Royals Analysis With Jeffery Flanagan

The Drive
Friday, August 11th

Jeffrey Flanagan from MLB.Com joins Bob & Jeff to talk the Royals and their need to start winning again now if they have any hopes for the playoffs.


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Last week seeds across view and bottom lead he's 45. And we'll go on in bell there this is working man girls who wants us to point out as some reggae burn out like a working man from rush. Here's a working man who's in Chicago tonight covering the royals Jeffrey Flanagan from And certainly the series is against Saint Louis didn't go the way the royals wanted to. Cardinals for some reason started to hit and the royals couldn't get amount. How how dangerous is this moving forward and one of the royals making of their. Lack of ability on the mound right now. I think it is they're a baseball buying that they had a terrific month of July that the open edit 2.0 DR re. And it's a combination of a budget bank but noble and getting too many shorts are starters. And of all I'm really intact and getting getting over used. Every night at about it was available. And right now at all. While you can go right down the line everybody that Calvin or Aaron is and that it'll be used because they're all so far behind these games so. What they really need is it better be on nightly need some are step up because that area I think that. Let them resent that all. This feel like a last gasp by the royals have had good runs but he talked about maybe hit the wall a little bit here the bullpen is taxed. Salvador Perez is injured they have another run left in them. I think they do and it mainly. Because the core of the team and has been cure all has the war in it. You know at pressure on the biggest stage there has been that a crew had. In the club about that no addict or anything like that they know they've got way if he got a one run in them yet and partly because the schedule certainly get the lobby your. Over the next this week you know they've. The big debate it and doing it again against the Indian but there's a lot of ambient. You know the Chicago earlier result on. Detroit. Game that they should be army and but they do that take care bill at the very night. Jeffrey Flanagan with us from And a loss and all this I think Melky Cabrera and this really nicely in this lineup. He's been hitting between Basra in the stock is in the four spot. Really gives that lineup more constant when Salvador Perez comes back and makes it even have a much better Friday at 5000 really get acquisition for the royals. It was terrific acquisition just like in the lineup and you don't specially now that you mention without belt around it. You know you get under the Victor nine spot and a little weak though. On it they do need to have not done a great out of the job in the that the mile on foreign air establish the listeners ought. I thought the love for the game and these beat tiger that he really an MLB that you collect data book called the great art glittery it do you contribute. What is the latest on and on Salvador Perez and his potential but timetable for return. I think it's going to be a little bit quicker than we originally I think in no where it aerial or weak arm and I I think. It might be closer to two I'd already starting to grow until and bump based on activities not legal battle the year like that but. The main thing at they're trying to get in pain free within the next. Courier or days. Let that happen the ability healing at target and our pentagon Eaton went back in you. It is stopped not like that of catching it not really it up with that really aggravate the injury. Is it in the to go belly big wing dump all that dirt that's where tiger has played the audit and make sure that our step to bring back. If Flanagan with those MOB dot com before they get trade deadline I wrote something suggesting. That maybe the royals look to upgrade at shortstop with a guy like Zach goes art of the reds who haven't really terrific offensive season. He's a good defensive shortstop he's probably probably not. As good as Al fetus Escobar who is a pending freeagent. As is back those are. Directional from royals fans was how dare you talk about. Replacing out cedes Escobar who has Lola Lola still PS is an on base percentage. We've ever seen and M and Major League Baseball what and other royals this. Are royals fans this too sentimental. Well I may be but also. Yet because he was our of that you know the World Series yet the state are a man. The other thing not do it and you mentioned at the event eat out centered remind people that when big you know forty built this entire organization onto thing. Strong defense and a strong bullpen and that has never wavered. And he's not been aware committee not gonna. Sacrifice. Defense or just because don't want them even to get one or two more hits that we have and that's to make that urged of course but. They're very happy with what upbeat note that back the way it. Compounded their allotment which is the run date people to Iran's ordered LCDs that they'll let it up very high level until late. Like everyone out you on the Q recognized these slip up a couple cardinal last couple weeks but he still makes an unbelievable play that. That they have Ron in and they've pitches for