The Royals are officially eliminated from postseason

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Thursday, August 23rd
As of yesterday, the Royals have been eliminated from postseason contention. The Baltimore Orioles are the only other team eliminated from the postseason before the Royals.

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I'll order out and got to Obama. Home current work to bring this is we should talk sports then. Rose hurdle and shaved down. What you see page 12:40 AM 975 FM. Are growing in our numbers to a lot of conversation about the situation at Ohio State as it comes to a conclusion at least for now. Three game suspension. Suffer Urban Meyer. Let me release of a very. Potentially high. It is it potentially damning or potentially altering. 23 page report that probably keeps this. Story afloat. And and probably gives. Maybe gives it even a little bit more wind. Not in the sales. If you believe Kyle role and who joined us earlier from the Toledo blade. Seems reasonable to me to reach that conclusion that this. May not be over in fact in his words perhaps. Far from over how would move on now as we get into what's on tap coming up more our number two era very busy Thursday edition of its. We're still with what's on tap has brought tears always buy side pockets where the Thursday launch specialist crispy chicken strips baskets served with Fries. For only 595 today. What's on tap later on the show courses on the stand sports history brought Cuba superior rents when he first and ridge. Or rental equipment headquarters like Kobe Bryant celebrating a birthday today to give you little tease what's. Coming up text on this day. The royals false 63 to raise at trop. One more loss or one more Indians win of the royals will officially be eliminated from post season contention. No good lord. Now. Yeah it's not over yet. Although last night I. She last night after two outs nobody on the top of the ninth in the 63 game. Rose to a Roselle Barrera singled. Ryan or turn reached on an infield single which would have brought the tying run to the plate and hundred soldier who homered earlier in the game. But after her arrow into second on the fielder's indifference tried to score on that infield hit most drawn out at the plate without sliding. It. The one of the most royals in meetings. This season. Gather without sliding at night it didn't slide and got tagged out on an infield single to shortstop dole. I guess I assume that her thought I got in the center field which is terrible assumption by him his front didn't mean a thing. And Dozier was allowed to come to the plate by the closure struck out two more times which have been critical of him but he also had a home run. And after giving it some further thought and following a show contributor Jeffrey Flanagan on Twitter who covers that team for Moose got sit down and 2014 we need to remember. Low pain hit 251 of the four home runs in 2013. And and Eric Hosmer second full season here at 232. So for all those young guys that were kind get named patient about then although I'm I'm I'm kind of look Mon to see. Marinate a little bit you know and I I compared the numbers to future for complete season and it's ugly. But this still is his first season in the big links so I guess my biggest thing would be. Gripe list let's take our lumps with these guys that we think may be part of our future we get these other guys are hell out of the lineup or the the regular rotation like Jason Hammel had through two innings last night early. You know. And things like that that. Beat that drum for quite a while but I'll continue to do so and in the hope now Ned really. Let the young guys play and not Lucas dude. To get in leagues in September con the very least in September but from what it the least September but what is the difference. Many errors at this point. I don't care. I don't care if they lose 987 or 807. Or a 113. It doesn't matter at this point on matters who. Is plainly games and getting some plant you need needs in the inning if they're looking for a jump on February now that that that that's all this is about now right now. Shouldn't be anything else and I I mean. I don't know what else could possibly be other than getting ready for next year. Series in the road trip concludes tonight on air at 6 o'clock again first pitch at 610. Royals got beat last night's 63 with that. Beginners. Slash turned over to the bullpen thing again Brian standing. Only when a couple innings and then a middle reliever just chewed up and spit out the royals for about five innings so. It worked again form. Until the final game of the series is tonight. And had no. Try to salvage the final game but what some Rockies news did you shoot it that Colorado. Called up. Matt Holliday. At the band back together one last time. Again. I I don't think it said. I don't think it's a bad move beyond the he has. Said all the right things about what he's trying to accomplish here just wants to be peace. Of the puzzle. And gives them the bat off the off the bench to pinch hit it got pretty good guys now from the left and the right side. Not to pinch hit. So it it's interesting but to have the confidence in him. At this point to bring in Manhattan. Tom I think is pretty interesting I mean I have what is he 39 years old I think I mean there's something like thirty. And solemn and sullen normal rules are gonna that I should have faced all my years of on the wrong side of thirty but what it. He is he is he's on the wrong side of 38 but. But he's been somewhat encouraging. Through his time Mitt says. In a ball and then in AAA so why not why not. And according do you do worse than I have and are up there in a pinch hit situation it's not like he