Shaq & Up

Just Sayin' with Jeff and Jamin
Saturday, August 19th
Jeff & Jamin consider who will be the Shockers best player with the possibilty Landry Shamet will miss time due to foot surgery

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News. It's. And in and as. Any let me live feed any links he didn't seem too desperate for instance. He like any Linux Larry try to stay a little bit viral like I'm out there and Fox's. Kylie got I got actually the only other contender would be covered by Springsteen which we don't have. Cover music greats we have cover me and I deadly in the dark them as well did we play that slowdown it's coming out okay that's actually are closer I'll give that away think other alert. No cover me dang it but that's. I am. Wichita State's most important player while English and it is out with his injury I am. She act. We and all more. Shaquille. Yeah carrying. A fake. You have very good case that they're gonna they're. Working men. Right might not be a perimeter oriented ballclub with the Landry out. The money they might need this slow the pace a little bit. I I put too much on whoever's hand on the ball I tend to agree with you I tend to think you're right about that. I tend to think the offense will flow from the inside. And and I think Darryl will also get a big boost and I think Morrison well it's maybe playing together some good big. Stretch that floor if you're Derek and Daryl Willis volley both can hit a fifteen to seventeen foot. Jump shot Shaq even briefly toyed with taking a three year to last I saw though. I noticed you know you they're not his. Packed in is that they could still play four out one yen you know kind of a game here I am they don't really have they really have. A big guy. This deal and get together it's bound to the lane now other than maybe Mitt gardening nurture has will be in the range meat guard sounds now not meet guard. Meet yard meat to guard thank you. Hey you're gonna get that down before it's also net as busy as Bjorn as Bjorn admit as I DR and meet guy. At a house that that I have to vote is OK okay. As Bjorn a case I they don't they have they're not bound to. You know the lane so I I I think you're probably right in the Czech Morris is probably right the only other guy that I could maybe make a case for market on Duffy now Connor frank camp. Because. In the backcourt he's gonna take on primary ball handling duo responsibilities and that's a big job. On but by my civic Duffy just because the scoring load. And won't necessarily be as disbursed. And he'll be asked probably did do quite a bit. That's it's time for him to do quite at that isn't it arts via I mean I I I don't like he's. Neglected their responsibility and anyway nobody I think. It's time for maybe ten to take another should be a little bit more consistent is a lawyer Stan. And this might be a blessing in disguise for some guys. The sham injury might be a blessed lives as yeah as long as he's not out for like two months. Right but they'll still may be benefit from some guys either getting extra playing time Austin read some logic he's found the war. Guys having to score a little bit more and maybe say did you guys is my responsibility now account carry your whole procedure guys and you put him on the back burner a little bit. But he's gonna get some run if and when Syria and us salmon misses time. Marshals called him the best athlete on the team repeatedly saw that little dog and I saw the done video yeah he's insane he's got tremendous athletic ability. Deceit that translates. There will enable office I'm I'm I'm I'm ready to see how that all plays out I ever go a little bit. This is almost off the board. It's still in the realm of sports but it's not give off the board here obviously. I invite you every time more than welcome to come and watch summer slam tomorrow I thought he didn't watch much anymore I watched all the paper views. All the babies every single one that you watch all the paper views you just don't watch the weekly product but I pay attention to it follow it. What are your what are your thoughts on summer slam has to be fine okay. What are you hoping for. No hoax no I'm not really. Who's go who's positions Kagan went. Probably. It not the right thing although the New York Times just did a story on gender Mahal. So in my wanna continue moving forward. With a guy who's getting that level of published at times is a little bit behind. Went on to say and as a matter whip there behind and that sets. The standard for other people who aren't paying attention on a daily basis the Abbott knock knock from Morris got to win. He's been booked so poorly. The worst thing is a very Corbin lost his mind about broadcast side of the worst thing that's the ASEAN lost it and the best thing now isn't that awesome anyway your question LA is sad it's funny to me. That amuses me that should have been in your proud pleases me. All right I ND city. Just things never stated that. I in the city most right. For MLB expansion slash relocation. Things never stay the same I love Vegas somebody moves you think