the pitching out and and they measure all that it's very important. So what are the factors that go into them potentially the royals being able to potentially. Resigning one of their free agents could Eric Hosmer be relatively affordable because he's. A first baseman could Cain be relatively affordable 'cause he's a bit older are what do what do you think some of those factors might be. Well it depend on a payroll they'll build it and got about somewhere around ninety million minute next year though. Beat bigger payroll probably go up another 1059 net that was put put it about uttered XP. They that was seventy million be enough to keep to a degree of whom probably possibly other certainly gonna do the epic debate at this before they get Eric. They often the euro's new on and you do you do that people aren't that Katie just might take it out inaccurate and Kerry he 1000008. Airport there. On a epic battle up we get one of movement not if you want to. Hot market because both edit them Warren. Contract that'll be over it you know ransom to get beat up you know draft pick I draft report though. I epic those are those do there's certainly interest in party. You know Alec at Ebert is talking about. You know if you keep you looking toward the future in the it realm on these short shorts up you might they'll be able to get at the are buying them in mark Natale did not need a man that much on the market and he could be here you know back up short stuff back speculate on a book like that. Though in direct analyst loomed. That all the beat they're on our I would not be surprised if if Dayton in very good at that. And. Jeff Flanagan with those cy of course some cardinals fan so I spent the last four days watching intently. And I I I but what's that. In other well it's it's been a pretty colds for months trust me. I think I got to pay I've been him I was very impressed. With Mike the sockets and his growth. As a hitter and I watched the royals occasionally has certainly watched their 2015. And fourteen seasons very closely. But this is the guy who looks now like he's pretty locked him. He's what's he gonna command on the market. Oh boy. I really am not good to get to make an opening. I am not either but I'm I'm thinking that five years that that twenty million a year would be in the ballpark. I don't know all the money going to be out there are a like that it could be it could be completely wrong off. But a lot of up local regional television contract. Are probably gonna. Lower. In the years to come. And let the royals do but. Did get a gauge you don't neglect but odds are duty. You know it courier well. Will be if you know they will be women and who knows I mean. Yet a look around baseball who need that they're paid the Red Sox beat the first cardinals and humiliate you the cook. Now he goes down do. Will will those guys maybe give Dayton in the royal them all down if I never now unveil plans put in the royal than in great. Doubled I've talked up about you know. Being the George brought up the royal the future and it turned up. A wonderful career here though. You know to it can't beat a good answer what Marco error. What ends up happening with Alex Gordon over the next two plus seasons. What happened to them what is going to happen I think counter a fly out. I'd be well a lot depends on what am the next big week the up and eat it got it. But what pretty carefully because he is finally you get probably you know you're pretty upper guy which is murky. But it mechanic they're like that nick finally. He hit rock bottom of that the last couple weeks the repeat it we respect the forty picked. That he finally is Mickey and just who mechanically and is posture at the plate is more. Spending more all right mark operate. And eat in it and additional bit differently what to do that they would be at about eleven development well we re edit and at that. Somewhere along might start getting crouched in but he can't think oh aren't both body that uses archer mottled. In any it worse when we need to get all the want it so important in PP when it city. Every putt out about all you can hit go to 500 beat but up with Donnie I'm not at all he was late on every bang and ahead changeup and so anyway they've made that adjustment yet atom are up a toll gate and attention I'd but. And just he just focus on its new approach the antiquated new expand. And it it looked better last ID get. In the first pitch he thought he dismissed developers are all wrong. Though you know maybe you know next XP you beat the old out board we note that meet. It's certainly not all bitten in a beat you spoke about Cuba but he's got to make like all you gotta make that a judge. Well he gets Salvador pros back soon and then get some things figured out. In the pitching staff the royal certainly still right there in both the American League central wild card race Jeff thanks for your time. Any time nutrition cause us Jeff. Friends Flanagan from MLB dot comic covers the royals but that empathy and does a fine job. Feels good inside in the royal. I feel like after I feel imported Barack felon you know and broke needle more than four that I again I believe the defense. Health threat one that you have ballots Phares should not be in the visually that's one thing I. We'll return to drive KF faith.