The Royals have to really start from scratch

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Wednesday, August 8th
The Royals are keeping guys around that are actually hurting their team by not letting prospects get some major league innings to help grow their game and get them ready for the majors.

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I'll order out and got to Obama. Current partner for this season which is most sports yeah Bruce hurdle and Shay dead. What were you sure you update 12:40 AM 975 FM. Think morning everybody get any witnesses reeling on this. Tuesday addition Wednesday edition Wednesday edition. The sports daily good to have you with us in the middle of the league changes loan through sort of here. As we did go and check out what's on tap first and foremost. Here's where we check in with their friends from side pockets of the corner Kellogg and kind of. Exception they would what's on tap today outside pockets that's why not Wednesday when I've gravity scored pound cheeseburger. Served with Fries for just 595. Today what's on tap on the KFH little bit later on of course the royals in the cubs. We'll finish up their three game series. That the K royals shut out last night five nothing. The be on the air at 631 pitch at 715 after that it'll be the Dodgers and eighties right here on camp page join in progress first pitch at 9 o'clock. And then we got pre season football starting tomorrow there will be achieved some Texans over on our sister station. Can't SS thirteen thirty in 987. Upon here at six kick its 730. And right here on camp fates tomorrow night at the cowboys and 49ers pre season football. Pregame 830 kick at nine than the royals and cardinals we'll start a series starting on Friday what's on tap later on in this show. First segment we'll talk a little baseball courses where you normally do. Not only are the royals. Quite a bit removed from their 2015. Hey Gabe I mean I mean surprised as to hear and see how many other. American League teams have fallen fairly quickly. As well so look out look back and see what happened back in 2014 and fifteen other teams in the American League not only the royals. They'll take a look at the NBC World Series schedule as they get closer and closer to crowning a champion. The Dodge City days. Despite winning last night. And the Seattle studs in Santa Barbara forresters game the forresters lost. And Dodge City won yet because you've run differential Santa Barbara moving on. And Dodge City out too so Santa Barbara's big margin of victory the first couple games that they played. In the NBC World Series we'll have the forresters moving on. And the eighties going home. Chief caught up on this. First time maybe play a little game. In the second segment the NFL quarterback rankings are out according to pro football focus a rank every single quarterbacks and little game there. That's news notes throughout the the Major League Esteban a wise. Is in big big trouble we told you about that quite a while ago wolf we'll talk to you about maybe hit to his jail sentence. And a felony drug case. Joe Simpson is that it began waving his fist at clouds as they go by bad news for Jerry Remy the Red Sox broadcaster. And bad news again for Luke Heimlich the Morgan State pitcher. Who wanted to up play overseas but he had his contract. Canceled we'll talk about that PGA championship right on the corner and Kevin Jack's. Will join us at 10 o'clock you're this little state of the union the NBC World Series wanna apologize. We haven't interview scheduled today. Or Marquardt about skis and author of really cool book. About Manning family dynasty in the NFL. He was supposed to join us today had to cancel hopefully we can pick him back up. Sometime next week in the courts on the stand sports history coming up. The last segment of the show so. That is what's on tap courtesy of side pockets corner of Kellogg in time. Not like we have any choice in the matter where are you ready for football. I think it's official doubt I think camera. One of the days when you're gone out that Twitter question was is is it actually football season or win as it. And I don't remember the exact. The result of it. The options were college football kick off at the end of pre season. No it's already here. And one other but heroes kind of mixed as far as is it football season or not but. I think for the most part it's as you know me you know covering the Broncos ready or not here I come I mean that coming up tomorrow night everybody's gonna kick it off and and you know. With the with the chi when it comes the chiefs with. Patrick Holmes taken over think this pre season probably takes on a little bit more special meaning for chiefs fans I don't know if there's much question about that. You know he. Korea and I think there's. I think that first game just because of the fact that it's the first game exhibition game. Makes things so uninteresting. Then after that it's kind of like okay whatever. Not weeks we'll see you for opening day but though that's what hole is a factor. Makes things a lot more interesting for cheese stands I don't think there's any question about it but remember. Exhibition games mean nothing. Can. Now I say that guardedly because. He needs help blunt the guys that are trying to make that if you dream and roster. Guys we haven't heard from right field guys and yeah aren't trying like. We're trying like hell at this point to do anything that they can. In the death that 53. Or at least the practice