Reviewing Fantasy Football, Sam Bradford, The Vikings, & Monday Night Football

The Drive
Tuesday, September 12th

A discussion of ESPN's first Monday Night Football broadcast of the year, Sam Bradford & the Minnesota Vikings.


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This is the draw. Colin. Hello again everybody is that they can stay addition of the drive Bob lose. And depth clues how would you live from the inner constant. Tough start after a top story today NFL referee made a verbal mistake let's delve into that. Why are the guys stand. Who San Diego last night as they knew cares. You're just jealous that the Indian I'm not jealous thoughts about the weather and invalidating about jealousy. But it about it read jealousy that criticism Torre. All have it up right now but he appeared just give me a minute bring us a two week old determine what element of jealously. Was involved in the tweet and NFL referee saying San Diego instead of Los Angeles is one of the ESPN's top headlines. But the Indians nineteen game winning streak is not jealousy. No jealousy. And so jealous my team's 190 and around Little League team. My team won nineteen in a row let me see what everybody else kind of put together a winning streak you're gonna do it in September. In a bad division against bad teams gala started in August. And not even in the final week of the audience even Detroit Lions of this year Detroit Tigers aficionado. Tom Thurber. Said today that this is one of the worst teams he's ever seen what league they're playing. That the bad Detroit team so why are clues we're goldeneye you should be able to get the toi me easily. Wright is opposing him Matt Boyd and Matt Boyd that Matt lawyer Matthew void whatever. Matthew boy he's started pitched well against us this year Ole ego I'll be watching. So alive and watching the cardinals mostly because lo and behold. They're on a pennant race. Low and being whole but here are just time out point is. Eight million people. Have said San Diego Chargers at some point during this offseason. A referee saying it is not news we want to lose your house no dip wasn't. It was there any other there was no humor involved no. I know that why why in the world and even registered exactly but it's a top headline. On a day when the Indians are just couldn't it to the Detroit Tigers the cardinals now two out. Behind the cubs. Three out in the wild card behind the suddenly hot again Rockies. We got a big home run late last night from Nolan are not all of crushed me. But they pass the brewers now in the National League central or brewers and how the world. Is this happening the cubs can't win. That they can't win a game that saved their lives so now you've got Saint Louis. Which by the way the cardinals go to Wrigley. Over the weekend in what is suddenly this huge slang not a big series. I don't I don't understand why you need that then and I kind of settle in for a no drama September just go with it. You know what I mean. I mean there's times when when you won as much as I haven't alive. There's suddenly just wanna sit one out. Then sit it out. And won more than me. A lot of when you go would you really cut when he really look at it what do you actually won. My team's land. There because ought to do is pick teams that. Have one. I've won I've won it I know I got him. The job I live act I've got to have won it my Y 51. What I want when I add that when I got these two incredible dogs. I will have I don't know I just seemed like I win. And day your own son sitting tear meteorite. Upstaged by two wonderful dogs. Well you came along at a very proud of my life and I left Tigger is deceased and fortunately it came a long a period of my time when I wasn't winning quite as often but. Use certainly would be chopped up in the win column. I guess I could say the same for you say that you broke out of eleven. Game losing streak. I don't know what that means that night and immediately went on another ten game losing streak. What I'm saying is I have some difficult times. But now I thought you just said you want that life. I don't think I went up lies because of two wonderful guard and that I guess your own you're one and only off spring. How many of these games. Do the cubs win they have three at home against the Mets. And they're faced a night nobody I mean a guy Thalmann Harvey and Lugo. With clean Thomas Lester and Montgomery. Gentleman by the way I believe is now left and then they play the cardinals looked Lackey Hendrickson Canton ma millions Martinez walker and land. A carnal gonna go there one too little too out of thirty on the nose. Want you back here at tea I don't acted or thought it airs what I want people understand the dynamic of this you know. It's a ridiculous still wants my guess what it's ridiculous to prognosticate baseball. They can win two out of three they could lose all three at this there's no way it's in the in Los Angeles my son has uttered these words to me. You're just to ramp up on this show. And then say similar though those may not that may but did not be the verbatim. Right. Are you need to calm down highway yeah I wish you lead but we all know what that calmed down sounds like and you don't like it either. Are used and there's a happy medium somewhere between this. I think we had yesterday I believe the cardinals have a good chance and we did see what I mean I think we had a happy medium yesterday. We went there are big twelve report cards. We did our NFL lists. Everything seemed failures and as long as I'm focused on some list. Or some vending even then he'd go on your way guys that we do on this show. Now look at. You basically. But when I start talking about myself. And my line. And the things I believe listeners love to hear by the way they love to hear people talk about their personal stuff. Today especially from a guy who's. Knock on wood winning right now. Wedding what. You won your fancy matchup right so I but I have all of so that I destroyed whoever I was playing. But I just brought it laughing Tom. I just want either at this point. I feel like I'm winning. Or we're proud of him. I. I don't know. 86912. Ford the I gotta have locker room okay. I'm seeing they go there in the midst