Questioning The Shockers Hall Of Fame's Lack Of Men's Basketball Players

Just Sayin' with Jeff and Jamin
Saturday, December 16th

Jeff & Jamin converse about how men's basketball is lacking induction into the Shockers Hall Of Fame with Jamar Howard & PJ Cuisinard being the most notable glaring omissions.


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The. And he. Welcome back this thing in Geffen devils' John couldn Florian Sonny came on one hit wonders of the nineties if you haven't figured that I had. Have you well I did complete for the tenth. Yeah forming. Hell yeah we'll get through one of your what's the solution more Wichita State here and. What's the solution. Which is is self evident I guess in this question but I still wanna talk about it. Wichita State sports hall of fame never putting any basketball players and latest step on my game. We did this or that talking point for me because I put on Twitter well that's why generated into one of my questions but what you have to skip it now now because I I'm coming out of that little bit differently. I what's the solution but more at puts a target people in there who lose out right now who has no hard. Powered burns Murray. Know those guys are what's the eligibility standard. What do you mean. How long does it take to three million dollars and so ready burns and Jamar Jamar Howard. Is not end right. Two time was he not is he I don't think he is never that but it's so crazy it's like he was two time I think or three time all valley. He was the use on the all valley defensive team every year. I have a hard time believing he's not in. Paul Miller got and I player of the year right. That makes sense yeah Jim Jim Laura Howard. He did not end the shocker that is in say it is insane. He deserves to be NBA is more responsible as anyone for the turnaround and yes you put down on Mark Turgeon who recruited these players. And inspired the turnaround. But Jamar Howard. He brought and turgeon Brian Byrnes Howard Miller encampment in the same recruiting class griping about that. Mean that's nets' first of all and anybody in our brief Butler at. Chris and brown and Rihanna. And it's. And it gave young men and I think DOD jury beyond Jerry young negate beyond. Jared yeah. So yes but regardless. I'm gonna say. Jamar Howard is the most deserving easily of those players you I don't get it what am I missing. I have no idea you're not missing anything if Brian berg of me is a shocker sports hall of Famer which okay he is that's great. Jamar Howard is also absolutely same time period. Same time here yes. The ear of ever more coffins. I love remembered me but I'm just say give me some Jamar heart all day long and then you have. But once you start putting guys in you have to compare them to guys that are not in. Let's see if the guys that are not in deserved to be head. And Brian berg to me is them any deserves to be than Jamar Howard should be in there other people you listed PJ coups and art and terrain Murray. Have cases but they don't have cases as good as tomorrow so I don't think Randy burns gets them no open thread to why. 15100 points what does it take how can he have a better career than Paul Miller. Yes. All all told yes but he didn't he didn't rise as high in the single game he started out way way better gastric. Does mr. argued that. So I would say all those guys deserve to be and how long is it before the baker and van fleet induction so that's my fear yeah. That they get in and then just this there that everybody and then it just moves forward from there right because that's Landry Shannon and then clear. And apparently yeah you're gonna get a wave coming because of all of the people that are gonna get them in the future. And so you have to get these guys in before you decide to let baker in van fleet and because once you let baker bandleader and it becomes about this current era Brett and not the previous where I completely agree with you. I am I wrong in an end feeling as though men's basketball's a hallmark of the athletic program is that a is that a misguided general. Then what what are we waiting now you're absolutely not misguided. Paste it all starts like top ten and everything in Wichita a bright bright blocks steals. As everything boring it's you don't know about scoring lead now are not valid. He had a great he had a great career. One of the best if not the best all around players. The day the issue has. Has had in the last decade generation easily. How many people did as many things as Pete because I did at six foot wide. One and it's probably Amory. Or Jamar powers are yuck could I might have been 6630 fish 6364. He was not a large best player on a sweet sixteen team. Need Obama was gab but still he was incredible yes and really I think honestly that coups and guard. Coups and our ads star and reputation suffered just a little bit because his. Junior and senior seasons. Ended in such a poor way. Right his junior season was the course fear that they rose to number eight as an aid in and didn't completely had a bad terrible second half and of course his senior season when they went around and are they went eleven and twenty he map Breyer. You know kind of that team looking back I have ever moan comment today. It wasn't that bad of a roster but what is deep at all them you Breyer got hurt by the gala cal is on that team yes gamma Cal's on that team Phil doctoral Thomason I believe now Thompson wasn't it was. While they got really they have like a freshman JT der early in the had my discus gain as soon they had. Some guys are must as they just weren't very good they had some guys that just weren't very good at that point in time. I don't him remember all the players that element Tebow Breyer got hurt did he not. Vijay who's our gal McKay oh Phil Thomas and now prior to JT dearly Ramon coolant that they had air Aaron Ellis Graham hatch. That was pretty much just liberal freshman. Alison hatch were freshman Jeremy was a freshman that team would grow into the team that would win the ninety correct. So you know give give credit where credit is due to to Marshal for being able to recruit keep running club and hand the next year and he brought in so you know all day. They got better pretty darn fast but in how that year was just a bad situation for Breyer Tuesday and I think to start honestly suffers from. In the long. So I would say. Let Amal and all the guys you mentioned should get that. Parents whose armor hours yeah like yesterday Howard's first analyst I would write what would you rank him from being in. What is the case against them there went when Jamar Howard's name comes up. Within a conversation about who's getting into the hall of fame Bruce what when someone says that'll see it. What follows I've no idea I've no idea. I can't make a case. There is that won the case against Randy burns is that he is always is this standard higher because it's men but men's basketball if so that makes no Sammy Sosa tomorrow. Now it the case against I could make a case against may be for a couple of other guys on the list but not for him. I can't make on for a month that he deserves to be in our nine without question and not really against who Zanardi either not not really. I can make your case against burns perhaps. I don't know that I can make a case against Murray Murray was the same players can start was not. You're up there everything. Well NBA all around. Great player tomorrow at 15171. Points. Seven on an eleven rebounds the averaged about 61 career. You play lots of steals yes. And earned 53 steals a lot of blocks. Yeah he blocks he's top ten in both those categories if he's not very close and it was only 653. Blocked. Eighty some shots in the 65 and it was a fan favorite everybody loved him everybody loved to hate him on the other end. If that's the hall of Famer I don't know what is he inspired more hate than any player that I have ever seen it every issue but a live for that right. Give me another player gets close to approaching that level Pate from fans. Can't do it they hate Fred van fleet Ron baker as much as they hated tomorrow power they didn't hate. Ray Murray in Garrett Stutz and there is nobody nobody. Nobody close to that level event and I and I don't think that Gregg Marshall would allow. Jack Morris is the only player I can think whose on court. His demonstrative. On the court. Total level that tomorrow hours is close even close right. Check more cigar a lot of per get out of the guy on this team though and it would rise and you can tell Marshall doesn't like it marshals not that guy is not turgeon kind of letting go turgeon was kind of like okay Tamar huge B Jamar. And then he got technicals and stuff and Marshall would not let that fly Jamar Howard could not play for Gregg Marshall. At least in his form that he was and got a. He got a game idea again are gonna play only come back top of the second hour. Yes sir you do we got through to two. And mine to root. They we're stuck state related what do I know all our Wichita State hoops we're gonna go away from what stuff stated no branch out a little Lola the talk baseball. MBA NFL it is didn't get there. What would we might still get we buy I want I'm out of wrestling question of course what we might still get their eyes stayed with this Damon's game and we return just say in DeVon James portray okay FH.