Projecting Landry Shamet’s NBA Career

The Drive
Wednesday, December 6th

Bob & Jeff make their projections on Landry Shamet and what his NBA career may be.


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All right let's go home. OK okay. While. I'm just pick one heck belief here. Yeah they're not even listen. I was column idea and you used litter in new music guy I am. This is my world is a few of values. By the supremes. It is supremes leak here on the show. 8691240. Is a number if you would like to whine and by the way what's on tap. Jeffrey Flanagan will be joining him joining us from It's a tough tough talk about the royals. At around 540 today. What's on tap brought to you by the heat lounge 338 north Iraq road happy are ongoing until 7 o'clock it starts. At four every day. 8691240. Is the number I asked few questions I'll let David demo the new head coach at U tip Lisa grinding Kansas State. You gotta really want a job if you go to Utah you know he had a minors they're not the a football powerhouse. Well wonder what that for both had that that's really every move that case state. We all have fun borrowed program what does this live audio or it were at the point now where everything. What does that mean what's now I wanna know what's next. Interesting. This is an ism is the is the young mango to come back for another season. He's 78. I can't without them doing that seven EA I don't know that's been the sorrow most remarkable individual. Let me let me phrase this let me be careful IRAs please don't kill you just put guys in now proper. They don't auto rank everybody has to be the most snow where you're ranked. The most. Accomplished. Sports. Figures. In the state of Kansas history. Doesn't go number one he's right up there. Give it a mount Rushmore we don't wanna rub and a player and a champion. First whoever that might be Luke bill Solso champion Bill Snyder but you're self again I had a slider and then maybe. Not I haven't thought about it. Bill slow walked into those that do not know and nothing against Bill Self you said most of the fantastic coat but even turn around any saying. By Eddie kept the train movement. Bill Schneider inherited a train that was at the station. In disrepair. And that hadn't chug along in decades. So what was the criteria again. The most accomplished. Coat coach norm sports big year. In the history at Kansas in Kansas so I can't say Walter Johnson their Barry Sanders I don't know without to think about it. I did ask you two questions last night relating to two players who were on the floor last night at the Coca arena. And a last summer hair. Mike down South Dakota State 69 sharpshooters. Will be planned the NB will the cash and NBA check. Now. While ought to slap in the face the Mike dom how's that a slap in the face why not. Don't think he has the the inside game he's not Kevin Love so braids. He doesn't he's not out of an elite rebounder. In fact. His game is purely shooting isn't it looks like yes not quick enough to guard a lot of people. Another good. He's a fun player to want to play professional basketball team I've played for a long time MBA never land via an uphill climb or cash a check unlikely my second question deal last night one I'll I'll put you on the spot. It's good for you to have even though you offended. Every person in the media already today I have and I said Taylor and Paul do fantastic. And I stand by it. I had a little listen media we love via a whoever you car. Yes shows supports. Media. I thought we did yeah. Will Landry shammond. Make an NBA all star team now. Why now. You are on a roll today is there anybody you don't wanna offend I mean that's hard to do you have they've you have to be. A superstar in the league to make an all star team Doug did just won the F look at the players have made one all star team. It's not like this it's not like. You know a billion bug on bowed out of its has made an all star team is there's they've rarely does an also ran. Men and I must say that's what Landry sham it'll be. But on sand did get to the level of being an all star in the MBA they don't take fifty guys a year. They take the top Tony five or so and you have to be a top 25 player in the league and that's hard to attain. Well mr. knowing all here's some of the players who have made it 21 NBA all star out of 85 that's a quick I'm good. OK Google. Here's heroes part of that list BJ Armstrong play on the best team of the world analysts say is see you think Lander sham it's a better player than B agent BJ arms from. And potential and let me real. Vick there are you both can really get for a long time about Dana Barrow spit barrels had some years for Boston. Where he just pumped it. And Philadelphia. How about downtown Freddy brown Freddy brown was a nice flair. There are some entry into their games are mustard gas Cedric Ceballos. You don't want one all star game at the travesty of justice. How about. How about dale Dallas won all star game by the way they you know don't world B free. Played and won all star game and ending unconscionable sleepy Floyd hold on day those collected data Barrett's. This is this is the level if you think he can be data barrels. He averaged twenty point six point seven point five assists. 