squad beyond that. Not so it's very very important. For those guys but that's the kind of mortar between the bricks minutia. That later in the exhibition season at the end barely pay any attention to good stands really convinced that a lot did are paying attention to. Position battles that are. Two or three spots down the line on the depth chart. No but most of the front line people have generally been decided at this point you're basically playing right now for our. But I and maybe not right now but by this time next week to week after you're basically playing for a few slots on the roster so. And I teams like the colts get to see Andrew Luck for the first time and multiple years they say he's gonna play. The entire first quarter of their pre season game out what he does and how much he does is. Probably more bluster than no substance but the fact that. He can barely lift his arm for two years probably means quite a bit to them but. Yeah I mean. And no matter how you slice it the the end the NFL pre season is just the just. Little tease. You know you might get to see a little bit of what you're looking for but. It won't last. And then by the third or fourth game of the pre season. The guys that you really do wanna see get raps will only. Get probably half. Yeah that's probably the third game actually in the fourth. Came down to the regular season and fourth game April play at all so no so stay here yeah I I don't know I have mixed emotions about. Exhibition seasons and whether they're too long. Par four games or five games for some teams like the bears. And the ravens too much. I would think so. But. But so it goes it's exciting for cheese stands tomorrow to know that the team that they love it that they follow. Will be played some football. Even though it doesn't matter who wins and loses I have my whole thing would be just watching captured moments. There are so I saw at the end of last season in a game that you probably got it I Syria. Pretty high market in India against Denver won a football game. So. You know I mean how much progress as he made you can we really judge much of anything from an exhibition game. Better know everyone has their own. Has their own check marks and that they like to. That they like to get taken care of as it relates to exhibition games there. I don't know the team that I cover last year with Bordeaux in the exhibition season started the season 31 it's vital sorry. I I would I would just warn everyone that knows what every year DD from an exhibition season probably doesn't always apply the loss of just get near the football mode. In which case it's fun. Absolutely and that's still and that's kind of what the first game does mean. Written it gets into some football load alone. Got college football is right around the corner. What are we sitting here on August the eight. So we are now seven times 617. Days from opening kickoff guy in college football. So. Here we go up here we go and in this is off we go so. Ready or not you become the end another football season and and of course the advent of fantasy football season but yeah. Which one's bigger the real season her fantasy season I guess you gotta have one so you can have the other. Absolutely and that's my favorite team my team and Mike's my fantasy that you have this that and I usually you have and it's usually you can we've run this year. We'll see. No one college. And that really has my heart by the way the college. Really oh my god there's a 125 teams to pick for a little that's pretty good got a bad team mature people. You. But NFL I'll be one. Victory. All one is too few because it if you opt point daily fantasy. And you get off to a bad start was only one team then you're then you start to get depressed about the football season. You don't have to other teams or at least one other team to. Follower look at her root for. But if you have more than three teams I've discovered then you root for the entire NFL. And that's no fun either so. Twelve three say happy. Well anyway. And that's face is so big and accuse now of fantasy football you've ever imagine. Did we get to this point. I guess probably go to visit it probably put you in club turned right away 1999. In the 1998. I think it's the first time ever played a long time ago. Forty years and twenty years and everything isn't the round even before that I was a little late to report. News so. Time. It's what it changes the way you watch the ball if you if you play that's for sure. It is it for the better or worse because my contention has always been. Oh yeah. My contention is always meant. That it. It takes away your favorite team. Well my contention is that it helps me do this job better because I pay attention to more teams. I can't normally wouldn't care about the Cleveland Browns but if I have Jarvis Landry and duke Johnson then. I'll be able to tell you more about Cleveland Browns I would I would I would suggest it. To. Those. In our line of work. You know if you and whatever sport it is that. Your city is crazy about. Join a fantasy league with that sport thank you know if you work in. Toronto. Enough familiar hockey player fantasy hockey. You'll start to learn about everybody. You know I speak Falwell logic there. Yes no vote of the logic makes sense it does it make sense to me so. Tonight will be that is it may. Tennessee's right around the corner. And folks will be playing left and right piloting were to start today. Well. As depressed as royals fans can be and probably should be. Take solace. Because. The teams that met the ALC yes. Just four short years ago are both 34 and seven you know. The royals and Orioles. Lest we forget. Were planned for all the marbles are close to it. Just a couple years ago. And. As recently as 2014. For example Baltimore's 96 and 66. And Detroit was 1972. Right now Detroit is 4767. That we know about Baltimore. 