Say Hello To Steve Donahue

The Drive
Monday, March 12th

Penn Quakers Basketball coach Steve Donahue joins the show to talk the Quakers first round matchup against the Jayhawks.


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Bo loses. You liked him before. So he's. All right we're back. Thanks to and Coach Steve Donahue for this man when we made to wait their coach I apologize for that. Course. Quote yes. Well we're happy to have you on the show of course pin is on its way to Wichita I assume here. Probably headed out tomorrow coming here at to play in the first round against Kansas on Thursday and interest bank arena. I'll ask you back Kansas Steve you've probably seen a lot of them. They I think they surprised everyone with how well it played in the big twelve tournament what impresses you coach about the the jayhawks. Well. A boatload full of course all over. All. Well I. I'll phone the phone. Goes a little quote of course. How close calls are at all or are still don't all. Know what it means I'll. Put that. We evolved the way it is all. Of those include all of course saw. Or. Or are important. Both of and we couldn't record. Bouts. But of course is still on the permanent. If it is available as open up out. Is this game a coach one that China has unspoken motivation like it's obvious here. You're gonna play Kansas in Wichita in the NCAA tournament they're one seed oral or. In the NCAA tournament there once he doubted how do you approach that. It. Well. Are caught up and we don't know. The problems if we could get sixty. Just because I was a little didn't and so on what god whose oil and there's. Out of the court. Personal quote from Europe is the quote to. Buy outs and hit it up or so I think there. Just spoke. And so one way or the one Italy. I don't know what to restore program working without a doubt both. It's sort of bullet. Well it's oracle apple over. Of course all of those. Disgruntled quite normal cold and we all saw it on local well. Boston. Didn't pull. I was Steve Donahue basketball coach at Penn quakers. Will meet Kansas on. Friday at income sorry Thursday it and trust bank arena I look over your stats and I see. You're pretty good shooting team. You rebound pretty well you score pretty well but the one thing that jumps out in the one thing KU does extremely well at times his shoot to three. He that you limit opponents to less than 30%. Shooting from the three point line is that something you set out to do aside just a quirk of the stats statistics. Well so. There are solved but only over this quote well what we've got bottle. I don't. But it or who won't vote pollution. But one that's also look up on one of the top. A close and so I wanted to source. There is a total waste problem is so I think this goes well bottle sold out inaudible. Or or what it is not on the clock. Thought there. Are of course I would vote only one church. Our court in Brooklyn I thought so called Christians. So it must score situation. A lot of those couple. Ball out of there it is important. Focus include a point. Subsequent. Coach you mentioned you're stand at Cornell he had a great run there obviously you got to a sweet sixteen. Now I having similar success at Penn. What is unique about coaching in the Ivy League and what have you maybe figured out about its intricacies are challenges. Well below that is what brought about a quote unquote get close overrule. The bulk brought forward is this state or is. One potent obviously. A well whether he would spoke. About. Caught the ball on top. Of let us so well. The prospect of or at all. It hasn't thought they ever. Will go well. This response belt. Chore so most important. Are all well quote over a bowl no. I picked up some sort of coral and oracle. Well I don't know it was off. I will cut the Pam in Kansas at 1 o'clock on Thursday it and trust bank arena. Ten kind of a fashionable sixteen to become. The first sixteen to knock off of one we will put that pressure on him but it does it does present itself was a as a much more interesting game than most of these matchups. Vessel motif coat. Oh. That's Steve Donahue. Basketball coach at the University of Pennsylvania. From the Ivy League that's right. Hotbed of basketball there there in I wish I'd known more about the Ivy League when I was growing up. I would set my sights on going along with he thinks so. I think slowly up and do you mock got a little bit bit. Maybe if I'd have that care. I would is that you don't know what I'm little bear down acted I'm sorry don't have that. What do you think my IQ it it's you know I don't -- you're right I was here IQ is okay but you cannot do advanced math and you never would have been able to do advance Matt and I never would have been able followed guests on the on the last day yeah go ahead outlive those guests in the early in the upper ninety's no really give me a solid ghetto low 130 plus 31 a minute. That's leverage I don't know what to get IQ is. I want to be at least 140. I'm British prime loans alerting not bad we managers tested. I got like 135. One that it cannot tell you share now call are you share I am positive. I am positive genius or near genius one tornado 140. They go you do someone thirties though homogeneous. Knowing there were about 130 mark a solid one also level in second grade. I mean know what you warning and close I have to imagine it's increase in second why you think I couldn't do the advancements do hard you just can't do it can set alienate my. Your brain can't IRS grade math. Yeah your greatest adding numbers in your head congratulations. That's a big part of it's a little bit I