hasn't been there before. According to Patrick Saunders from the Denver Post. He's in the lineup today. Against the Padres then play a messy and it's right by a matinee against San Diego and according to. Patrick Saunders on Twitter Denver Post. The Rockies beat reporter first big game back with Colorado since 2008. Matt Holliday. Back up again. Of decency. Who better October of course he made that very disputed. Sly aide at the plate did Bud Black the Rockies current manager than the manager of the Padres. Which she has had a hell of a season by the way you still maintains that that. That he didn't touch the plate on that plane that will be forever it's now one of those things in the probably goes to the grave with them and no replay then either. No Newton no replay of the replay would seem to bear out but black but. Hoodlums. Who knows. It don't matter Rockies went on in Boston four straight games to the Red Sox all Northern Trust that. Golf tournament going on right now impairments of New Jersey. Paramus majors continuing its in New Jersey Newton. There are a host of players as they say at four under par. The decking ninety mama has played the most holes he threw seventeen so he's almost done four under par. Tiger Woods. Even par through twelfth. And which is why we're even mentioning straight. Are up kinda aware of and is in line. And it's a FedEx Cup. Thank you okay Heidi yeah the playoffs now leads up to the head of the Ryder Cup and whatnot. And there's some good golfers in here including Tiger Woods. Near. Tie for 35 even par. Through twelve. Think guy he's got his senate. His match with Phil Ford and I was speaking out the thought about that for a second. Pay per view had turned me off big time in my being a baby for that. Don't think so but today I mean it's. And I guess it's kind of the way to world I'm not gonna buy it. You're not gonna via I don't know who's gonna why not I mean the man have to buy it just because. This month ago sports daily duty. Listen OK that's generally I'll watch any sports you know because I'm not really sports guy and forced to lots. Of and I'll hand it probably can with receipt to Jackie think she'll. Take care of youngsters and I'm sure Jacqui we'll take that and say oh yeah yeah Sheen won't sound as good and it's up to chancellor. As sticking to your didn't get satellite TV to will be happy to pay for that Lou nanny on assaulted. Now we'll anyway they're so how much regular cost 29 NE 54990. Began. You'll be more than 2995. At center and that's your. In the 2995. Is something you get out of a spray candid fine juror you know. Your career. Okay yeah well rain part despite got to pet OK if I gotta pay more than that. If it's a union closer to fifty. And those guys their B Mike up. They better be drinking beer they better be making his side bets the caddies better be Mike up. And there better be a suitcase full of nine million dollars in hundred dollar bills set and on the eighteenth green. I think that that's a good picture if that pictures stated that we are told that beat pretty fun to watch it you can't look at mean tiger and Phil. Left of their two you just them being themselves what should generally is fairly entertaining anyway isn't enough to watch. Spent nine million dollar grudge match I mean please c'mon. C'mon especially since he's like each other all the time now yeah their voice now account. They're they're they're kind of voice now. If you know whomever wins this thing takes that money turns around and donates it to god you care about our part I just wanna be thoroughly that for our many hours completely entertained by these two guys. All right. Odds of that happening rural or what. Made these. 5050 odds of all those things happening settled I think it's there's a change I mean they needed they needed they needed executive producer. That is created is held and can reach them both on the level of hey he needs to be more than just Tiger Woods playing Phil Mickelson we need to have every bit of that to somewhere Thea. If you give us that kind of inside and that kind. Then I'm okay with it then that would be kind of fun it would be fun to hear their conversation although Mike you wonder whether. Whether you're getting the true deal. But it didn't make it this is justified their pay per view I mean yeah if you hit. That basically gives them license to say whatever they want. You to think right. By the way Phil Mickelson just joined Twitter. And all yellow day where all alone he's got a 1191000. Followers. He had that in one day. Yeah yeah I follow him I think. I can't act like Phil Mickelson and I like a Milan hnilicka who do. I you know I mean and I know that sun. It's full. If she had I I I think he's kind of guy had a kind of a little bit of a star crossed path with the rest of the PGA rank and file. But it's but I always kinda liked him I I don't know what it is. Well is probably his recklessness on the course and what he's a little roguish yet he's a little rogue issue he's willing to try some things that are. Stunned beyond my ability to comprehend so right just from a creative standpoint the way to play the game. I do like the way he plays he try some different things so I do like that part. Kind of the skin a little bit of a Swash buckle or in unbending. Little bit yeah no doubt yeah I try some things he'll he'll go for Google Google offered nothing. I signed up yet. I mean I'm good with Phil Mickelson he. He he's the reason the rest of us try flop shots. You know that he can hit a golf ball pretty much straight up in the air then almost. Hits himself. You know plot and would all blow over sand traps and you know. It he can hit the ball behind him if you wanted to mean it it's got the imagination in