Royals V Cardinals: Comparing The Two Franchises History

The Drive
Thursday, August 9th
Callers weigh in on the franchise comparison of the Royals & St. Louis Cardinals.

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I don't know why now. Good drive whoa and Jeff Daly 691240. Looked. GE each. But. We're. Ladies and gentlemen who has spent about 110 orders. Who. It's. It's. Six it's all my goodness are you kidding me and the three I need to dancing sometimes literally no. I'm old fashioned love songs buried outside number 68. On my list I like the for better yesterday. You don't like this from my business. Plastics. Bernie thanks for holding through the. I carry you. We do fantastic. After hearing that song. It I have Bob it directly to you. That all I want 69. Color of the past eight years. And no doubt he where a lot urban market and a world championship. I don't preach it you're not brag on my change. Not only Scott but world temperature faster. I'm going to be every thirteen. Question you but our question being up a minute are out there regardless here. I watch him every day. Male dominated you ought not tribute. I don't that's irrelevant. Bernie has no meaning and it doesn't mean everything under. And now I'm not only be in around royals fans burning. Bob I ever. Got. Up. Thanks Bernie bought hook up that I'll be really. That's what we're going. As an insult me and being love that here's Chris thank Curtis Jerome. This is Bobby. She. Ball I want you know I wanna oriental little bit and yes I was already shaking she stonewalled back at the end and they oral. I grew out of it and made sure we'll start a huge decision Orioles. House. And. The humane. What are your pretzels the cardinals found one of the royals fan. Well now I'm the royals and and my dad who work in people acting as you first started. And I are cardinals fan. What's his name do you mind tell me Alan Gerry Curtis junior broke. He worked such cute one out. Output paper out strategy worked in the lunchroom one down you know down there are out here it. It sound like a wonderful guy won't happen do you. Now I'm getting the ball got up. Well. I age. I think I hate you remember the global agreement cardinals did a lot of during the seventy remember the royals have Iran. The royals were better during the seventies no question about it I would. Freely admit that. And yes I do mean unfortunately that passed away and 79 in. Unfortunately whenever a worthy endeavor because at the end of the 85 World Series. I think horrible turnaround it'll take them one or two maybe three more years. And. But it it you know lot of I wish you the best Chris because you're a baseball fan which means euros a Euro salt of the earth the individual. But listen. I'm not apologizing for my years of cardinals loyalty and and I'm very pleased with my team. Bob I wouldn't want me I would want you to apologize and I'm definitely not gonna apologize is that I Aurora channel and I was a senate minerals and probably since I can you know basically remembered probably Tunisia and probably shouldn't be stitched so amnesia when they started playing great. Well let's let atlas and Chris want it why it why did you follow your father's footsteps and become a cardinals fan I don't understand that the same way over my son. What do you do it as an Indians fan this is something that's passed down through families. Well I think I got a candidate field for you because there's no way in God's green earth can be an Indians fan that's why I think when jet ski you know mentions and it's just. It makes my skin crawl that. My my first game I remember going to add bush. It was nice to it was August of 1969 against Chicago Cubs have a picture. Of my father and I are sitting up in the stands. I do have one K sure that I remember of my dad and I. Outrun a bush in front of the old stand mutual statue when it was you know back back on it will be around a bush. Right. And but it it obviously didn't it beside itself with you and you. If you turned on your dad and became a royals fan relatives your choice Chris I wish the best. Well I'll bet you and next year I really promise and I'm really trying investor gifts and donations to. Well don't try to soften me. I'm now all little I I love that I love the fact that you wanna help lead 42 you're beautiful person for that. But right now the debate is royals cardinals don't try to get so don't try to Tug my heart strengths thanks Chris. I've Bursch a got to get to another call Kennedy here on the cell. Right now there are no heart strings. Kenny there yes there we go buddy. Are used to be they cardinal fan growing not good for you what happened today Litton did a radio all the time never missed the game. And then Mulder. Player started retire and you year old sand being explored here. Katrina slaughter. My god and you're going way back Guinea yeah editor football players do retire and new players replace them. Yeah if somebody goes it's about the franchises. Not about big it's not necessarily about the players about. The birds on the bat. But now we're still the cardinal fan. And then there or year they're traded. Steve Carl than your hero or it's Mike Torres. And they all want Torre gains in the XP. And that kinda soured me on the cardinals'. Ninth inning dinner royal Spanish six. The world made a lot of blundering trades of the while Kenny. Thanks for the cooperation and an adult broke trade zap me yell they traded Steve Carlton as the bad trade. They traded Jerry Royce that turned out to not be a very good trade. They traded Mike Torres the other one or two good years. In in New York with the Yankees but can't he'd be a little month. But the cut the cardinals. You know the world trade. Or why not he's and that's the end I was part of his opinion that this this is opinion he's entitled a habit. Whether my aim at Betty throughout the trains that to a peace music it were brand is explaining to you. Why he kind of got off the cardinal bandwagon. Betrayed the war bat and so he jumped to be a royals bad. And what's that done for it's been painful except for a couple of every team makes bad trades did not question. An average team makes great traits and I can't button fill not filled to the angels for Jim Edmonds found. Well I was burned up pretty well that has a doozy. Bombing that you got Jerry you got your history of bad trade good trade you hope to make more good than bad you hope to draft good players you hope to develop good players. You hope to make good free agent signings you hope to have great instruction in your minor league system that's how you build winning franchise. Fair enough. And and money doesn't hurt but of course when it comes down to it that's the bottom line everything money doesn't hurt and the royals of them. Not a big spender now they don't spend big Vera small market franchise the cardinals. Don't have a huge market. But they've captured the hearts of that city in that region. They draw 40000 a night. And that helps yeah question about it. Uneven get do you Europe. You're not very happy right now I'm fine right now I am I enjoy listening to the callers in their side of things I enjoy. You'd trying to get rid of home when their start to make a point that you don't really like and other. I'm not gonna call on here for five minutes. I ya wanna have a show. So you think I rushed the guy that ended up calling me Bobby because. I'm not going up to Kauffman Stadium he told him. Know when I was good I still like I only worked the volume but every weekend of my life is pretty much full what do you got going on this weekend I got only 42 get together. And that but on Saturday. So there you go that's got anything else I got Donna turn on you guys simply asked a question just you figured you got stuff going on all the time. And if it was eleven days out I would buy it but it's incited ten days so. I know the answer. I we got a lot out. Well I left out of that's stuff. I mean I and it's like turn enough fossil. You are talking royals cardinals are what we got that it's there's a series this weekend gathered as I get little apprehensive. Even though the cardinals are going pretty good right now. I don't like to lose to the royals one iota that be painful. Painful for you know question don't enjoy it one bit. So yeah a little tense. I'm hopeful look first Saint Louis goes in there with legions of cardinals fan though be at thousands level. And I can't they don't need my help they can take care of it. Now I am tempted to go out to Denver. Next month or later this month. And see the cardinals play Colorado up there would be fund the Coors Field. Body know that I Willer knockout but I can't and day right now you're going. And I'm not in a marathon not a good thing and not even that night and I I can't even say that right now. I let's take a break. When we return built slider will go into it early one hundredths that's like I say while Newt contract extension today. Bill Snyder signed up through 2000 wanted to. Plug I'll be under had a cut at a pet is older than me is an aid does doesn't like to be home. He's he's your case state football coach Lanier and even. Moral view I have sounds like it back in a minute this is Bob loosened Jason do on the drive. So.