Second To One

Just Sayin' with Jeff and Jamin
Saturday, August 19th

Jeff & Jamin discuss who is the second best team in baseball at this stage of the season.


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The GA season she does say and we forget Dan Jamieson. On Sports Radio or hey have anger shrewd. Yeah those pitfalls. And what the L guess Florida. Fan Jeff and came it's Saturday. April the nineteenth. So I go on a radio voice still even though he's not top of the hour at 9 o'clock straight out Geffen gentlemen back with a young to abate. When they're on the eight Zahn now now stop they'll do that now we've stopped the big. This gig one person James a station I was doing my hope not it I would have its violent and and annoying but I got to hit me yet you do put him back. No we could both probably pull off an entire two hours trading those things back and should we have them now and now or maybe they leave we give people enough advance warning you now. Or just the segment toe to warm him up. And then figure not even make it quick announcement I'll I have not since August had a potato two hours. I have yet that if that's so. I like I assumed I don't know if I had a potato chip I've had certainly corn chips like garrido banana potato do not port and gets hit a potato chips specifically. I don't think that I love potato chips specifically so I I I can't. How far does the potato chips extend. Like obviously. With the title cheddar and sour cream with those are gonna start here is the pace of benefits they don't. Then I have a data okay it doesn't matter if they're belabor it with. Fifty million other things if the pace of the thing is a potato. If the base of it is corn what are we call it courts against the pretty simple distinction without Canada's and they can share alike. Like a barbecue chip. Is still potato chip barbecue glaze is still open to yes it's a barbecue potato chip but it is still white potato chip and ever at a barbecue potato. Now I don't even know what that would be mania but the make it to about an agent now 691240. Of the phone number as you can see very little preparation done on this show today yeah that's not true he got a game coming up. My new game for me what you have I have a standby. LL stand by courts and I don't ruin it for him because sometimes you come in with new game now not today today it's stand. We promised Damon last week that we would have a list. Of the 25 movies that everyone should watch at least once a year and I think we got like four deep. Five maybe what of what happened well we just needed we just need to continue that in earnest and I honestly think that would be good on air exercise that you used said that it wasn't that's why we stopped. Well how to do that on the air well explain that a plan that would as we did it as we did it via text message. And you know we use throw you throw a movie out. And I go yes or no. And I throw movie and a bad idea but that's all the top of our head it's not it's not gonna be is a list doesn't recap what I'd like let's recap what we half. What do we have we have all the law went home alone. We have crew surroundings do they think yes we know that so there's still that's absolutely just because they came for a push cart Darby it's it's official who added intercepts in this week I now out of former teammate Tyrod Taylor for the Philadelphia Eagles out Ronald. Push cart derby. I I think it's cool writings on the list. And dumb and dumber is nonetheless tiger we added Alan. Europe and the world forced you that'd force gun and Wayne's world which I agreed with on both accounts an hour up to five. Apollo thirteen I had that's the good luck this is a plus that recently and it should be watched every year and the year so I think we're up to six. And and Ollie and we decided to give each other one Vito. So we're actually get to eight right I used almost think you used almost famous and I used O brother where art. There's so we're up to Asia and everybody wants O brother where actually everybody watch almost like god yes everybody should watch her brother marked up so we're up to eight. And and that's kind of where we stalled out but there are so many more things we have even gotten close to getting in it we haven't done. Have we done and you. Is there a war mean I'm just trying to think John Harris is there a well he'll be a glory an elf owl cigar guy what's the Denzel movie remember the titans that everyone should watch every year. If we went by actors. We regret that you didn't Velarde got tired Tom Hanks movie the news we did us Apollo thirteen and four awards got. Well you've got mail us a nice little Sunday afternoon in the rain is an out of endless romantic is that a romantic comedy require like we have to have one of those if we do is you've got mail the one we would choose maybe it's just it's harmless essential. Yeah the