Recapping the NFL preseason games last night

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Friday, August 10th
From Patrick Mahomes limited play to Baker Mayfield’s great extended play for the Browns, there were some surprises last night, both good and bad.

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Follow your daughter got to Obama ran route home Barry Parker this is we should talk sports then. Bruce hurdle and shame Denis school Sports Radio you update 12:40 AM 975 FM. Good morning everybody good to have you with for a solid this. He sought a two mayfield and Andrew Luck who saw Patrick my homes all with varying degrees of return certainly baker may feel that an auspicious debut part of what's on tap here's my body change Dennis what's up. Arts that pretty much anything happened last night we'll catch up on there are twelve of them. Two more tonight near Broncos play Saturday right against the banks. Aren't so below the Minnesota look back and see who did watch last night. With taking a grain of salt with all of it. All right let's let's all just. This this must relax chill for you and don't react to OK I'll just we'll. Rain assault on on on both ends of the extreme abs abs needed it pads and it's not always on that. Oh my god a look at how this started out to be down there is sometimes it can be the other way guy doesn't look very good idea and I don't worry about it it's okay. OK we got a long way to go secondly. I haven't we will catch up with what's going on Saint Louis to PGA championship keys own Gary Woodland took the first round lead with an opening round 64. In front of about a hundred. Friends and family members Saint Louis solos cool for him we'll also have a Twitter question. Has to do with little league's sportsmanship. The Little League World Series such a thing. There was yesterday. So there will be a little that's a little tees and now we can weigh in on what we think about. Tom sportsmanship at that level or beyond or before or after. So we'll discuss that about forty minutes from now. An hour from now a couple of actual now former big leaguers. Jayson Werth. And Rick Ankiel in the news again please Gus and even though I lost last night and looking that's hitting grants like I hit a hit for the cycle what's happened for the first time this year by the I. And Red Sox. Run down a 116. Wins. Will. We'll discuss low Major League Baseball an hour from now and be with NBC World Series down to four. Then there were four we got a game at 7 o'clock tonight game at 930 tonight. Black yesterday and last night at the NBC World Series. Santa Barbara beat the San Diego stars seven to six. The Wellington heat eliminated the Seattle studs Ford three. And did you go national team beat Colorado cyclones nine to eight. Yeah oh yeah we had a bunch of nail biter so tonight in the race yeah I thought some sand Sam Barbara and San Antonio tonight seven. Wellington and the junior college national team at 930 in the winner's place Saturday. For a chance to move. Hoist the trophy at 7 o'clock any reminder. Saturday. Gigantic fireworks extravaganza immediately after the game followed by an on field party with a concert from big fat fun. Celebrate 84 years baseball LDS that party it's free with admission to the games so. And that's awesome NBC World Series powered by west dark energy that continues tonight at 7 o'clock at Santa Barbara. And San Antonio. In addition of course we'll get to what happened on this day in sports history. Paul. At 1045 we'll have Tim FitzGerald first Bogut check in on his health she how you assure you absolutely. End up somebody. Was listen escorts well of course somebody listened to sports daily course they were. Of course they were. But coach got a five year extension yesterday afternoon and here. We've just talking about bill Schneider and wins the end. He got a deal that will take him through his age 83. Season. On the sidelines the case states don't catch up with Tim FitzGerald from go Arquette dot com. Find out what to make of it and like since he helped Fitz is doing me after his about with. Prostate cancer we've had some subsequent surgeries. Continues to tweet to keep this up to date so that's good. And now he's obviously well enough talked with a ten point five some chicken with him coming up then and land yacht to Jim Rome the weekend after that so. They go what was the biggest thing he came out of exhibition football for you last night a few places you could have gone. I I felt like it was the giants in the browns' game just because can't two guys two prominent guys were playing in the same game. And if you ever wanted to overreact. To. Two particular guys in a good way would be that you can do with both guys sink one Barkley ran for 39 yards on his first carry. And baker mayfield went eleven for twenty for 212 yards and two touchdowns. The final score these games it's not relevant some nine or read any of them so that you look mop you can but. Those were the two marquee guys that play in the same game. And probably