the raiders move opens that up. Yeah like a weakened support and they have a hockey team now Eric. So why not just continue to see what else they do and who moves the rays. Yet. That would only days. Both of those chose to go to Las Vegas that one of genius. Everybody from Oakland this girl go to Vegas is that now they have some warriors. But well no they weren't obviously a founding the Vegas athletics. How does that work and I love it and catch so everybody from Oakland goes to Vegas and then. They're just hampered Gallo they have had the worst attendance in baseball for. What ever. Yeah whenever that was that ever a good idea on not in an indoor stadium in Florida. I don't get that get top bit that's all we build protect retractable roofs like the Marlins in so nobody goes of their games anyway wallets back into what go to games in Tampa. If the stadium was located right in Tampa. Right. But whereas they Wear it again where they going to go. Tampa yet. Charlotte. And is there did the way the girl she's fed is there south of market for them that's available now really Atlanta own warrants. In Norman supports two other pro franchises again give blood but. Yet look at who what others say wanna Oklahoma City well Oklahoma City only supports one. And now there's no candidates support a second and I just a question of you know what maybe what mark is there. But I think Vegas is obviously the most you know that's the best. There's been talk of. Vancouver. Document another another. Going back into a second Canadian market. Here. Dots on that no thanks no thanks Toronto's one's enough via catheter into market Montreal. Although it should should. Should work to do more to Montreal probably would work again in Montreal I would be a tried it. Going back retroactively as you you came here Indians fan them. Quite organically. Right yes. Had I had an organic experience like that it would have been Montreal really they didn't know it and I've. Always love I have a soft spot in the nationals because I always loved the Expos growing up they were easily I can somebody asked me who's your favorite team yankees. Yet a second thirteen exposed put out of rally they are my favorite I while I can name. So many late eighties early ninety's mid ninety's expose it's really not funny bones. That team went. More as a salute until liner to shields and Pedro Martinez and and that team is very water that team was completely legit. There I find marquis gave her the one the world's scandal white in 1994 they would've won the World Series. That's the sad part is that they banned the strike cost the Expos. You remember or did you know that in 1994. Mike Kennedy. And I don't think I've never heard another second word about this so this might be that I imagined it but I'm 100% certain that he did it. He went in and broadcast. Gave fake games between the Expos and the Yankees. As the 1994 World Series. Why. You I don't know. Mike who developed through them when they like simulated bile because this I don't know. Who need to for. Local radio. Like ten SS or whatever was backed and people listen to. I did once. That I remember I don't ever heard our is that I don't remember who quarter we get a dig those tapes up we do because why would you do something like that I mean I give it may be is a publicity stunt of some kind for some reason but here in Wichita does that make sense like. To do it is like a New York station or something I need to know more about yeah now we do need to know more because I know that it happened is that it's did you listen to I remember sitting in the parking lot of east minster church. Where I had. Basketball practice. Before we went in that oh we were listening to them my dad and me who won. I throw I don't know like I earlier remember that one experience. It has to be the Expos and I'm a yankees fan but it has to be and the Yankees by the way. Great team in 94 as well I'm lists Don Mattingly. I was someone was listening right now remembers that if you do 8691240. If you have a connection when Mike Kennedy junior remembered 8691240. Saint Denis and listen sometimes Mike he's the host on this and care of my politics bike. You your so I hope so but among these decades I don't know someone or how do you remember this that the you. That is awesome I didn't make get out. Getting it to Kenya and text from or good friend of the show Mack Brown in Montreal bring back the exposed now it didn't work that way. It's not the Cleveland Browns you can't go back and make it a new expose the old X those are the nationals. End. Dale are gonna stay the nationals that's the old expose I don't want a new exposed. I don't wanna solely the memory of the exposed by making a new one saint Denis that he does not recall that okay MI does making this up then. Well now you can't. Why did you make something up like that I would make no sense for your distinctly remember Mike Kennedy. Broadcast did make that mountain and you add a guy I know I mean a lot of things that are ahead of me I could have concocted that a lot of there I didn't. You realize that we're