The Royals Move On To A Key Series Against The White Sox

The Drive
Friday, August 11th

A discussion on the race in the AL Central Division, and the importance of the Royals return to winning against the Chicago White Sox.


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This is good for. Colin. The Friday edition of the drive campaign trail Bob listen Jeff. If you include such hypocrisy thing. 8691240. BI got a padlock roof top line and the usual suspects Mack hired Tommy took over. In the house. Create Mac's top billing over Tommy that time maybe for the first time ever among them okay what the ramifications. Will be of that probably not and it's burglary and I'm not an indication in my estimation that. Max is taken that mantle. That let's give Max loop current. Thought we did. All right we got so much going on today. We have a couple of interviews on the second hour out of tie shirt from Recovers the chiefs will be with us from about 510. They have an exhibition opener tonight against the forty niners so we're happy that Adams taken some time. That to come on the air with us meanwhile Jeffrey Flanagan from He covers the royals for that entity. He will join us from Chicago where the royals try to turn it around tonight against the White Sox Jeff Flanagan on a 525. Five questions what our old friend Jared Bartlett Jay rod currently the communications. Directors spirit. Aerospace whatever hectic Follett and I'm not even sure I got his job title right there enact whatever he's doing he's doing a while. Cheney's own Gerald Bartlett for five questions about 540s today and we're chasing. A potential first hour guess although that may. Airmen on Abu. The review we don't tell Lou Sherri did well. Now you don't you don't I don't know why but that's not my side on people that tune in for. If we get a will go to an end. Cardinals can complete the sweep the chiefs opened tonight. Have have royals fans now are they attempted to say okay it's on the football. I even though they're right there they're still right there in the wild card the Indians haven't haven't taken this division by hold. I thought what's wrong with the Indian model they have too many injuries. I thought he had. The earlier first initial. Reaction to Jay Bruce's. Get it done get that run ins get a run and that's I need to do to stay song gotta do you Madeleine meg game last night that he gets around and instead nick Getty comes in and gives a period. That's your bargain so the royals are still as I said only four games out in the division. And the wild card it's even close on the map. So there's an I don't feel like there's a reason to panic. But I almost feel like people are panic there's not a reason to panic but there in third place let the not a good Pitt staff at the moment and they're behind Minnesota in obviously both races. And that's not a place you wanna be so Seattle and Tampa now tied for the second wild card spot. Yankees are up in the wild card. Twins are a half game out angel's little. Angels and royals just a game out Orioles game and a half out. Texas three and a half out Toronto for a that's got to be thought. That I suppose. As we out of middling teams Brandon Bubba debate is something the watches knows that it's yeah I mean who wanted it's baseball. You've got Seattle at 59 and 57. Same record as Tampa and they are tied for the second wildcard spot he got Toronto 54 and 64 games behind. Any of those teams in between could win. Including the royals who have Danny Duffy. Taking the mound against some of the young White Sox pitcher Renaldo Lopez bleed is making his first start of the season. Think this is big league debut I think he's been in the big leagues but this is this is his first start this season there you go again on your lineup to find out kinda. You don't think I've done the research on this stuff already. Anna but the but that's what I that's what I find interest portal areas that okay disarm. Yeah I made six starts last year for the nationals it's amazing to me that you just don't go with me. I don't how will never I don't know of anybody any let bring this stuff off the Danielle you've had a time to do the research. And I have I'll always give you the royals starting pitchers and and who their plan I always do that. That's thump and are listening base wants to now so Lou Rawls have a very important series in my estimation. This weekend against the White Sox seem that has the worst record in the American League but just what the team with the best record in the American League the Houston NASA make much sense that's a lovely thing about not just baseball. The sports mostly baseball is it apples a lot of baseball but it's great it's one of the great things from sports Alba the weakest can rise up. When you least expect it and take care of of the stronger and you'll see the jets go to an against New England this year. That's some pretty much say mr. Watson and now you've probably won't. But on a given day anything can happen. Right about that's pitcher in baseball. And I think we're agreeing there so don't get upset. Investor in baseball because they play everyday there are more give all dancing baseball pitching is runs the room rules the roost in baseball. Yet a different pitcher out there every day you don't have a different quarterback out there. Unless there's an injury from game to game so if you have to start. Those those slave football how to find and literally have to start a different quarterback every week he got three quarterbacks. They got to start a different one each week. And the so that got me that would mean that Tom Brady would get five starts a year Cyrix. That we have the level and have different records. May be except that every. Number two cornerback would be playing a number another number two quarterback and it doesn't always work out that way