Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk Hoop Talk With Jessie Newell

The Drive
Monday, February 12th

Kansas City Star Sports Columnist Jessie Newell joins the show to talk KU basketball


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All right let's go home. Drove cars long man in black I welcome back that's husbands and wives from Brooks and done it's Brooks and Dunn this week. Apparently I'm hearing through third party. But my wife is not happy that I'll be taking Wednesday off from this show. We'll see is the third party we'll have to I will have to gauge what that's all about. Find out but anybody who knows my history with women that should not be that surprising. Jesse Newell joins us from the Kansas City Star Jesse how are you. We're happy to talk with fewer Allah. Of violent almost debate about the merits of Kansas. Vs those of Wichita State this particular season as were prone to do we like that debate around here. I'm my point my contention is I think what's tough steps. Wichita State's depth. Mike Carey today. You've seen Kansas play every game what what are your thoughts on that before get into the nuts and bolts of jayhawks. Yeah well I guess might use the Internet that I have any Pete. That ballot bowl and don't. Activated it today in this morning and act and well it would but they keep joke I get that beat you any answer it I agree with you about the depth issues. I don't agree due to Colin thought they'd like better as of right now but. You know double the court even kitty let the great performances early I think that BP are pretty close and it really depend on the betting you're looking at do we know yet but part of it. That depth really doesn't seem that much just because. If you look at the longer TV timeout and on the team made up or five years. Act immature you're the other one that. That happens at very much stepped up. But they get to the American model but it wouldn't surprise me next week we had a conversation. After an another report and the and they what are they Bobby and Betsy. So Jesse bill selves methods. You know during the last five games and maybe even longer as what got Kansas has struggled a little bit it's kinda. To call out players express a lot of frustration. You think that's going to be effective then. Maybe who are some of the players who might respond positively to something like that. Well not in which are edit that built up a deal of this you know he's the guy that. You're out the button approach which won the courage which got put them where it and about you you are right. Eat last week to kind of went off and gotten trying to get better effort out of them try to get them to play harder and you know you probably start with a dialect the Karol Beck who could not performed well lately as he bitterly in the seat and an eagle on terror. I'm Lloyd Newman we seem to sound after the last game meant intangible activity and more than you don't get the boot he would not rebound it. Way to go up picket capable promote the Eaton now. I think that'll that you know built up really talented guys. We score on that Monday and talked about how the other helplessly at. And pour themselves and they know we're playing a role Labatt and do you respond with a pretty nice win and hold would you he knew where it did shoot the ball well the kind of righted out of victory rather. When the bill properly valued. He tried at a same thing against Baylor and it didn't work kind of backfired that we just are built up loud note here and I really wouldn't the president only kinda went. He kind of walked back a little bit it's a night back to. We'll pay a lot of people in America have problems you know maybe you'd probably are kind of like what it real estate facing you know duke it. And Europe better than you North Carolina and Europe that basically in the because only one team and they're really happy about that a pac bell. He tried different things got really on the pride and all it can't let it keep it kind of want that down Turkey becomes very positive eat then. Very he keep them positive when a lot of the outside what they're negative though. He tried some different this week he could respond they could respond I get starting Marlon Iowa State that. I hit a passing game and attract the Al psychological built up if they try to get the best of. But it just you know with us from the Kansas City Star the Kansas beat writer. Texas Tech with a one game advantage we've counted Kansas out before they always seem to find a way. To win this conference or at least Poland at the time be co champions. What we have the odds that now both these teams I think so I have six games remaining in the conference. How idea how you're putting out of how are you say in the big twelve right now. Idea handy if. I I think yet the but the good question you know the sort of big huge weekend because Buckley both Kansas and and tech attack about people they think if he if he gains and though. He wanted to clock then you know he had a one game lead and everything will be lucky door again and net that I want you ought that you are up about. The gap and up there were any more than what the underdog. Not Don and number from Ken Pomeroy it over the weekend he said that. Tech the tech typical winter tire 80% tees were up 33 at least it is number and cell. What we know the history have we know built up the spilled out on the sideline we know that you had been in the position or. I Europeans done got away. And tweet about it last week. But the one that beat him can you had been behind by one game by different kinds during this streak. I don't and still you know extend the streak and out on soak it Qaeda backed up in the wall now I think. Beat the bigger issue for the jayhawks is that the return game against Texas Tech. That Texas Tech has only done when the street it happened you know no team that ever swept built up in the regular speed