2015. Toronto was 93 and 69. Ranked right now they're 51 and 61. Baltimore and even just three years ago is at least 8181. And nor Red Sox. Three years ago were 7884. Now I don't know exactly what to make of that we don't all three of those teams aren't. You know apples to apples to apples different things happen in different franchises. But. I guess my. Suggestion for royals fans would be nothing last forever. And good or bad. Now hopefully you you make the right moves in the draft. And get through few free agents. And yet you slowly start to chip away at this. Mess that is 2018. It would start by fielding. Starting lineup with your kids but I don't wanna get off on that and go down that rabbit hole because. We don't have enough show. And a hard to get over that but. You know it's as bad as it seems right now as good as it was just three short years ago. You know baseball's no different than any other sport nothing has passed last forever as long you have good leadership. Good front office. Which by the way David glasses could gotten squarely behind the eight more. And the right thing to do anything you believe he's not going anywhere. At least according to the arrest him so. It bit the problem becomes. That you have models like the Astros or the cuffs or. There are certain teams that had been bad and then have come into power. But just because those teams did it doesn't mean everyone does it. You got a happy in the process. The margin for error for the royals tends to be dinner he just that the amount of money they can stand or their case chance that. Pump yes there was spent some money they drafted extremely well maybe number Paul broke products for the Astros is pretty impressive. But do we really believe that the royals can get there with that kind of model. Do we look at the royals uniform system and we talk about this ad nauseam some. Do we really look you really think that the royals have that capability. We've in their system as it as it stands right now and then if you ask that question come back with. The answer no which is I think where you come from. Days OK. Then how much faith you have in Dayton port to replicate. What he did before because she. He did we video real estate it was 5050. The way that they built the royals the last time. Hitting wielding iron was hot with the U percent from the outside guys that. But I had me eat it on this track key or guys that were required. That'd. They're playing very key pieces for the royals. But I had 50% of that was homegrown or more than that. But I don't see it was sockets and Hosmer. In the system right now for Kansas City in my wrong. The ones that are there are in Lexington. Yeah if you want to make that comparison they're they're aways away they're wrong they're young. So. Was smooth stock is in the Hosmer. Can't miss from the start I wouldn't say necessarily until they got to northwest Arkansas then people started. Figured out who these guys were in addition to Salvador for us. And going back further it was. Billy Butler and Alex Gordon and Zack Greinke in Wichita. So. Give you their timeline that was a little earlier. But. You adapt to see you got to go deep dive you know you got to be as. Organizational. Geek so to speak to go. Dimon and its prospects and you know we got to get Jim callous on the horn again and we'd have to dale buys some. Prospect. Magazines and prospectus to stand seeded top 100 in. Not only Major League Baseball but when your particular. Teams prospect lists the other stack up but it flew it. And now to answer your question I would say it would be way more than 50% home grip man on way more bad. More like 70% homegrown and 30% we sprinkled in some. You know some other key pieces and then that they huge ones obviously were so brisk and Johnny Quaid on 2015. But. The royal staff do a little bit but little bit different then than others do but you know what the Yankees have followed the Astros. Blueprint. Pretty strongly when they got bunch. Of their own kids. Now Sonny gray is not then. You know CC sabathia is getting old. But. Can you talk about the baby bombers. You know their homegrown and so. Yeah I don't know that you can you can win at all anymore with just. We just free agents and just going out and trying to buy a championship I like those days are gone. Because achievements. All right well we've got some NBC World Series tickets to giveaway 8691240. Is the number. We've got down multiple NBC World Series payers to giveaways call me now if you want an 869. 1240. The NBC World Series coming to a close it ends August 11 so time is running out to go see. The NBC World Series we mentioned. Yesterday. That Santa Barbara is moving on. Dodge City is out after beating lone star on Texas but to run differential. I came up short for Dodge City and the haze large were defeated by the San Diego stars last night nine to six. So when we come back we'll talk a little NFL quarterback pro football focus has rankings for every team's quarterback. Entering 2018. Where your favorite quarterback Phil we will discuss how the rookie stacking up. Talk some NFL football quarterback cock when we come back.