The Royals farm system in Omaha is producing some good prospects

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Wednesday, June 13th
Tony Boone of the Omaha World Hearld joins the show to talk about the Omaha Storm Chasers and who the Royals can possibly bring up to help the Royals. Adalberto Mondesí is on the Storm Chasers team as the second baseman and he might just be joining the Royals sooner rather than later.

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What do they can. Campers refused after the red rocks talk to get. Little bit royals baseball Casey lost to Cincinnati last night five to one bill. Wrap up their little two gamer. Tonight you can hear a game right here on care feature. Home of the royals and right now on the test locker room hotline get when he Boone from the Omaha world herald talked about. What's coming next and when first mauled Tony thanks for taking the time I do on this morning. Don't well doing well thanks thanks again for taking the time. Omaha last check 29 and 34. Bruce and I were just. Chiding. What everyone I call it LCDs Escobar had his 400 consecutive game. Started at shortstop for Kansas City last night and Bruce now were kind of wondering aloud how he'd been doing over that 400 game stretch he's actually hit better than you might think he's been in the to fifties. And basically for. Three of the last four seasons. What is coming next for Kansas City at that position Tony and is he an Omaha are right now is that person. I know Burt told Mondesi who got a brief audition last year. You know I think he absolutely is that he would river back a couple three years ago unit at the oil's top prospect he kind of graduated from deep prospect Agnes because he had not Major League time now. But he's an uber athletic guy obviously is that is actually call star comes from a good gene pool. Lightning fast. Has a little bit of pop in the bat. Can get them about any ball because he's a lot etiquette and I thought that he would didn't sit well planned somewhere in the middle and peeled this year and the the versatility of what America allow obviously on mystique that little second to. But it seem like he got most lows are in the year just because even injured in what the team right as the years started to come Milwaukee Dolan and then recently. Hamstring injury kept him out of line per couple three weeks now they never actually put it on the disabled list. But he wasn't playing every day in the when he did come back he would play two days and one that he's finally now just getting back at full speed and that we saw that over the last stand. And I would think it you would probably can't be sooner rather than later. On the weather that he comes up there and killed in that time. Or whether that's because they finally decided to pull the plug on the the escobar's streak in that school and turn it over democracy because he has teacher at the position. Tony Boone of the Omaha world herald covers Oklahoma storm which was glad have him on this morning. Who were the most intriguing. Possibilities. At a loss right now. Realizing that if there was anyone really that intriguing we probably might have seen them. We've got undergoes Europe in Kansas City obviously so where. We're getting a pretty good glimpse of that but beyond that. Tony who do you really like right now who who's got he's got Major League entry written economy in your estimation. What they've modest he's probably our way to guy and our position players scale do you think there are a couple of guys went. In the pitching staff that could be an interesting you're down the stretch out obviously need a little bit Trevor oaks when he's been out there and got Barlow has been up to. Both of those guys regard to world I and they also. At least he'll liar on the forty man roster and I'm not really sure that he's ready as of yet to meet you by the end of the year back in the UK. On the guy you know watch out for pitching lights is just off to had been a starter and then they started this year. I haven't dropped the ball in the security can touch harder he's considered to have one of the best breaking balls and the royals to two and uses lights out on audible and for Omaha for the first after the season. On the net when Barlow went out more recently they've slowed him back into. The starting rotation again. And I'm sure that's just to give the world options you're going forward he's made three starts although he and on past that the nose starts just because they're billing pitch count up. He's only given up a column where Ron probably Josh is just a little bit control last year sort of walking a few guys who walks down this year. And I walked into guys and those restarts. I need to strike out machine is one of the Basque pitchers in the Pacific Coast League becomes distracted matters. Just got are the real gift in that arm and I think he just needed to get a little more he's done I would expect we would help the world that at some point. Even though he's not reported it roster as of yet when they bring about he's about that and later in the season. Or maybe even get to track to make the starting lineup are chartered occasion rather towards the back after the years you. 49 strikeouts in 34 innings to Tony's point Tony boon for the Omaha world herald talked and what's down on the farm and Trevor oaks just recently get sent back to Omaha in its own Tony mentioned he's a starters and he was up in Casey. Film inaudible pins we've had backed Hamas weaken. Get back to us starting once again. Jason Adam. Who has been up 403. Weeks or so that Tony is he do you think in your estimation is yet to Kansas City steak. I think so. Eat pretty good and we only saw him briefly your Belmont this year that