Russel Westbrook broke 100 triple-doubles in his NBA career

Sports Daily
Thursday, March 15th

He’s in rarified air with those stats, and 42 of them came in last years season. What does it really mean to get a triple-double in the NBA though?


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Devoted fan talking about these challenges that CNN presents. Is the jayhawks give me tip off shortly after 1 o'clock. Central time so we'll be looking forward to that recovery vehicle hit a home in Rhode Island. Ready to go that's coming up. Down about thirty minutes or so votes. A quarter after the hour. We'll have men and the ten Kansas team we're in basketball belong. Around the country courtesy of listen one. Right here on site fewer seats in the sports. Knee out H hop Russell Westbrook with a new milestone of sorts in one or no. We'll football school where we treat some need. Sheen yeah I think it is the trustees. Got the four richest contracts for quarterbacks in the NFL right now. Par for four players that collectively have not won one. Not a single playoff game. I mean whatever doesn't work. That get back to our point where if you take advantage of them while they're cheap. Since build up your team around them and then they. The moves homegrown or drafted quarterbacks to never end up being the richest one night. He went right free agency that's when people overpay for. Had insisted if you're right absolutely. But it's very accustomed to it very essence of a couple of that's about to change can mean. Aaron Rodgers is feeling the pain music you guys that are gonna get paid here. Although some reason it's taking a lesser field Tom Brady is always taken. A little bit less with these guys that are making big money right now are four guys who between them. T get her cousins up there Matt Stafford out there. Yet if you ski you right now but none of them in the playoffs until Alex Smith is making a bunch of money now don't worry Hillary stacks up and wanna make it. Yeah you're right he's won a playoff and soon India. OK. Russell Westbrook. Has reached an interest in miles flown one that we haven't seen for awhile in the NBA right. Well he's got a hundred triple doubles. I am using it pretty rarefied air when you talk about that. I want to say how people video for like 42 last year or something like that you don't have something we didn't see that it could go and I thought it was a little surprising to learn that. The thunder it was really good. Wins and loss wine when he got triple double fault that. We do associate that with that's kind of hollows that I am I wrong about there. You know triple doubles are kind of few and become like in basketball come like throwing for 350 yards in football if you do that you probably end up losing. All they need it or did they didn't get his troops until this last year before being pulled towards him Carmelo Anthony what's it mean now. Maybe when he has tripled doubled with the hope that he has around him. I didn't think he's too talented too much and is still in his hands too much and I think triple doubles for the 400 this year. We're not necessarily good thing. I would agree with that statement. I won't cave with Russ. And but I think if he's dedicated his own and and I think if their debt. He needs to be issues. For Oklahoma city Oklahoma City is going to be. They hadn't Kevin Durant Russell Westbrook. Deals that's that's gone to a certain point it got through final. They get to a final it's gotten to a western final. Home he'd had the did that the big Russ by himself. And they've had the rust with Melo. And George. Hill at some point don't you just kinda have to say. Okay. We'd been blessed by having one of the great players in the game to game but what's it really do we informants. Haven't won a championship they haven't really been a playoff factor. And remains to be seen whether it will be a playoff factor in who wins this year. I don't know if if people wolf he works but maybe Oklahoma City just likes having that one guy like that I don't know. He just came around at the wrong time. Now time. There's nothing you can do about it because. No matter if he'd wounds and Oakland city. Four on another team for another conference they're still warnings to deal with. And there will be. By the way the only thing Klay Thompson his hurt big deal no deal. Dream on and step none of those guys played well this will be played. So you know we you're talking about hey. The dynasty. Of the likes the likes of which he don't come to come around very often that's political dynasties. But it's just tough walk through rough and tough look focuses. You can build as good a team that you could possibly try to put together may have to their credit. But it's probably not going to be enough against militants. Enjoy those triple double play you can get them. Because that's about the only thing good in the wind Oklahoma City and that again that's that's no fault of anybody within your organization. This is the cold hard reality of it when you view your plane at the same time as the warriors. Yeah you're right and I applied CN prestige who I thought was really proactive and aggressive in trying different things he knew that he was going to lose. Kevin Doran. He made the move to re up for the long term Russell Westbrook so we locked the mean. And then decided to put pieces of the puzzle around him so here's my question to you. And how has that and how it is the Big Three being worked out in Oklahoma City can be given me. He minus at this point do you think is that a fair. The assessment probably a B minus right. Better than I thought it would have thought they better clinical audit work. Better than I thought it would but still not good enough so at some point you're going to use lose Paul George or any way more than likely. Do you try to figure out a way to reshuffle the gap and become competitive indeed differently maybe even without the Russell Westbrook. I don't know that'll be the question moving forward I do applaud the effort that was made built like Sampras. It's not like Oklahoma City isn't relevant they're relevant they're just not been winning championships. Closing thoughts in just a moment as we are ready to get into the madness just like yours do with the respective.