Remembering the Kansas City Scouts NHL team

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Wednesday, June 20th
There was a time when Kansas City had 4 professional sports teams, in the big 4 leagues, NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL. The Scouts were an NHL team that only lasted 2 years and moved to Denver and eventually ending in New Jersey as the Devils.

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Andrew Hamlin on the buttons today brought a lot of those phone. It's yell at your convenience. You know I guided it to adds a lot for run homer. Forget that my very first NBA game. It was in Kansas City him at Kemper arena and Larry Drew was playing in that game out its goal vividly remember Larry Drew. It was Phil Ford's. Last season in Kansas City they they had those plow jerseys were the names were below the the numbers which nobody else let me and on that team yes. It was guys like Eddie Johnson. Ernie Grenfell old. Sam lacy Josie meriwether who is an SI you get those she merry way out he was on that allow Mike Woodson out. They were bad. That year they were even better than they were that's not a bad listing a player wolves the next years when they were they made it jump they were 45 and 37 in the 8283 she's and that's when drew blew up that's when he went 2020 and eight assists Bentley that year. Sum of their parts were different they had LaSalle Thompson that year. Had nearly was a rookie got a case state he was on that you know that year. And Steve Johnson from Morgan State pretty good scores but that was Larry Drew is blow up here his second year in Kansas City and I can remember. My mom took me to take camper to watch the kings in the spurs. And in games that that was the only game I ever saw but. The signal was good enough and I wanna say it was 810. They were the flagship of the cancer leaking right I think it would had event and I think they're the signals was the only one good enough to where I can hear from my house. But I know that. Their play by play guy was Kevin Harlan. Yes he's a voice of the Kansas City kings back in the the early eighties that was my really first. Recollection or introduction really into the NBA game because. Obviously wasn't on very often the kings were never wrong never know you know and I don't know that I have the Kansas City kings on a Saturday afternoon. But that's. Pushed don't you think Kansas City Nick's pretty good sense for an NBA team were to not look to see a comeback you've got to expand I don't know how I mean there are other places that you could put one honey nice to put Internet more likely according to the quote unquote experts and hockey. Would be either the basketball yes. And yes and want to think I mean what's different. I had I don't know why. Well because I think that they've at least broached the possibility of bringing hockey there yeah. Tom I don't know how much of a movement there has been the NBA. We're with the NBA expand most likely now biggest problem in Vegas would be the in Vegas major theater here again that would be pretty easy were world says is there are no. Non basketball. You there's nothing in and turner think there's enough money to Tampa right there's Orlando but there's nothing in Tampa. There's this so Tampa is a huge market. Where there's no basketball. Well. Seattle do you think they're clamoring them well actually yes I I think Seattle would be the first pick back room. And rightfully so I think Seattle that ripped off and that's not a homer that's not the homer in me I do think Seattle got ripped off a little damp but that the but that's neither here and there. 86 guys out or even perspective. I'm sorry but to go at it 691240 Ryan has hop aboard the Ted's locker room hotline hello Ryan. Aren't they expertly and they don't want bill and now the just little known you remember that that there was a time. In Kansas city's sports sports time. That all four major sports were more into it they would get Arctic game and seventy or 76. Doubt. So you know again. Now would've been able to tell you that that's good. Good four iron to the Arab League where they were witty in the yet worthy in the WH Jay at that point or whatever the Michael what league really in this doubts. Oh. I mean I think big word NHL. They. That teen who relocated Citic. To Colorado. And we can drag the original okay Brad you call. He up and then they became head they became the Colorado Rockies. Yeah you know. And then they look I relocated to New Jersey where they are now known as the doubles obviously good to restore color time tartan week we have all or. I got rocket content should socialism rather that I. Appreciate you appreciate it cancer patient out CD stops. 1980s or ranked 7476. Than they went to Denver. And then in 82 they were two majors you. Risk yes that's right there was the NHL so three years. Played in Kemper obviously. No Stanley cups. No conference actually they played in high V arena. Looking it up right now hi bloodless cold now. Right yeah noted it was called now it is the only plating camper camper not kind of why don't I don't know what I know that. I didn't. Of course I was 3.5 of their teens on the darned puck. Interest to. Probably never heard it to come back either. Basketball or I but I'd. Whenever I'm in Kansas City or near the area is invariably if you their long enough it'll come up on sports talk radio there hockey. Feel like hockey's the the most. Logical and worth the penguins. Are rumored to be on the move or somebody in my mind dreaming that that that one if one of franchises. In the NHL were to move like Kansas City five or six or seven years ago made a huge push. To ask to bring a franchise to Kansas City and they were. I you know told that they were. In the running or. It was possible and out of Seattle if that's just selective memory that Seattle was also kind of on the on the radar for another. Hockey team the Kansas City I think once probably hockey more than it does the India just. Seattle has a tremendous history in the western league and fueled Seattle totem this. And these that they put a lot of hockey up there and have never had an NHL team team in Kansas City played their two years 7475. 