article was first it appeared before. Armey easier on a guided that it spent a lot of time AAA but there was no design how. And there a couple of other arms that are out right under the same way. Where are you don't like Egypt you do get a little worse even before they went out there and I was Texaco prizes at a gut call quickly as he did it. But. He can't deny the arm of the talented. I think it royals. There was some of these young arms can really rebuild bad bullpen because we have a pretty good idea the trader going to be coming and that Bolton may look a lot different entity your hat for you about on the and I think it you know I'm sort of those guys that may be factors into a bigger hole. You know going forward. I don't know he's closer type guy. But he certainly can be set up guy and you know La they can get actually they're going to want anyone in one inning when the world bowl bastard recent years. I think there are some arms here that they can play with a little bit. That a couple of gotten into Arnold are that they can get to came to these have been the big leagues before in addition to our guys that you think people are disheartened to hear about that maybe can be a factor here. Two or three years. Tony there are a lot of people obviously Kansas that's kind of grew up along with the and Bubba starling is a multi sport athlete at its. Open Gardner Kansas in top draft pick and there's been a lot of a lot of hope and anticipation. But there's been very little traction in his career and I know he's been. And he's been injured a lot and hasn't played a great deal where are where are we right now and where do you think the royals institutionally. Are. Now with Bubba starling. Well I think the oil have been very patient and probably more patient or. Fans have been because they wanted to bother to get to that level ever since you distracted the ball mostly because you're local guide. He seemed very invested with him as a player and athlete and oil debate at. Sound financial investment in him in the nation that I'm into signing bonus that was the biggest in club history. The injury thing it has been really unfortunate Karbala it was very tired too because on the if you look back. A couple of years ago Ali it's a little story out with a lot of interest and bowed out here of hockey because he'd signed to play in Nebraska it was going to be a quarterback a global. I'm actually arrived on campus right before he signed. What Kansas City. There's always been that Nebraska and graduation when Bob. Eventually get to Nebraska baseball player and what it Nebraska missed out on as a quarterback you know when Obama signed. Like football. So I went down actually have been a couple of seasons ago and watched him in the game at that double A northwest market. In the middle of the year is struggling com. To kind of see where it felt like he has now that I struck out three times when it struck a war except for the guy in the strike it in the speaker and then he dropped the ball on the warning track in the outfield but no one run game the salute Thursday night actually back or why did little bit our. World herald radio show that next day I said we are never as he Bubba starling analog business top of the one night thing because it does seem like you're so law at that moment. The very next day on the Friday. The oil promoted and Obama. Just to give him a fresh start though right after it were targeted in at all. Is there at the very next in of course you know over dessert person gay. Meant so it kind of gave him reach that target struggled the back appetite year. And got up to an awful start last year. Know more about me it made a late last year really started turning things around and it's 300 over the last half of the year felt like okay. The guys finally figured something out whatever it is. And then churn out like you do oblique injury last year that sidelined implement the rest of the year and that's the thing that you now dealing with again has been constant. On the started last year when he tried to draw guy out of the and the plate up and Iowa and you know. The basis of the the strange thing to like undergo drug dealing with an oblique injury laughter Q they said. That's more capital like that on the big swing or something like that and bobbled it and roll initially and now I think it's been. Port on is that he oblique and apartment and cost them now quite awhile I think he's played. Around eleven games in point though yeah. Yes I would an unfortunate because you elect this guy apparently turned the corner and there are gene maybe this would be your that we might seem finally get the big leagues you'd but yet. September promotion. But until he's able play every day in you know get a lot of time in just don't know how well in the oil's going to be ready two on the not at that level. It's really get the top of the bacteria AAA in. And like I said he just played really really well when apple started last year. And unfortunately it's kind of been out more time off and. Going mean to put you on the spot Tony Lucy remind yeah you know scouts always have to tell that they're GM. This guy is this guy in the big leagues who's Bubba starling remind you of in the big leagues anybody come to mind. And they are up at out of my head because he's just such a different kind of bat speed when he makes contact is you know just out of this world and take abuse Amir talk Peters. In baseball when it comes to that kind of thing you can really mashed a ball. On athletically in the outfield EU looks different out there because you'd expect a guy who. Was going to be a football player to be this big huge guy Obama actually what kind of also wondered. At this stage of the game you know and you know