remember though that the answer on the bases with Eldorado. And then just a great ambassador for. Wichita State in the city and everything but still Stephenson is the best hitter which cost states ever had he would spit on a ball half pinch off the plate. He was Smart. He hit the best and in some of these guys were good hitters bit beauty you know. Didn't necessarily carried on we played the greater teams are the greater pitchers are we see which has come and I mean that there that's a until Stephenson. Or was it didn't matter. I remember god is against everybody everybody and it seemed like he rose against the better people remember going to the clumps and regional and eighty war on. And filled with just umpire didn't matter. And then deteriorated into the 82 season in every season with bills like okay what you can do this year to top class and he always seem to do it. I think his hitting streak was what 47 games as right right. But his senior year hit home runs. I hit for average. To save power stole bases. Drew walks. And that was the year the kind of broke this out Jones a lot. I laugh a lot of people's there embassy in Joseph Carter in Omaha and you did it so you'd better than it does. Yeah a separate election you didn't did it but sometimes elect I oh yeah. That fills Davidson nag group would Timmy Thomas and and bill and kind colon and hit it all came together they here were playing for a national championship and 825 years into the programme think about that that's insane. That's crazy but at this field is the respect you have with him at the biggest respect Tiki it is when you're on his team in your blood and giving out. And those smaller squads you know so frustrating because he was just so patient came the same every day. It's not like he had that over four day where he won in two. And there would be guys along the way like I remember Magnus when he was umpire has come and this camera is getting hitters you know. And then Jeff Bryan was head gear where he was on fire and then the Gillespie Brothers and and you can go you can point to different guys all the way through the years. But when you step back and you have time to kind of look at it reflect on it it's a no brainer until Stephenson. Talking to assistant AD and that outreach and staff development director Breck came of course long time pitching coaches shocker baseball opening up this weekend against Whitney state. Have a little fun with our Twitter question and it's wildly popular one as he knew it would be. Who's number should be retired the next two genes number ten. Joseph Carter carrying the day so far 50%. For 22% say Darren Dreifort. Phil Stevenson's number 318%. Mike Pelfrey is number 4111%. Of course. It would go on and on and on and Noelle. On Twitter had pretty good. Alternative. Said could do like he basketball retired jerseys that not numbers symbolic but salt problem. Running out of numbers. Might be something to you mean what better because we want to run out and I'm like dad and dad and basketball like this you have to do that they don't have as many options do it here. But anyway. Yeah if you start if she could Wear 56 and basketball you're really wanna know that he you know what I know you can't because in the the back and elbowed they have to have single digits could you because of that the put in the numbers up little else you have none of officials so I guess you'd be limited to 55 either way I people as a not fifty yet there. That's an interesting side. I think this this thing. Should start happening and I I don't have any insight hearing thing other than. Jeanne Stevenson's Serbian retired at some points and no brainer just like him going in the hall of fame what a great event that'll be next December we have a year and a planet and people to get organized and then you know. Mark the calendar so to speak. That'd be done up right that'd be a whole weekend. So what a neat fun deal. But that but that Jersey or it's not the first time this conversations cannot. I mean. It's it's over curse lights are now Mick culture Czech court over the years. But so what a great topic here in Indiana. Let me ask you okay jeans and no brainer Hoosier number two. Bruce circle. I think it has for me it's got to be filled and and that's slow that's with local knowledge being around both he. Advantage so at the heights of their powers I think they're two of the most easily connected. I agree with you on Eric Wedge. That indelible image of his face and you know and the bear hug after Omaha. Fears may be the most iconic image of Wichita State baseball. That's the image that I think. Anyone that's a historian. But the program thinks about so there are lots of guys that come up. But for me it would be if it if you're going to put something with the number ten I think it would be the number three I personally think. They're probably another number doesn't need to be up there. With that at all. Well that's that's that's format if you if you're gonna start this process. Number ten's a no brainer and then give it some time this and then that's a great topic. For down the line you mentioned you know with the picture wedge only no mention parliament won three games and Omar rally here. The picture of him with the number one and in wedges arms as the most recognizable. Wichita State photo there is. One neat topic as we head into the season which starts Friday and and I remember and in the coaching years it's not that volatile year Allen for two years like yes but after Christmas. Yeah you go through November and December your tank and it's awesome I love November and December kind of chill go to basketball games that all of a sudden I am. It's January and it's like no no we played six weeks. We'll explain what four days five days Friday night and I think they tenor on the trip yep I will be there. I teller but their bases do you miss it as I wouldn't trade those coaching years tree thing in the world. But where are mad at seventy degrees and no we're. You guessed a couple of and you are not necessarily anymore