know right and so I'm great. Conceptualize. Thing no I didn't have that. Pies. Plus one Miami not these are things 23 point 14 congratulations. Thank you. I feel like I've blow out I've bared down a little bit I could've probably gotten and Dartmouth. I don't think so not even brown. I I'm fascinated by the Ivy League. Think it's great so I was which we had more of them coming here and look foresee and then here on the Thursday. First game out of issued in the first and suck around it and trust bank arena. I think I'm right on now are nine nom second guessing that sounds right us the first game correct yes. And then Amazon and gave them have a brand we have NC state Seton Hall now on set to tip that 330. Then we go to new San Diego State Houston. A six corny start. And up finally the nightcap. Is Montana Michigan. Montana intrigues me. Don't mean I don't know why I don't know why either. But they're 26 and seven out of the big sky conference. So Montana headed to Wichita. How real how will our city do city where. When these when these. Teams leave and they go back home and on to the next round and a fan bases leave what always say about Wichita cool town. Grady both walk away but what elevates what plays a site clean nice so give me specifics that that. What would give me a specific one they gotta slash I don't know what specifically I enjoyed walking. Through downtown they've got a nice street there and Douglas. They're doing things are where they go to load the Leino district and hang out for awhile the monarch will be hopman. Poll found to be crazy about to do dot Diana you'll be able to get it. Get close to no chance. The hotels or are they gonna leave the hotel sent. No one I got a good night's sleep they must have my pillows that these folks I've probably. I'm I'm curious about this. I bet we'll do what's your job at the turn a month. I'm coordinating guests for ESP and I really I'm not gonna work I don't know. Do you even know what you're doing no I don't. Got to tell you so I hope somebody. I've had knee gala and SID but I don't know. Yeah you get with a mouse idea after the game and so and say watt and so okay ESPN we want. Want this kind of call this the rate per guest so I'm gonna get 2000 guests. Well he better get it yes we all know what to do O'Donnell yeah I don't know if you're I don't know if you're on top of that I'll have it let's get to Jeremy Jeremy just a few amounts. I Bob disclosed say that they operate over the they're gonna stay the urged much construction would start. That's a good point I was thinking about that they'd probably will slow probably will be some of that but I've been a lot of NCAA tournaments where there's a lot of construction so. I don't know full load set ourselves apart. I remember please stop it with clean they model reconstruct that city you know what Jeremy they were clearer reconstructing for the Republican Convention. Aren't all that that. That makes Simpson let I still think B entire city could would should be re declines chairman that thanks Jeremy. Right call in and maybe that case it should've. Cleveland is not a great city is the greatest voting for its little IK character it's got a history NF Coulter got Roswell gray it's cold it's every city in the north of this gloomy. It's got potholes. It's I don't know that it does not my guy or pop up because it's cold and snowing not my favorite stop that's all. As my favorite it really was yeah Cleveland was your favorite yap because we were working right next door to Progressive Field. Imagine that. Where liberal we walked the same hallway as LeBron James. Who cares. Who cares about LeBron James at this point I've just about everybody I think I do like LeBron. When I need to get back to my MB have been Watson so much college basketball. I've lost touch with the MBA. I know it will act good in Cleveland struggling for miners down to the fourth so I have injury is that they are fighting now thinks I think they had a couple guys out. So oh loss to the lake that experiment not going while. So Olson will this have to weigh the thought about Toronto do you believe in them yet I don't know that they're kind of like Virginia president's team in the east may be by far day at their town like Virginia to Maine. I I got to see of reform don't believe it well I have but I have cautioned. When it comes to Toronto however I do believe they could very easily represent the east in the finals. Because I'm not sure I believe in Boston. And as much as I got excited about. Cleveland but playing seems to not and don't act now Cleveland is worse than Indiana right now. By the way Toronto and eight point eight point differential Houston is eight point nine yes. West vs east. But still that's an elite team the Toronto are the Toronto Raptors are a lead thing you heard it they would go to west to lose four straight. No they wouldn't you know there are some. There are awesome yeah what what makes them also. Because they've been on this in this place before so what about this team is different than the previous and not a team they're just better. Whom. Toronto who's better what Kyle allow DeMar DeRozan is better. He gets better every year. It's. Serge Ibaka is better he's better yet but it's a pretty. You're not even measure in the one Kyle Lowry real real though they had been the latest show. That's why they might be better CJ miles is better. Fred van fleet could be a different facility already has been. Part of them are raptors like it. That's are fond of music for our final break. Jeff we'll secular us soil home. Have a great Monday evening I'll be back tomorrow see.