they settled law and they've felt like he was big big league ready defensive player all the law. Just a matter of we're in the battle on in the area are three or four years later when we thought that we might see him and eventually get the big leagues still wait. Well a lot of diplomatic sake I hope he does it help these sometimes in on literally like the what can happen if he actually has some time in the lineup. You know were regularly if he can continue that's happened on you know toward in the last season. I think there's a change that you may eventually get there'll be much too late trading for much moral stands because they that would long gone. What appear to be too many cracks to fall through in Kansas City with the type club that they are so. What do we make over of frank looks window then and where he is with this franchise it. He was on the forty man roster he was with the big league club. Not in spring training. So where are we with this guy who's been at Cooper productive at every stop along the way would he with the royals and their chain. Yes the I kind of wondered that too because you know into the guy out as. Year adjustable rate directory got a load of clothes start Omaha and he has been my early cater to the year last year and yet you know he wasn't a guy that was on the forty man he enters he's in last year. You know like okay made it is one ST just a little bit more out of them to make sure that it's going to be either trying to get office we'll start but he will meet on that up once again this year. Word out just taken off lead Belmont home run that very productive at the plate thinking accurate stretch. From late may worry that like almost 400. And had a bunch of extra base hit to get three doubles and six homers in that stretch and no I think peeking down do you know when the data deal happen. And they were able to get a Major League caliber or space and already that had been at four of these guys in the minors. The the interesting thing about it was actually balance always been right there aren't heard then blew a left handed hitter a lot more power on at least project a lot more power. Deutsch and god has been considered the prospect of the two trapper the last couple of years in virtual belt but the guy who's been a more productive but plate. And it's kind of turning that way now again this year although what they'll think at bat eager. On and they have been playing now Ryan a little bit in the outfield just in case there's a chance street to use both of about a broad but like it did under closure but I'm I think that's important you got to really take a look at what belt air and it just to see what he would give you and I don't do it obviously was signed. With the intention of playing first base this year but not necessarily beyond that you know when Dayton Moore is here on for the season started. You know he said he they wanted to make sure they do that as saying the Escobar deal everything else. We didn't want anybody in the city blocking anybody that was our potential future at that position but it's the same time. You know those. Friendly deals on the ours are oil scaled that allowed shall contract he's not much. Allow them to keep a Major League guy in the major leagues right now and maybe these other guys get a little more seasoning whether it's my undersea or one dollar or hurt but I think it's an employee productivity got to. Yeah doctor Tony build up the Omaha world herald. Those are the two guys that I was kind of a concentrating on Bruce asked about ish window of the guys that are on the forty man right now. Who is the most likely to the to have his contract purchased as they say and put on it is one of those two guys or somebody else on. I'm I would say it was one of those two guys who you're talking about a should player on at least have guys Omaha does mean that there's somebody else that they can vote over the top of that but I think it you know a lot of the world. Best talent young talent is that heater a year high right now. I'm expecting you know maybe we see those guys are not wait this year that maybe next year. On the I don't know other than those Hewitt or someone else that really sticks out what you're looking for us all another infielder on that killed. Don't have rolled it Ramon Torres kind of as a as rate apt to take away. Some veteran unity need a backup infielder. If that's the case I think they'll look at a guy like on amber told Archie Arnett lose the weight. 24 year old infielder played every position other than first base it. Even the stretch here or worse yet I think eight multi digit gains over nine game stretch here recently. It is just really really played well also. There's also another guy and he doesn't hit the ball on by. It's like a human highlight reel in the field and hear his name is Jack Lopez and a lot of Lopez's that everyone can know about McCain he. Twosome would be the nick would be Nikki Lopez is the actual prospect he's you know he kind of waiting at double play for bloggers who think a lot because he's the shortstop out there. Also got a lot of local people curator incident because he played cleat Juliet Creighton but. Nikki Lopez then. Agree all of these and the practical Ian in a while for the into the year but Jack does that ticket every day. At shortstop or second Robb on here that comes up you know the world does need god can play multiple in Cuba this and I would be surprised if there are gaga. Or Lopez was indicted they need it looked at at the end of the year. To be that third infield guy on that they need to guy in the middle but that's not necessarily something that's gonna help them out on the road more like expert now. 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