The Red Sox are heating up in the American League

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Friday, August 3rd
The ALDS could be between the Red Sox and Indians, but the Yankees will be fighting hard to make that game too.

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I've got back in just a quick look. Like. Hi welcome back second tower on Friday the driver province. 525 today and will continue our NBC World Series theme. With Barry in the manager of the Seattle's. And we have a guy we know while her five questions. Coming up at 540. 8691240. As the number. And I usually have a little time to regroup and guy. Actually started the sub segment without that read it's taken Alice spots I don't know we did. About the Red Sox and no that's not your favorite subject. A soft or any of PM today ESPN today proclaiming this to be the greatest Red Sox team. Our argue there really good just pounded the Yankees. And the Dodgers just pounded the brewers. Are we headed for a Red Sox Dodgers worlds there are gonna jump to any conclusions of their two. That it has to predict that right now who would you predict. I go Indians probably go Red Sox Dodgers. If you're being at all. Are the Indians built for the post season love because whoever's. Not. Not himself he's fighting a pitched eight innings of one run ball last time. But you know the Indians aren't as good of the harassed I've been on fire and out of our gas throw they're not as good but it short series really have that pitching. But do you really think of the of the personal offense that what would lead you to thing. After his many years you've been an Indian thing because they can't there's nothing stopping them. There's no we everybody else is not a voted them about Indians homer fan would see what the writing on the wall the writing on the wall as the Indians have as get a chance as anybody. Almighty god I would. There's just no. Then tell me they're not coming out of the American way Tellme tell me what who how they will be beaten. By a better team enough Boston. And that's a Houston. Those are the two best teams clearly. I mean it's not even close it and everybody in this on this planet. Wants to see. A Boston Houston American League Championship Series and as much is this is gonna make me throw up thing and it they want the cubs Dodgers. And Althea is India scored more runs than they used to Nasr has now Houston's pitching. Has been a lot better about it the Indians have shored up their bullpen with hand they got Miller back today say Amber's a nice righty matchup guy presence and I've lefty matchup guy. Their back outfield defense is much better they'll make a move. And I guess they're starting pitching is good I can't help but this. Metal bar and I'll take my chances with the Kluivert Carrasco Bauer. And the Red Sox can lineup sale price and or fellow wherever they'll run out there and I'll take my chances with that while I thought and take your chance how well. And if you love last year and if we lose and I'll call the Red Sox better and right now they are better ride last Theodore they they they just choke their guts out yet again that as as a kid passage even 100 just lose just nothing but leads me to thank you to believe in the Indian laughter because of three games eight months ago I've had to admit ten months ago makes I think the Red Sox in the answers are clearly batter they -- they're clearly better but they're not clearly look at the end the event planned a terrible event right and they did and who cares there every game means nothing hello Tony. I would call it. Yeah. I mean. Over. The wind and even hardly ever win. Eat and being very hour in. The bowl. Exactly especially in a short series they. I just there's no feel for Cleveland ever winning I just don't have it sorry. I don't I'm not yet. Know who the royal eat in Beijing. Oh. I I guess we'll have to wait and save at the hotel you're talking about a Boston team. That is. Fifteen and a half games better in the standing good Helio. Man look that can't be ignored totally. That I'd argue that I agree. But I think it was pretty and well here again that manner 120. And game and got our our team. I am I understand that anything can happen I saw the best cardinals team in the past. Thirty years get slapped in 2004. And I thought I saw mediocre and I'm 83 win TM in the year 2006. When the World Series so I get it but that's Saint Louis. Where road good things happen. This is Cleveland were nothing good ever perhaps. Thanks Tony Morgan again Andrew McCutcheon and don't be shocked when it happens. Jeremy. Hello you're on with Bob and Jeff. They elect our. You agree that are going well. You can't say that. Because the lie and say as the playoffs. In baseball are small sample size random. Anything can happen type situations you give in he got a shot and the Indians are going to be in. Yes but it would make it and they're gonna pay. Schroeder the first round yankees and art crowd or regret not make government at seven period. The first rounds five games and he certainly can't beat any of those teams in five games. And I know Syria and in seven games and you have to from Kluivert two from Bauer maybe two from grass go you certainly we can live for clue were last year I had I'm sorry I had an injection that takes holds two months after I had blood that's what I love to blame any of that I just don't see it. I don't know there's too much our a lot the burger at our. And the pitching it's just way you do it then or a team