Santa Barbara Foresters look to win the NBC Tournament again

The Drive
Monday, August 6th
The Foresters have scored 38 runs in their first two games and they’re 2-0 in pool play with their third game tonight. Bill Pintard, manager of the Santa Barbara Foresters, joins The Drive to talk about the NBC World Series and their great offensive start.

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They go number seven VA's homeless may be surprising to my friends that mama told me by Three Dog Night is only number seven the day. I mean my goodness. Happy Lola I gaffe. You must doesn't view I have some great. Great stuff built entire joins us bill are you. I got you love doing great you're from kind of Meyer what do you think of the mama told me by Three Dog Night. Yeah I am out of whack it on. You weren't as enthusiast. You were as enthusiastic as I'd hoped to be built to be fine art heroic. Guy in. You got your club back here you won this thing six times a Santa Barbara interest thing you want and 0608. 121416. And you ruined everything by winning it in eleven instead of 2010 bill. It would have been always even here. We kind of dropped the ball and that it but that's what they say they say that he year. Get it down edema a year ago. We're gonna do or aren't too to get a different side. And I haven't spent as it is a historical appeal. In these city. The tradition he came about it all and I want stadium in the we're right here year. There. Probably go out and be the moment Mars in what they now. But I'm not here I don't hear all of the ramifications. Of that after Brad about it. Brit Kim that strong. Yeah Brent knows very little. A about everything. But he actually very chaotic the that is you know it is but it does but I bank but I mean who does now like that it that it that. You know we're we're glad to be back here and and part of the tradition. When he scored 38 runs and your first two games is out there and every Bat's been working like that all year or do you just kind of get caught the last couple or. What well what happens outside that's crazy. Our battles will really work in the beginning of the year. We came out we came out pretty hot. While we did a little better job. For me because of the way it would equalize we have to. That is you know that league champion was based on percentage can we did have a balanced out McCain. So we don't want law that required more and by. We have one half law that says that short game but our backs were really rock and roll. And then we had a schedule that war really really brought. We minute ago weapon and 213. Games. In twelve days. That Clinton trip north of San Cisco. So we got a little tired at that we got banged up. We have a number of injuries were at a ration injures. It's that murky plot series it think about what we haven't added it. Up and we had a rash. And number of guy probably one of our best hitters. In two over guys that provide a pop. And the last couple weeks were not allowed to act where. In late actor writer who little bit after all star. So we we were on and we had two guys on the bench we had 22. Way guys pitchers and outfielders that appliance. So we were tired on and retired news or. That that are. There are pretty balanced lineup and we've got should've gotten bad in Moscow. Santa Barbara California forresters thereto and on their pool right now on the NBC World Series a game coming up tomorrow night feature game 7 o'clock. Against Seattle which is one on one having lost the Dodge City. A little bit of a surprise there I think everybody kind of thought we'd see Santa Barbara in Seattle. Square off both teams that to a now. Yeah IIA. I think everybody did adapter client that he and I want acting in Seattle. Dot itty bitty not where they grind out at bat Arctic it. And not in it that far. All year. Are an average. While partner to most of the year. It wound up at the end of the year a little bit as we had clinched early in idea yeah. But no money animal the weight got it. And then maybe they didn't maintain a ground out and back again at all. Seattle a contributor Robert Q airs. We are now in these cities. We've got to put it there on that he on the scoreboard you know to be successful here because there's enough weird thing happened. There. That out of your control. That you better you better control what you can control on that kept all our time. So and now with Nate played. I was on. These guys don't quit. I mean they were optimistic to lead against and we had a hunch backed. When we hadn't eaten in a weapon I didn't I wouldn't constable and all we that it goes. Moron because we believe Rick to bluntly and it was it was a comfortable lead iPad. So kudos to them merit scrappy group. Do you find that you obviously watch some games that's her thing the talent level the team's. Better than usual or is it just kind of the way the MBC is everything seems to be tough. Yeah it. The FE. Its costs it is is it gonna have to play I mean. That I mean it went on it and and I do it. I did know a whole lot of the very first game I always. The first game provide the mark and I mean winning the first game is all a report. And everybody thinks were. Seen in here well there's only two guys. That are played it is and what. Greater. I want played for and these days. That Luke Ritter from Wichita State. We. And every year we have