harmless little turn your brain remember the titans is. Checks two categories sports movie and Denzel so I think I think are the times has to be on the and racial. And has a racial. Plot lines I eat it which is very apropos I think Herman Tynes is on the list so we're denied there yet. Is that the only sports maybe. Well we have to think about that hoosiers would hoosiers every year time. For mean that you're right maybe not forever but these movies lose the other timeliness of his field of dreams. And maybe is their baseball movie that's the question will be little big league Libya for me what you ordinarily Wear or not at nine we have were up to ten because sand lot. You put forth they and I agree to a so there's your baseball movie. We're up to ten and I think we're we're good better than you thought where are places like 40% and we're gonna get this done before. I'd be you know what we could do it on the break and we could by the end of this show had 25. You think I think we could get my eight to two of my three favorite movies along with. What's on the scaring. Our Jerry Maguire. And city slickers either of those the only thing notorious you know money can make birdies the workers idle. I like it but it's not gonna make the list it's not gonna make everything yes it's academic how. How many five movies you have to see every year it's so it I think it is okay all right and you have to you don't have to account now I may give men. I may give him a you've seen I've yes yes. But it's so good it is. I'm not going to I'm never not good these other movies that are never not yet I'm gonna go with Groundhog Day. By the way. As a as a potential rowing items incredible. It's in every day you know this network's movie that. Is the most three watchable for me like I don't know it's never like on TV but I think you have it on dvd you can just put in. Anytime tin cup troll that's a good one. That's a that's that is every watchable. Will certainly pick anyone's car yet and that. And that 8691240. We'd love to here. Inside and there are not in and out there we're not limiting this to sports movies in any way shape reform absolutely enough pieces this is 25 movies. That you ever one has raged on today now I disagree I disagree I hated them you hated it I hated during the what's wrong with you guys just yet. I don't wanna watch stints Albion villain. Out. I wanna watch stints LB that he was such a good bill and I know he was but I doesn't mean I'm happy I was late breaking bad level villainy was horrible and he was good it was great and he was horrible lie I I couldn't agree more on the Academy Award I don't urged data kiss once wrapped. Why didn't though have to be crooked before he took it. But that with the help. But don't like a best lap where all time right there at because he was really good crooked at sorry that's just the Lilith I guess night. I down mountain and I are so many kind of sneak it through actors who moaned just trying to come up with. Like what's their signature move be should that be on the list it's briefly really really art. Let's go to the phones all you think about it this is a worthy diversion from your thoughts and it's Jeremy Jeremy. Every there. Where would you get. I was gonna say you have to stumble on the list and a regular outlets to yep lottery. Fair enough I like it I've never and are filling up with time experience. There's a lot of movies that OK I've never seen everything to himself and spit it's not necessarily like a source of pride but I don't care that I've never seen tombstone. I should have seen yes that's or that's agreed. If she should. What's up with that I don't know are you not a western guy I didn't think outlets but I kind of them have you seen the Magnificent Seven remain yes and tax loved it. I've he seen what I did bad reviews I did it yes. I did not know that it was excellent they got bad reviews slowly got great reviews I've solved in the same night. And disagreed with both. I thought the Magnificent Seven remake was. Kind of everything that a western. Especially a remake of a classic ought to be. Funny. Smart. Or is great movie is there a couple of laugh out loud moments not moving right Chris Pratt is good and and Vincent D'Onofrio. Absolutely. Amazing so I. 310 to Yuma the remake of that amount to bail on the last drill western I've seen I guess would probably be their remake of true grit our house patasse whose and that was Jeff Bridges that was a wonderful agreement on what about like. I guess you wouldn't have seen. The Tarantino Tate a Florida vote McCain or hell or high water was sort of a western. It wasn't but it is in the vein of westerns. Would Jeff Bridges the did you see that fire it's you should see you should see three Indian not for sure do like Christian Bale. Yes that. And I believe the other actor and that is. I won't say it's Hugh Jackman. Summaries