Reviewing The Shockers/South Dakota State Game

The Drive
Wednesday, December 6th

Bob & Jeff dissect the surprisingly tough game the Shockers had against the Jackrabbits of South Dakota State.


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This is good for. Colin. They while and two Wednesday editions of the drive here based radio probably fifth flutes with few. It is December the sixth Tommy Thurber is the engineer of the show Max power of the producer. And we roll on every day man formerly our hour here. We knew we know you depend on us and we're not about collected them. Now let's not out of left field are really up to us whether we let him down and I. I'm here every day that's in the I had the boulder Emma but the point is I'm going to be here. In this chair than maybe you do let them now. I don't know I do not what's your point there. But every hour you are taken I guess. Why they have to throw up these singers folk and these are you don't do that every I don't you don't sound like that I don't demean you you don't okay bullets all the key metallic. Of the time he demean me today I'd all right here I don't demand this year contribution. That's insanity. I mean I wish that over true but I don't think I'd say you know what you do it did for this show takes care of the diminishment. They go there as one who. Out of I'll keep your eye you go find out how can we kept this thing together for two plus years. Without everybody clicking on all cylinders well it it's the halting. Experience on some days. It's smooth on others so we just try to battle through it it's a team Harris the four person team. Pretty much every day were in here max's and the next studio he gets. He gets to kind of give himself away from. Both of the ball what do we call this family drama of I don't know whether the whether sausages made problem right in the middle of he hits and no worse for Wear. 8691240. Shocker is last night with an onyx was up unexpectedly. Nerve wracking yes. Or could we have predicted that the South Dakota State team was the only other ruling that game against Missouri State. Would come in and shoot the lights out you can never asserted adding that there are words. Demi get a sad and I don't know if that would have constitutive put wake island EU especially. Didn't even give a much are completely dismiss him leg as exactly knowledge you do that. Because they've lost by tornado Missouri State there off by thirty into the Kansas is Kansas they didn't play well out and I either. But they obviously when they get hot they can roll they scored a 117. Total points in those two games you didn't even give them a chance for an average of 58 and a half. Last night they scored fifty in a half. So do you argue apologetic. To not an off the Jack rabbits are for Europe now now know why would why do you on the post game show line outside analysts and why I don't have time. I honestly don't have time Indian your card turnout on it was on for about the first. The first three minutes of your show. I pulled in my driveway opened the door to my garage went inside the dog went not even we wanna like sit there until we take a commercial break. Now they're are listed in the EU on again and if that's how all of us again next time your honor has that goodness. There's one. Real perk to being. I hate to use the word retired. Gone from the paper. I have to do anything anymore. I would ended Gregg marshall's post game last night he did even acknowledge me so I left that day plays well I left that place and I went home. Did you acknowledge you know Barak did you ask one question isn't my place to even ask questions and yeah because he could not asking one which would have been a great one you could say ask Garry Marshall last night the post game that would provide ample. Should I tell us for the well is that the post game I mean let's be real. About wanna say one thing again but let's be real well let me get those questions a little bit and in a lot of cases get much worse. What I what I hear attack attacking everybody maybe I wanted to do Taylor Eldridge does a fantastic job and I know Paul saw him drop asks fantastic questions. Though they may go area have a I'm not to have a couple questions pop and in my brain that I would've backs. But it didn't appear to be an American mood last night thug and I just let it go. Get a bad mood things started out pretty early I just letting go what I want and need. Why don't I need to ask questions why not just nobody cares what I think well maybe I used to have the power of the pen man. What are you saying man man there's nothing like the power of the pen. My friend Don Baum used to call it call me poison pen. Now I called everybody that who was the Ryder bit not to look at the hard you half these I think he'd specifically do you know beyond bone now. Formerly baseball coach and girls' basketball coach these time. The guy I've really liked. But he was that he was a funny guy any any any call me poisoned pen so whatever you came up for injuries that they poisoned pen when he got today. Why get Marshall on this show I ask questions. Right now obviously Alan Opie would I mean really that's Canada's job. The last line I was reluctant for summaries. I'm surprised I heard all these questions pop out of the that they are reduce