pleased. The fan base for each of those teams they probably felt vindicated by okay good. In addition. Tyrod Taylor who is the incumbent apparently. Five for five for 99 yards and a touchdown if you're in of that so. Both quarterbacks played well make a big mayfield obviously played more we knew he was going to. And I think one Barkley after 39 yard run only had four yards from these next four carries. And so basically guys worked on and got out there one thing that I took away. And had the chiefs and Texans game on that same time of the browns. Giants game. But the thing that struck me that would be frustrating. If it happened London can common through like for the patriots for example. Great Brady didn't playground can play Brian Hoyer. Played almost all first step. If you. Play a guy over the signature on Watson he played one series for the Texans right that's it and so if you don't he threw one pass. Let's say you bill they didn't but we'll see go three and out and you commit a false start you look crappy deal on it. And luster here coach is. Really flexible and in these first pre season games normally they're not. We are cashed in on that for a week you know like my only chance to play we're talking met a guy coming off an ACL do Shawn Watson. Billy 11. Drive and things didn't really go well and then things didn't go smoothly. He'll get to just stay in there until you fix it he got other guys in wanna take a look at certainly don't want Noah and expose these superstars to. Any more action we need to in game one. There's. Under Hopkins didn't play for example so he didn't have his first best weapon. Took to win that would be that the frustrating part. You that wasn't. The case for Andrew Luck I think he played a couple of series he was six of nine for 64 yards. Looked good yeah after the game he discussed how much fun it was. You can do my job delegate here I would say selling out for two years I actually went on got to have some fun so. What is the key thing man surest thing about it if you're having fun. If how much more loose Oreo. You know that that's that's a good word to hear what he had been taken away from him. Like in the hats you know and and if you're injured in any sport you do not feel like part of the team. And in many wager not mean I'm surgical Ebert said over the last couple years have been taken Andrew Luck sprain and you know. Asking for scheme advice and x.s and knows what the but you know that renders him being a coach Andrew Luck not cut it didn't announce these player Brett dip. So through using my iron he looked OK that was good. I thought just. Quick hits now Holmes didn't do anything out of the ordinary. I thought that we've been talking about this I thought that rose to game plan for him over the types of throws that he made. Rosie five for seven for like 33 yards something like 34 yards something like that. Just very low key did in their kitchen told me you know. I get your toe in the water. I get your foot in the door however you wanted to describe it and get say get used to some live ammunition. And end of conversation take a mayfield looked like they are mayfield. And here's the thing that I take away from baker mayfield I love the one ball. That he threw to Antonio called a Callaway. And I like the way that the key sites psychologically work on Callaway are getting to that in a moment that was an even and little by the way. No no it was a Dublin was a pump. In some form of coverage got messed up but it doesn't make any difference he pumped. It was almost like a double slant and in Calloway broke free hand it was I think his best ball of the night the rest of Nam look like. Correct me if I'm wrong change looked like him in Oklahoma room and I get out of the pocket. Of whom preceding guys on the run the moving around the lot which is great which is absolutely great but he's not gonna do that as much. Trust me. He won't do that as much as the year goes on. None and if we all really believe the Tyrod Taylor is going to be the starting quarterback there over Dave Baker mayfield pleas in weekly money drafted. In week one I think from yeah I think from day one movie and there's no I don't use you don't use. They're number one draft pick. With the with the history you've had in that place. And I I think he'll play from day one I really you will will see what ends up happening. Mean Tyrod Taylor was good too but I thought but I'll be interested to see what baker mayfield looks like when a the edict is stay in the pocket and move your pocket around you know move north and south in the pocket. Instead of going right and left. Come on straight ahead and find your space. And and make throws I love us that's going to be a challenge. In less hue Jackson or whoever that often to corner is puts in a package of plays that moves the pocket. They get to Zeta zones and you're right I mean Aso and we keep reminding numbered tall so you don't have to manipulate pocket a little bit so we can have a clean one to throw through. And have planes to throw threw