Ron Baker and Fred VanVleet both got minutes last night

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Friday, October 20th

Ron racked up 23 minutes and 6 points for the Knicks while Fred had 13 minutes and 2 points for the Raptors last night.


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It's just yeah. Yes it's a good baseball. Actually in 34. If atrial. We're daily if they. With apologies to tinker to Evers to chance. You got turning the 643. Boom and replete please. Jeter to can note cute cute Sharon. Rollins Utley to Howard. Dunston Sandberg grace. This scale Alomar thome. You four choices courts are writing in is always welcome at the moment. This scale Alomar to homey as well 43% of the vote. That's my favorite because. I loved Vizquel at shortstop. Dude was a wizard and that's where it starts 64 threes though you gotta have. You get and the money shortcut to the start at 643. Other. Other votes obviously you have done Ozzie Smith was a lot of people's favorite so. Smith you can go to Clark. Smith or hurt to Clark got snell got to run Concepcion Morgan Koran does not bad for the big red machine. Pretty good I I strongly considered. Before going elsewhere ruffles the low ruffle a low Steve Garvey. That's not the the Dodgers 643 combo back in the day so. Trammell to Whitaker what occurred to 835 year old first base type for the tigers. Either Darrell Evans or date Bergen Bergman. Her fielder. Just catch the ball just anybody this is a commendable and with a glove over their effort. Backlight that's good look at a solid line that's solid one a couple of us to vote on. I had three games last night in the NBA. On me a quiet third night of Italy. But two of them involved. Gains with former soccer's Ron baker and Fred van fleet. On Oklahoma City. Showed an impressive. Form last night in beating the knicks the knicks aren't very good. And Oklahoma City dump them by 21105. To eighty war but the biggest stat of the night. After the triple double that of course. Then of course Russell Westbrook cut but 41 point sixteen assists and ten rebounds with the fact that he only took twelve shots. He was a great facilitator. Last night. And Anthony and George reap the benefits with fifty points between them if that's the way it's going to be. This is a different kinda look in teams chain intent Tim leg or last night. On night ESPN. Late. Was talking about how he has changed his mind on this team. Thinking it might be the second best team in the NBA based on. One game and what he saw from Russell Westbrook I'm not so sure I don't. It's a good addition disagree with them well if this is the way it's going to be like you said then yeah that's pretty good gather under ruby on to something Anthony twenty points he got when he shot Paul George hit point three shots. And Westbrook got twelve nobody else got more than seven but keep in mind don't play one ball. So those the Big Three that's the Big Three four right. Yeah right Westbrook guiding it and Anthony and George. Doing their thing though. Does pretty impressive now that. Or. Shocker fan. You were glad that. Oklahoma City kill them because. Ron baker got extended minutes to get 23 minutes off the bench. Ends up with six points four assists three steals to rebounds. And Chris stepped porting with a degree game in the losing effort 31 points. And twelve rebounds he becomes the fourth knicks player with thirty and ten minutes season opener in the last fifty years. Willis Reed Patrick Ewing Carmelo Anthony was the other three. Yeah. I don't know that the next gonna win many games. But they're going you know obviously go with the youth youth movement and getting rid of Carmelo Anthony in the process. Elsewhere. Like you mentioned with Fred Bentley he got a fair amount playing time too I'm not quite as much is wrong but. And the raptors 117100. Win over Chicago. Read 2.2 assists one steal one block he had thirteen minutes of action. Coming off the bench and the raptors won their fifth straight season opening game. They're going to be pretty good and he's the amateur how good but I am particularly. He and Golan right are gonna kind of battle for minutes coming off the bench behind Lowery. At the point guard position Kyle Lowry one of the really. Good players in the NBA is so but but that's a pretty good team and maintenance 117100. Last night. Over the bulls and done. That but that's a team that should wincing gains. Indies probably not good enough to get back to. In Eastern Conference final like they were a couple years ago. But but certainly team that could win 47404547. Games maybe maybe even more than that so. And before we could start before you think that. Lavar ball should not his mouth doesn't have any effect on his boy long though. No matter to Patrick Beverley. Yeah I watched any of that clippers lakers game last night Patrick Beverley took great pride and joy I'm not sure which most of in guarding Alonso ball and hounding him into a one for 63. Point four assists gain in 29 minutes. It was clear to Patrick Beverley relish this. And and I expect more of the same. Throughout this year and if we didn't know who long to balls that was that's not to say that Beverley may not have done what he did but I can promise you. That because. Of what Alonso balls dad is doing and saying. It's a long year for that he would. Well he's probably the best he's certainly one of the best defensive point guards in the NBA but yet I I agree with year. With your premise. Com I think lines a ball is a very marked man. I'm in the in this league through no fault of the zone absolutely thanks dad appreciate it. Thanks thanks a lot. On got to deal with that for all of this first year by next year it'll calm down a little bit. You'll probably just one of the guys and I'll be fine. But he's gonna he's been and he's got a field of any skinny and unfortunately he's not a bad team do not like they're very good team. So he's gonna get he's gonna get challenged every single night. Am I on a team win. Some nights others might just kind of take the night off and cruise a little bit but lots of all always be a reason for whomever is defending him. To rant and a little bit yeah I think it would be definitely difficult year for him and it I complain to you really can't play. We saw him out in. In the net is now granted it's the Indian summer early but. I was really impressed with him I I thought he. He's got game you really does. Who see how it all plays out. He's very young little Indian month all right we'll turn the page and get to our number two coming up. Amongst other things this day in history a special guests visit. Bias sports luminaries won't want to miss that coming up and our number two. And also State Farm Insurance facts of the week. As we continue. Yes and colonel with you right here on Friday edition up sports daily.