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Monday, July 30th
Coming back from a rowdy weekend for the Royals as they lose to Yankees 6-3, is KC losing on and off the field? MLB trades and exchanges, details on who went where, thoughts on Dayton Moore's comments

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I'll Toyota got to Obama. Home Barry Parker this is we should talk sports then. Rose hurdle and shamed dad has sold sports where you see page 12:40 AM 975 FM. Good morning everybody good to have you witnesses. We get another week started sports daily routine brews rolling on here are sports station K if it's good to have you with machine Dennis on the other side of the aisle as we. Get chipped to speed with what's on tap today courtesy of the side pockets of course a big one for the royals over the weekend is that we kind of talked about speculated. Last week did make the stock is might not make the trip back to Kansas City and indeed dead has happened. The newest member of the Milwaukee Brewers and I would imagine Sheen spent a fair amount of time this morning talking about. That exchange what the royals got for him and what it means in the grand scheme of things. Now one of the guys played yesterday Brett Phillips. And the other guys in AAA he's looked a pitcher named Joseph Jorge Lopez. And next next hour we'll have Jim callous him from tells exactly how good those guys are and from all those other trades. Manny Machado. Brad Brach was treated not for a player but for cash yesterday Adam Jones may be next. Zach Britton has been traded. Should they can have all these who how you like him now he did okay yesterday yeah not bad so all those guys that got traded. Got traded for prospects and most of us don't know. Being about him but Kim Kallis doesn't help tells all about him at 104510 o'clock we'll have Taylor Eldridge from Kansas dot com. And have you seen what is it might be coming down the pike. Yesterday. I saw when he won ESPN channels. Team Fredette. Beat the scarlet and gray in what's on the basketball term that's what is called and basically a bunch of plums that get together. And playing a winner take all tournament well. A couple of former shot records are doing all they can. To. Put together a Wichita State themed. Team for this basketball tournament so we'll have Taylor Aldridge on at 10 o'clock one hour from now to tells all about eighteen that would perhaps be called. The aftershocks. Within X the end lever which is quite clever yes Hannah. PJ coups and ardent Caron Bradley apparently. Have taken the reins and are trying to put together. A team of former shocker will tell you. Who now that's a -- million dollar payday yes it is winner take all you I had yup now 72 teams single elimination tournament and it's. I think it's fair to say it's picking up a little steam. Yeah I can remember hearing that you know in its infancy stages like oh let's count cool like gas and then. ESPN gave it some legs in and I guess it's. And in watching yesterday. Jimmer Fredette team gets its first first 200. That's how it goes. I guess that's correct yeah I was a hundred yeah yeah. But it's real basketball yet since and and so. So that moves the needle a little bit for me from the three from the three on three right Derek. Then ice cubes gagged on it which has its own places well and and that's fine but. Yeah this is a pretty good little niche. For. Especially the hoop fans this time a year. I agree I I it's it's gained some serious legitimate will help. If your point two million dollars that's all the legitimacy you need to think they'll. And I think it I don't for the last year year before but. A team from. Bradley. Much of Bradley writes down a quarter point out almost brought straight right yes yes exactly how this thing and I mean they're really really big run. And now almost won the whole thing so. We'll talk out to Taylor Aldridge about that all things shocker coming up an hour from now. In the meantime the royals did take one man. Of the four against the Yankees. They move on and they have day off today they move on to take on the White Sox Southside Chicago. Tuesday tomorrow you can hear tech game right here on KFH on air sea. You don't like change yes that one. Made our lead five and a half instead of four and a half so I'm thankful for the effort. Did. The Red Sox did you guys you. Do you did you winnable ball when Kansas City would yes okay. Yes so there you go up so that the picks up a game. Actual current stressful. So White Sox and royals starting tomorrow by the way speaking what's on tap Thursday. 630. KFH. Bears and ravens the whole thing it can't not stopped yet stop it's clear. Did fear NFL hall of fame game right here and if they'd struggle bears bolt. More ravens 630 on air kick seven. And then what's on tap coming up later on this week and weekend the royals finish up their road trip in Minnesota. They'll be taken on the twins' starting. On Friday. At 630. First at seven tonight so there's what's on tap. Brought you buy side pockets where the money lunch specials a blt sandwich or quarter pound cheeseburger both served with Fries. For just 595 today and can't get to guests. And also. Next segment wanna talk. I don't know if you heard this but it's easily found. On the Internet. Has to do with. Joe Simpson. The Atlanta Braves TV analyst. And kids. This Dane I suppose for Howell the dodgers'. Approach batting practice. And their attire. And that's this really came off I think as they get off my lawn old guy and play it complaining about a new school baseball. But the over arching thing the more important thing we get to this in the next segment. To me the more important thing is it's guys like these and aren't exactly advancing our game to the