3.3 rebounds and one point eight steals he did. Everything now a year for the Philadelphia 76 I think Landry sham it is the best shocker player. Cents. An hour ago. I don't know averaged forty game in the MBA. Idea not to put any winds above Landry sham okay he is that good. And you know he's quite good he's no he's that good there's the difference between that dead and quite good. I'm not series that good idea that god not on the are ready to say that he's that good he made a couple of mistakes last night couple pass defense ability needs to improve a lot on food that. The new not a lot that Andre had thrown him I don't know. Hersey Hawkins won game one all star again our guys who are 3000 in college one of the great college players ever. Jeff Horner a sack won the all star game but that there every year as a guy for a lot of good teams this is. I see how hard it is to make an MBA at one Sam just be quiet while I talk. I'm gonna follow a radio show till I can speak I am I'm look I am connect that you're not setup this. The X man eggs Avery McDaniel played in one all star you have the star furlong time of the leak. Calvin Nat. Calvin Murphy. Who admire huge flows say. An incredible score Doc Rivers. Want all star game Kathy Russell. One of the greatest college players ever misunderstanding here one all started RVs in the hall of fame Wally is third ahead let's say no wait I'm John atop the left thin and caliber of them all they really made a one off to our team. That's how hard it is to make one all star team mad about world peace. One all star game. Those are some of the names that made just one all star game. And there's not many scrubs on the list. Fascinating. Material. I should put that on the court people. Landry sham but you say will not make all star team. I say he well. And that's high praise okay and I'm not one that just dole not your average liked when he and aid indices and I'm not a guy that just doles out high praise. All right. Xavier McDaniel is as far as I know the only shocker to ever plan a all star game. Days Stallworth didn't. Antoine Carr didn't cliff Livingston didn't. It is the it is very difficult to him not say that saw. That's why I asked a question I didn't massive question what Landry sham gay and NBA that is they slam dunk yes. Right. Probably probably. Not a slam dunk. It's harder. Put in the NBA. They'll probably play in the NBA. Is that yes sir and now here are the guys. By the way you played in the all star game last year. Harry Irving DeMar DeRozan. LeBron James G honest attendant crew pro Jimmy Butler Isiah Thomas Donne wall Carmelo Anthony Kyle Lowry Paul George Kimball walker Paul Millsap. That's your eastern team last year stepped Carrie James Harden Kevin during quietly and Anthony Davis Russell Westbrook Klay Thompson during among green DeMarcus Cousins Marc Gasol. DR Andre Jordan Gordon Hayward evident if you if you hear about Thabeet is my pick come up and all that then you talk yourself out of it. I'm talked out about all star teams and only make one all star game these are landry's Amma it won't play in the NBA for multiple years Brian. He will be a starting his career will outlast that. Of jihadist attendant to oppose it basically your name eight of the flag and I and I and I got a little more power here. I've been around the block a few more times. Okay that no no no don't go that clay is yeah I. I left my opinion that Landry sham that will be a starting NBA player for. Many years. OK and you heard what I asked you and I got it can score forty points that game in the NBA. That's my opinion okay. You don't ever have a opinions Jerry do you gotta wanna but I don't put stuff on guys. Who'll probably aren't quite ready for that kind of thing. Really not quite Sam it's already goes together averaged warning in the into its third year in college right. He couldn't he couldn't. He could be a key player for an NBA team next season if that's what he chooses to do in my opinion maybe that's fun. I don't know how to do the necessarily agree with that I only he's ready is he out of the Dovonte Graham who detect. Dovonte gradually Dovonte Graham or Landry sham. With Landry you get four more inches. You get the guy that cannot handle the ball and play both. Spots on the floor. As Ken Dovonte. But the Monta is more suited to be. He's more OK but all these guys that I just named outside of like LeBron and Carmelo if landry's in the NBA next year these are gonna be as contemporaries for a decade I don't let it make it next year on Bob save for decades or he's got ten years we're gonna half mile an hour sham aria and also our team at 2627. David Tyree Irving will be 31 man or whatever so it's carried just got to fall off. Is why is John Wallace 35 million I don't know why other. And this I don't know I don't enlarges with a shot have to supply at a guy about Ron baker you have president lands a guy and I was making more sense right to make up first all star team. Somebody from the pre at least one person from the previous year's all star team can't be on it so we have to supply wanna wanna get around what a dumb statement. I mean what. That's your argument no that's not the art about talking about it he's in the NBA next year suddenly John Wallace his contemporary. Try. Is he ever going to be better than John Wall yeah who would they Rhode daughter I'll be 33. Someday and I went down 729. Or how to about it. Glamorous shammond comply with any one man. And I keep thinking