some. There are terrible on an assist area they're bad questions. They've they haven't had the volley ball over the weekend just. I have my head was all him and you are you saying you're asking much better question yeah. You're actually saying that you guys start a feud with every need to get Birmingham. One away what do we wanna talk to some of these media people. We don't. Now you're hearing T do you understand they're listening they are. Yes. Federal are not lumping every under the same tent no we're not loving anybody into any tent he loves his it was a way and ends. I hope people go home and say I need to ask better questions next time. But just observe the game and and know the game a little and and that's sort out questions about the game. There are asking good questions last night Taylor Eldridge about the how what Marshall did at halftime and they stopped switching on on pics yes and and well they started switching on picks right and that and back yeah. So it looked odd to have Fran camp on a 69 guy at times but I work it seemed to throw. The Jack rabbits off their game a little bit yeah now part of that is you can't say that high in the entire game from the parameter. Which was 85% of what South Dakota State was doing last night. You're eventually going to cool off you would think the adjustment. Was a good one. I mean yeah law of averages. But that's the only thing that says you have to cool off does that just averages. I mean every time a shot goes up and as a chance to go win. They could've can't go on and they were unlikely to get you there and hardly ever see a team remain Navajo Iger an entire game. But hardly ever but the only comes from a guy that could really shoot it and I've rarely stayed hot. For our entire game I mean I dead a few times you lord any bank or some bitty basketball got I just about BM and they eat. Plan and played in one. Battle when he realizes some bitty bath a little bit is two time video of eleven year old guy at a time John every time a guy car. And never play in the all star game I was a very you have ever. Well let me break it down the reality John may is our Mike Biggs listening I'd love to hear while I was summarily just benched well Ali I can tell you it. You were 34. Palace justice cause anybody else that aids not really. And I scored two against Puerto Rico and huge comeback Victor. You remember of that phobia. Up with that the only game we got I think that's that I was I drove to New Orleans to watch you play for a minute match. Yeah I don't think I've been exactly why did you get in John Mays as girl and say I ever get into a code no drill again. Did you would you want me to get into a coach is currently I can't stand parents who do French Quarter was fun all right and I loved it. It was fine I love New Orleans on the out there with a seven year old up oh victory. I'm first of all I was nine and eleven when we want added I've. That's not a good place to take care. We I thought we had a lot of a lot of fun but then there's more fun to be handed to the aquarium I believe they have the sharks. But I today underneath the aisles anybody who's taken a trip to New Orleans so they can go to the brother of the great aquarium. Finally as we went into the the superdome. Who went down a French Quarter. Basically what I'm looking for here is reaction. From our listeners on whether you want me it's still wary. Gregg Marshall. Are as are those days over for me except when we get them on this show just do it I. It's but it seems like could be what would have been your question last night. I would ask you how many times he's made that kind of a decision. Two to start layoffs switches. In his career and how difficult the decision was for him to my feet because when you devise a way you're gonna play a team. And it it's very hard sometimes to come off of that but kudos to him for coming off of how did that come about where the players the ones that. That ask him about it that he and his staff come though that decision because all of the turning point in the game. See their questions like. I've volleyball especially over the weekend like I want ask questions that are a little bit off the beaten path. But I've not caught covered volleyball all year and I'm not to be reporter. And I'm there to cover that particular match so I didn't ask the court I backed out that's that's week. It is sweet that's the sign of weakness this year is. Why would you not asked questions about all I don't like there are too many people in there I don't want to spotlight a lot of that's all Mike got. That's what you think it is. A little yeah allied Arab journalists I give it. So viewer Dave you're part of the white house press glory be sitting there. And nobody goes there I've been there every day and I know the other people an outlet I wouldn't feel like I was wasting their time. If if it was like a one on one situation lamb knows view I don't suspect she'll but it but I wanted to ask like. Well it is stupid really and now that I as valid about the sale allow ahead with them whether Ramirez is a dumb thing really quote just. Would have provided color like cal athletic are these pool volleyball players these young women. Because as sad and volleyball almost like an Alley oops so that I started thinking about like. He bird and laymen