Reviewing Outsiders View Of The Shockers

Just Sayin' with Jeff and Jamin
Saturday, December 16th

A discussion on the likes of Jerry Palm, Joe Lunardi, Ken Pomeroy, Doug Gotlieb, & other so called "college basketball authorities" ranking of The Shockers


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He sees she does say and what we forget band Jamison. On Sports Radio. Hey enhanced anger shrewd. The big. Why it. Pregnant cause. They are good article well those fans. Jeff and Damon Saturday December the sixteenth. Tony seventeen what a day to be alive. Indeed. Pete is a good data field. How are you I'm good well I mean you know all things considered I never got to start the show because we don't really have a list of things we need to run down it's not like I'd be so be sure to stop by. Rivet computers later make up your own just make up our own we did it with the with new way and we did it with Freddy's and we did. Yeah we're basically we don't really at any cost I don't feel totally obligated to give the phone number can that would seem as if that would seem a little layer again for a show that doesn't get that many calls like 8691240. Jam packed the lines for us today folks the I don't I don't do that I could introduce Andrew and Max. Our crew I will say this don't know I will say this though that called the quality of calls that we do receive. Is slow is well what that is not low. That's an insult we we do gets of the ones we do get it. Are well thought out. Like I haven't insulted a caller. And I don't know themes like long time haven't gotten a negative things got a message got a negative one awhile back in and it's sort of that we we get up. Some positive that the response to the off the wall basket football and basketball naming a town was extremely positive was so you know I don't feel so you think that's jumping the shark dollar do you know I look up. Absolutely not it may I mean you can only give as many railroad did. Right and it's like immigration stories as possible and names for Ohio towns but in in the end though in the NL I will say this it does. Like. For every railroad or what. Ever that your I or another railroad there's a gem in there there's a union general that I know I mean there's there's weird story though but few weeks ago we had the a speculative and our second one we did. With the family that had the two Brothers in the gut I can't figure that last name afghanis and yet but. The big one brother basically do listen gallant an eighteen Sigalet fits you guys that that the one brother gets the town named after the other brother actually does everything you know I mean it was it was kind of you know he get those weird ones you know and maybe you'll find a couple of those today depending on. Who performed poorly or admirably. In high school basketball last night I don't think we're gonna at right now current standings score of the year. He's still Eisenhower and over again correct 95 to 86. Right I'm not gonna top that we're probably it's of them as good as that all year unless it's an overtime game. But yeah I'll wait we have a hard to 181. Combined points. There are a lot of games. There are a lot of pro basketball games even in the current scoring environment that didn't get around that area you know forty. Eight minute. Pro game what do shot clock lasso had triple overtime Oklahoma City and Philadelphia. Right to. Two teams that I wish were better and I've got questions about both them okay well I wolf wolf wolf wolf slid to 500 teams as well we won't we were watching. Yeah but they're the Texans game 2500 teams with it enormous talent bright and potential yes entire. IE I enjoy a yeah we'll get into that later I enjoyed Philadelphia thoroughly. Though game we do need to talk about them who's the most famous person you've ever gotten a Twitter reply from both I was thinking about that this morning. I don't do I don't I don't do much Twitter but I did get one from Ken tremendous. Not I think guy he told me that and that's that was Dallas 89 Michaels you're the show or on Iran parks in Iraq in Brooklyn nine office and there was involved in the office and now he's doing the good play itself probably one of the best if not the best. Comedy. Writer he's hell he's is an outstanding mind and they may India he make this he made the Twitter handle you know Ken tremendous Bennett was from. Fire Joseph McGuire Joseph Morgan blog which are IP the fires are more are Laura are still go back and read it sometimes hilarious there's I think even they bring guys where it's weird even to read it then because they were so it would be that the advancements that were made in some of their. You know core beliefs. It looks funny now that it's it's still interesting Ali it's great I mean it's absolutely fantastic and so I got a reply from him because. He claims to be he hails from partridge Kansas is right and which is a real town. And Alan I was named a few years ago. At probably three or four years ago at work I noticed that one of our customers was from