depending on the moods of eighteen to 21 year old not as much I mean he's humble you are you are. They've been it's all spread always enjoyed that you know I if I gurgling and also looked a bit down on my god but if I heard it once. Eighteen to twenty year olds and grumbling under if I heard it once I heard it a thousand times and that's what the thing that kept him back. Coming back all of those now it has no question. No there's no question about it it kept your brain at that level guests and I still I still say well I got to college Brandt I tell the girls that all the time ago don't act like I get a governor underage my whole I think if he and they were the cool kids. There with the Kia Canada vigilant. The best of the best yes but but here's the other thing that's even worse than what we're talking about how are eighteen to twenty year olds perform what's worse and had sixty news teen year old decisions. Don't like at all or are gonna go to school. Very. That's scary I. It in all seriousness Brent how glad are you. It to see this Bob between Wichita State. And gene Stephenson. I think a lot of us were concerned. By the way that it ended with Jean needs a very pride former and we ought we all know that it's part of what makes him. As great and and and historic. But. How Blatter you do see this apparent the lying and normalcy. Felt relations between one of the greats of all time and not just in Wichita State history but in College Baseball history. And the university that helped to facilitate it. Melodic kind of broad stroke and I'd like I said this when Paul's whole trump was right in the story for bush dockers dot com and didn't make the story that he did use some quotes that I was happy got in there. I saw this comment when gene. Other write a national story about him several years ago. He's be on the mount Rushmore College Baseball apparently brought Frazier and rod NATO and and skip Berkman I mean he's one of the guys that obviously what he did here was unbelievable but what he did for the college game itself. By making a more visible trying to get pushed back in the season's beaten up that game. TV arena I can go on and on such an advocate of making it a big deal. And the push to make it a big time situation which does stay which obviously happened. And when I came in here with you by the way. In the fall. Seven TA deal wasn't yet this is gonna happen it's this is this is how we're gonna do it. And I was fortunate to be a part of an I feel like I have a nice niche is pitching coach and loved it. That you have to answer your question he should enjoy a boots the program that he built. He should be. Able to look at it with a lot of pride in in the allotted impact he made a lot of people's lives so yeah it's great. And the fact that we have a year to plan for this and yeah Jimmy Ruffin amiga is rumor that name yeah of course yeah it was our grounds guy forever than our volunteer coach and now longtime scout for Detroit Tigers. The town this weekend. And I dropped him off last night he said today. I'll be back in December for genes don't recruit Omar boys to come out of the race here but that's the kind of momentum this whole thing can gain. Dance all ought to what an exciting event. And look forward to we are live on location here sports daily it stems floral Cambridge market when he first and web come on by apps for the sports daily specials they had a Jack and Cheryl. We are right next to test locker room we all know where that is on these sides Columbine cius. Before we had to break break a one more question for you regarding. Gene Stephenson you talked about it wasn't a matter of if but when. This is how it's going to be. In your opinion is there anybody even close to gene with that vision and with. The results that he had in if not why not why haven't there been more Jeanne Stevenson's come down I can do it the way he's done and kind of impose his will on a program. The only other thing I remember told Paul I said when I was high school kid in Oklahoma. And wanted to go to you and gene which it left I mean it's good you're good and much newswire I mean that's true. But I was a bigger you've stance I've fallen and in the impact he had there than with college World Series every year he was there. And then I go public College Baseball you'll university which was a great small clutch program. But when they are gene Stephenson marched 77 I remember my college coach and I knew god help us what did he said. Why Wichita State wants those there's serious they wanna I wanna baseball program. So then when I get here dissect confidence in that the un emissions so to speak. It was cool to watch it unfold but it's your question. I did not ever but he's more like that I mean you can look at Bill Snyder. And I mean there's the way it I guess they are shortchanging other coaches not nothing in their camp but you get the idea but this are from nothing in the say OK which in some ice is probably better in have to tearing down. It was like OK here's what we need to do and if you just watch it happen and it wasn't easy I mean he was. He was determined enough that was can get in his way. That another reservoir like yeah I mean you can that there are some great stories and we could talk all day about great coaches and all that. But it's just off the top of my head the two biggest. Stories for me here are shocker baseball team. And Bill Snyder K state because he did have a program that we had that was horrible yeah very similar there know those are the top two in my yet. I would agree right on target him right yours autograph or want more there was bill Schneider there was gene Stephenson you know I mean that's the thing I mean. I can stick around if you still may be your Awami eleven guys. I think it will work again. We're here in laurel to combine CSI Cambridge market has been the other sports Feely stuff. After the sports daily specialist right in front and it's provides he has friends here. As Schindler's List is sports daily continue to happen. You have very. Studio at 8692.