Predicting Who Will Be The First One Seed Eliminated & The Final Four

The Drive
Monday, March 12th

Predicting who the first one seeds in the tournament that will get eliminated as well as the Final Four.


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This is the true. Welcome back time for jive talk when we open up the phone lines simply due to hold over we really ill from the mount. At 5 o'clock because we wanna hear from the united. Mentioned I don't know if I mention on air off and I'm not feeling great yeah I feel a little tired already had an element to do sling to go home and sleep. And you know how I sleep now my pillow a heck of a lot better with one of the my pillows. And you can get one too to get to 50% off a four pack my pills go to my pillow dot com click on the radio listener special. Use a promo code K a page where you can call 180978. 9244. Even the my pillow is just a relaxing pillow pillar of primary is more than. Very important they dictate. Your level of sleep your ability to sleep I'm so out of touch I forgot to put up a Twitter poll today saw we'll get to that during the next break. LeRoy thanks for your call the show are you. Well I got hard. Issue Tran and I can't believe it the beginning of the show. Somebody calling in about chicken true. Well we've we've got to move past that only have really get talked about that the rest of the show where I thought that was the craziest flanked. I'd ever heard our. But I have a chicken first sale. That I'm trying to get rid not by would be perfect for that chip. I love put on out there trying to sell your chickens. And I got too many of my dad got one that I need to get rid of that here pay deal. Or report that chicken. But just go to your neighbor if you're in pay is only probably have sentences. Just kidding that's a cheap that OK okay don't just pretty good note go on the though was as fine. What do you what you call that is the guy is fairly quick witted. In the middle SRI. Back in the day. When I was gonna be heard a guy like that is that looks pretty quick he did okay that's solve. I don't wanna offend anyone from Hayes though what you did that no I didn't. I love hey there then that's great for us and I grew up in derby. And Bo Ryan on the cusp of pay as well so mean you know. There's girl hello Earl. Hello my guys how are you. Except pearl tax cut to close not let's load those not use that opening again I'll be your guy or I don't care what's. Well the well they're Laviolette argument you know for most people march beginning March Madness the competition is food. And that's what are all about competing here around spring break you know but there's a group the guys from Texas Oklahoma Missouri and Kansas. Let me add grand lake of the cherokees and and we finished her pitch for money. And this year a Wichita guys. Kevin Miller. Took the OP put Texas up argued a number of new guise of awards she had our own candidate Kevin Miller kicked off their butt. What 25 pounds of fish in this event which you only get five finish at eleven guys so he had five pound average. On me you know kind of cool little old Saturday you know in March just just last weekend. So as we enjoy. Basketball and everybody else. There's another game that starts up this time year and that's try to meditate a little green Fisher out so much at had to give a shout out to the guy who took all the exit. I can't that there hurt Hubert can't disguise and I took ninth in the thank you gradually stopped him their work two of us. From KM is good but I am lead OK he's a little longer it was good boys we represented. Out of the so proud of error and ask you quite on the looked at. Why is Oklahoma this bad boy officials grand delay and can't. They had the grand lake so it's all on their territory so we pitched against. The guy eight and all the people that live there but this is such an event people come up from Texas arkansas' not far. And from Missouri because unfortunately for us to four hours for which Kodak put diet Joplin there in an hour and ten minutes so that they all converge because guess what wildlife start to come to life and let me throw that their budget striving to Oklahoma eight. Mountain Lion cross the road in front of I'm not why. It it blew my mind. Well look this will get the wild kingdom and let them know Mara thank. You are able kingdom go to parchment that we got whilst yet we got. Badgers we don't need not play and badgers. Thanks for the call Harold easily in and his crew would be proud of world but that you know apparel Beasley is a now. Polyone neither fisherman's frown. An area. The other thing references that you don't laugh but I'm not old. But I have those references when I was sure it right because those things are happening at the time. I watch fishing shows so occasionally. We have three channels. And you didn't sit there with a remote not liking what you have so he goes. What you watch was what your parents put Iran I hate that on Sunday morning and ESPN would run fishing. His Dre I think you'd like fishing I don't like fishing I don't like anything that hurts animals. Do we have to eat. Yes what would you eat if you can just. Live fewer yeah I did all of that if you're running the world the next time you order here my understand. And sandwich. All of our mind maybe it comes from leg as coupe. Not endless. Done away with humanely. Here's Walt hello Walt. Hey Bob hey it's herald in glee what I'd say. You are usually act out Eisley former jazz. I don't care what I say you knew what I meant