is no big twelve but only talking about. But the big reap what we could continue a long though. Now and then and begin to think intent overtime but it kind of Arco bit in the area where you at least get the certain opera title. Without giving the win Atlantic and adept already historically have not played well there even that even one red raiders were down by. Now that out of being built up to a game that is going to be almost make a brick at a discount it because it that you swing it's been an immediate one game going and can't so. I think knowing a lot we candidate he would want a tech. A lot he locked it at the second battle pay. Now more morgue in like adapt or don't have to get it done in the game where they're gonna be court five point underdog on the road then again that began in the always been the win to keep the streak don't go about it happening wanna upbeat keep it out trajectory. To see how many games do you think K you in its final six will be favored seems like all the home games probably West Virginia Oklahoma and Texas. And then they're out Iowa State and Oklahoma State and obviously Texas Tech they won't be favored. So what will they be favored in four or five of those games IDC that. Yeah you know what what struck you about the big twelve and you can take something like that yeah you gonna be papered in. You know I was at the game but I think that would going to be true but the problem with that is. That when you say they've heard it it's not like gates planned on they were alike in that. In the past you know ten years ago Texas Tech ten years ago paler after they you know 101. Should getting going to talk about okay. They like to open to the stick that would be arrogant I would say that I out state beat for big twelve teams. Now in Hilton already got to get sucked game or. No West Virginia home what secondly you know 3.2 or whatever so you can add all these up and yeah I felt we favored by the picked but that the goal by the one of those games. LP a remarkable thing at a Texas Tech at the same thing don't you mean they're there they've got the game where you would look out of that they okay. You know technical playing at Baylor but if you could be quite put Italian beat favored but can be cut into their way out West Virginia import it or put it out. But the kind of a big twelve. Packed up this year is that why you can say okay you know 83 point favorite. And at that but I mean not technically you saw that what we can UP one what they predicted at Baylor. Looted by sixteen you know I can happen any particular site so when built up that margin of air boat and that he thought about you that he had just walked out court. Have another team be scared of it and winning game even even that didn't play well that vindicate the big twelve what couple years it certainly up to it this year. I would just say note Kansas City Star KUB Ryder. My my inside columnist tries to get out a lot of then and what I'm seeing from middle also offers complete proof. And evidence. That winning big twelve championships means a heck of a lot to him because as you talked about earlier there's more and adds to Bill Self pride now he's. He's he's a little bit different with his team what this players how much do you think winning of the fourteenth the means to him. All that's got to mean a lot you know it all put a value on that and eat pot every year about how about eclipse on it think. It's more than that and put on it you know he he met and yet here in your pocket that. That like a an Illinois and lined up at the airport when they want to leak and get a teacher you know what I mean like that. But how we at all appeared here in the end to do expected. But mean he could see evidence of this you know departing Graham. A late forty minute what nine gave early gains in a row I mean you don't do that you don't really care about is in that look in you know. Big pictured at bank update in on it and create a 39 minute and get a little better read. It's really important and put that we're being honest. What separate Bill Self. To get him in the all but eight under the guys in there and they met all of Spain and what are the heat it eat I don't believe and the Wiki article the coats McNamee Mittal paid. We have a national credible and that the couple final or a light at the couple on what separates him for everybody else. It streak it's a tactic equal on the spent thirteen straight years. In a competitive opportunity Toppert black beard but then a rated by boat and they had met him at the bat the bat the ball and belt. Absolutely important and you know. Even just from historical perspective that the company never gonna meet whatever it is well I mean there's no wait a Lincoln quote somebody wrecking here or even on the back of though that is really what can lead you to market and also what can lead built up is mark. Not only on into basketball but it historically and and that the coach and cult though. I think it is important had to be important and you can kind of feel it Wear on diet and even Wear on people. Players have returned this year to try to keep it going by I get deep into the situation where somebody into the team found a way to get it done. We're gonna to happen that in the game because we did everything or private and eat it that he could easily get shared opera idol alum and a lot of work it would imply. Jesse does always we thank you Kansas of course at Iowa State tomorrow night meanwhile Texas Tech at home against Oklahoma we'll talk is soon. Aren't I just he knew of from the Kansas City Star to take a break come back and talk. But more college basketball won't wanna get to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Must see television for me yesterday afternoon. Cavaliers win them from. Fossum with their new look. How much does that mean we'll talk about that. Coming up after the break your listening for the driver on fifth day.