younger crowd by being so. Curmudgeonly. That we get in the deet tails you're looking a little bit but basically well as Hillary. Skip sounding like Allen Iverson we're talking about batting practice yeah. Batting practice. Yeah look I I'm with you on I used said something that I thought was right on target. It doesn't do much. With younger crowd. If you really gonna ditch about what guys are wearing at batting practice. And by the way. It's not like they're wearing cut off shorts and you know and getting pops. Out there. I mean it like we used to do it Wichita State battle tactics thank you who are good I can tell you how many people are used to play against like. You guys were the biggest bunch of idiot look and misfit. Hat on backwards sunglasses no helmet. And loudly yeah Abbott. What happens you know I yeah I would you swept us an idea that we need to do it lightly when you're that good but anyway you do you do but that's but this is just ridiculous artists are and we'll get into the details during a little bit Tom I want I want to talk about. The royals and particularly the the new stock this trade. I would all have to dive into. You know the prospects for how good they are because that's what Jim calluses fourth but the Mike in the stock this over the weekend was traded for a couple players. And I want to get your take on what date Morse take on this was because T. He kind of walked out an interesting theory that took a little. Took a little heat. In essence he's been and I'm not date more than GM he's been getting worn down. By this team's. One loss record in the process of a rebuild okay. Basically said that. The stock this was sent to Milwaukee in exchange for outfielder Brett Phillips who actually got to New York in time to play the the well showed up the the second game of the doubleheader on Saturday played played yesterday Cory Lopez sent triple a Omaha. Basically Dayton Moore said the royals were unwilling to settle for just prospects. Because they wanna players who can help expedite the rebuild. Right this is a this is taken impart from an article written by Maria Torres. In the Kansas City Star. So basically he said. That there worn slick from losing and instead of taking. Prospects which Bruce I assume would mean. Higher. Ceiling. More coveted but younger kids. Then these two. Because. In the meantime. Dayton head and everybody else they're tired of losing. And that they want. Major League ready. People and extend an exchange from the stock this so either. They can play force right now or at the very least next year and that's apparently what how Jorge Lopez falls into this category. Dayton said in quit and I quote in this particular deal. We sought after players that we felt could be on our Major League team either this year or next year. That was the main focus. That's what we were consistent with the unquote. You like that idea or is he BM really really reckless. Where it. What he got for. What would be perceived his most valuable player. Perspective. And reality. Where are the royals really what's the time line that they're on is it really necessary to have those kinds of players now. Could you've gotten a larger haul of prospects. If you were willing to wait for them to come to fruition down the line. Is it is the fact I don't know Shane I look at it. Is it a big deal that you've got Major League ready guys now. At this particular point because. We need to talk about that in May be in May be two years certainly not next year. So from that standpoint the timing seems somewhat suspect. But to be considering what you get and and I mean this is a team that's gonna lose. That's gonna lose north of a hundred games and the end of next year may be what it maybe they lose. 980 some games or something like that I am I don't know unless something crazy happens so what's the hurry. Right now I don't understand. What's the hurry having said that he's the one that was fielding offers room and he knew. What the market would bear for Mike the stock as I don't have the benefit of knowing what they could have gotten from someone else in terms of more prospects further on down the line. A guy's CIA guys. I double A whatever the case may be. I'm so we went with you guys that he deemed as quote on quote Major League ready. I don't know I. I wasn't ever sold the stock this would command a top level prospect. But I guess in reading between the lines here which is what we're gonna have to do because unless somebody else leaks something I haven't seen we won't know. What Dayton turned down. Instead of taking Brett Phillips and Jorge Lopez. Right but if that's if that's the case. Is that. I don't knowing what to call that. Like what if you turned down a 21 year old so you could take Q Bret Phillips who has a triple A Colorado Springs true litmus and he was. Deemed a top prospect Mike two different organizations and Milwaukee and Houston before that. I'm not exactly sure. What his ceiling is get a decent floor looks like because he's got eighty arm those who don't know that's. Major League scouts. Determined between twenty and eighty your tools he's got a hose. So he's got that he can play center field and likely will play right because he's got a tremendous arm. But. He wasn't AAA and we don't have a big sample size. At all. To determine if he can be an every day big league player. So I guess some kind of no I don't normally. I I'm normally able to take aside. But. And it doesn't having to do with whether. Brett Phillips to Jorge Lopez will eventually be an all star but just the tactic or the reasoning behind. The GM of the royals saying. In essence and correct me if you don't they come right here. No we'd rather not. Wait on 82122. Year old kid. Because we sending to Lexington. Gonna