I'm not. Not not be Indian packed yeah they are. But they're not agree like what the other pretty. Astros have a 185 run Jeremy hunt for like a man and I'm talking oh god does have a 185. Run differential. The Red Sox have won 84 run differential. The Yankees have won Tony 90 run differential the Indians have a good run differential. Well there are a lot of years when plus the 99 it would it would be at the top of the league but they're just there are a good team. In the wrong year. It's not the wrong year they have Miller air command. And by the way all the power they thank you have other Miller's been heard all ye are the power they yankees have they scored nine more runs Miller's been heard all year you know you don't have faith in him this year I did though he's been hurt all you know why those kind of guys he might he might be okay. The guy that did that go on the disabled list a couple times that you can't count on them healed and in particular year it's a new media. I think you've got an army issue he'll be fine is means nothing to me. They've fixed is not been around the game a long time and Brad I know and by the way bonds of the disabled list twice for long stretches. They know that I had the chance of the umi and healthier unlikely though I'll do bay is is not going to be productive in the post season I'm talking about pitchers you know that. They'll be fine. Wishful thinking. Again he's back to diet and they are our current air updating fans because I refute it I think a clue Burke or ask don't Bauer in a short series and the good whereas in the National League things are fairly wide open. You've got all kinds and here's here's the teams. That have fifty or. Let's just go 53 year. 54 fewer losses. All these teams are above 500. Philadelphia. Atlanta. Washington. Chicago Milwaukee Saint Louis Pittsburgh. LA Arizona Colorado San Francisco. Those are all teams. That. Are there the wildcard in the nationally ism is incredible. Everybody's involved. You've got to Milwaukee right now leading Atlanta would be the other wildcard at this point the Diamondbacks are a half game back the Rockies in game and a half. Pittsburgh and Saint Louis for Washington and San Francisco four and a half. Good enough that sounds like a lot of them a lot sound like a lot of mediocrity I mean. Meanwhile you've got basically a battle between Oakland and Seattle for the wildcard in the American League everything else is pretty much decided. A slow thaw you've got. You've got super teams in the American League. And I'm not sure I'm lumping Cleveland and that I drew up a seven all stars and super I'm not I'm lumping Cleveland into the super team discussion you're just saying that to tweak me in its working. But you as a baseball fans know that when you lie about the last two Indian themes were better than this old Dell may they have another move left in them. That's an idiot that's my honest so there's nothing better about last year's Indian steam then this year is this isn't. Well that's crazy except that the last year's team was in a little bit of a race and at the foot on the gas. And this year they don't so wolf our bullpen was profoundly Bennett the last better than hand Miller Alan. And I don't put any faith and Milla these. Why he's had the benefit or heard of success. Now he's he's active he's on the 25 man roster. But we'll see how I know we got has punters chants. Well good luck to you and we have a clippers. I think Boston is is clearly the favorite. Houston is there. The Yankees probably don't have the pitching to compete with those two teams Cleveland does have pitching. But I don't have a I don't know that it matters to you pitch against the red for a break not I'm not sure. I'm just not convinced that anybody's gonna have much success against them. They pound everybody. Good 587. Runs. The month the just ended of July the Indians scored the most runs in the Majorly. I love your hope of their merits player of the month. And he's a great player as a great player and a dear I'm gonna get anybody but but also has several great players. Yeah they've got a really good team I'm not denying that day. Have a better roster than the Cleveland Indians and they just at the Cannes less than is a different game he's going to be a different player with a team that's in contention down milky Betts is probably the the leader in the MVP discussion. Davey Martinez is having another. Unbelievable year and you've been attendee is of those coming superstar on the game. I mean come on man. Let's get really are really good but I'll take my chances. Not a threat not a Fred Abbas I think the incessantly here from this side of the is the more. No it's not that we are a lot rival games are seven games anything can happen as we've seen. But it never have. Parents that's what you're that's the only thing can happen they've had the best in about an okay team. Anything can happen. What I would you deem this team just an okay thing they're good they're really get it there eleven games over five and they haven't tried all year. In my estimation. This league had just turned out on a 90 this team and they've got they've all got experience they know after last October they can just when Nate I think they tried. I believe that just didn't look like it. So you're saying Barrett so they were close to sweeping that series they are just got a ball over the wall again anything can happen. Now hey you're just too hopeful. And I hope you're gonna be more realist I am realistic they're