all got an expert and even out there at a barber course we've been hearing a lot. They're still got that name. Apprehensive. New team. I am of course our. General. Welcome there are no signs are built. Apartment I'm sorry almost interrupted you month that. Why I don't act on and on a public event the questions aren't that Alec. You know. We I've scattered games mr. you know there's some talent to do it seems doesn't seem really I. Do you like the last sport by an OK it's entered yet and I didn't get it to indicate Clark I'm partner talent but even they got beat. The open tarred with those and it I did it again you you do these pregnant pauses bill and I jumped them that they could Don and you're not. Our guys go out how to act my goodness built entirely with us from the Santa Barbara California forresters. They're two and also far in the tournament. One of the concerns that I've heard about and I think is growing among Islam. Is that colleges aren't sending out pitchers for the summer of the way. They used to their more protective of their arms. After a long college season they don't necessarily want them. Putting a lot of work in the summer because then they come back for fall baseball. Is that something that the concerns you at all bill. Yet it it worked on the there's there's still out. There I you know they're not not. Late let Federer redshirt. Freshmen and they wanted to get a lot of it and took the north would sleep late in. Unbelievable amount again. And not only our need position players I mean the pitcher has been more out of position players are. And it and that they are not an out if they ran them out. Reporting any limits on. Torture scientific but it weak U seventeen Q answers. Because we're getting innings limit yet they can act you can't do this can't do that. And also what they're doing and which I I don't think is really fair. And itself there. Not a kid but that their deal which is you know of their organization. They're calling up and saying they want the kids back. We were shutting him down pan we had a we had an example of that we heard rollout that it. I've. And at five. Man he had to go back after first game. He's been shouted down year. And we thought I had another guy that's an attic kit that we were working on the big art or are we leash. Big arm. Didn't have a lot of innings but the guy with the red debt while he's getting pretty scared he's gonna. While. That was. Right because. The draft authority over this signing debt by Dario. So remote the kid could gap got five or. Five BK what they. Want. Thousand. And it you don't any money. After they draft guidance and so I thought that was. Airport yet there are stories. Throughout summer baseball guy picked the wrong. And calling the code. And tank. And so now. And that's not you know not only not getting the better. Than were season doldrums. They're calling you up. And putting limitations on news. We about it. Without exception. But there are a suspect in the arm and that's about removal. A little slow and find a resolution of that of that does not bode well for. Summer baseball certainly. No I think when you recruit. In the DB I know it a little bit different that it meant. To say we want to guy. Here's when we are if you're in the playoffs the regional talks broke out. And and here's when we hand and it goes to. The end of the NBC World Series. If you can't commit that to me. Management. We don't want rocket and match. We've got a long. Relationships script that we don't and I can't say okay. Okay now. We you're gonna have to let me now how many inning. You don't want that throw strike out guidelines I'd war. It started. At about. Six years ago we had a kid out of you know out of the one program on the East Coast. They wanted us started on him to be their starter. And we yet. And then two days before the NBC. Picked up upon it and not. Thank you very much members Herbert. Now we're knocking on Gartner and I only need seven more and I needed to start in the NBC. You restrict eminent they cannot. Ago I and over six or seven innings. Yet particulars that and I don't recruit that. He's not at school that their one I don't I don't want to. And then to guide polled picked yet I mean before because there's word about him. It's armies and bot in the fall and you all. And this morning man that you can lose my number. I'm Ricky did it not right and not let the kid and it right we're not abused these. Tech we actually it's Rice University years ago and he at community can. But he was still out here or honest move working on Kiet he's working on a new pitch and we put him and it really useful. And when he Graham was great. Detroit is that you can do that whereas in other words can't and even the ones that you can't you really can't go. I think I'm just going to be very very clear. We were at work throughout the work with them were rate or. It doesn't. Oh I've built low. Do good works so far. Santa Barbara certainly one of the teams that comes in Wichita with a lot of success six titles. Tied with Fairbanks for the most all time good luck to wrestle oil bill. Yeah Bob and dot you know. You know. That I'll deal there will loose. Okay my thanks. The open tired from the Santa Barbara forresters. One of those certainly prohibitive favorites in the NBC world surged back and amana. With yours truly and Jason due to.