Walt sportswear is true and yet you go but I got sports whose friend drive. You bear and that's the main herald in mostly I did I do think as set Eisley are easier to hit it. You're geared to thank. Well don't embarrass us like that ever again I I am mom my game. You share even in this somewhat ill state are you OK I don't get it some strong. No what are you okay what do you mean am I OK I don't like any talk like deck is you're not I'm sick guy ever so are you OK I just have a small headache. And a slight temperature about a 107 it feels like he'll hop and but everything else is fine. Just try to make it to the next fifty I love how you worry about me. I worry about me I worry about you are worried about everybody you never used to worry about me or must who has now. I'm getting up in years is like I I cut my. Toe nail down a icon on TV shows when the patriarch of the family is an ill health than someone says he's our Superman. Now feel that way valued merlot at at a really Udall now I it's sort of you know you do Dario as much as you hate to admit it. I am your rock. I am your world your mile island view our mind hero. Thank you. 8691240. Keep the calls come in. About a way on KF pay charts official station for the final four would stop we want to show us what an expert ER. He can win prizes take on last for college hoops trivia test. Good out of camp page radio. Dot com slash contest. All prizes provided by all things barbecued twin peaks and a cash prize from state farm. In Sarah's ex that's KFH radio dot com click on the contest take our final four challengers Larry Larry here on the show. Hey Bob you can read being used over her glass and can you remember what kind of car he got. Thunderbird. You know he added that in the red Ford country squires state like. Pull us together that's a good memory right they'll have been gone station started in the ship. Whereas in Boy Scouts we had a Qaeda ditch him put him out to Kingman. Carrie fishing right which is actually stop aren't. Immigration station ever. Relative to literally I mean yeah. He got stash say goodbye any reduction that is very poor country squire station. That's good stuff good memory do aggregate Berman this thing right there Larry we appreciate it. Mortgage. Why don't fish being a barrel why's that phrase not like shooting rabbits and a barrel or something bully talk in the vast and I've never gotten amaze you this little line around the benefit is that what that means saga that's what's a shooting though. It's different in a barrel then up early shooting or in a barrel it just me and if it's at all. Jeff you have this at conjure dense. Hmmm I think it does not know everyone knows the origin of that phrase I know that you're not then I just felt at times you appear. They're there seems to be some didn't succeed no quit acting like people know what that phrase me like there's so barrel everybody knows lapel and they know what it means that they don't know the literal what it means yeah I get did something that's easy. But fish in a barrel shooting it and Tommy. Don't pretend. Tummy no look then they just like yeah and they just wanted you to be quiet and I think hey Michael your own you're on one of those. I thought about basketball inserted chicken and fit well yeah there we can go either way well that's. Who's spent two nights but. Do you think is the first number one seed doubt. Well the first number one seed out in my in my bracket. Would be. Xavier in Virginia Xavier for me I've got the ressam at least in the elite eight. I've got Xavier and Virginia going out in the sweet sixteen. I don't like Purdue. When are not a one seed. I don't know what the Betty poirier I wanted to see that are going around sir Michael candidacy. Villanova. Only have a final four for crying out loud. June. Is about it. I thought they TJ you didn't like Purdue v.s say Eli pretty ordinary mouse. I've always like they don't and I get we do. Our Carolina. And Virginia. Well that's three ACC schools I hope you're wrong Michael. A quality top don't know what I am talking about and I think is something might look Yogi Berra is said. It's really hard to make predictions. Especially when it's about the future. There you go thanks Michael we appreciate it quote from Yahoo! that was not my quote. You said that I don't know if sound like something I would but I would say it dead here and dense. 8691240. The number to call our show we gave you our brackets just just to remind people. IA went out all down on Houston. And I like I think that region is. Could be won by here's the teams I think couldn't come out of the last I think leaks its. Possible that this is a beer. Gonzaga. Ohio State. Michigan. And North Carolina can all come out that that I get more I think it's the most balance Ohio State is not that pretty good they're not that again I loved ourselves in other coach is great that they're about they're players are in good. They're pretty darn good no chance figure come out of the final four does no chance I disagree. So Blair I mean you cannot hear somebody back me up here any you can have your opinion but that just because you think it. Doesn't mean I didn't order twice to Penn State. They're fifteen and Dorian a conference a game behind Michigan State. Penn State's not horrible this year they line here of their losses Ohio State's losses. Gonzaga. Butler Clemson. North Carolina. Penn State twice Michigan. Poland lost three times the Penn State. Piled up that gap. What I got to Penn State got they're not surprised