act heavier I know that what Jack and it's Russell Crowe yes. Great movie. But. I don't know I. I think. His two choices I would put. We have too many Tom Hanks movies and sports movies are gonna get all things is Gary I know they get their own is great. Tombstone also great but his teams don't even the best modern type of western new internally given everything I've shown to my daughter Jen and we've named a lot of home okay good. Because that it tells the one you lottery CC watch every year we watch home alone every year turner I showed Wayne's world he loved the course I mean who wouldn't. Yeah I'm still trying to figure out if I don't think mine's old enough for Wayne's world but they were probably won't get we're gonna get that really get the dumb and dumber we're gonna get your rebellion now via. We'll get our oldest houses dot eleventh CNET eight so we're we're still. Here a year short of that of that dumb endeavors got to be next I don't think we Watson island together yeah well that's that code that's a given right. Yes. But that's on the list that is added that could not what we have to about twelve you know they're about we're about halfway home. We're about halfway how many have we need to write a mall down your posterity sake but we're getting there. We we have enough similar tastes and in movies and an understanding of what he's good and what is needed to be watched and I don't think we're gonna struggle too badly. Probably not but we also have. Different taste well probably gonna come up crossed another instance where one of us goes oh my Asa has been on the list the other goes I mean it seemed like I tell silver linings playbook if they access movies ever made you probably have no and I've watched about half of it and I hated it you hated it thought not hated I was in different too how about that. A does that adjust its. It baffles me I was indeed Bradley Cooper was so good in them movie Abbott I was just in different it's got Robert De Niro and Jennifer Lawrence. I was indifferent I mean that's Tucker we have different today I we have different now now I'm trying to are you crazy. Why is it was good. And this thing now. Not for me. I guess I guess I'm the weird one in this in this I believe that you are what about boys in the hood now. I think that movie probably more than any other movie really yeah that's your line that you see that in Jerry Maguire and cities clears those of the third. We can't have probably seen boys that a hundred times and that's a weird a weird theory. Like that's just the strange like that tells you something Psycho what it analytically I have to tell you I'm that your kinda weird. Getting but we knew that. Eclectic we knew that. So yeah I did. While browser and how about that why am I not surprised OK if you wanna put a positive spin on it with Samuel had rounded down. This the best does this the second best team in baseball right now aren't good grief. Probably the Cleveland Indians really. Well I mean right now you said right now I did and so your pure framing the question as who's a who's playing better is what you're basically saying. If you look at the records are just you know go straight to the record. There's obvious evidence the fifth the Dodgers the Dodgers I mean at the and other pitched 86 and 34. Which is just I can't even fathom that I don't get it makes no sense it's crazy there are things in payment. They have a Siemens in nineteen games out of first place. That will be hosting a playoff game they would be Colorado's nineteen now Arizona is twenty Al so Arizona at twenty now and in third place in their own in our own division. Would be leading the NL central by two and a half games. They would be. Tied now they BA game back of Cleveland that they be even in the win column. Yeah and we are no I don't there's a mile and a half. Behind Boston in the AL east and they would be mean that day. They be in contention in three different divisions and their third in their own division between now. I'm Washington and Houston have the second and third best records. And the second and third best run differential cell so we'll drive behind and Bachmann has a better record than than Cleveland so I I think Cleveland's playing better. And they are just as much I mean their dad a bigger division lead and Boston by game. Around so they're you know almost not an outlaw nobody is a lock with a six in any bit but they're. Playing well and the teams to chasing them don't have a run in them some Cleveland is as close to a lock. As anybody on the sweet. Of course there are I mean obviously got to catch Boston for that number two seed we gotta post again. The Red Sox and sweep of like we did last shell Houston Yucca Houston Washington and the Dodgers those three division racist or are urged are done they're toast. So then there's two braces that are almost hosting courses