be 20/20 one until it plays. I'd rather see some players right now help us win 45 more games. And help us code. Sixty and 102. It's basically they sent. That well this this losing is getting old now one little relief right now. Well. You know like I said I normally I don't exactly know the word called reckless is well I think that kind of comes to mind but that's not non sand. No I I totally courtside what you're saying and I. Define the term accelerate. Simply because I don't know how realistic accelerating. The process really is at this point. I mean if it if you're a 107. Loss team. How much acceleration do you really need change I mean you know you're not gonna get it. You're not gonna get it in any year or even. Jew or 3273. I mean I hadn't but. That the only way. That. Let's assume Brett Phillips is the only guy that stays there of this trade right. He's been out playing an all star level for the next. Month and a half. To really make some kind of a difference when you're talking about. Wins and losses this year. Now. And if that litigation is what they wouldn't hurt less of them anyway if that were the case this. Right yet and it is it really wins and losses or is it just finding pieces of the puzzle. I mean I guess you could you could take either term acceleration. Meaning. You know I'm we're tired of losing. But I mean it you get one and a half pieces because that's basically what they've got. Right there easy if you wanted to have pieces and in his is that really gonna change things and and by the way what does it change. If you're forty some games under 500. What really realistically is it gonna change I mean this team could finish this team could finish hot. And still finished thirty games 33 games under 500 room. So so so what are you really gain in the process I'm hoping that the over relying. Definition of acceleration. Is in Dayton Moore is mind is simply getting pieces. That he feels comfortable moving forward less. And debt are going to be good pieces in his estimation. For the next two to three years. When it really did this is a reasonable timeline. For this thing to turn back around. To I mean you know I mean if if in two years the royals and I mean to you in two years the royals can be at least back to relevant. That would be fairly. Significant acceleration in my oh my way of thinking route right now chain that because I'm not so sure. In May be Dayton Moore feels like it this is the bottom right now like this is this is bedrock. So that they're bottoming bottoming out right now so really the process starts now. Right it didn't it didn't even really start. In spring training. Derek cleaning everything out now and this is where the process really starts. Is in having all of these pieces again. Clearing out the that extra weight or the fat off the bone and god knows there's no pat on the opponent Kansas City right now which you get my point. And moving forward with what you've got prospects draft picks whatever that whatever the situation may be. Moving forward after July 31. Is really where this whole thing starts. So we're at ground level. On the rebuild of the Kansas City Royals they've drafted. They've made some deals. Now let's see how this starts to coalesce. From a franchise perspective not just at the big league level how does this look. Down this down the system. And he can they start moving forward with this system. Of being received it has it been re seated properly I don't know the answer I don't think anyone knows the answer to that. What I am fairly confident in knowing if I think we're about good on outfielders. Yes good lord for no more outfield orders you know we're good mind how I like the Brett Phillips is 24. I do like Gephardt. But Jorge bonafide TO Jorge sole lawyer. Rosario Herrera. Alex Gordon. And overweight Brian Goodwin. Pick him up within the last three eight tweaked a growing in my go on the deal also. Whatever but there's six guys for three spots. That not only well when we stay in the short term here because Dayton wants to. Six guys I mean that's a lot of mouths to feed in and so there's hurt OK but assuming he comes back. Some time. Relatively soon they and they can take their time within because you know they're not going anywhere but. In order to get consistent AB's. Four. I assume this how it's going to be. Bonifacio. Gorton's probably not going anywhere Roselle her errors starred in the hit and Goodwin was hitting before he went on the deal. There's like five right there are all five of those break there honestly. You'd comment and Dick Gordon out there because we know you're gonna get but for guys. That you need to know what you got. And how mean best case scenario even a magician. Would only have those guys playing three times a week each. If they all get to play in the outfield and DH when they're not. And you gotta DH Salvi every now and then because he's their hottest hitter you can't catch him every day. Yeah. Yeah so they got quote unquote big league. Ready players or at least one of them but. Is that what they really need. My answer would be no. Fan of Dayton Moore turned down a high level prospect it's because you want to win a few more games a month. And I I find that sketchy at best. Taylor monetarily and I'd love to know exactly what he has on the table and feel like if he had a top ten prospect again now. And we might be overeating when he had on the table you don't mean I think it's very barrels of now I really do to your question to you considering it's Mike he's done. All right so Joe Simpson. Shaking his fist at clouds going by. Blasted the unprofessional Dodgers. Again only to get into this and is is there anything wrong with baseball. Bruce and I will discuss sports daily continues on a month.