when you're talking about rotations in baseball. Sometimes you're number five guy can be gone against the other team's ace the old me would have come on a show like this and just started bragging. The start at then royals we guy he what are you gonna do about it hey look at me whatever yadda yadda. But I don't feel confident enough in this particular team to do that who cares they threw in war though. They seem to have found something. You know what Dexter Fowler in the cleanup spot. With Paul the young in the third spot. They seem. Knock on wood because they got the Braves coming to Busch Stadium tonight. But they seem to have found something. This finally working offensively. Let's be frank. There from the cover off the bench they're playing well. Let us dame hasn't had all year there and a good stripped. How about a third just good now Novak could be don't they have the talent to be good. When you and that has Matt carpenter. And Dexter Fowler. And Tommy fan. And Yadier Molina. That isn't that just a good thing you know it's pretty good. And I am not the nationals are not the Dodgers. Coal long had a good year. There are both currently there are not the nationals of the Dodgers but I always thought that that was led underperforming. Team and the cardinals. And they finally seem to have figured something out maybe I have that to move for them to make in the off season. They are not a complete team they still have. A roster issues. They have too many of some things and not enough of others. I'm gonna give you a two moves the cardinals should make in this off season are you ready chair. This is fine. This I guess this is the most while I half. Is Lou looking ahead at what I might just stay yourself up for disappointment now but that's OK I guess and the cardinals are for sure gonna make. May they may not make these votes. But my entertainment wellness but make moves to fortify the line to get a middle of the order bat but he done and here's what I think they should do. First of all they should sign Lou. The freeagent. Well can only think they should sign Mike missed you saw that on Twitter last night share. Mike was soccer even though jet Dirk does have an attack or you're having a terrible second half he's he's been exposed he's a good flyer. But he's not a 140 start the year good players. He's more like a guy that fills in that third fills in the second you get a left handed pitcher he implies. Jeff Jericho is definitely a part of the cardinals moving forward but might the sockets becomes the everyday third baseman. And that middle of the order bat. That can hit thirty to 35 home runs a year consistently. Great move great move five years quit there's no such thing as a great move that has now five years ninety million Mike was sockets. The second move is make a trade with the Miami Marlins now owned by Derek Jeter. Make a move there trade for Kristen yeah Allen's. He becomes your center fielder Dexter Fowler switches over to right or left. And you figure out the other position you probably gonna have to trade up to Scotty and a great kick. Fan might be on the block even you got young outfielders that are coming up in that system look look good. You got a lot of lot of out feelers that you can trade. And a lot of young pitchers that you can trade. You have Lusaka thin yellen. To a cardinals look at good luck on July those moves I don't I'm not into that necessarily the prognostication. But let's play our I don't like we all along with a lot like the Indians attorney for Mike Trout and sigh and these aren't as these are ridiculous the most while I mean of course there you can always point to a player to that and that did a guy would make our but I had to I was very careful not to be silly. They're not know fellow laden and trade for. I didn't say Gian Carlo stand. That that that cost would be prohibitive. Yell out will be. Very expensive trade target as well because he's under control. Through 2022. But I was I was trying to be sensible. I get a and I and I that's those third whose sensible loads fine cardinals could buy it but I'm just I just don't necessarily get into. The hoping my team. Winning when we make a move great I'm happy to evaluate who played a minute yes I'd like to call you outlined no you're being predict how how many times you talked to me about or gonna get this guy we're gonna get back guy then all the time Jeff government that. After doing all the time I figured we gave Jay Bruce. There Brantley went down that I think they don't do it all the time now and are available on of being a fan. All of our free agents on any of the royals are gonna sign Eric Hosmer. He would be the primary target to keep in Kansas City he's more of a face of the franchise. The stock this is probably prized himself. Out when it comes to trying to keep both of them. Lorenzo Cain who looks planned very well I don't see them resigning him and I'm not sure how customer. Given that the royals are gonna enter a big rebuild here. Is going to be interest that is saying Kansas City that's rolling on last Jeff planning and about. Coming up just like Bill Brown a first baseman because they're just so many of them. Having a good first baseman does not but the royals ahead and any of their competitors because most of them have good first basement deal. I wish. Carlos Santana has been okay. Do you have a good first baseman Cleveland. Carlos Santana has been okay he's not. He's the least of our problem is here is not an upper tier first leg that's what I that's my point you don't necessarily need one to be good and having a good one doesn't insure you artisan Tommy's Detroit Tigers have a good first baseman today. Into fat in August of 2007. Team. Not it will Miguel Cabrera bounced back and be a force offensively I believe that he will. But he's got another run and but when you lose