one active race so really it's just about the wild cards almost at this point. I'm gonna pick I'm gonna pick Washington thief scherzer. Is back and healthy I'm gonna pick walked over one hour the ankle last night to. The people who just drop Kershaw then now the fact that the the Dodgers did what they'd have done with out. The best pitcher on the planet both insane is but they they've got so much debt but and Darvish obviously helps. I'm gonna say Washington's my answer per second best team in baseball a place at Cleveland I mentioned Mansur. Our message my feelings but but Cleveland then team is if I had to pick an American League Lennar right now would be Cleveland. Well I think what other than you I don't trust Boston and Houston. IE we have a problem. Yes but there's still this conversation full circle the Houston still really kid I I don't list. Oh really give that I hear is let's listen no listen to stop everything right now let's. A lineup that includes Edwin Encarnacion. Carlos Santana Francisco indoor Jose Ramirez Michael Brantley lunches and all Jay Bruce that's the best lineup there is. There is there is an odd is that how many runs we talked about it here but he name who's leading the league in runs scored double their American League. The path of blow you read it to you pledged areas there you included the Dodgers which is wrong if you wanna talk about the American League. Let's look at Houston's lineup shall let got a great lineup Caleb and they've also given up about eighty Moore does not comes out two days hitting three. Sixty. War. Well easier MVP heavily fiftieth. They're good team George and Ringo George springer. Cleaver Carrasco Orioles out 128 also lead off spot. Josh Redick hit third and 298. I had like twelve homers give out Najaf. Man it's hard it's just hard for me to say that Cleveland is clearly better Marwan Gonzales is hitting the LA with twenty home runs yes yes there shortstop twenty bomb marlin Gonzales are one that's exactly right they've got guys you don't even know our retirement like morrow Alex Bragman is their third based inning to 75 with fourteen home runs and knows that he is. Nobody cares very well off guy starting for. The best team in the American League. So Brent got a lot of guys that are fourteen home runs Jake Marie is neck yeah Karl's belts around it didn't to forty for a fourteen. McCain and didn't do thirty to a thirteen with a pitch to these guys are linked yet. Just don't pitched out today or Correia or springer but Crayola name in the line airline us and saying let's just be real. I feel bad about it and I'm glad he literally gonna knock them often around on the royals know. Maybe the Yankees. Thank you very much and I well in that idea he's going to be in the playoff are going to be in the playoffs and on what three and a half game my dog cart fed them and go on particular. They just well they just took the Mets in four games that helps. Warner rose morrow. It doesn't hurt that should be the Red Sox last night in the bullpen imploded. They're gonna be our. They they made the right moves Sonny gray it was a nice addition. And I get razor they're gonna get back from injury. They got a couple guys banged up. And they're gonna be fine they're just this Sanchez's on a terror now to make up for referred judge. They're going to be five or make the playoffs now whether they can win the single wild card game. And if I was Girardi. And we're playing a single wild card game. I think I would start David Robertson. For two innings and then I would pitch. Adam Warren for two innings and then I would pitch Chad green for an inning and then out of I want anon for an inning and and I pitched atop this for an Emmy. I might says say pact with the starting pitching if Severino kick our gray can't go just as an example. If it's down to one of the two of those can't go and you're gonna have to start Jordan Montgomery or CC sabathia I'd say it. We're gonna go bullpen game for the entire nine innings who have a deep. Bullpen they've got to get bowl and we can go multiple innings of the several of those guys so tagged green and Adam Warren can go multiple innings so let's just start Chad greener out of more and then we'll go. From there just to win one game. I don't know why not post why you wouldn't do that but Palin strategy economic dynamic playoffs are just take a break I got a game we combat I can't wait covered a lot of territory in this first segment with doctor Louise. And our baseball. What else could there possibly be well in in late August. In the NFL and college football are beginning to just be. But inundated. Are we are being inundated by them and we organist we are gonna fight against two guys against the tide. Movies in baseball in the open it's beautiful it's our job stay let us I got a brand new game when we return it's just say in Japanese and sort radio kept.