out one make too big a deal about that but. You know that yes that's at the real. A different game it's a different game have bigger guys faster guys. The field isn't as wide if it did it is is why it. The Martin yardage but yes but but but but the but the hash marks are different and the speed of the game is different. Decide decide speed of the gain in the NFL is the thing that makes it different. Com I've done but I really did say I I will say this. Tom first of all I'm kind of a baker mayfield fan anyway there and but I thought the work he did on Antonio Callaway. But for those of you that it did don't know how we didn't mention you know that's good yeah yeah he didn't have a real good week knowing that he didn't have a real good week he got pulled over earlier in the week. Driving with a suspended license he was found with day. Small. Amount of marijuana in the car of course it was someone else's it wasn't as you know what I don't care about that there whatever. That this was after the first depth chart came out and guess who was on it him and that's how he goes out. And so it is so it ended up being a great week. That turned into a really crap week that ended up being a pretty good week because he ended up making a play but he beat dropped a couple balls early. Not in this game on targets he's obviously guys it's gonna get targeted. But I but I really thought that baker mayfield stayed with them you could tie you could see him. Dude stay in it. Kinda have yet. You know you you just just relax and play. And then bombed you know we woody I don't know what he end up catching 67 balls a Paul's I don't know 87 yards were the catches. OK 87 yards with a catches and yet one of LaMont 54 yard strike that was. Maybe the nicest touchdown that I saw some of the night I didn't see all twelve games obviously but. Was good stuff so. So I've and that's part of his maturity isn't a chain I mean that's part of being an older quarterback that's been around the block. That's dealt with. Adversity. Not even in his own gain and stuff it and he's just. He's he's just a further along in that regard that he can get into a guy's grill and and saying you know c'mon. He grab on the deeply psychologically by the by the neck and say you know we gotta have you we got to have you've been doing this right. And I just thought it was by the thought it was a good look for baker may feel it will end in a passer rating of 125 gotten her. We'll see if that's his team but we Kwan and there's a net three more games to pour over right. Exhibition games anyway so we shall say not again Tyrod Taylor hit all five of his passes for ninety yards and a touchdown to itself. I thought it was. Kind of funny. Pregame the bills Panthers game. Cam Newton actually. Approached Kelvin Benjamin. Seemed to have a little bit of a verbal back and forth it. Didn't look like it resolved itself I didn't hear or see any. Microphones on the field that hard to tell what they said to each other. But it was somewhat animated parliament was particularly you know but they got together. Camp came over there and now by the way that all that really illustrated to me was too large human beings. Kelvin Benjamin and Cam Newton good god those guys are huge yet either standing next to each and Kelvin Benjamin 65 and Camden is bigger than here. But any giant. That was the little pregame dust up in. The aftermath of Kelvin Benjamin saying publicly during the week that he lamented his time in Carolina because Cam Newton wasn't very accurate passer. I wouldn't want to be a bill stand this morning. Tuchman over reaction to games. Nathan Peter men went nine for ten for a 119 yards and a touchdown. AJ McCarron went seven for ten and a 116. Yards in the second quarter. And then Josh Allen went nine for nineteen for a 116 yards and a touchdown when he came in. You talk about. Drawn a name out of Manhattan thin guy who had the best day although Peterman went nine for his first nine. He had disastrous start last year against the chargers. But that's neither here and there but all three of their quarterbacks including the chosen one Joshua Allen had okayed it good games. Against Carolina. And so. Not gonna carry three quarterbacks right. Oh well maybe you think so. Navy. You but maybe not those three you don't mean. Like here you're probably gonna carry three which are not good but you but it but what three. And that's really the question right now we'll quarterback gonna kill quarterback. Yankee ball through those guys on if your buffalo those might question yet Peter even know Darren and Joshua Allen. Josh Allen yeah I think the jets are the most likely to part with a quarterback. I think the jets have a have a glut. I think that Teddy Bridgewater there's a reason to Teddy Bridgewater is getting the start tonight I think he's being showcase here. On for a potential trade. The jets need. Edge rushers I think they only had eight sacks as a defensive unit a year ago collectively. That's pretty pathetic. So they've got to figure out a way. You on what