7576. Played a 160 games in those two years and won 27. That's why weren't there for her that explains it a a like I said no division championships no conference finals. Simon. No less and or you Jauron played awhile franchise that theory to forget. Hi today surely didn't draw thin win anymore that don't know you they couldn't have drawn good applies for goodness sakes right yup. Couldn't have drawn flies and then that was it reminds me of the chiefs in slap shots. Are how can it not have been like that. You got Nigeria. Ha. Well there you go there are something new every day that's pretty good. Hockey talk here on sports daily. Output headlines would land lines we have going on here. OK to keep decide well college World Series can't seem to get stuck out it's still raining hair. A game postponed from last night to. And hopefully 26 minutes from now but it's not gonna happen Arkansas and Texas Tech. In the winner's bracket game. So. Can't seem to get away from the lightning in the rain happened in Omaha. I mentioned earlier that the northwest Arkansas the double A team for the royals has eleven players. Going to the Texas League all star game. And while we're having to suffer through. What we are the big club. Help is on the way obviously it's a little ways away but does some pretty good prospects down on the farm especially in double way. We talked up a little bit. About this QRJ Anderson CBS sports dot com if you missed it earlier time here feature radio dot com talking Major League Baseball. All the Mariners have to do. To finish 500. Art I'm sorry to finish 9171. This play 500 ball from here on out and think they can do it. I think they can I don't know that he will mom. Well I don't know 9171. Going to be good enough. Well dignity borderline getting wild card well town got. The Yankees and the Red Sox whoever wins the east over a hundred the other teams right there for that the wild card the Indians are gonna well now. You need she conceded central just yet they're up four on the tigers but he just can't imagine the tires would have anything form. But. You mean you asked RJ about the Mariners is that sustainable. They are. They're right there they're. Too and then the seven and a half clear of the angels for the second wildcard. You don't expect in place 630 needed to lie. But like I said if they just go 500 from here on the win 91. If half the angels. Who are seven and a half back. Would have to win. 52. Games from here on out just to get to 91. And go that's not likely I don't think so either. You know it's not so you might have to start to print now appears Seattle Mariner's wildcard tickets. Well I mean you know. They've done a lot of heavy lifting through what 7475. Games or whatever news. Right now I mean. They did a good ballclub and they've been consistent throughout the the first. Part of the season so here's what our group touched on though and he didn't quite go over the line to say that the they've been lucky. They have their plane 630. With the ace plus seventeen run differential. Yup that that proves they're kind of lucky. That's why you look at and think can. You know. They could be a 500 ballclub or you know a couple games under 500 or whatever the case may be but they're gonna scare 91 way or the other thing probably. Plus they fall off the edge of the earth. How many other teams in the American League outside of Cleveland Houston. Boston and New York are gonna win ninety games. None trip for Shia I don't think so I mean right. Potentially yes. I wouldn't think so. So I mean you know you got to stay the course stay the course right now. In the National League. And we talked about this before. We both feel like the nationals are eventually go figured out and catch the Braves. Yeah but it's the Braves. On the other hand go 500 the rest of the way. They'll be 88 and 74. Is that and is that good enough for a wild card because the ones that are in duking it out right now and I know it's only June 20. But the teams that are within a game and a half of the second wild card. Are playing 535. All or 528. Ball. Let's see I think it took 87 and 981. If I if my memory serves me correct school last year. Rockies at 87 and I think the think the 91. Something like that so if you're using that as your barometer. Com. Yeah that's should I mean who who we really like in the nationally right now nobody right now I mean we can right now there are people pop yes. There's nobody. Not right now. Mean the Dodgers are starts playing better now. Sin and you figure that if they can get a couple of arms back including you know Clayton Kershaw. That they'll be better of their lineup there's still solid. Nom I die like the I like the brewers. There currently included in place yeah I mean I like the brewers a great a lot who's better the cubs are the cardinals next in that pecking order. Was there right now the cubs statistic and ran as of right now I'm in I don't know but neither one of them are overwhelming to me by any stretch. And then you've got what did you get Philadelphia. In Atlanta and the nationals and kind of you know subliminally and in that pool. In the east. But who are you most bullish on in that group probably the nationals and they haven't shown very much to business just. My default kind of nationals exactly. So I don't know I mean. I think it's I guess it's it's gonna beat it to be a lot of fun I had because. Because there's nothing very clear right now outside of that the Astros the Red Sox and the Yankees room. That that's who those are the three that I think I think you can bet on those. Read you know those guys have beaten the hell out of that place yes exactly. So. But the rest of it. Pretty damn wide open at this point in the past grant and he's Seattle's the best of the rest and they are and certainly take Wear the Red Sox yankees. And Astros. The Mariners. Are met them on their heels a point 630 ball through the first inning three game. Very very amazing. Pay any you know Wednesday that's when he stopped to consider these injuries that they had last year especially the pitching staff had stayed relatively healthy. Stand. She later Robinson Cano don't really need you in the lineup with this included how about that. You for the goal during your live go to Wichita perks dot com you play eighteen holes of golf that each of the six area golf courses for only 49 bucks stereo content with the tools. Wellington Heston prairie trails in Augusta. Eighteen holes at each of those joints. For only 49 dollars it's got to go to which topped hurt dot com to get up and get that great deal on this day coming up next chambers fortunate.