spending one segment each on these Kudlow what's next are we tell us is this actually the second question side that was fair. Las Vegas is your hands are so so far. San Antonio mentioned on Twitter Pakistani OK as a potential destination for the race. Okay that putz is there enough sunshine etc. as the three Major League Baseball teams in Texas. Can I do that big state EF three basketball teams so. Why not you know the two football teams but. Is a big state I think Santonio would make some sense okay so so far you are Mike Trout. Shaquille Morris and the entire city of Las Vegas. So basically it's it's like to hang over the weekend a Trout and Shaq going food host jacket doesn't. Get into any shenanigans I hope not I hope not to try to read later for the season Johnson's take a pretty straight laced guy maybe they'll just go pricing by two can read it. I am the we are the I should say we are because of my and the city we are. The NFL team most likely to win our division out of nowhere. No I know where meaning they were 500 or worse. 500 or working Larry you know worse and they're gonna win their division well Alitalia. I hope this team has the correct to record. From last year because I think this might be some relatively easy and it. They might not qualify. Lose Tennessee Titans have Philadelphia Eagles over the Philadelphia at a time okay so that's your clear answer that's my answer. That would be a little out of nowhere though even with the cowboys in the suspension of Eliot knowledge stuff. The teams do and they made it worse last year. Okay we'll bulldoze you can they win the division and are aware Arnott now an absolutely absolutely not Cincinnati. I'm not really out of the outside I know where they've been airplane attack Baltimore it was a name they've been there Tony and Cleveland the Cleveland of course to be I don't know where that's unhappy Indianapolis. Nets on out of nowhere in that division Jacksonville that would be out in orbit it's not have Blake mortal thought happening. Not happen Blake board rules keep that imbalance. Broke into video. Did you fear I've seen videos. Are not done in my day okay. Aren't I don't know at them it's a did you ready you know you haven't seen in particular I'm referring to now there was a video taken from my cash. Training camp. Here recently last week where Alan Robinson was caught. Testing at Blake portals for overthrowing him in the -- late morals as horrific market. OK next to the chargers now. Not gonna win that there's Philadelphia who does my pick I think there's a Minnesota. That would also be an hour but not happening the bettors know who the saints. No chance now you're right that Jesus not good here I must branding cuts. Carolina wouldn't be out of nowhere but they were six and ten last year. Yeah now okay Arizona I would say not out of nowhere the rams. Il can't do and do it and the 49ers candidate. It comes out it all comes down to Philly actually had a thinks it's your only real. And I like them that option. But they did very well they acquired in the trade just about a week ago. Yes postcard Darby push calendar push cart property. But at the the US drives the but so why I don't know why there at certain things unexplainable things in this world that make me laugh. Uncontrollable. Late. And I don't know why that does I wish I knew I don't know I don't really know that I'm more than willing to facilitate I don't know why that makes me laugh so hard I think it's just because it's so perfect. They did it. Some days are just like some sports nicknames just happened like he's an he's an active. Player he's a quarterback. Even bees is doing something in the book and very active on every place not just blocking these rays he's doing a lot right these postcard Darby what. What position on the field would make more sense to be. Are often divide them lineman would be clear but other than that what else is there gonna call a linebacker. All right you're gonna call a running back necessarily. Which although it would work if you were like Marshawn Lynch if you like a big bruising running back. Would push cart will work for a nickname baby. Yeah a little bit old vet but a corner I just love the top it is I just love it's it's the best name ever get along all right Ronald yeah. You have to involve a lot of so athletic skills. To play cornerback Brian you gotta run and you got to use your hands he got a jump. Dislike can push guard RB hip to that exactly you're running you're pushing it. You're carting. It makes perfect sense. Well firstly I do one more bullet though has no right now let's take a break we're actually in that that I am ready to I'm ready to wrap up and go back I don't know if only there that what's your next one I know we're not and a magaw and and I liked mine. Yeah but I'm not saying I like mine either. It's just. I'd rather then you'd rather stay a little did we come back there and a good comeback. They were of this whole thing you know we knew David might be tucked in or out of this decision but it's just they would Jeff and then mounts portrait of cafe.