that you lose that I always thought that guy would just had no matter what and maybe the power wheel drive but I most surprised to see you. In mid like 250 Golar memories as he's played forever he's had leg injuries. When the legs start to go. And the feet start to go on Albert fool for the prime example of the since he was 27. Now he's 3070s the early. Did they seem to have gotten the best of the make a birds and never been a lower half header now he's it's all hands with him his hands are so good and he's so strong. I'm surprised to see the batting average as low as it is well I thought we had three or someone who likes to teach a little bit about hitting the young people. You'd better rattle you better have the lower half involved. And only is all about your hands although it hands are extremely employees got the best hands I've ever seen as a hatter. So I thought that he waited three and a minute you tell me you can teach heading. I'm not Sanath but I can see good. Mechanics in good form what I what I know when I see it. And I know it's not hard to see that Mickey is fundamentally. Great. Well done. That's my point it's not hard of course these grass I thought he did 300 for a long time they injuries have taken at all. It be fun to have somebody I can balance this stuff off of and they wouldn't just downplay I don't know what the state and I was looking forward to make in this assertion all day today. I want it I can't wait to get on radio I've got this great idea. What the cardinals are that I almost weeded it. The Derek Gould of the post dispatch. And Bernie mentally and instead they went instead of 101 and fortunately I'm gonna get on Derek duels chat. Next Monday. Analysts say Derrick airs here's all the cardinals need to do for next. This is that. And he'll say well they'll make moves again it's just that. I don't know about why what's the fun of being a fan if you can't dream award he can dream all you want but I do I dream again I adult. You don't dream of the Indians upgrading their team at all. You don't you don't fall you don't look at the guys say man he'd look good and Indians you know not really I dream of I hope Jason if this comes back. And it as the year. Pseudo political goal and your line up and think it could be better here. There's I don't. I just can't believe that we have our roster it's a good roster no rosters perfect. I can't say Jason give this is terrible let's go get Robinson can now I wish now it was that easy. But it's not Robinson can knows not a pending freeagent gorgeous well and he's not a trade target. They these guys I'm talking about are viable. Mike the stock is those almost assuredly going to be a freeagent. At the end of the year he's not gonna take a qualifying offer I doubt that the royals are gonna offer him a long term deal. He is gonna hit the open market Kristen yeah like love ya lets players for a team that's likely with new ownership now to lose. Unload and all of the desire unload all their assets is guys were affordable. And good and he'll be there for awhile I only way we're gonna give you what week the cardinals are gonna give the Marlins. A top knots outfield prospect. Do. Paris on Vator. As the top not yet. All are there are others the cardinals have so many outfield prospects but does this is what I'm talking about they have a surplus. They have to deal. They have to get rid of some of these guys. Because they just have too many great chip with Scotty Bader. And the list goes on our journey if eve known critic O'Neal who they just acquired in the trade. Bam. And have so many are only three outfield spots in the major leagues I get you so why not upgrade something else why not get it's another another starting pitcher. They have so many starting pitchers come. Miller that they're minor league system has outfielders and starting pitchers that's what they're loaded way. So if I'm looking to replace Jason kid that's can I do this game tube. I would prefer you do I don't know who would be there I don't know how you don't as a baseball fan. I don't know how long airplane Jason candidacies by apparently miles seat is Escobar. There are no good second baseman I guess I don't know I just there's nobody. There's nobody so there's nobody along we're gonna roll at Jason kitten inside that's our we're gonna roll fled north third Ramirez first. First you need an upgrade well they Santana for likely leave the freeagent. Ed Encarnacion. Probably can't play they're now. So like you need to capture. I like are really got a young kid coming up in Mejia. Thank you. You need a first baseman and Jay Bruce is a renal. So you need you need some outfield well Jay Bruce is going to be our first baseman next year you're assigned Jay Bruce yes even though he's not played first he's a little. Very little three years thirty million next and what the other one of the other issue there you go alone shape for a belief that you love Jaber yes. A law against August 31 will revisit that. Because I'm not tell you are right now I'm not gonna expect him to be something that he's not he's gonna strike out and in homers well wolf they. Well it does for as long as he does that he cannot disappoint but there's a chance Jay Bruce. Lift the Indians I've Betty it's a home run tonight. I must would you like the bad about but fifteen dollars on OK you got to deal. Thank you you heard it here first. Wholly back we'll talk about the chiefs. As they open exhibition season tonight we'll get with out of tie assurance tower number two for his spots. Kansas City is the first of four exhibition game please please first exhibitions. Those shows much you've got to pay attention exhibition football I suppose you focus on the third exhibition for each team. Enough of dollars to blame PGA championship underway in Charlotte we'll update there this is a drive okay FA.