of the Cleveland Indians having won nineteen in RO but I you know winning yes. I've been with this team this is my 24 year as the Cleveland Indians fan my 24 seed and you win because your team won again does that make you a one doesn't it make you feel happy doesn't it make you wanna attack the day doesn't get you motivated and in enthused. An energetic and just ready for whatever happens many many years you've felt as if you were kind of a loser now Indians or don't want my team has had very few since I have begin rooting for them. Sustained periods of losing they made the playoffs and no one and then again those seven and a and thirteen yeah you don't wanna go Friday 10713. Am I you don't wanna go up five years back up doctorate is that I don't think any parent. A success no I'm saying it's not a long period of losing like you see what the pirates. Or the royal wind up thirteen that's. Thirteen years you had three apparent I get a vote we 9596979899010713. Sixteen and seventeen that's ten. Which isn't the best thing that's ever happened but he'll take it. That's. Pine. But again no World Series championship. Yet and the way you were begging on Twitter about that too begging on the when he main threats. Our agent to lead to the outside begging but take one Lou I know I'll take one. I don't mean the stuff with that I'll need a handful I don't need every. Finger covered weathering does need one you're improve and I bet they send me one if the Indians get it. Since you won a ring and mount any imagined. Here's some mr. fantasy football himself Earl. Rural. You're slow slow all the reason you know the next couple weeks. People who like journalists. Are you I'm sorry it was a little mr. fantasy a little traffic every. Look here here Hillary go first if you recall last year when I did your football picks I didn't miss any gut I'm all right. The first time ever play near Canada Italy got more points than any of you guys. And the whole time during the draft following here is Jeff doing it and Nancy Kerrigan imitation along I eight time eight. ID on all my picks a lot. A 142. Point chill out. Yeah I know this is my biggest fear realize that you just had. The worst draft ever but somehow come out of week one as the highest score it's gray hairs came here's the team and I don't think this is a bad team moral. Now Sam Bradford who looks like he's been reborn in Minnesota. And that was my prediction on draft. I had Christian McCaffrey here to Christen McCaffery I think. Could easily be rookie of the year. You gusts are Kendrick last what you gotta do something about it. Had to do that because might dolphins running back didn't play. The first time and he's still got me nine point of these courted. He did Jordy Nelson not lie sterling Shepperd. And. Ravens defense. Kyle Rudolph I like okay girl leave did not sure about golden today even though I had an dubbed the really big game. Kyra retail owes them there too but luck. Throw as much as I like the Bradford picked you could've waited until the end of the draft and then seven more weeks and still been able to get him. Okay and and let me just point out once again this is the first time ever I did that and I still had more points than you Jeb so what your life worth that that. But Bob I understand what your son now why it's so difficult to have a debate with them because he lived in this delusional. World. Where Fay Vincent didn't in 1991. Till Major League Baseball to steroids are illegal in Major League Baseball. Where might team that had the most points in the terrible team according to him you can't have a debate with someone. Now it'll all come back around girl here here's the thing girl in it and really boils down to this Jeff is losing. No I won in line. Thank you. Yeah that does not then hey hey called audio is still there I'm here I want you to picture me running around with a big Spanish people all flag and didn't. Why am I get in realtor. Well I'm a crack again. Congratulations. You had a good week we're proud of them Allison. Rather than just sit at home today the ballot this laurels first journey and the fantasy. He scored the most points of any of the ten teams on our league. Why not try to get it and I'm not this what if guy wanna escort a bunch of points I'm happy everything's fine. But if I had played Tyreke hill instead of Jamison Crowder. I would abouts throw scored hurled by thirty not apply. I played Jamison crowd or not gonna make that mistake by the way do our buddy 66 points in fantasy this week. Got drug about hurts there's Slammin' Sammy on the drive. Pocket and I would you what you guys are. Court and it and de San Diego charge I mean no Gordon. Outer skin because there everybody what about are what you start jealously and New England. I would start gore in a minute Mott Sam seriously. Who do you wanna ask that question to. Even ask that question of me. We ask you had to stand let's provide a little context I've been playing fantasy football that probably since about nineteen. 94 or another and reason that you're losing a liar and pops drafts the team and then quit immediately here you go ahead. Enter well pick one of the Sam and you animal answer your question do you want to answer. I get are out on the guy who went most that we live by at night I. So Bryan little sort of touched down. Thank you Sam. Now the very astute decision by saying that he picked me. There's mastermind. Pastor Mike are you. There are high. They are all cheering about. I don't you we will not hear from Jason do that he put his team name is the Canadian drilling. Of 129. Point two points for you passed in my 64 point five for Jason do it and which was 34. I'm sorry 36 point one points pure than anyone else scored on our league. You know about Russia have I actually are I enjoy reading a lot of Charlie Sheen. I doubt I'd I do enjoy winning. I wrote that in order to get that youth ball. And I wouldn't I'm I'm righted the girl I'm ready for yeah Courtney in the waiver wire. And that I've already got those. January oh and that's. Either recognized or a laptop or upside is such a great job preach sermons I feel free work. Did as you gotta do that congratulation all you don't believe it from us you've