the guts that he does some other guys don't and yeah I think. That's a big reason why I'm okay with a and he's he's kind of but softened what's the word kind of shown little bit more about being a human being you know then. Hi tiger to. You know both of them it which I think is kind of an. If you don't have it. Right from the get go and use kind of live day professional life of being guarded. Which I think to such a certainly Tiger Woods says. The lefties always been a little bit out there I mean you know. The if you he loves to bat he loves a good he's never walked by a good bet that he couldn't have fun west com. In sums of money that none of us can relate to her and so on which is fine. None. But yeah I would agree I think both of them are likable people but a date turned into likable people I'm not saying they've always they always have them. Certainly that would be ridiculous. But I mean. Are you were giving Tiger Woods the benefit of the doubt right now but don't we see a much more likable version of him and we saw even. What two years ago when we are seeing mug shots of him and he will man wandering around in a stupor and this that the other thing he seems he seems to have things. At least back under control and on top of that. Seems genuinely. Content happy. And glad to be a part of something that obviously meant a great deal to him and maybe he took a little bit for granite. I am saying golfing industry he's now come full circle. Even in admitting. Second place doesn't suck anymore considering the as recently as 2017 I wondered if he'd ever golf again. I sort of thought and this this toll drive home the point that Tiger Woods. Is bulletproof. Because now that he is softened a little bit and he's not. Just that cyborg. Cold blooded killer on the golf course anymore. And yet we all still wanna watch him play golf. You know nobody's dropping off necessarily I don't think because out tiger's not killer anymore we still we still watch because once seemed win another tournament again. And those last two major where he's been in contention. And the ratings have gone through the roof. Who will watch tiger do just about any thing. Well the ball well will we will we watch him play in nine million dollar paper view with Phil Mickelson. I'll be excited to see what the numbers look like on that. Yeah I want to what is your TV guys will they have commercial let's think. We. And yet play a time to sell that kind of thing don't let it be it yes or during a paper view is that could. You could it mean if you've got if you've got a sponsor to offset. On 'cause there's production costs and that tell us won't go with this so. Poem. That's fair that's a fair question and there's enough downtime that you could do. You're only talking about two guys right now I want an opera on the course or both what. Up to the bald same time so after tee shot. You could certainly take out 92 break. Yeah. Now so we'll see so that is the Friday of Thanksgiving. That's when that's gonna happen indication mr. Earlier. On know couple weeks ago we talked about shadow creek. Golf course in Las Vegas. Will be televised on paper view by. Turner's. Bleacher Report alive platform. In addition to DirecTV and AT&T U verse. We have not settled on a price yet. So stay tuned for that. There was a there's a thing on CBS sports. That. Ranked the 32 teams in the NFL. The toughest to easiest road to Super Bowl 53. And it wasn't just strength of schedule wasn't just records they they kind of threw a lot of things into the pot here to determine how. How tough that'll be for your team. Whichever team you follow. To get super bull 53. The basically looked at all of that schedules. Dissected all 512 regular season games studied Super Bowl odds. Because let's face it guys in Las Vegas search mark. So why would you use that in your formula. Whoever's got the best Super Bowl odds according to the wise guy right Los Vegas. So. For example. They didn't wait. The BE IG HT. The cardinals. Credit playing the Packers because the same as the rams playing the Packers. Because. The cardinals are dome team and they have to go to Lambeau Field in December. Where Aaron Rodgers never loses. On the other hand the rams host the Packers at home in October. So that's a different you know you get the feel the logic there which I like totally that's that's that works. Game and then the final. That part of isn't that part of breaking down matchups anyway and meanwhile how it would that's. That would be one of the first things I'd look at for goodness but when you talk about strength of schedule it's like okay not every game's create yeah I area OK that's fair so anyway I I do like that and then. Final part of their formula and balls the first three games of the season. Which is just common sense because we hear all the time. If you go three and oh you're probably going to the playoffs. If you goal and three year not mean that 92 charges in 95 lines in the ninety bills who teams that started a 13 installment the playoffs. So. On the other side of this break when we come back global. Kind of sift through it's especially the AFC west let's find out the easiest and toughest. Roads or paths through. Super Bowl 53 he has compiled by the folks CBS sports dot com. I will say the toughest road. Is the New York Giants. They have the toughest total of twelve teams made the playoffs last year in the giants will be playing five of them. For the first seven weeks of the season. Wow yeah so. They're scheduled difficulty rating according to this Formula One 06 point 75 so that's little T and the only. The only problem with that is the it's all based on a year ago hill of these teams can change for a dramatic when you're in the next inning he packets.