going to be in the playoffs that's all that matters. The loopholes. Stars. Our play in determining Kentucky formally the Kansas stars. And my guy Rick Ankiel pits pets and inning. And now he says he might try again at 39. Threw 89 I think loses highest. Clocked this. He's told the cardinals that he thinks he can get into the mid ninety's rally again. Used not obviously pushing at the other and I. But may decide that. Amelie go to spring training next year try to get a job with somebody or beat the cardinals when it. I don't know our hog with the cardinals have an interest in Rick Ankiel yeah I love him any L left hander who could throw. Will say nine B I'll know if he can still be may be able to throw 95 but. Can at least 39 B we assume winnings when like I am visit there on nine the error yeah you want that if he has any kind of other styles you're nine years so be a matchup type reliever at this stadium I'm 39 years and I don't hand him the ball on opening day but he could be productive and helpful. I wish he'd never hours I'd never introduced to have been soiree. Because you're just a bad fans in my if I'm not the buzz why you as a fan I'm speaking as someone who's watched the game for my entire life. I always said introduced today at that won't look for another sport look crops. We'll get I'll be a battle across fan I you could've talked it intelligently about the crop. Anyway Ankiel. Was this big story. And didn't happen hair that teams blowing through that turn on the I believe our pay. Yes they've won both of their games by combined score of twenty to three. Though. It was I don't know we'll be back here ever. If you have to predict. Well that worked things out and never well I don't think so is this something that's gonna continue beyond this year. I would I would lean toward now but. And it's it's run out. As seed to me a haircut the last little while because why wouldn't it lasts on and on. I don't know who I think in the end here probably earned the right place for this there's got to be a place is that the Olympic team. What do you mean what if this team represented the United States in the Olympics well I'd be pretty fun wouldn't it why don't we do that. I don't I've read that online why don't we make that push the what he makes someone specifically said the Louisville star should know that we should do it seemed like this availability is going to be up. I mean lot of note you miss specifically geared generally. Specifically final out of this team went to the Olympics. In 2000 wanting. Let's let's get a team together of them like this. Is going to be much more marketable hopeful edited out of it and I know is if you put. College players then it's going to be something that everybody can get behind. Everybody would wanna see it about a 37 year old ex big league and I'm for absolutely one. But Jimmy Rollins on that team but Torii Hunter on that to what I wanna see it. It be enjoyable. I'm very I don't disagree with that in the slightest thought to make the movement probably do it from here in Wichita I'll get it on okay. Look Florida you get there at the IOC. I can drive anybody out all I think he should it. I've never been scared of doing it anyway of stepping on. And anybody's toes absolutely not. I think could be a great idea. It would certainly create an interest in Olympics baseball it has not been there before yeah I now would it deny. Some young kids. Of the opportunity to represent the country and maybe it's sprinkled like the dream team did with three or four college play wanna. Minor leaguers or something. Add either I think that's actually pretty good idea. I'm not taking credit for the idea Eliot I did you like that I believe them. I think and I think it is a good idea. If this particular team was representing the country in the Olympics. Everybody would be all over well we need some African American representation if we were if they are representing our country may yet that the like this would be enjoyed. Now we'll see if we can happen. He knows at this point may be well and again I want that. This is a fun team Nick Swisher playing in the Olympics at age forty hero closer I don't know where you get your love for Nick Swisher the value of the innocent Indians he's entertaining that's the kind of guy right he you know I am representing the United States with his positive upbeat attitude like victory is mine. Is it I don't know why he's the first guy but things get a gut it forced sixty calling the Netherlands under is gonna excite people in. In in Paris. Normally I mean. Rick Ankiel noise and a hat absolutely. Chipper Jones. May be what really for Johnson make the commitment to play and I don't think he's if any about 46. I'm not talking about now I'm not talking about a 2000 wanna talk about what a player like that. Major stature player. You would think that maybe they would. I absolutely not a small stage in Wichita are blue though. Get on the grand stage of the Olympic Gavin and compete and go compete for your country. I agree I like I'd done. The that we found a use and why this should continue. I'm I'm all for I don't off for NATO to keep repeating well I'd give it. Let's take a break when we return we'll talk baseball again with very AA. He's been coming to the NBC world search for a long time most of that time. With the Seattle Stubbs the studs are also an action tonight though flu like game though Lawrence Dumont stadium against. The Dodge City is at 930. Very Aden Seattle's vote. Up next on the drive.