they drafted. Two. Pressured the quarterback. I think that they'll probably look for some kind of edge rush help. And I think that Teddy Bridgewater Obey the carrot at the end of the stick siting there are some teams that. Are out there looking for. Kuwait has solidified their back up position. Now Teddy Bridgewater may not see himself as a as a back up but I think he is being seen as a backup since he's missed so much over the last couple of years. How about this on the in the ravens. Yeah the ravens are right there ravens rams game you've gotten. Joseph Flacco who played Robert Griffin the third. And of course Lamar Jackson there's no the team out you wonder if they're gonna carry three. Because they're not gonna cut a Mark Jackson. But if something happened to Joseph Flacco. Would you have parting ways with Robert Griffin the third to make room for somebody else on your roster. It's interesting you bring that up that Sheen because. Boy everything that I have read the indicates an RG three and we seen him a couple of times on the actually have an extra game because they played in the hall of fame game. On. The he's had a really good camp up by pretty much every anybody's measurement. Com. Obviously missed a year has come back and and there's four or whatever you can take away from early. Returns but I guess it's got to be something. He's had a pretty good team up. By I seven last night for 88 yards and a touchdown yeah. So. So I think that there are you guys. They're probably fall into the category that you're talking about right now. Potential guys that can move. Now RG three entity Bridgewater. Would be that you guys out there. Probably. Team finds teams that are looking for a solid number two. Not look at first restarting help. Putter looking for a solid number two. And I think that those are the two guys that are probably gonna get the most run because neither one of them are gonna start. The Arnold is gonna get the job in new York and you've got. You guys potentially not potentially get two guys probably ahead of and ahead of RG three in Baltimore. So those of the two guys that probably will not be there. I'm very much longer they will between weeks two and three is when you expect to see. That that's when you expect to see. Quarterback movement well and you have guys get hurt too between now utterly three of the pre DM and so. Notable that didn't play last night to golf girly Donald who broke Kwan Smith. Brady gronkowski knock down Ezekiel Elliott. We haven't talked about these guys hardly at all in this as to how will probably wrap up this pre season football segment here but. How are the cowboys can win any games with that receiving corps. Well it is interesting question but I don't know have you seen the depth chart. Yep. It's. Hey. Table on Austin. And he's one year. More seasoned guys. You know Avon priests and West Virginia guy is it easier on us and out West Virginia guy. Tom. Not a lot of marquee power. You don't have your tight end anymore aren't open on Dez anymore. Colts are usually. Nor brown KD cannon kid from Baylor Michael Gallup Allen turns. This is among their lists the wide receiver Terrence Williams is probably their most veteran a judge Williams. Easily and Williams are the two guys. I've seen Michael Gallup puts on he's a Butler county guy by the way because touchdown pass last night tune that is not bad. He's not bad he's good athlete. Hard worker really good QB drew kid I mean however when you kidding me anymore. Com so. I'm bad debts guy am cheering for up to him and done and that's a guy and I'm sure. And I suppose you'd you'd assume that Allen turned is going to be a guy for them so you're talking about you assume that burns and you can. Terrence Williams these live in the slot. But in the back up you know the the fourth and fifth receiver guys are just gonna be who's who. I'm not scrap heap guys because they're all kids are all young you know Cedric Wilson the rookie out of Boise State he's on their team right now. And got a kidney Murdoch is a rookie from Iowa State. Kit from western Illinois plants Lenore. I am it's. They went from. Two really reliable dudes that. That could you check it down to a child iTunes. To him being that the veterans. Examine how well it turns of the old men of the skilled group. Well let's just say that jacket and Z. A lot is going to revolve around them offensively this year and that really good offensive line and the other tuchman debt. A closer look on the cowboys' sudden better not happen to back press guy because you got Cooper arrived today and Mike quite behind him so. They need to keep him upright then probably yeah Ezekiel Elliott utilities. Come drags down wealthy he's gonna Kerry at a time. Sony better get ready for a very heavy heavy workload. I just stopped and Roland. Plenty of football for yet we'll get you up to date on the PGA championship could go even Saint Louis. That is going on round two under way Hamachi paying attention to it a lot back in just a moment again need to back in north.