at Daytona and what Penn State that are they have the place somebody is better than Penn State. I liked them. I think they have a chance to it to do something in this tournament but I like Houston batter Shonn hello you're on the show. Eric. About maybe chime in a little bit about how they. Everybody being that it it was a yacht like that he's then he's really good. Then what you have Ortiz that and then close the stand rebound they all that on ESPN was go out of state. That their final fourteen. Probably thought it. I think they've got to got under the radar deck and nobody in this instead heard ill. We have get out yeah. I don't know what you guys and in combat as well. Well assigning to I think the Big Ten wasn't a great conference this year but. The teams that are in this tournament from the Big Ten are all dangerous how's that not a gay great congressman as Purdue Michigan Ohio State Michigan State is not much after I now. That's what I just said we got. That mission in Syria denies that Michigan. On the show on all of a prerequisite some calling this show is to listen closely to me. Thank you for the call I appreciate that I. You hate it when people think I'm funny we just hate it why. Is that that wasn't funny though that's the problem these people think uncle Larry a cursory laugh which that was should not be seven Haas. People than it did rather try that you can walk out and this city right now. And that would look like an explosion went off. But they would dig gravitate Sais save what you said to him to me say it's a pre our third illicit and is that's ideal laugh at that chaos and are you. Be sure to listen to me Austin. Our. Network. We are. Oh thank you it's just just just threw you under the bus but but. I'm friends and everybody when they have Austin. Are gonna do you guys bar bottle or. Why. Are short track car. Or final or are gonna beat North Carolina to go until the night bill and noble when at all. Why would I call it crazy I think that's foods. Very plausible final four. Well I actually think that the economic that is what the permit out what you did speed but concluded that go no of course. Oh what are wrong about that but. What we don't start out. All right pat. I I don't see anything crazy about that. Now let's not crazy. For perfect I am I'm hitching our wagon. The two teams. Arizona and Hugh Abbott money on any in this all right I may. I believe Houston. Houston Ronald gray really good Houston as a team is okay they're pretty good they beat Wichita State twice and now. That to me says something I am glad you watch their game yesterday was since I saw the very end either of them that it was a great game. Guess they are tough Kelvin Sampson can coach. To mean Houston is a great pecked. And Tom Golan what that are right because again there's no one in that region. Just scares the Dickens out of me. No one I'm virtually certain that they don't get to the second weekend. So you got to lose them. Than the first threats. Currency they're not that I guess how much you wanna bet they've got two players. Know they've got very good team they've gotten. Gray Davis that's their team now they've got guys that come block shots defend the wallet then the one of the best c'mon c'mon man. I wish I get pick Wichita State. I wish I could even consider that they might beat Villanova did that day whether or not. Villanova to me is the best team in the tournament. I don't think it's all black clothes. So wolf say but we'll see about that this close you get out or Virginia is in the tournament you have Virginia winning Lance no Villanova beats Virginia. But if Virginia beads Villanova. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised you hook. You're going to be sold 31. And two you're going to be snow disappointment this year where everybody karma last year. They lost nearly. Again this had a really good record at Michigan State do in the tourney last year. If I admit I hadn't won eighteen years ago we be talking about him as one of the all time under achievers in the sport instead he's probably in the hall of fame. Yeah. Yeah I mean. The eighteen years ago addressed the non. Now Tom Izzo and Michigan State I believe and now. I just have not gotten to a point where I believe in in Virginia. I'm sorry they don't have enough firepower. Summed it unifying power somebody's gonna beat them. And it's gonna be Arizona. Arizona can't shoot well enough to be Virginia. You're crazy they'll liar out Peyton hello Eric. I I had some comets are used note Jeff some doubt about it. I am. You know this is the drive right. You know this is this is sports daily. Now it's just it's a drive Eric where did you think we're following for. According. I know Larry I don't buddy out. What are your back aren't ready to embark on political deal now what happened while we've had this so now for almost two and a half years there are good. Yet have you been out of town. Now. So it for a while Alcan and what's your thought on Houston. How about I thought that I remember remind them that this didn't work out yesterday for nine minutes thanks to their defense. The other Jumbo size. Yeah batted people from both sides yesterday that there are incredible and so I would I don't quite agree with you guys is an illegitimate scrap the rule of. They got to pick one of the teams out of there and on pick and use them Eric we've pursued call call more often okay. Must feel there are actors can I return pin Coach Steve Donahue joins us. After the break you're listening to the drive KF face.