partridge so I screen shot. That and send it to him on Twitter and said hey just want to let you know and he he replied back and said. Yeah I'll stop by some time or something like that so that is now is exciting because you know I don't do have a hundred followers I don't care about to Iraq. On the Twitter. Observer not participant. So I'd take even anticipated to me earlier headed by Zeus I. Zeus how we got that now joins us live TV like. You know it's even have won the celebrity Twitter reply or any thing is is enough you had fifty millions of how to combat near here mr. all these athletes follow me I have them on my phone eccentric center etc. so you know I was thinking like Richard Marx's the most famous person who's ever replied Richard mark on Twitter that's the most famous through the I think saw you on an athlete that's did you get exposed by freezing cold takes its eighth that your kind of bank that account is is the best I've followed them because of that. And it is enjoy I hate that I can only do so enjoy the people make predictions that proved to be wrong and it's not something we need to go back in college so good it is something really tell people know it's. While it partridge was incorporated as a city in 1906 its name commemorates the partridge. That's a week calmly I. I love critical takes because they don't go back and exposed to any bad prediction it's stay expose people who had really hot takes about a topic tour and you're Erica studio yes like my Justin Verlander they get they clearly didn't understand. Haven't they don't have context. I don't now they're just looking at that neither does anyone else. They're just and I get M aft on Twitter for a whole lot that's. Rick Billy that was a really funny I'm sorry about I want sorry dear friend go there's a voice because if you're gonna have put it out there now I don't know it's karma if you're gonna put it out there. And you're gonna be that guy. Then. Did just you have to own that I mean you have to own that said that your your not living in a bubble here here people are potentially reading. What you write. So you don't get to just BS Smart Alec all the time. And with no accountability I'm sorry but I enjoyed it I can't help it I didn't want you don't have to be MF on the side. But I'd I can't lie and say that I didn't enjoy it a little bit fair okay. Is there there are I guess that's fair that's got to be fair it will stock about the shocker today. Playing an interest bakery there against Oklahoma right big guard matchup between Trey and Landry sham it. I guess we are thought to have a conversation about how the shock here's have been received. Over the past week or since the last time we gotta show him. The national attention that they're getting I don't know if that's appropriate or not because they just are a very good team we should talk about them that way. But Jerry palm has another four seed. In the NCAA tournament Joseph Menard he has them as a one. Go. At some point in time okay at some point in time last year. There became this. Jerry Paul my apologist. Thing but did end up being mostly right yes. In that in in in the case of where yet which us state he was mostly right although he had been playing and I believe and they were ten. They were not I think they backwards distinction to make about. A guy like Jerry palm as crazy as some of his prediction seamer guarding Wichita State. I don't think he's putting together a bracket I think he's putting together what he extract expects the bracket to be. Right if for the win but here's the here's my problem is my problem with pomp and here's my problem with godly. Two to go on another tangent I don't listen anything down like here's my thing now at some point. A body of work gets built up by a journalist. That leads you to believe they have some kind of specific vendetta. I'm not that fan you know that I'm not that poll like guys got it out for Scott I am not I give I give media members and writers and Brooke and reporters and people who. Announcers. I give them the benefit of the doubt regarding which stuff stay all the time I am not tin foil on the hack guy I am not conspiracy theory guy Paul has that our ports to stay. He dies he hardly say that because a force seed. That secures it in my mind there's no one in their right mind you can look at Wichita State right now and not there. There are third in the country and they have an RP I've twelve and that RPI's not going to go down it's going to go up because they play in a better conference and bees RPI twelve yes and not only that but Taylor's RPIs like a 105. Because they played a terrible schedule but they're RPI's going go nowhere but up because they play in the big twelve. Oklahoma State's RPI's 175. Which is gonna go nowhere but up because of the conference they play he'll give a right. Now it's not unfair to say Wichita State to four based on those I think it is unfair to say because unfair to say Wichita state of the night is a nice top 25 this team. And maybe top twelve when Mick Duffy