had to be better than John why in the event that you just had not yet he can play with anyone. OK but it you need to have her respect for how hard it is to be an MBA. A lot of respect for all of joy and making a big deal out reserve all star guys played in the Olympics. And bid in the Eastern Conference finals it's like he's now one of the five best in this conference. Still when he got to be the last we see now at the end the line he's not all of your did you see him. Do you watch the game yes he's not Paul George I'm sorry yet. So eventually. You have to be better than Paul Stewart Paul George like college basketball. Fresno state I believe Fresno state. Yeah I don't know but we don't know look up. You're given me Paul George you have an excellent player in the NBA no question about it. He's a different player than Landry Shannon. To me I don't know hobby you make me feel guilty about. Don't feel guilty but I have respect for the difficulty of making an MBA all star team. Eight and it's not our priority. If you agree with me if you agree would Jeff let Sarah. All I'm saying is he'll make one NBA all star game maybe more but one okay have a look at I don't know I. That's what I believe watching imply. He has that kind of ability he is a great shooter. Gimme a higher rate the floor leader he will be a great defensive player. He couldn't go to the boards. If you will bulk up there is no there's no aspect of Lander sham it's game. That holds me back from high praise him blockers been in the league said I don't care about is fed will want to start team I don't have a few Campbell yeah about Kemba Walker you have to be as good as Kemba Walker who's does Atlanta policy. I nobody but you have letters shammond is an all American type of guy under you understand that yeah I've said that before the year we're talking about no stars do you understand that yes I wanna make sure. He's an all American type of play not a first team all American. What if he comes back the next few years. Because any guy bait because debt they played by they've all the five year guy looking to make an MBA all star you're making no starting is not important is that Denver you're on the drive are you. There and I feel good. Yeah. Sharon RV and I. I agree Lou but. You also have to realize what I don't understand how the lead college coaches. Shackled up Demi god that are apparent art. Like current Q well and deeply implicated in coming on even average became acute as well. I had used just a young guy who's learning the ropes. He was on a very good team and he was injured sometimes Miguel Mena. Joseph well Ambien is a great player some of these guys are really good college player who look at Michael Jordan. He may look at have a yards fifteen points a game in his senior year in North Carolina as the Nate Smith player of the year but he did score a lot. Used player Terry scored plotting. They let people pay because like I lightly accretion and does not like that stat line every day air game which don't date. People at a cute gonna be adults are in the NBA but what you realize that how he's built now he's young. Got a matured. Gonna put in the are gonna go to the pro level. You know but in. Oh yes or no Willy make an NBA all star team. I've got thanks Denver 10. And at that Florida is I went okay good luck to Taiwan. It's too little want. There you go I'm not like steadfast in mind no here. I'm thinking it through underwriting not a he's got to be better than John Wall I'd probably make an MBA all star team she ever going to be better than John Wall. Probably not I enjoy watching Landers channel play basketball. More. Than any shocker. Since a long time ago and that's high praise that big thing that Ron baker and Fred van fleet. Just want through this program he'd take Patrick Beverley off the dribble. Patrick Beverley out the best defense a point guard when healthy comply with a anybody. Okay. Buddy Dick Patrick Beverley just gonna. Chew up Landry said that's crazy Alaskan I'm not in saying that I asked your question I answered it all right. Here's today before we take a break today. Books. Dave York. I've ever start over de cock out sort. Of particularly in opera for the first time ever really overly upset we're ready. You're who make immediate report just aren't up. It's okay this isn't the first you said that before a day that's a well the first cut I remember sort are recorded it now or right yep yes there and out. I literature Eric. There are a couple of good ballplayer right now there are slow me of the old. Between here come in and NBA all spurt team that the first senators. In the fact that you've already considered they're going to pick it. Right I get that Dave I mean I've been around sports my entire life. I never said that Ron baker or Fred van Lee could plan an NBA all star game I don't think either well. I think Landry sham but it's a special. Player. That daughter and that's what I think. That can help. He brought Welker Bieber are like a literature grim outlook he rejects Carl political kick like darkened LOY. Thank you day we have retirement you do that on let's take a break I've talked up next rusty by sugar Shane that a gust. Our music has always does brought you by probably season Bel Air 45 and what line we'll be back. Top ten sports. Do load. That's the category for top ten Wednesday say whether it's.