congratulated yourself enough time. I know are pretty good thanks silicon we have Christian and actually the beach here I'm already ought to portray a portrait still. Bought all of that say I want you get a new blood don't I wouldn't take it to the bank you and I got a call the club. Okay. Thanks. Appreciate it there's little fantasy football talk for a thug it. We've heard from new winners. You know how many leagues the UN for that slow. And I am I there I would cut back. I mean seriously I must say this seriously okay we joke a lot. We have on the show. You're good son I've enjoyed having you and rent whatever ball whatever. But that is pathetic amid a dynasty league that I started I'm in this league that we do for fun and I thrash people. I'm in a league much of former and current. Professional wrestling bloggers and writers which is unbelievably sad why. A link with former wrestling our grandparents I think on the ailing former but black crew. Will prove it out of pro wrestling dot Coverdale a negative beyond the courts you know you need to go back to blogging about ran well if I need to watch him more often. That's and that sounds sad. But you need to do I didn't get paid so. Demand pay. I got the membership for free and I still am but don't tell that guy don't think he knows now and again. If you earned more than one fantasy league everybody's in more than one Venezuela line everybody is in more than one fantasy week. I'm in for fun at people and I like time to do that stuff you said allied Albania go attack you do it. You check in on Tuesday the Mike is that it checks on waiver wire if you do that that we trust. Took to get us to have you did that on and they were they checking labor why less then tell me how that helps me Jack get on to heaven. You see the guy you say your line up on Wednesday and you're done. Well let me ask you this. What happens if say I call mastermind. Pastor might have had a terrible thing happened on I need I need your help to. Bomb checking the waiver and our original draft that can't. Not to be too graphic for you can get you can get. That taking care of on the toilet every morning if you have a morning constitution. You're waiver wire situation should be fine. Waiver wire. That's about stop as pathetic as what it was but I'm serious it takes three minutes. Now not a you do all right nothing in the world takes three minutes if you do it right now I don't remember that I don't wanna know but. I'm good at this. I'm good fantasy football and it doesn't take longer than three minutes a couple of NFL games all anybody's talking about a Sergio dip. Not the greatest sideline reporter we've ever seen but let's give the kid a chance and I can't wait can I ask a question did he have a second. Highlight that he'd do it again I think they went through and again it was the OK I went to bed at half. I can't I just simply cannot stay up anymore yeah I don't go to bat not his fault sleep. I age I have to be in that I wanted to mid just have to rexrodt I didn't think was good. I've not Beth Moore and was excellent as you knew she'd be she'd been done that forever but the star of the night last night. In the two NFL games. With Sam Bradford. Who'd been don't know the scrap piece really played well that is weapons in his receivers. One recorded does doesn't need weapons I get a list Stephon digs had a better game to me then Sam Bradford. That's not really am utterly ridiculous teammates and he made Bradford look would probably even better anyway did you see the game yes I know I did how large step on big time no it's a fun digs got wide open in the end that the ad that was then but he made other catch is the one where he was. Interfered. And then the following touchdown and later there was an interference I think. It's the five days was great was freaky last night and not not to take anything away from Bradford. You want your take. And something away from Bradford because that's what you're saying is is just wrong it's not wrong. The the pass and I don't know who was too. The pass that he made it just before the touchdown the first touchdown pass to Stephon digs and it. I think it was Adam they've run. Who had an unbelievable riot and one that was it. Was. Spectacularly. Thrown. And here's what Chad from Bradford it's corny seven of 32346. Yards three touchdown. Should I repeat that share. You also had a rookie dollar and cut in a 127 yards on the ground. I had the receivers we talked about he had a defense that. Really kind of dominated New Orleans. Impressive. The vikings were impressive. Now it was just a year with the last year the year before they got off to that an amazing thing last year and then they hit the wall. But that's a team that you shouldn't discount. Now they're probably pretty get it we'll see how their defense holds. The rest of the way but their offense should be five adding Dauman cut. And finding true. Numbers one and two wide receivers and digs in Phelan those guys are gonna see being a vikings fan I could I can get with fat. Is it the purple the figure that out like they're stadium. I like the purple I like the history. I like the fact that they would you like a team though because of their stadium. Well I like to look at other you know what I like field metro dome. You remember going there yes. Did you like up close close it became kind of a joke but. I remember being in the dugout and think. Garden I was the manager at the time was and make it's that may or what this Tom Kelly are you sure about in 9495. Absolutely do is Tom Kelly. Well we met Tom Kelly. We did we shook his hand I did and I didn't plot I mean again he's very bitter. Winner. I shook his hand loser. Bob bitter man I've met Don Henley. And my drop. Whatever. Cell atomic take a break we got a good show what's on tap but do you buy the Gavin Nissan. At 440 today. Guitar man Kenny wind Shepperd joins us. As we continue our onslaught. Of great music and entertainment interviews. Thanks to Jack dollar for forgiveness one at 540. Today Malcolm Cameron. The coach of Wichita thunder. And second hour at some point we will talk to the which Eagles carry Rangers about the business the I thought coming up today on the drive care fake.