return yes stacks of wood as low was recreated in the Mike O'Donnell followed dugout they've ever wanna be suspected. Of someone who does followed dugout leave so I thought I noticed that. And I thought it was idiotic that's idiotic that's box yes. Which just they work for in the pot Palmer rankings and three in the eight people. But that didn't matter last I know but I'm saying it's very much it's more reasonable to have them as a one in four. Because of where they rank in both the statistical measures and the polls but it would have been more reasonable to have them as a five. Last year than at ten. But they were attend. But they've done all my daily Obama's trying aiming to okay. If the day is a trying to put forth the most accurate bracket as if who were. A put forth by the actual committee right now yeah practically speaking out I think he's trying native. Does he always pull up I don't know we always seem to only pay attention to Wichita State and their predictions around here. And he got it right last year so it's. Our guys they kind of got it right again he did not happen he had been to blow. But what everybody had them too low that was the point. They were too low of ten was too low right but he had him eleven. And playing in. He had them last four in which is not or they work so I and he he was packed too pessimistic they had them they have them playing date Dayton. As the lower seat can't even imagine. Whenever I am ready we're never gonna stay was not as good as Dayton we're never gonna have to deal that again. We're not ever going after the deal out this year now I'm just saying that the the lack of schedule strength is not ever going to be a problem. They're resonate. Let's just put out a OK let's let's say they do what Pomeroy has projected them to do I got the Palmer area up right now okay. He has them going. 25 and 515. In three in the leak. K well be because and really that's skewed because really if they go fifty entry in the league assuming they win today which he has in the an 81% chance. So assuming that happens really that's 26 and four right back. So let's just say it could basically have to lose today if that is an art Iraq Florida Gulf Coast just audience us de Lago fifteen and three in the league and they win today. Which are not both of those are very reasonable when you say yeah okay. That puts them at 26 and forgoing into the conference tournament let's say they lose in the copper turn a final just superb for kicks and giggles. That puts them at 28 and four. With losses to most likely. Notre Dame. Maybe Cincinnati twice let's say they lose at Cincinnati and then in the conference final game just to Cincinnati and then maybe it was like that SM UR at. Houston owner pat. Centre court so let's just give him those losses that's a one seat. 28 and four with four. Good losses no bad losses and several very well that what would be there when flow Baylor. Oklahoma and Oklahoma State Moore Oklahoma and Oklahoma State well okay we don't know how you don't know how amount but it could Marquette to get into being decent. Oh win over Cincinnati. And then a win over SMU or two and then a win over Houston probably to. And those are teams that could make determined very easily. So you're looking at. Five quality wins let's say five top fifty wins four top fifty wins and no losses outside of the top fifty. I would doubt probably a one seed that's absolutely our enemies seventeen and one going into the game at Houston. In January rightist or is it in February they went today you've got Arkansas State in Florida Gulf Coast at home next week. And you play UConn on the road to start to comps is UConn is not good. But that's still a difficult day out but Houston home on January 4 will be interest thing first conference game at home you are not gonna go and get the soft part of the schedule South Florida at home was bad east Carolina away it's terrible. Tulsa away toss is not very good. Kansas State Abbott I mean if you look at the whole body for I thought that I get and then as did you stay for less than US home on the seventeenth I would say. I would predict that they will be. Twelve and on thirteen 4056 yes sixteen and one. Going into the two game stretch it's very difficult SE you at home Houston away I think there's that are going to be death and you know I hope. If they're seventeen and one going into jail wearing one on one of the they had Houston well Debbie before that if they're fourteen and one they're going to be number one in the country is at some point Michigan State or Villanova are gonna trip up in their conference. They play in the big east in the Big Ten but do I keep winning Nestor. So but I mean they're probably going to be if they keep winning they'll be number one at some point. The back half of the conference schedule is absolutely brutal their final six games in the conference are. Temple at home which is a home it's built temples pretty good Cincinnati at. Cincinnati on February 18 and they get two lane at home which is which is not