The Royals are not totally out of the wild card race

Sports Daily
Friday, September 22nd

They’ve got 3 games against the White Sox, a Yankees make-up game and then six in a row at home after that.


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Good thing okay. About standard. I welcome back towards failure wrapping up on Friday oh please guys have a great weekend set up for your time. If you are near the radio we've got a great lineup Korea. Here I'm here fates that the royals will play three times before Bruce and I talked to enact trying to get there early and surely at that the tigers except the White Sox. The first game of that three game series is tonight in Chicago. He can hear all the games. Right here. On KA half speech tonight at 630 on air first pitch at 710. And then Saturday night. First pitch at 610. KU football of course a Saturday morning we'll get to that the second and then Sunday. The royals and White Sox wrap up their series that one can again you hear that right here. On KFH. It's being a college football key West Virginia tomorrow on hair and 930 kick off around eleven Brian Haney will. Provide the play by play is key takes on. West Virginia in the big twelve opener. For the jayhawks also tomorrow Butler taking on Dodge City kick off that one that's over on our sister station can SS thirteen thirty. And 987. At TCU and Oklahoma State you can hear that game right here on KF page that's at 230 that's a big time clash in the big twelve. And then some West Coast football for you at 930 on Kiev paid to UCLA. Takes on Stanford Cardinal trying to bounce back after a tough loss to San Diego State UCLA saying they lost. At Memphis. Last weekend in shootouts so both teams are going to be grumpy and somebody's. Going to be in trouble. In the pac twelve. At the end of that and so that's at 930. On Saturday night Sunday of course NFL. Here on can't fades the feature game from London. Remember the the jaguars practically play their home games in London there was over there they. Take on the ravens in London be on the air at 8 o'clock kick off at 830. In the morning here on KM H the NFL. Continues. Where. The Seahawks and titans like kick off his 305 and in the night game. Is Oakland and Washington all those games here on KFH. Again over on campus that's home of the chiefs chargers and Los Angeles on air 2 o'clock and can't assess. Kick at 325. And then Monday. This is not on the original schedule as some make up game can't fake check noon we'll have the royals and yankees. So yet another chance for Kansas City to improve their playoff chances Bruce and I certainly we'll talk about that among other things. On Monday whether the royals are dead and buried or they still have a pulse in their down to their final ten games and really virtually no margin for errors and not mathematically eliminated yet they're three and a half games back. The twins winning last night didn't help him but the angels losing is dead at the Rangers also victorious so. Down the stretch we come it'll be three with a White Sox for the royals then Monday which originally was a scheduled off day. Would be a trip to New York to play the Yankees for make up game. And then six in a row at home they can only hope. That six in her own home there will still be light at the end of the tunnel. The tigers come in for three starting on Tuesday and then the regular season wraps up the 29 and thirtieth and first. When the Diamondbacks. Come to town so. Will again we'll check in on the royals on Monday to see if they still have an opportunity to make the playoffs as slim as it is five point 8%. Their chances. Of making the playoffs the royals and they will go out with Chicago White Sox tonight and the White Sox didn't exactly lay down last time these two clubs get together so. Again hopefully it things will play out in the royals. Favors they go to the south side of Chicago and take on the White Sox eighteen that is thirty games in under 500. And the chief DR royals rather three and half games behind the twins with ten to play. They won two over the blue jays fifteen to five and one did nothing to polar opposite games this. Vargas. Clipped him last night tonight starting pitchers Jason Hammel will go for the royals Reynaldo Lopez a young kid for the White Sox. Hammel is eight and twelve of any Ariane 505. This'll be Hamels 31 start so lovely. The record in the RA not exactly what you're looking for he has been durable 35 year old making his 31 start. He gave up eleven earned runs in 21 hits in his last two starts. Covering just nine and third innings against the White Sox in his career. In eleven games he has a 430. ERA Lopez is 23 making his seventh start of the season. So he doesn't figure to go deep into the game again with the White Sox being thirty games under 500. And working in as many young guys as they possibly can. And then figure. That Lopez who go deep into the game and their bullpen certainly. Talk about the royals suspect bullpen White Sox don't exactly a block down guys down there either Serbia. A homecoming kind of for Melky Cabrera is his second return to. Guaranteed rate field in Chicago since White Sox. Sending to the royals just before the trade deadline. Cabrera hitting 275. In the 49 games since joining the royal soap. They have it that cure play by pick up place schedule here on Kiev page. And over on KM SS she football on Sunday. Don't miss that person. KC chiefs try to go to three you know on the season thanks to Dan Israel thanks John Bishop thanks Anthony Capra. Terry Harrison thanks to Andrew handling things each and every one of you fulfill I think have a great weekend. And personnel talked to you. Monday morning at nine here if it.