add add. Newton did they ever try and Alley you did as Abby lame and ever tried to dunk like a volleyball there and thank goodness you didn't they you know out of say and how would he now. Now that girls Aqua dots I was dead doing that's I was going to do but I decided against it. That's where you say you know what after this news conference. Of inane questioning or something like that and I get questions that are general. That don't really get specific. And I get abbey in and LA for a moment after the press I thought about that did that's what you do. And I still evident teach you all leisure time though I'm not an idiot I just didn't do it. The first to tell a good story has to drive you to do those things. The absolute desire to have the best story you can have your story would have been much better what that anecdote. I now but you accuse. That's terrible I backed off. That is awful. No other people fall especially was intimidating. Because he's the guy is covered them for years and years covering now for the of their official website go out to intimidate did just his presence. It pulse on top candidate to do yeah guzzlers like I did on and they get this guy whose eyes covered one match while I've been here for two decades I love Paul but it does that and not let him like Watson a fly go up and be you know I don't stand. I I don't I don't roll out the fly go open direct for just anybody you gotta be a pretty close friend Brad. Permitted to insult to that way. But I mean I've appalled not an intimidating guy I didn't say he would but his presence was his presence of one yeah. Is this the guy is strictly business and IMO I'm over asking can you don't. That's why you get them off to the side that's probably should've done that. There are ways to ask questions like that. Tammy go to Tammy. Media relations person Tammy Cutler would have taken on there was an end there. Short then there are no they had some die from the good day NCAA I don't know areas from. But ear and out like a twelve foot room. And everyone can hear every whisper and it. Any repeats every question I beat somebody is just got to boast full and I never brash. Never you are. I'm not. I mean Ed I'm Jeff what the few question Abby. Yeah I dumped. I think the coming from me that would be totally disingenuous. And it would edit edit and that would exude disingenuousness. I don't know what it feels like he could've done more to make that story better probably so. The goal of everybody in journalism is to do everything possible to make your story better. I'm now whether it's a news hard news story a feature a game's story whatever it is. And I was worried about as everywhere as anyone already asked them this is the story been done there's just a lot of things when you're there for the one and only time like. Muster this is my place. But it may be made below it's fast or brash is you don't. You know back copy don't think well obviously god is in no photo up there he is you don't you don't think like that. Not a brash individual. You don't have to be a brash individual. Yet to be a dud it's. The direct individual way I'm gonna get the best story possible individual. Palm next time. I'm ready to speak to journalist I did yesterday I'm credited or go on tour. Speaking to journalism a man that might work for you. I'm ready because I got a lot to say. Except I'm not sure the industry supports my beliefs anymore. Well good I'm not gonna talk about. Well you need to shoot the video and you need to get to it now about the anybody can deliver that message once you give us some little bit more unique. Kilometers talk about how to write stories good people write stories and high art I think so. I hope so I don't see stuff every day of the bothers me it's mostly just people who don't know how to write you I mean. Did just that conventions and technical writing it's so bad. Every day I see stuff like if you had a copy editor or funeral yet they are if you know what you're doing you would you would not write this copy editors are nothing new local I'm not talking about savages what are you talking perusing the Internet and seeing some of these stories and like graphics that people poll fixing your story they go. It's got a nasty feeling than usual. So called it's not the ball and that's violently enough vowel criticisms of another and adults don't do underlying nuts and bolts guy I don't think I've never been that nuts and bolts. And Jerry is a vote there whatever that. I don't mean nuts and bolts I've never been a nuts and bolts guy Anita guy does get a dog has tried to find one thing and write an entire story about it related to SRI in my game stories I'm not saying it's good or that its original but I'm never nuts and bolts. I hate nuts and bolts. Give me something. Let's take a break Tom. So the fiery segment. We got done when we needed to get done we've been fulfilled almost everyone in town without sacked by do like everyone. Good favor what do you know out of a homeless today it was that question asked last night. Death what do you know that I don't want you very short last. We'll take a break Mike Kennedy is up next we'll talk some soccer missed out. Especially a game that was tough they've played at Oklahoma State then Oklahoma and them 62 years ago. That's not from the drive.