our game then they go. At SMU at Central Florida home against Cincinnati to finish that final six games five of those six are. Very tough. So they need to get the front part of the conference schedule they need to have to win a bunch of games and enter in a row in the front of the skit. But the fact we're talking about January and February is just awesome to me parties say that because we haven't been talking about January February for five years. We have and it's always marksman even out to a degree it's Smart because. Jill and already have them as a one seat. And in December well. What on their resume leads you to believe they're not. A one I'm not saying they're not once you understand now it's like fast forward to that I'd be really cool Paul if they hit point you know they've been a once they were a one C three years ago yeah the day that how about that which does state Wichita State. Of all teams in the United States of America one seed twice. In four years. Right. The other crazy isn't it it's insane yes it's insane but the fact that. The fact that our elite -- five I don't know but either way it be five. They're ceding. It since they've made the turn in 201205. C. Here is spend their seeding carrying. 59171110. And their record in the tournament speaks for itself given the seats. You would expect the team attack kind of seeding. To have made probably one final four given that they were a one seed didn't make it when Iran but still. But they've exceeded expectations mightily but they're slow and bring. Time is basically they've been. As a 910 and eleven the underdog in the first round and won those games. And then went on to win the second round game in two of those years. Right so. They've been in street 62 of those seasons. Losses the five and they didn't get out of the opening weekend has won so it is it has been a strange. Strange matchup of seedings too performance well but. This year I don't think that there is a team in college basketball at this moment that would be an eight or nine. Like Kentucky was a mate I did I don't see one lurking out there be issues a wind. The second round team that they're gonna play would be somebody in the neighborhood of I'm just spit balling here. TCU. Ten a CL CT CU BM and eight well. They're ten and our right now stupid I'm just looking at the clipboard Pomeroy as. Tennessee may be GAAP. Virginia attack Creighton. Craig the end that would be fun. Scared it cleans then Saint Mary's of Michigan and those kind of things. Yeah that they're not gonna have a Kentucky. OK so let's just let's just put that to bed now there's nobody out there like that. I would agree let's well before we take a break what do you expect today. Out of Wichita State and Oklahoma is this a game played in the eighties provoking hi I would think so. I would think this is probably end. It depends on what trade young guys try young for all of his scoring talkies third in the nation in assists right it birds and hurt the middle on how well that. And you have the ball in your hands all the time. His usage percentage he is right now. Can pomeroys national player of the year. He uses. 36. Point 8% of their possessions which is third in the country. Third in the country usage rate he as the ball in his hands all Value Line he's fourth in assist straight in the entire country and here's the key here's the big key. He seventeenth in the country in fouls drawn. He draws at at 62180. He draws eight fouls per forty man well this is Russell Westbrook then as it is it not taken the ball to the basket a lot he's not a great three point shooter he's only east army shouldn't 38% but he's not just dubbed lights out the vote that's pretty good pretty or 86% from the line and 60% from two so he's getting to the bass he's finished he's getting fouled they have to keep him out of the lane B drives. Its people and foul trouble jaguars got a foul out today is where you tell high heat they better take some charges they better they better get him out of Elaine because. He could get he can go off for thirty. Any time and if let's say he gets 25 but it takes him. T when he shot twenty shots to do it any has six turnovers and they went by fifteen points. But if they don't ever going to be a close insists that means he's getting other people involved to now he's a great player this is going to be a close game I have a feeling. I would I'm gonna predict. 8680. Which stocks that aren't there. Ultimately realize do you have you seen the article on seven and a half seven and a half so would Oklahoma would cover and that apparently our analysts say you are already out give me score. And I'll say 91 and 84 who. I story yet and still covered by a Cologne. Yep if it's seven and half I would take Oklahoma recover and scan if I had to bet. I still think it's us they went I don't see a loss I don't see why aren't. Brett talks tomorrow Wichita State basketball when we start my game with a brand new game I'll look out when we come back stay put this just say and Jeff and Jimmie Sports Radio KFH.